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  • Leder du efter billige flybilletter til Vietnam? 25% af vores brugere fandt billetter til Vietnam til følgende priser eller mindre: Fra Billund 4.273 kr. enkelt – 8.515 kr. retur, fra Aarhus 4.695 kr. enkelt – 9.324 kr. retur, fra Aalborg 7.881 kr. enkelt – 12.106 kr. retur
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Score baseret på KAYAK brugeranmeldelser
Singapore AirlinesTotale score baseret på 3883 bedømmelser
Fordele: "They passed by me when they served the meals because they thought I had it already which it was someone behind me who got his meal since he had a special meal request. So I ended up to talk to them that I haven’t had my meal yet. It was embarrassing moment for me. They seemed thinking that I lied to them."
Ulemper: "They are well trained crews so I have no better ideas about improvements"
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Fordele: "They passed by me when they served the meals because they thought I had it already which it was someone behind me who got his meal since he had a special meal request. So I ended up to talk to them that I haven’t had my meal yet. It was embarrassing moment for me. They seemed thinking that I lied to them."
Ulemper: "They are well trained crews so I have no better ideas about improvements"
Fordele: "The crew was great although I needed to ask them for my meal cause they passed by me. They thought I had my meal already which I didn’t. I don’t think they did it on purpose so it was just misunderstanding. My flight was on SQ 38 from Singapore to LAX on October 30 2019 Other than that. All is amazing. I will still highly recommend Singapore Airlines to other people."
Ulemper: "I think I have nothing in mind about improvements because I can see they have been training very well. I would like to say keep up the good work"
Fordele: "Entertainment system was new and easy to use. Seats in premium economy were quite comfortable."
Ulemper: "A vegetarian / pescatarian option on the menu would have been nice but other than that, all good."
Ulemper: "The seat covers looked worn and dirty. Needs an upgrade."
Ulemper: "Seats after 1st hr, will feel uncomfortable"
Fordele: "Crew was okay"
Ulemper: "Did not get the food I chose. Seats were not clean and clumsy"
Ulemper: "Reservation online"
Fordele: "Although business was full, it was quiet. Cabin chief was very helpfull and professional."
Ulemper: "food choices are not bad. TV screens are super bad. Resoulition is almost from 90's era first flat screens! One stewardess had friends in business. a couple sitting one after another in window seats. She spent most of her time chatting with them, taking photos while we were trying to sleep."
Fordele: "Seat was very comfortable, crew was very nice,"
Ulemper: "food is average. TV screens are so bad that you cant watch a full movie. Seat is comfortable. Over all the plane was old and worn out"
Fordele: "Everything food was better selection and allowed me to taste bali food before arriving. The seats were comfortable on the last plane Thank god"
Ulemper: "Excellent service"
Fordele: "Generally good Flight was operated by Silk Air"
Ulemper: "Entertainment score is not meaningful because of the short flight time."
Ulemper: "We ask for wheelchair help from Perth to brooome but it was not provided ."
Fordele: "Hotel location is convenient, quite comfortable and clean."
Ulemper: "I love the foods in Hongkong, so many varieties . Price wise is affordable."
Ulemper: "1 hour delay of departure"
Fordele: "They were polite."
Ulemper: "Not as attentive as ANA or China Airlines. I had to give 4-5 request to get what I want."
Fordele: "Alt gik professionelt og efter planen. Venlig og imødekommende besætning."
Ulemper: "Intet"
Fordele: "Alt"
Ulemper: "Lidt vel hurtig med indsamling af brugte madbakker."
Ulemper: "Flight attendants were bot friendly, appearwd to be botheted when askes questions or requests were made."
Fordele: "All of services, food, Language, clean air even so beautiful ~~"
Ulemper: "So nice and beautiful wearing also food is very good"
Fordele: "I booked regular economy and flew to Tokyo that way, but put a bid in for premium economy for the flight home and got it. It's not a big upgrade (bigger display panel, a little more leg room, seat tilt and it has a leg rest) but those things made the flight for me."
Ulemper: "I don't have much on the down side front aside from the usual "would like more leg room" and "more seat tilt" so nothing new to report"
Fordele: "Very good service."
Fordele: "Great entertainment system for a short haul fl flight"
Ulemper: "Terrible food"
Ulemper: "In spite of ordering vegetarian food, was offered a non-vegetarian option and was told that is Asian vegetarian. Food quality was bad too."
Fordele: "Comfortable, full service through the night.."
Fordele: "But I got to take Qatar airline and the service was great"
Ulemper: "Almost missed the flight, havent noticed the passengers in prior"
Fordele: "Staff worked very hard and were very helpful."
Ulemper: "The staff were run off their feet trying to help the families with babies and toddlers. The flight was not pleasant because of the crying and screaming children around us."
Fordele: "friendly and attentive crew. connecting flight was a breeze. well worth the price."
Fordele: "The service from the Singapore Airlines is always impeccable. The food is delicious. The business class seat is spacious and wider than all the US airlines. There are plenty storage space in your seat space. The entertainment system has many choices and has a lot new release movies and shows."
Ulemper: "Unfortunately, the ride on Boeing 777 is not as smooth as the Airbus'. The noise in the cabin is louder. The seat is comfortable but the bed is not. First, the flat bed is not transformed by a button and it needs a physical person to flip it over. The mat is thin and I can feel some hard edges while lying down. The noise from the engine transmits to the bed and it is hard to sleep even with the noise cancellation headphone."
Ulemper: "There was not much leg room in the seatings"
Fordele: "The flight was carried out by Lufthansa. The staff was very polite and helpful."
Fordele: "Comfort Great book the cook meal choices Restful Attentive service"
Ulemper: "What’s there not to like about SQ"
Fordele: "The flight wasn't full so we had a spare seat between us, That made economy barely tolerable."
Ulemper: "The seats in economy are now Way TOO SMALL! You better start calling Economy - "Stearage"! Food was not as good as on past flights with SA. Movie selection not as good as past SA flights. Earphones supplied are horrible!!!"
Fordele: "Staff was the best, always smiling and going beyond expectations to assure you enjoy your flight and I certainly did. Take off was a breeze. Landing a little bumpy but nothing to cry about. I will fly Singapore whenever possible from now on."
Ulemper: "There was nothing that I didn't like."
Fordele: "Consistency of service, efficient"
Ulemper: "Having to convert chair to bed and vice versa. Prefer one that can just go flat st touch of button"
Fordele: "The food was ok. It didn't set my heart on fire, but I did finish it."
Ulemper: "The plug to the ear buds was loose to the entertainment unit, and so most of the time I couldn't hear anything! When I could the sound was dreadful."
Ulemper: "Extremely cramped flight in regular Economy."
Fordele: "Excellent service by flight crew. Good selection for entertainment. Flight was enjoyable."
Fordele: "The service was great! The entertainment was abundant. The food was tasty. No complaints at all!"
Fordele: "Service is amazing! I loved that airplane had Christmas decorations on the walls and great choices of food and beverages."
Fordele: "Crew was very attentive and professional"
Ulemper: "Return flight the movies were the same as three weeks earlier."
Fordele: "Attentive Staff - Fabulous"
Fordele: "got us there, efficient and effective crew."
Fordele: "Had a row to myself to stretch out. Not crowded, no wait for bathrooms. I like the warm washcloths after we settled in and before meals. Plenty of blankets and pillows."
Ulemper: "Food was ok, not super high quality."
Fordele: "Comfortable, warm with food you could eat! What more could ask from standard economy class"
Fordele: "uncomfortable compared to the other flights"
Fordele: "On my flight back I got to sit in premier economy and that was amazing !! I want to fly like that all the time! The leg room and space was perfect. The comfort of the chairs recline and foot rest that raised up was great. The big tray table that tucked away was nice. And side pockets for your stuff was great. The comfort of the bigger seats was just excellent and they looked newer. On my flight back from Frankfurt to NYC that was the best flight I ever have taken."
Ulemper: "The only thing was the food wasn't the best. But I did have Ice cream and that was good. The rice was good and beverages was good. The rest wasn't the best."
Fordele: "Crew was great. Boarding was efficient and timely."
Ulemper: "Vegetarian fare was much less than satisfactory. The only meal i enjoyed was the Indian vegetarian meal."
Fordele: "Nice aircraft - A380, so comfortable seats. Good staff and service. In flight entertainment is also very good."
Ulemper: "At Sydney airport the line for bag drop was longer than regular check in for economy. The ground staff waited till an hour before boarding to speed things up despite numerous passengers alerting them to this. The bag drop took 1 hour even though I had checked in online. The food was sub par because I had chosen a no seafood meal. Lamb chops without sauce as well as a very poor steak, again without any sauces."
Ulemper: "Plane is old and tired. Not what Singapore Airlines is famous for."
Fordele: "Attentive and friendly crew, leg room"
Ulemper: "Need to serve better food in economy. There is a little more legroom in economy compared to other airlines, however, the seats are tight. They are not wide enough. Need better movie selection."
Fordele: "Seat comfortable"
Fordele: "Seat comfortable"
Fordele: "The crew was unparalleled. Really. Attentive. Friendly."
Ulemper: "Nothing could have been better beyond the signs at the gate."
Ulemper: "maybe they can offer more snacks on the plain"
Fordele: "Seat was comfortable and entertainment selection was good."
Ulemper: "More snacks on a long flight would be good. Hot chocolate instead of tea and coffee would be appreciated by non-tea/coffee drinkers."
Ulemper: "Delays twice which cost me lots of stress and taxi $"
Ulemper: "Boarding process, and in-flight entertainment and wifi"
Fordele: "Bad service"
Ulemper: "No"
Fordele: "I like that they deliver me safe and sound to Vietnam"
Ulemper: "I would prefer no interruptions while I am watching my movie"
Fordele: "Plenty of beverage service and food was very good."
Ulemper: "The other passengers were often rude and uncivilized. I guess Qatar couldn’t do anything about this."
Fordele: "Nice new plane. Good seats. Good seat space between you and person in front of you."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordele: "The Crew was amazing. The Seat were the best Selling point fort business class"
Ulemper: "More space for the arm rest ans legs space"
Fordele: "Crew was really amazing."
Ulemper: "Wifi not working- huge disappointment. Seats a bit hard on A350. The overhead bins on the inside suitable only for tall people."
Fordele: "Great crew and front desk"
Fordele: "courteous service and a clean modern airplane"
Ulemper: "The sound system was inadequate on the TV and the headsets were uncomfortable. The queue at the check-in needs to be better controlled, it was a bit chaotic."
Fordele: "Extra leg room only coz I was on exit isle"
Ulemper: "Entertainment is poor. Very few selections on black movies and music. Mostly Arabic and Indians. Food was alright"
Ulemper: "Doha to Washington plane was an old plane where entertainment system did not function properly, seats did not recline etc. Emirates A380 is a lot more comfortable plane."
Fordele: "Staff on the plane is fantastic."
Ulemper: "No option to pick a seat in economy class."
Fordele: "Flight was fine"
Ulemper: "Did not serve vegetarian food even after repeated requests"
Fordele: "They are the best"
Ulemper: "Narrow 2x2 sleeper seats are really narrow and feel much too close to one another. ."
Fordele: "Modern plane and great crew."
Fordele: "Business class seats were comfortable."
Ulemper: "No WiFi, Poor list of shows"
Fordele: "business cabin nearly empty. comfortable seats"
Ulemper: "Expensive WiFi"
Fordele: "New Dreamliner"
Ulemper: "No European movies in English at all, very disappointing for someone who is not into latest Hollywood ( silly) movies and doesn’t want to watch Bollywood or Chinese ones(( The “ dinner” food was barely edible, both from Singapore to Doha and from Copenhagen to Doha."
Ulemper: "They claimed they have free WiFi, but this is not true. Passengers has to pay if they want access to WiFi. Uncomfortable sitting and you cannot adjust it to a comfortable level. Crew keeps demanding sit need to be upright."
Fordele: "They do their job well"
Fordele: "The Crew has been excellent"
Ulemper: "When I arrived at the Airport in Arusha (JRO) my reserved row 23 aisle seats for the DOH to JFK segment were changed to the (last cabin section row 31); also my aisle seat was changed to a middle seat Food was better from JFK to DOH Entertainment was lacking - movie and TV selection was poor for 20+ hours of flight time"
Ulemper: "I didn't like that my original return flight selection was changed one month after confirming. The new flight details which were automatically chosen for me had me coming back home a full day later. This forced me to have to select a new return flight with an 8 hour layover."
Fordele: "The overall experience"
Ulemper: "the returning flight from Doha to Chicago was absolutely old and small."
Fordele: "Leaving that god forsaken airport after hours of waiting in lines."
Ulemper: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Old plane treating the Africans like poor people of no value .. All other Qatar flights have newer aircrafts"
Fordele: "It was booked for my elderly parents and they were very pleased by the service they received."
Fordele: "Crew was very accommodating."
Ulemper: "Nothing to report."
Fordele: "Smoothe landing"
Ulemper: "Old plane, some kind of tablet thing with an attached remote almost impossible to figure out even how it works. 7hr flight and I only saw the steward twice."
Fordele: "The personnel are what makes the airline so special. Everyone of them was so nice and so attentive to our needs. Great experience overall."
Ulemper: "So the seats while comfy are not as nice as the seats now on the reframed United Polaris and Delta and Air France in their newer planes."
Fordele: "Not crowded plane. Some fantastic flight attendants. Very helpful and dedicated to make customers happy and help us enjoy the flight"
Ulemper: "Not very comfortable seating. A couple of not so friendly flight attendants. Crew on the ground in Doha not very attentive or cooperative"
Fordele: "The crew was extremely professional. The stewards were beautiful and young not like on US flights.."
Ulemper: "The seats were very uncomfortable, My tail bone was hurting badly and sitting on pillows did not provide any relief. The food was terriable. Not much choice."
Fordele: "Helpful and frieendly"
Ulemper: "Counters should have opened earlier so we could have done aome ahopping at dfs"
Fordele: "Staff were friendly, food was good, and the plane was nice."
Ulemper: "In the bathrooms there was only one type of tissue paper beside the toilet paper. Adding a thicker paper towel like most airlines do would be better so that passengers can clean up any water splashes as soft tissue is not effective for this."
Fordele: "Customer service was super! Entertainment package was nice, many current movies worth watching ."
Ulemper: "No Wifi on flight !!"
Fordele: "The hotel stay was haven on earth. The ride from hotel to the airport was excellent."
Ulemper: "Nothing Everything was the best"
Fordele: "Intertainment was very good"
Ulemper: "The hostess were not in profisional, they were very rush while giving the food the toilet was not clean"
Fordele: "Staff was very friendly and food was very good."
Ulemper: "Older plane, TV screens in the ceiling, only bathrooms at the rear of the plane."
Fordele: "It was not a full flight. It was ok."
Ulemper: "Well, I noticed when the person in front of me reclined their seat, I had a hard time adjusting the entertainment screen so I could see it properly."
Fordele: "Comfortable wide seats, good service"
Fordele: "The airport in Doha is beautiful with great amenities and shopping. The quiet rooms are especially nice for a long layover."
Ulemper: "The ticket was cheap because of very long layovers"
Fordele: "Good though. But not too comfortable with indiscriminate change of seats. Was held up in Doha because my seat was changed."
Fordele: "Crew was great."
Ulemper: "There is for a 4 hours flight just a small snack - just like a local flight. Then there is no bedding at all, just a blanket. Very poor for a F-class ticket."
Fordele: "The crew members were great and managed everything effortlessly. The pilot was also very friendly."
Fordele: "The crew was helpful. Flights were on time."
Ulemper: "The transfer in Dubai was to be made in 75 minutes to another terminal where the inter-terminal bus only comes every 40 minutes. Almost lost my connecting flight. Also, the seat on the FRA - YYZ leg was 23A. Couldn’t be reclined and had no leg space. Painful!"
Fordele: "Ok"
Fordele: "Overall good."
Fordele: "Leg room is spacious."
Ulemper: "Overall good.."
Fordele: "Seats comfortable. Entertainment was extensive. Food was good!"
Ulemper: "Landing was rough!"
Ulemper: "Thanks, good service"
Fordele: "The crew helped us move into a row that had an extra seat thus making the journey for us and our neighbours comfortable."
Ulemper: "More food service would be helpful. There were limited snacks(mostly containing chocolate or candy - which I did not prefer) and only bananas as fruit. Could have used oranges or apples for the kids."
Ulemper: "Not to delay the flight for 2 hours !"
Ulemper: "Food could be tastier. But, you can’t starve"
Fordele: "it was good, i like all the services from staff."
Fordele: "Nothing, it did not felt like an Emirates flight."
Ulemper: "The ICE on this flight is ancient, the seats are narrow, food was okay, nothing special. This is an old 777, which needs a refurbishment badly. Boarind experience is blah. After checking in you find yourself in a waiting hall with all the other passengers."
Fordele: "Nothings"
Ulemper: "Seats not comfortable Service was not good"
Fordele: "good attitude , friendly service from the crew members"
Ulemper: "seat spacing was very narrow"
Fordele: "ICE Rock solid, at least from SFO-DXB and vice version and its variation in different movies, songs"
Ulemper: "Food -- Really bad food for me from SFo-DXB. Extra salt and for a person who does not eat rice/desserts poor choice. Is there some other choice for me(vegetarian). Economy response -- Pressing the button takes a lot of time. Collection of shawls/earphones -- Please wait for the plane to finish its flight."
Fordele: "The crew was friendly but not always available for requests. I suppose I could have used the "attendant call button" but it would have been nicer if they were more observant when I was looking at them with a look of "I need something" as they walked by"
Ulemper: "Boarding process seems standard - always takes a long time to board and disembark. Older planes have screens with poor touchscreen responsiveness and poor resolution. I was surprised to see that the short-haul flights had better screens than the long-haul flights. I was on a 3 1/2 hour flight each way from Dubai/Delhi with beautiful screens but the long-haul each way from Dubai/Seattle had the crappy screens."
Fordele: "Not much"
Ulemper: "Flight attendants not friendly, some downright rude and looked like they hated their jobs (bumped into seats, rushed service, visibly irritated when people would ask for assistance), my video wasn’t working properly and was told “it’s an old plane, there is nothing we can do, it will be retired soon, we can get you some you some magazines”, food was terrible."
Fordele: "Lots of entertainment options with current movies."
Ulemper: "Limited leg and elbow room. Food too carb heavy."
Fordele: "so much service, I turned down breakfast."
Ulemper: "The food selection was limited and not tasteful!"
Fordele: "The staff is always exceptional. Providing service for my every need."
Fordele: "Good selection of movies. Nice staff- some of which were able to handle difficult customers better than others."
Ulemper: "Both flights to Athens and returning to New York were very delayed. As a result, passengers were annoyed and staff members looked obviously stressed as well. On the whole my impression is that this airline keeps up appearances very well but is in fact somewhat disorganized."
Ulemper: "This was a fraudulent charge!!"
Fordele: "Smooth ride. Great food."
Ulemper: "Slow boarding started later than expected"
Fordele: "Caring crew"
Fordele: "The service is the best."
Ulemper: "The seats on the Boing 777 don't compare to the seats on the Airbus from Dubai to Los Angeles."
Fordele: "I enjoyed everything about Emirates. No complaints. Nice plane and stewardess."
Ulemper: "Most horrible experience... customer service is horrible ... didn't even take the flight . They delayed the flight and they think it is ok to put us on any flight they want . I booked the flight because i was particular on the shortest duration of the flight they rebooked me on a flight that would have taken me to my destination after 36 hrs and the way the crew spoke was so horrible. It was as if they did me a favor by putting me on another flight."
Fordele: "nothing"
Ulemper: "I wasn't allocated the seats that I had pre booked by paying money. very annoying"
Fordele: "Excellent selection of entertainment"
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Checking in was excellent the food was good and the staff suburb."
Ulemper: "The boarding was unorganized and the comfort of the seat was no good."
Fordele: "I like the meals"
Ulemper: "It is hard to request a window seat"
Fordele: "So great to still fly with some comfort in this day and age, especially with the awful experience flying American carriers. Great crew, very friendly."
Ulemper: "Ran out of vegetarian meals by the time they got to my seat. So I had to make do with some biscuits and bread"
Fordele: "Great flight from Milano to NYC. Always traveling with emirates"
Ulemper: "The booking site limited my name to 24 characters and charged me $200 to fix it on the ticket."
Fordele: "• Food was good •The flight was comfortable and I felt saved •The crew was very nice •The flight was cheap compared with service •The entertainment was excelent but you need to add more songs from Africa ."
Fordele: "Their entertainment system, meals and aircraft cleanliness"
Ulemper: "Not enough food and snacks"
Fordele: "good crew, prompt timing, good food"
Ulemper: "long transit in Dubai"
Fordele: "On time on each leg of the journey. Excellent food, excellent service. In flight Internet available for just US $2 for duration of the journey. Thoughtful meal selections and gifts"
Ulemper: "Seat selection is very constrained 48 hours before journey, even for passengers booked together on same ticket. Would strongly recommend that automatic default seating selection for passengers booked on the same ticket should be for all of them to be seated together, right from the time the ticket is paid for rather than having to individually select where each passenger sits."
Fordele: "Excellent service, food and media."
Fordele: "My ankle was fractured and the crew (both at the desk and in the plane were very supportive. My experience was better in India (as Delhi airport) than in Dubai and Boston."
Fordele: "comfortable and new airplane"
Ulemper: "Flight attendants were very rude with a very bad attitude and not friendly."
Ulemper: "Food wasn't that great. They ran out of choices"
Fordele: "Emirates defines economy class .. No one else comes close"
Fordele: "The plane was lovely. The food was unusually good for coach. The flight attendants were really nice and I liked that they were from so many different countries. It was also a very smooth flight."
Ulemper: "Nothing to complain about."
Fordele: "Great enterteiment, spacious seats and great service"

No working jet bridge to deplane, with priority customers deplaning last. Followed by bus to terminal.

I think so.

Ulemper: "We didn’t receive hedphones"
Ulemper: "Everything was excellent - your system did not register when I clicked excellent for each category"
Fordele: "Flight was on time"
Ulemper: "Despite pre ordering, no special meal. Flight attendants were rude"
Fordele: "Nothing was amazing."
Ulemper: "Again, seats were uncomfortable and cramped."
Fordele: "The crew were very accomodating and hospitable."
Ulemper: "The food"
Fordele: "First and only time on an Airbus 380. Amazing to see how such a large bird can leap daintily into the sky without any effort. Wonderful decor. Very pleasant and attentive flight crew."
Ulemper: "Nothing negative, however was worried that the route might not be economical as such a large capacity plane was virtually empty. On the plus side, had empty seats all around."
Fordele: "Great gate agents! Nice cabin crew. Good food. Great video selection. And the bag was there when I got to baggage claim!"
Ulemper: "Absolutely nothing."
Fordele: "Everything was great"
Ulemper: "More choice of movies, and more choice of translations languages for movies. Because longs hauliers need a lot of entertainment. Thank you very much for asking for our comfort"
Fordele: "Good crew."
Ulemper: "D.own graded from firstBusiness Class lounge is tired and over crowded. Aircraft cabin was getting old. Sound on IFE was faulty and unusable and no alternative seats were available. Food was ok could be better. Would not choose Thai for businesses class if there was another airline to choose from."
Ulemper: "Passengers in front were very loud for a night flight and drinking, air crew didn't tell them to be quiet."
Ulemper: "N/A: very professional crew! The cabin remained clean for the entire duration of each of my 11 hour flights."
Fordele: "I didn’t like the seat belt it looks like a car seat belt not comfortable. The food and the service was excellent"
Ulemper: "The WiFi"
Fordele: "Seat from delhi was very small"
Ulemper: "All okay"
Fordele: "I miss my flight to Hanoi because we were dealy from Manila also people in lounge never check us or told us about time to flight"
Fordele: "Food service on a one hour flight."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordele: "Good service"
Fordele: "Good friendly staff. Good flights"
Ulemper: "Food wasn’t good. Movies selection is not good."
Ulemper: "Excellent service and perfect time."
Fordele: "The B-class seats are fine."
Ulemper: "Crew did not offer blankets or earbuds. Dry flight! No beer, wine, or spirits at any price. I was astonished."
Fordele: "Boarding and food was ok, staff friendly"
Ulemper: "Poor communication about delay, old entertainment system"
Fordele: "This was an extremely efficient service. The crew were very attentive, the aircraft was very comfortable and quiet - although more legroom would have been better!!"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Had 3 seats to myself, good movies"
Fordele: "All good except Manila Airport"
Ulemper: "NAIA Airport Imigration"
Ulemper: "Old useless aircrafts"
Fordele: "Crew was very professional. A warm meal was a pleasant surprise on such a short flight."
Ulemper: "Seat too narrow. I was in a bulkhead seat with solid armrests. It was the tightest seat I have ever experienced."
Fordele: "Nice staff and amazing plane."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Friendly and helpful staff. I was carrying medication that needed to be in a cool box. A flight attendant provided me with ice cubes wrapped in plastic bag and paper towel. She checked with me from time to time to ensure that the medication was kept in the proper temperature during the flight. That was first class service and I couldn't thank her enough."
Ulemper: "Seat is too narrow and the recline is not ergonomically designed, in short, uncomfortable. The entertainment portal is not user friendly. Food quality and variety seem to have declined."
Fordele: "Baggage did not make connection to Phuket."
Fordele: "Nice plan, nice crew, left on time"
Ulemper: "Please offer a vegetarian option for the snack"
Fordele: "Our flight was as always with Thai Airways very good and comfortable. We probably booked our domestic flight a bit too close to the landing of the international flight, and unfortunately, the flight was 25 minutes delayed, but Thai helped us get off the plane as the first people and we made our domestic flight, with a few minutes to spare. Thanks for the help and we will make sure to have a little better time between our flights in the future."
Ulemper: "The entertainnent system never worked, even after rebboting"
Fordele: "Wow, a 747 offloaded by busses, what a ridiculous idea!"
Ulemper: "Wow, a 747 offloaded by busses, what a ridiculous idea!"
Fordele: "Thai airway always tries to give good service."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed 1 hour an 15 min. due to mechanical problem"
Fordele: "Spacious leg room when seat is in an upright position"
Ulemper: "Headphone connection was bad. Crackling sound was times lost sound completely."
Fordele: "The seats, entertainment and food."
Ulemper: "film choices, old or irrelevant or American."
Fordele: "Plane arrived on time and service was good!"
Ulemper: "Heavily delayed, and not due to weather issues, but staffing issues. Not sure if this is related to Thai Air or Tribhuvan Airport."
Fordele: "The crew and food were awesome."
Ulemper: "The Air conditioning on the plane was lacking. There was no direct-able air vent and the plane was fairly warm for the whole of the flight. The video screen were very dim and hard to see."
Fordele: "Nice Big plane"
Ulemper: "There was delay leaving kathamandu for no reason. I also asked coffee from the senior purser (dressed suggested that she was) and she took my mug and never came back."
Fordele: "The curry chicken snack was the best food I had on any airplane, and the songkran dessert was a cute touch. Comfy colorful seats, nice staff."
Fordele: "Flight was ok, apart from being late, flight attendants were nice telling me where to go once I'd got my luggage"
Ulemper: "My 1-hour flight was delayed about 45 mins, and I had a 'connecting' flight in Bangkok. Made it just in time but I literally had to sprint to the gate to make it. Though that speaks more about the inefficient Bangkok airport"
Fordele: "Space and treatment like a human being."
Ulemper: "The plane was about 20-30 minutes late taking off. Fortunately, I still made my connecting flight."
Fordele: "Enlelt at books billet på Thai Airways hjemmeside. Ok Business class sæder/kabinekomfort"
Ulemper: "Kedelig lounge Elendig service i flyet. Absolut ikke serviceminded personale på denne flyvning. Stor forskel på at flyve business med Thai på indenrigs - og udenrigsruter."
Fordele: "Nice modern plane. Toilets kept clean by staff"
Ulemper: "Kosher meals very poor"
Fordele: "Each seat has phone charger!!!"
Fordele: "Comfortable 787 with large windows and self-dimming LCD blinds. Frequent and courteous food and refreshment service."
Ulemper: "Fully packed flight. Couldn't find the cool toy shops at Narita airport."
Fordele: "Food was okay and the seats were comfortable. Thats about it"
Ulemper: "The storage bins for the middle row were so disruptive. Flight attendants were one of the worst I've experienced. They do not smile and speak in a grumpy tone towards some passengers. I even saw one shaking her head in disappointment after talking to an old man who forgot to close the bin overhead. The seat monitor was too susceptible to glare for morning flights."

وقف الإعلانات خلال الرحلة الإعلانات كثيرة جدآ

Fordele: "Intet"
Ulemper: "Alt kunne have været bedre."
Ulemper: "It was a great experience"
Fordele: "I did add a wheelchair, they just provided it at Dallus airport. During conneting flights they did not take care of my mom. She has orthrytis and was not be able to walk long distance, but no body provide her wheelchair and did not help her to find a gate for her next flight. It was really disappoin"
Fordele: "nothing"
Ulemper: "everything"
Fordele: "Food was good but not excellent. Good inflight entertainment system and choices."
Fordele: "I like that the FAs gave us all the things needed for a comfortable flight...thanks."
Ulemper: "Flight from Copanhagen to Istanbul was delayed for an malfunction was the reason. I was a little bit stressed because I had a connecting flight to Manila, was afraid i wouldn't make it. And also, no gate assignment yet for Istanbul to Manila. Since it was my first time to travel via Turkish Airline, not familiar with Istanbul airport."
Fordele: "Fare good. Food good. Staff generally pleasant but will not go the extra step to when needed."
Ulemper: "Repeatedly announce overhead during rest time. Asked for help from crew when one of the kids threw up, but they did help. Otherwise, generally good airline"
Ulemper: "Had a layover in Toronto. From Toronto we flew to Istanbul and then Venice. While waiting in line to board in Toronto, I was told my carry-on luggage was too big and needed to be put under. I asked MULTIPLE times where my luggage would be- either Istanbul or Venice (final destination) and EVERY time I asked, I was told my luggage would be waiting for me in Venice. Once we arrived in Istanbul I asked AGAIN if my carry-on luggage was here or if it would be in Venice and I was told it would be in Venice. Once we arrived in Venice, my luggage was nowhere to be found. The lost luggage crew (and 90% of the people in Venice) were completely rude and acted like we were a huge inconvenience for them. (I've heard that many Europeans cannot stand Americans, but we were not being rude or obnoxious at all to anyone- we just wanted a quiet, romantic vacation.) So safe to say that it was an extremely rough start. We were in Venice for the Glass Art Society Conference in Murano and due to my luggage being lost, had missed the first day and a half, therefore wasting hundreds of dollars. Luckily my boyfriend's phone worked in order to spend our first two days of vacation (not to mention the amount of money spent on international calling costs) tracking down my luggage, but again dealt with completely rude people who barely helped us with any answers and even hung up on us multiple times (and I'd like to add that despite my frustration, I made sure that I was not speaking rudely one bit). The best answers we received were from the people at the Istanbul airport who told us that Venice received my luggage hours before I even called Istanbul- which I do not understand why the Venice airport did not tell me this because I spent all day speaking with them. Once I called back the Venice airport to confirm what the Istanbul airport told us, they said (once again rudely) that they called me on my phone but did not answer (which I already told them that my phone did not have any service and to call my boyfriend's phone number). So to sum up: I will never be flying to Venice ever again."
Fordele: "Turkish Airlines er normalt, som samlet pakke min favorit, men når indtjekning vælger at sætte 2 voksne mænd på sæder ved nødudgangen der kun er ca. 75% i størrelse af normle (små) sæder, så er 3½ time til Istanbul en lang sammenklemt oplevelse."
Ulemper: "Reducerede nødudgangssæder!"
Fordele: "Food"
Ulemper: "Leg room especially between Houston and Istanbul fo"
Fordele: "This was my first time flying Turkish Airlines and they are exceptional! The crew was very friendly and helpful and their food! It was delicious! They also have a way of making you feel like a first class passenger in economy! Will definitely fly with them again!"
Ulemper: "For a long international travel, there is nothing bad to say. They are superb!"
Ulemper: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."
Fordele: "Food's always good and the staff friendly"
Ulemper: "The sound on the entertainment system is not used to be good but not anymore"
Fordele: "Courteous staff. Comfortable plane."
Ulemper: "My transfer flight was physically impossible to make. Though my flight from Zagreb to Istanbul was on time, by the time I got into the terminal they were already making a final boarding call to my flight to JFK."
Fordele: "Asked for emergency exit but was told to pay. Managed to change inside the plane."
Ulemper: "Turkish now joins the sad club of airlines that charges for better seats."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed 4 hours. Given that you don't usually book onward travel with Turkish, it made a mess for me--doubled my cost to get the rest of the way home."
Fordele: "Service, timing"
Ulemper: "Didnt love the food ..."
Fordele: "Great smooth flight, amazing movies, everything was clean and smelled great, crew was catering"
Ulemper: "Nothing to complain about!"
Fordele: "We arrived safely and on time"
Ulemper: "The seat spacing on that flight was some of the tightest I have ever seen - worse than even most of the short-haul (Embraer) flights i have been on - barely manageable for 3.5 hours. Flight attendants were borderline rude and bossy, but they had to be, because the passengers were loud and unruly."
Fordele: "pleasant flight attendants"
Ulemper: "I didn't really like anything."
Ulemper: "Old plane with questionable food, only few movies. Not impressed and considering not using TA again"
Fordele: "Non- stop option! Great food."
Ulemper: "Some of the crew members had an attitude issues and they weren't as attentive as others."
Ulemper: "The tickets were booked on Turkish air but serviced by Air Canada. Neither company could change flights, check in or check me out of each other's systems. This caused most of my late night delays and struggles. Beware when using either or other online companies serving other vendors"
Ulemper: "I have lactose intolerance and I tried ordering the special meals. However the lactose free meals are not good. I got it more than once, it's always dry grilled chicken, steamed veggies and plain rice. Overall it's a dry meal and no flavorful at all. On this trip I didn't order a special as I was hoping one of the options wouldn't have lactose."
Fordele: "Lots of crew members Pay attention Food was good"
Ulemper: "The boarding was chaotic"
Ulemper: "The layover was too long."
Ulemper: "My flight was cancelled two days in a row. When i tried calling the 800 number call center, it didn't work. When i called the Turkey phone number, the communication was bad. After 3 days of being stranded i went to the Turkish Airlines office and they were not able to help me with a new flight or a refund so that i can purchase another ticket home."
Ulemper: "This flight was cancelled due to weather conditions in Turkey, a snow storm that caused the Istanbul airport to be closed. I tried to reschedule my flight but was delayed 4 days which meant I was going to miss my work for 3 days."
Fordele: "the boarding agent was very helpful and professional"
Ulemper: "no entertainment items such as TV"
Fordele: "Overall everything was good"
Fordele: "Great Food, adequate seating, helpful staff, efficient boarding"
Ulemper: "The airplane was a really warm temperature when we boarded."
Fordele: "Food"
Ulemper: "Leg room"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Most seats were broke, staff seemed grumpy, 3 out of 4 flights didn't have individual TVs, staff couldn't handle unruly passengers, etc. Won't be using Turkish Air anymore."
Fordele: "The crew, as usual on Turkish airlines, was wonderful. Excellent service and patience.Warmly recommend Turkish Airlines."
Ulemper: "The flight itself was delayed, the boarding was a disaster waiting an hour in a closed off area with little air-conditioning and zero amenities, the plane uncomfortable and the entertainment system was a joke. To be honest I was surprised because I enjoy flying Turkish, it's an excellent airline with great service. This flight was a disaster"
Fordele: "The food was good, the drinks were great, the stewardesses were professional and helpful and the entertainment system was really good, lots of movies. We got there safe and on time...what more do you need? Oh, and the price for my route was amazing; the next airline was $1000 more and the one after that $2000 more."
Fordele: "Everyone seemed pretty happy to be at work that morning."
Fordele: "God overall"
Ulemper: "Your food is terrible!!"
Fordele: "Timing, attention, discipline and overall the neatness."
Ulemper: "There e was NO Turkish air representative on the ground upon arrival. We needed a wheel chair the it was not arranged."
Ulemper: "Food has room to improve."
Fordele: "Venligt og hjælpsomt personale. Håndterede det rigtigt fint da en medpassager fik et ildebefindende og måtte have lægehjælp."
Ulemper: "Luftkvalitet var dårlig og temperaturen alt for høj. Benpladsen ved mit sæde var ringe - der sad en sort boks til begge sider som tog en del af pladsen"
Fordele: "Comfortable seats (good space for legs), good entertainment (big variety of new movies) and friendly boardpersonal"
Ulemper: "Online check in was easy but impossible to print my eticket via my iphone (no mobile version for eticket) After Online check in, still had to cue because there was no single drop off available. So no time saving"
Fordele: "Food was great... Seated on a Exit row (6b)."
Ulemper: "No complaints."
Ulemper: "No entertainment on board. Food served was rather bland. Seats weren't very comfortable."
Fordele: "I liked the entire trip. The timing was perfect, service inside the aircraft and the pilots were all proffisional. So, every thing moved very well"
Ulemper: "My suitcase was broken and I don't know in which airport that has happened."
Fordele: "Crew was nice, cordial and helpful Food was good, I wasn't asked for an optional meal in the second serving. Also there shouldn't be an 8 hour gap in between meals for pasengers in a 13 hour flight Entertainment was amazing! so many options to watch so many things."
Ulemper: "Flight was at 80% and I wasn't allowed to change seats. The seats were bigger, but still not enough room space for someone that's 1.85 mts.(13 hour flight was tiring) Boarding was a nightmare, it took HOURS, starting by the very unorganized control which asked more questions than the American control."
Fordele: "I couldn't believe my seat in row 15 had so much room! It was incredible compared to usual economy. Don't know how this happened but it was a huge difference to the flight!"

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2 stopKLM
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1 stopQatar Airways
22t. 55min.SGN-CPH
5.421 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
23t. 35min.CPH-SGN
1 stopQatar Airways
33t. 15min.SGN-CPH
5.434 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
34t. 15min.CPH-HAN
1 stopQatar Airways
16t. 45min.HAN-CPH
5.441 kr.
1 stopAir France
15t. 40min.CPH-HAN
1 stopAir France
17t. 15min.HAN-CPH
6.117 kr.
1 stopEmirates
16t. 40min.CPH-HAN
1 stopEmirates
16t. 45min.HAN-CPH
6.213 kr.
1 stopEmirates
16t. 40min.CPH-HAN
1 stopEmirates
16t. 45min.HAN-CPH
6.226 kr.
1 stopSingapore Airlines
24t. 15min.CPH-HAN
2 stopSingapore Airlines
30t. 20min.HAN-CPH
6.513 kr.
2 stopBritish Airways
38t. 50min.BLL-SGN
2 stopBritish Airways
33t. 55min.SGN-BLL
6.636 kr.
1 stopThai Airways
24t. 15min.CPH-HAN
1 stopThai Airways
16t. 00min.HAN-CPH
6.656 kr.

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2 stopFlere flyselskaber
36t. 25min.CPH-HAN
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54t. 55min.CPH-SGN
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3 stopFlere flyselskaber
35t. 50min.CPH-HAN
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3 stopFlere flyselskaber
36t. 50min.CPH-HAN
3.011 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
23t. 15min.CPH-HAN
3.646 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
17t. 00min.CPH-HAN
3.700 kr.
1 stopAir France
15t. 40min.CPH-HAN
3.830 kr.
1 stopAir France
18t. 15min.CPH-SGN
3.939 kr.
1 stopAir France
18t. 50min.BLL-SGN
3.939 kr.
1 stopTurkish Airlines
23t. 30min.CPH-SGN
3.960 kr.
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19t. 20min.CPH-HAN
3.967 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
17t. 00min.CPH-HAN
4.008 kr.
2 stopSingapore Airlines
54t. 15min.BLL-HAN
4.014 kr.
2 stopSingapore Airlines
40t. 30min.BLL-HAN
4.124 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
34t. 05min.CPH-HAN
4.171 kr.
2 stopAir France
59t. 20min.BLL-SGN
4.349 kr.
1 stopThai Airways
16t. 55min.CPH-DAD
7.128 kr.

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