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— Asien
23. feb. — 2. mar.1
1 voksen
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ons. 23.2
ons. 2.3

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Singapore AirlinesTotale score baseret på 3914 bedømmelser

There was difficulty with my connecting flight due to inconsistent COVID regulations. I was almost not allowed on, despite fulfilling all my requirements for my destination country. I was over-billed by Alaska Airlines for my luggage as well.

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There was difficulty with my connecting flight due to inconsistent COVID regulations. I was almost not allowed on, despite fulfilling all my requirements for my destination country. I was over-billed by Alaska Airlines for my luggage as well.

A to Z on this flight was just great!

Fordele: "The service was outstanding! All of the flight attendants were amazing!"
Fordele: "Crew was super nice and the food was good (for plane food)! Really appreciated that they had snacks and chocolate on hand for hungry passengers throughout the flight. A 17 hour plane ride is never the best, but Singapore Air made it as pleasant as possible. Also, we booked on Kayak and was routed through a third party vendor JustFly, which I was a little worried about - but our booking went off without a hitch."
Ulemper: "Rather long wait at business check-in, friendliness there ok, on board service slow with the champagne, old aircraft with old configuration of seats, nothing really bad, but it's not like this that you win an airline of the year award!"
Fordele: "Friendly staff. Both two meals were awesome."
Ulemper: "Already done."
Fordele: "Fast boarding. Early arrival. Comfortable seat."
Ulemper: "I had to ask 3 times for an arrival card from the crew. Bread was dry. There should have been a breakfast served prior to landing, but no food service after 1 a.m. though flight arrived at 7:40 a.m. Timing of meals was not convenient for me at all. They wake you up at 1 a.m. for your main dinner. I would have preferred to sleep until 5 a.m. then have a good breakfast. The amenity kit in Business Class was substandard when compared to other airlines"
Fordele: "Nothing special."
Ulemper: "Meal was disappointing. Beef was overcook and hard. Service quality is just okay."
Ulemper: "NA"
Fordele: "Amazing services and foods"
Ulemper: "The business class seat was great"
Ulemper: "Nothing comment."
Fordele: "Crew were great. Flight was not full."
Ulemper: "Plane was a bit dated and the entertainment system not as good as the newer plane as choices are lesser."
Fordele: "I like all"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Everything. New plane amazing food on a two hour flight Great new entertainment system on the seat back."
Ulemper: "A little more leg room."
Fordele: "Although business was full, it was quiet. Cabin chief was very helpfull and professional."
Ulemper: "food choices are not bad. TV screens are super bad. Resoulition is almost from 90's era first flat screens! One stewardess had friends in business. a couple sitting one after another in window seats. She spent most of her time chatting with them, taking photos while we were trying to sleep."
Fordele: "everything in suite class"
Fordele: "Singapore Airlines delivers as always. Friendly crew and clean and well maintained aircraft."
Fordele: "Flight time"
Fordele: "Boarding was great. Staff was cordial. Excellent flight."
Fordele: "comfort, food, flatbed, movie choice. a quality aircraft, that is why i choose Singapore. i fly to Europe every year, and have flown with many different carriers, so i speak from experience when I say I prefer to fly Singapore as they are number one."
Ulemper: "they walked past me twice with introductory drinks without stopping and offering me one, I then had to ask for one.. not good. the younger staff need to develop the wonderful standard of the older staff."
Ulemper: "Boarding didn’t give priority to passengers with children"
Ulemper: "the food was mediocre at best - had to ask for water couple of times"
Fordele: "Spacious and comfortable bed."
Ulemper: "The food wasn't that great. Average at best."
Fordele: "Alt gik professionelt og efter planen. Venlig og imødekommende besætning."
Ulemper: "Intet"
Fordele: "Alt"
Ulemper: "Lidt vel hurtig med indsamling af brugte madbakker."
Ulemper: "Delayed 2 hours behind schedule"
Fordele: "Service by the crew was great"
Ulemper: "Food in the economy class was not so great Options provided were not tasty. Each meal tasted same. No kid option available. Tastier options available on other major international flights."
Fordele: "Boarding, friendly crew"
Ulemper: "Very slow service, took 2 hours. Entertainment system didn't worked for first half of flight."
Ulemper: "Expected to have more indian movie choices."
Ulemper: "The seats and there is not much leg room"
Fordele: "food. schedule was on time"
Fordele: "I like the personal TV, my foot rest and water holder frequent water serve,"
Ulemper: "For me coffee is too strong, and I like the food on the way to Tokyo better than on the way back to LA"
Fordele: "Efficient courteous and attractive crew. Good food drink selection and great entertainment system."
Ulemper: "Unfortunately the plane was an older 777-200 with smaller TV screens but otherwise fine."
Ulemper: "The crew was rude when asking me to window shed."
Fordele: "I ordered a Indian vegeterian meal. It was very good. I feel bad about all the playin cups, and garbage that gets wasted. Please recycle everything."
Ulemper: "The plane was very cold. A lot of movies were offered but I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch."
Fordele: "evening meal was delicious"
Ulemper: "breakfast was terrible, and not properly heated, risky food handling not acceptable."
Fordele: "Service"
Ulemper: "Old planes and screens."
Fordele: "Nothing specific"
Ulemper: "No real dramas"
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Put some natural spray in the washroom for guests to kill their odor. I was the lucky one sitting outside the washrooms."
Fordele: "The food was ok. It didn't set my heart on fire, but I did finish it."
Ulemper: "The plug to the ear buds was loose to the entertainment unit, and so most of the time I couldn't hear anything! When I could the sound was dreadful."
Fordele: "Professionalism and friendliness of crew"
Ulemper: "Seat not great for my length even though it was business class"
Fordele: "The service is amazing. The stewardess are always smilin and very helpful. If you'd like anything extra, just ask and they'll bring it right over. The entertainment onboard was top notch"
Ulemper: "I would have wished for better back supported seats. 14hrs on a flight isn't quiet the best."
Fordele: "Everything is suport wonderful"
Ulemper: "Price. it's better"
Fordele: "As usual, plane is in good shape and crew are well trained. Nothing wrong with all the basics, but Singapore Air has definitely lost its lustre."
Ulemper: "For heaven's sake, please don't announce a boarding procedure and then not follow it. If you want to have a free-for-all rugby scrum to get on the plane, so be it. But don't announce boarding by rows/groups and then not make even a lame attempt to adhere to it."
Fordele: "Attentive Staff - Fabulous"
Fordele: "I am still trying to find my bags. I missed my connection and Jet Blue made me stand in a line to get rebooked for 7 hours. Unprofessional, uncaring. None of this was my fault but everyone who represents Jet Blue treated me as if it were. Never again"
Fordele: "The service was amazing. The flight attendants were all so friendly and eager to assist. The meals were very tasty and complimentary wine was such a treat. Blankets were nice and thick, pillows were comfy, and you even received a little bag with socks and toothbrush."
Ulemper: "Can't think of anything:)"
Fordele: "Comfortable, warm with food you could eat! What more could ask from standard economy class"
Ulemper: "Earphones were poor and when replaced still did t work well"
Fordele: "Price and convenience."
Ulemper: "The choice of entertainment was poor. The seats were so hard I had to sit on a blanket, the entertainment system was antiquated. They also ran out of food choices."

Thai Smile must be the only airline in the world that still doesn’t allow mobiles and iPads to be used during taxi, takeoff and landing. No inflight service due to COVID but a little snack and water handed out as we left the plane. I also like the deplaning by row, I wish more airlines did this

Fordele: "We forgot to pack our liquid products into the check in baggage. After we went through the security check, we brought the liquid products back to the boarding pass counter, our baggage had already been sent to downstream. But the staffs was very helpful, they provided a box, packed the liquid products for us and checked it in as the second luggage. This solved our headache and it was a huge deal for us, making us smile. Thanks to your crew/staffs again."
Ulemper: "Providing some snacks would be helpful when getting off the board."
Fordele: "On time, clean smooth ride. Landed early!"
Fordele: "The crew was the most expert crew I have seen. I fly thousands of miles every year. Their alertness to safety was unprecedented for me. In Yangon the counter personnel were equally excellent, safety-conscious and personable."
Ulemper: "It would be really nice not to have to board a bus in BKK to be shuttled to my next flight."
Ulemper: "I understand that the crew was probably tired, but I believe they can be friendlier."
Fordele: "Good and being on time"
Ulemper: "So far so good for its price"
Fordele: "Great services"
Ulemper: "Great seat and smooth flight"
Ulemper: "Excellent price generous luggage allowance."
Fordele: "Super cool light meal in a little bag. Best budget airline I have flown."
Fordele: "Seamless boarding and deviating."
Ulemper: "Thai Smole seats offer the least legroom in my experience. Very narrow."
Ulemper: "My booking name TANG MENGLY Why ticket show LY MENGTANG My mom can not get the fly we bought anther ticket for 140 dollar"
Fordele: "Nothing apart from kind crew"
Ulemper: "Food was really not good at all! Very poor The inside of plane was not clean!"
Fordele: "On-time departure and arrival."
Ulemper: "Nothing to complain about."
Ulemper: "Nothing negative"
Fordele: "we had only an hour to get through immigration and connect to another flight...with a child in tow. There was an airline rep that met us at the plane and drove us to the next gate and directed us to a quick immigration line. Fantastic!"
Fordele: "Great flight on Thai Smile."
Fordele: "friendliness of staff"
Ulemper: "Entertainment program was boring, leg space limited"
Ulemper: "No online check-in available. Waited very long for someone to show up at check-in desk a few hours before the flight."
Fordele: "Comfort and ease of boarding always makes Thai airlines a great trip. The staff is so helpful and friendly."
Ulemper: "There wasn’t any tv to watch and not by way of magazines either."
Fordele: "Good services"
Ulemper: "Good service and comfortable"
Fordele: "Services"
Ulemper: "Non"
Fordele: "The relaxed atmosphere and attentiveness of the flight attendants"
Ulemper: "The distance of the terminal to the aircraft"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "We did not receive any information as to why our flight was late."
Fordele: "Great service"
Fordele: "We arrived safely"
Ulemper: "They kept canceling flights. Bad service would not fly again."
Fordele: "Great short flight. Flight attendants were really hustling to get everyone served and picked up after on such a short flight."
Ulemper: "When I booked with Thai Smile direct, the booking somehow added insurance. I know I did not choose insurance. Working with AMEX ;to dispute those charges. Be careful if you book direct with Thai Smile."
Fordele: "friendly, professional crew"
Fordele: "I would highly recommend flying with this airline. It was a very efficient process and the staff was not only helpful but very nice."
Fordele: "Friendly staff through every step of the way."
Ulemper: "Vegan food options would be a wonderful addition. Everything else was great!"
Ulemper: "There's only one down side of this flight. The Lucknow international airport terminal is downright embarrassing. There are four or five desks to handle passport control. That's fine, but none has a label on it as to who should be at which. NonIndians should go to the extreme left one. Then they have one xray machine that all arrivals have to put their carry-ons through while the previous flight is trying to put all their heavy luggage (they are most likely all male workers coming from the Gulf). Then there is a small, rickety belt with everyone crowded around for the luggage. Well, there are two belts, but only one is functional. And to top it off, most of the luggage carts have at least one broken wheel! Amazing and embarrassing when arriving from any terminal almost anywhere! Lucknow, you have a lovely domestic terminal, wake up and build an international one! Shurum ki bat ha!"
Fordele: "There was no line to check in and the attendant very easily accepted our luggage to check in with no weight, size, or payment issues Was pleasantly surprised to get a snack box with a sandwich and beverage on such a short flight LOVED the online videos (practical jokes program), where no headphones were needed to enjoy"
Ulemper: "Fish sandwich wasn't my favorite"
Fordele: "On boar meal was great. Customer service was outstanding!"
Ulemper: "They don't offer more flights!"
Fordele: "Quick flight"
Ulemper: "40 minute delay"
Fordele: "Great service, very amicable staff, excellent plane"
Fordele: "Awesome service, great staff, amazing trip"
Fordele: "Friendly, well presented staff. It appears that most of the crew on the two Thai Smile flights I was on spoke a bit of English which was a plus. Clean and comfortable seating along with a decent meal."
Ulemper: "I would have appreciated a vegetarian option for the meal."
Ulemper: "The crew had a poor attitude and even rude, I asked to move to get past the food trolley as my 4 year old son needed the toilet and they just said wait, they would only have to move 2 metres. We were sitting directly behind upper class but were not offered the chance to use the forward toilet even though there was no one sitting in that section. They seemed to have an attitude problem and not at al like Thai International who are excellent. will never fly again with Thai smile."
Fordele: "The cost of upgrading to business class was very reasonable for a flight of that duration. Everything was stellar - service, food, drinks and access to the airport lounge. The meals were among the best I've had on any flight."
Ulemper: "The guy snoring. His snoring was literally louder than the noise from the jet engines and easily rose to levels that penetrated our noise cancelling headsets!!"
Ulemper: "I don't want to recommend to others to use this flight following reasons: (1) I can't use Thai lounge with star alliance gold card. (2) Thai air sold the Ticket, but boarding ticket issued by Thai smile. (3) a ground staff ( reissue staff)is unfriendly particularly those who is at Thai office, airport. (4)Thai smile is a low cost air line. So Thai air shouldn't sell this kind of ticket It hurts fame of Thai airs hospitality."
Fordele: "Good flight, reasonable price"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Very flight and check-in process"
Fordele: "Aircraft size was big for short haul"
Ulemper: "Not much to dislike"
Fordele: "The gate agent saw how tall my husband was and upgraded us to the exit row for more leg room which was awesome. I was feeling a little sick and the flight attendants were great to get me water and make sure I was doing ok."
Ulemper: "I don't like fish and they offered a fish sandwich but it was only an hour long flight so I was fine with it."
Fordele: "Crew were friendly and did a great job in the short time they had."
Fordele: "Check in was so easy and smooth. Boarding was as well!"
Ulemper: "I appreciated the food that they gave out, but it wasn't very tasty."
Fordele: "Overall everything was good except meal option"
Ulemper: "Not having vegetarian snack or meal"
Fordele: "Nothing!"
Ulemper: "The flights were delayed for both times of the round trip from BKK to Phuket and Phuket to BKK. Wasted 2 days as we got stranded in the airport. Unacceptable! Flight to Yangon from Bangkok was cancelled and they didn't send any notification to inform us. Horrible customer service. When transferred the flight to Thai Airways flight we were very rudely treated by the counter agent. For 5 hours of wasted time they "accomodated" us with 350 baht ($10) vouchers and when asked to provide us with free extra bag check-in the manager said sorry we can't do that. No resolution no compromise NO SMILE! Above average airline price with terrible service, expect this to happen to you too."
Fordele: "The ladies are so kind...unlike many American airlines! Very nice flight!"
Fordele: "Our flight time itself was changed to a couple of hours later. We got notified the night before so we could make plans accordingly. In addition staff took good care of customers and helped with onward bookings etc. we were all given vouchers as well"
Fordele: "As always crew magnificent"
Fordele: "Wifi !!!!"
Ulemper: "Bigger seats"
Fordele: "Tripulación muy atenta"
Fordele: "The crew was unparalleled. Really. Attentive. Friendly."
Ulemper: "Nothing could have been better beyond the signs at the gate."
Fordele: "The A330, despite being an old plane, had really good recline."
Ulemper: "The entertainment was very outdated."
Fordele: "Too crowded"
Ulemper: "One more staff will be better"
Fordele: "All crews are helpful especially to parents traveling with young kid."
Ulemper: "More variety of food would be great"
Fordele: "Good Service.Efficient"
Ulemper: "No Phone charging facilities on back of the seat unlike other Qatar aircraft."
Fordele: "The Crew was amazing. The Seat were the best Selling point fort business class"
Ulemper: "More space for the arm rest ans legs space"
Ulemper: "Very poor meal for vegetarians on one flight (toasted veggies on a tiny round bun)."
Fordele: "Good service/Crew food quality and choice good."
Ulemper: "Need more choice of British TV Programmes rather than American"
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Non"
Fordele: "Good entertainment."
Ulemper: "Very cramped seating."
Fordele: "New Dreamliner"
Ulemper: "No European movies in English at all, very disappointing for someone who is not into latest Hollywood ( silly) movies and doesn’t want to watch Bollywood or Chinese ones(( The “ dinner” food was barely edible, both from Singapore to Doha and from Copenhagen to Doha."
Fordele: "Plane was very empty so it allowed us to spread out."
Ulemper: "Cabin noise was loud. There was a high pitched whine throughout the whole trip."
Fordele: "Went out of their way to be helpful"
Fordele: "I appreciated the friendly and always service minded staff. The plane was clean and I enjoyed good leg room. I was happy with the menus and the film selection was entertaining and current. All over a great experience and I would not hesitate to choose Qatar again."
Fordele: "Gave food vouchers due to extended layover. Marché food quality is average at best."
Ulemper: "Biggest problem was late arrival, missing connection. Lateness caused by them at first, then a departing passenger caused further delay. But they were late to begin with. Next problem was their REFUSAL to give me an aisle seat. I reserved an aisle seat originally, aisle seats were available when I tried to change, but agent REFUSED to accommodate me with either aisle or window. Sat in middle with huge guy next to me. Very uncomfortable. Food was mediocre on this leg. Oh, and late departing AGAIN. Will seriously look for other options on next trip."
Fordele: "Plane was clean and modern. Staff was very courteous. An overall pleasant flight."
Fordele: "Crew were good, food was decent"
Ulemper: "Equipment/electronics was a bit dated."
Fordele: "Video on Demand at each seat in coach. Friendly staff. Also patient staff, what with the languages they have to cover with each flight. The airline goes everywhere so it’s impossible to say what anyone will be speaking."
Fordele: "Seats were comfortable, they were aware of alternative meal requests, professional, comfortable temperature"
Ulemper: "When dropping my bag at check in counter, the employee at the counter asked, somewhat intrusively, what the extra fee I paid was for. When I told her it was for the Al Mourjan lounge in Doha, her facial response and attitude came across as judgemental, and was not appropriate"
Fordele: "Individual service, happy and natural looking crew, comfort and company aim."
Fordele: "The flight attendants were very friendly. On the flight, snacks and drinks were bright by every hour or so and the meals were plenty of food and tasted good. I was given a bag with eye cover, earplugs, socks, face wipes and ear phones. Entertainment was good as well. Qatar is an amazing airline. Wish we had something like this in the States!"
Fordele: "everything went smoothly, no delays, boarding was easy and quick"
Fordele: "All around great airline. Comfortable for super long flights and completely accommodating."
Fordele: "Flight attendants very nice"
Ulemper: "Boarding at JFK. PHONEY wheel chair users. Saw a woman with one leg who.REALLY needed one tough it out while others were just lazy. I saw them walking after wards. They just don't want to wait in.line. Handicapped should have wheelchairs but once they have them they should wait like everyone.else"
Fordele: "Films Service"
Ulemper: "Not enough films"
Fordele: "Heavenly for an airplane ride!"
Fordele: "see above"
Ulemper: "see above"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Crew is meek and doesn’t smile or try very hard. Flight was FULL of nasty Russian tourists. Miserable experience"
Fordele: "Good, drinks, service and entertainment system."
Fordele: "Although we flew economy, we received excellent service from an attendant from the Philippines."
Ulemper: "We have no complaints."
Fordele: "i do like service in plane and at the counter no problem with baggage.all ok.thank for good service.sincerly vladimir hodan"
Fordele: "Loved the food and entertainment."
Ulemper: "Not enough leg room and space between the chair in front."
Fordele: "All"
Ulemper: "None"
Fordele: "Stopover in Doha fun. The people are so friendly."
Fordele: "Enterment"
Ulemper: "Crew nice alway take care customer"
Fordele: "The flight attendants was nicer on this flight then the US to Doha flight"
Ulemper: "Seats were not comfortable"
Fordele: "Could not be more impressed with the airline, absolutely would recommend to anyone!"
Fordele: "Helpful and frieendly"
Ulemper: "Counters should have opened earlier so we could have done aome ahopping at dfs"
Fordele: "Comfortable seat and good service"
Ulemper: "None"
Fordele: "In-flight entertainment is excellent. Some of the grew also excellent. Had excellent seat 68d. Lots of leg room. Aircraft looked brand new."
Ulemper: "6 hour delay with no explanation. No apology. Stuck in transit with nothing to do. Not impressed at all. Boarding also delayed. Food on this flight was very poor."
Fordele: "Nice and spacious aircraft."
Ulemper: "Some confusion on Hindu meal and vegetarian meals."
Fordele: "The staff"
Ulemper: "I thought the flight was fine :)"
Fordele: "Attentive service ready to appease any request very clean toilets"
Ulemper: "Type of aircraft Films Selections in particular World Group not changed much since April"
Fordele: "I will fly Qatar again"
Fordele: "Top notch service by Qatar airline. They accommodated us. We don't eat beef or chicken and didn't know you could request vegetarian online before flight. They found a fish meal and informed us to apply for meal online."
Ulemper: "Seats too close. Person in front was in our lap almost."
Fordele: "The entertainment and food was great. The service as well. They are very attentive to any request."
Ulemper: "When it was time to leave Doha, Qatar there was a massive delay which caused us to be late for any upcoming transfer in BKK. That told me that my would be delivered the next day. I am currently trying to figure out whether they have my bags or not."
Fordele: "Service from the crew @ Qatar Airlines!"

Better food and better customer service by staff

Fordele: "On-time, Service, flight & Behavior, conduct."
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordele: "Crew"
Ulemper: "Seats and food"
Fordele: "All services are simply best."
Ulemper: "If you can add more Indian food, that will be better."
Fordele: "Comfortable seats, nice entertainment and food"
Fordele: "Leg room is spacious."
Ulemper: "Overall good.."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The seats were so uncomfortable , the leg space was too small ."
Fordele: "Good crew, comfy seats and good food and entertaning"
Ulemper: "The boarding was terrible -lots of pushing and shoving"
Ulemper: "Info system is not that easy to navigate So hard to find a movie"
Fordele: "The crew is great . Service excellent"
Ulemper: "Not to delay the flight for 2 hours !"
Fordele: "Staff, food and service Dubai to Islamabad"
Ulemper: "Arrogant staff on Houston to Dibai"
Fordele: "This leg was generally worse than Boston to Dubai. The airline staff were less polite, borderline rude."
Ulemper: "As above"
Fordele: "At least inform me that bag is left behind so i wont walk around around baggaage belt for hours at the destination it happend both sides thanks"
Ulemper: "Waiting inconvenience"
Fordele: "Ditto......great"
Ulemper: "Too many unruly children"
Ulemper: "Nothing. Everything was awesome!"
Ulemper: "Waited at the wrong gate, missed the connecting flight and Had to spend $612.00 to get on another flight . What If I could not afford the ticket ?"
Ulemper: "luggage did not make connecting flight from dubai to jfk, inspite of pilot telling us 1 hour or so delay was waiting for luggage. at jfk was told can get same night if want to. this proved futile . spent hours at JFk waiting and talking to Emirates. spoke with multiple agents including Luz, sarah, etc. finally around 12 midnight was told customs would not release till next day. but promised to get it to us by 12noon next day (flying to wyoming next day at 330 pm) . this did not happen. again multiple phone calls and promises , failed. Kiamaria even got text of address in WY where 2 suitcases should have gone. All 4 suitcases were sent to NJ and arrived at 9pm. more phone calls. this time Rachel helped with fedex labels unfortunately more problems as fedex said no barcode and we had to go to fedex office and finally they took care of it so many hours wasted, not to mention the anxiety and frustratioon How are you going to reimburse all this ????"
Ulemper: "Noise of serving some people dinner in middle of night interfered with sleep. Deep dip South meant no internet for much of the flight lots of noise and inconvenience trying to fix Tvnz for (rude) lady in front"
Fordele: "I really like the entertainment and the air cameras."
Ulemper: "I like everything"
Fordele: "Crew is very friendly, food is good, seating is proper, entertainment and ease of access are well provided."
Fordele: "service cleanliness of washrooms Food seating availability"
Fordele: "Food, care, excellent people ."
Fordele: "Emirates service is always top notch. I am proud to fly them!"
Fordele: "Was crowded"
Fordele: "There was good service in the flight"
Fordele: "Leg Room. Timing"
Fordele: "It was a smooth and pleasant journey."
Ulemper: "Menu options were somewhat limited"
Fordele: "First time flying Emirates. Friendly and attentive staff. Flew on schedule. Comfortable seats. Nice food and clean restrooms."
Fordele: "Great crew good food"
Ulemper: "Crew was not really engaging with a smile. Seemed like they were avoiding longer conversation or even eye contact."
Fordele: "Excellent selection of entertainment"
Fordele: "Crew was great, entertainment options expansive, food decent"
Ulemper: "I had 2.5 hours to get from terminal 5 to 4, check in and get to gate. I almost didn't make it. The lines at emirates check in were insane and didn't move for a long time (online checknin was unavailable). TSA at JFK also. Easy slow and my TSA precheck didn't appear for my pass."
Fordele: "I traveled between New York and Chennai with layover in Dubai. 1.Flight experience was excellent between Dubai to New York (JFK)"
Ulemper: "1.the seat that i had on Flight from New York to Dubai was cramped,it had a decent entertainment system though. 2. Between Chennai to Dubai ,Flight experience was not good, Seating and entertainment in particular was not good , it was too cramped and too much glare on the TV screen, probably because i had a window seat."
Fordele: "I watch 2 movies !"
Ulemper: "During waiting the staff didn't serve anything! No tea, coffee or juice!"
Fordele: "Comfortable seat Hostesses were professional and very service oriented - not forgetting your request. Service with a smile Very sooth flight"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Great flight from Milano to NYC. Always traveling with emirates"
Fordele: "The service was excellent. Plane comfort make the flight a pleasent one and less tiring."
Fordele: "Crew was nice they're helpful flight was on time. I like it when things go smooth at the airports."
Ulemper: "Not enough leg room or people's were bumping as they by. Needs elbow room."
Fordele: "Everyone was super friendly. I enjoyed that the plane was empty that we could all change our seats to be more comfortable."
Ulemper: "The walking to board my connecting flight was overwhelming, a lot of walking. Also, I understand the food isn't from a 5 star restaurant but the lamb I ate was over cooked and felt very rubbery. As the crew members went around aking if you want Tea or Coffee, I said I wanted coffee. The coffee was cold so I couldn't even drink it, i know I can ask for another one but I felt so disappointed that I'd rather have nothing. My monitor had lots of weird lines on them as the colors were so off on some areas and good on other areas."
Ulemper: "Crew hospitality-not attentive as usual. We tried to upgrade (by paying and not using miles) and the staff at the check-in said we cannot as the flight was not full. Surprised by the explanation."
Fordele: "Efficient, clean, friendly"
Ulemper: "None comes to mind"
Fordele: "We arrived."
Ulemper: "Eveything"
Fordele: "I had an empty seat next to me"
Ulemper: "A big lady sat in the empty seat because it was on the isle....dang it"
Fordele: "Too cramped -there was no order while boarding -seats were less spacious -Film was of poor quality and i had to switch off -the buttons were less user friendly"
Ulemper: "when I arrived at seoul, incheon airport, I found that one of my gulf clubs was broken. it was the fist time that the golf club broken. I was so upset"
Fordele: "The service crew was perfect. Check on me through out the flight to ensure that I was comfortable. When meals came around and I was sleeping they check to ensure i did not miss a meal. 5 stars for the crew of Emirates flight 220."
Fordele: "Yes"
Ulemper: "0"
Fordele: "Free food, relatively spacious"
Ulemper: "more food!!! REEE!!!"
Fordele: "Crew"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Time schedule Better customer services"
Fordele: "The service and food were good."
Ulemper: "As a petite person I find the seats in economy class small and cramped. When passengers in front of you recline their seat backs, there is very little room to move, making it difficult to get up and out of your seat."
Fordele: "Crew was very nice, appreciated that they came by with water often"
Ulemper: "Legroom is very cramped, entertainment options are limited. After one 10-hour flight, you've seen everything you wanted to, so the return flight is a bummer"
Fordele: "comfortable seating, friendly helpful crew, good food"
Ulemper: "sometimes too cold sometimes too warm"
Ulemper: "The seat bottom was very uncomfortable and made my bum sore the rest of the day."
Fordele: "The food was great and the crew was very friendly."
Ulemper: "Guy behind me kept asking for a seat upgrade and when they didn’t oblige spent the whole 11hours kicking the back of my chair in protest. I understand this isn’t the crews’ fault. But maybe the bid upgrade for seats isn’t the best system?"
Ulemper: "2 hour delay and 3 crying babies on a red eye."
Ulemper: "I still haven't arrived yet, missed the big flight by two minutes, no help from the crew, had to overnight in Zürich. Trying again today..."
Ulemper: "nothing"
Fordele: "We left on time, arrived on time. Flight went well despite lasting over 10h30"
Ulemper: "Two of the flight attrendants in our area were in a bad mood and it showed."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Nothonh"
Ulemper: "the seat did not reclined, it was broke. travel with my wife on different seat my wife had a broken knee and they assigned a seat smack in the middle of the isle and she told me she almost past out because she could not move I had a passenger in the back that was kicking my seat every few minutes and I woke up every time I went to sleep"
Fordele: "Service and food were good considering it was "plane food". No delay whatsoever."
Ulemper: "Black box under the front seat. No room for legs. Seat blocked in lower position, impossible to make it stay in upper position. Entertainment wasn't working good: extremely laggy when it was working ... Seats are way too short. You got the neck support into the upper back ... And I am only 1.80m. Overall, I am done with Swiss until they upgrade their planes. Wifi was 99usd for 220 mo ... what a joke. A 20+yo plane for a such reputated company. There was still the ashtrays inside the restrooms."
Fordele: "Crew was great. Ice cream was fun. Swiss chocolate was a nice surprise!"
Ulemper: "Short flight with no entertainment, no means to charge devices."
Fordele: "Great airline overall!"
Ulemper: "No leg room due to the airplane box under the seat in front of me. Very difficult to straighten legs out, difficult to get comfortable."
Ulemper: "No leg room very uncomfortable"
Fordele: "Very Pleasant Staff!"
Fordele: "I fell asleep during the meal service and there was not a vegetarian option left over but the crew was SUPER and brought me some other snacks and made my day. Thanks!"
Fordele: "New aircraft"
Ulemper: "Lost luggage. Flight delayed."
Fordele: "On time and standard service."
Fordele: "The seats were comfortable considering they were middle seats. The food was quite good and the entertainment selection was also good."
Ulemper: "Boarding was later than initially said and I did not know why"
Fordele: "On time, good service, nice crew"
Ulemper: "Tight space for legs when chair is in flat setting"
Fordele: "I love the fact that there are no communication barrier...everyone that I spoke to knows English!"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Ulemper: "Online checkin was tricky. No help for online form which were probably translated from another language . Took me a few guesses to figure out what the 'valid for' field actually is... Departed 30 minutes late"
Ulemper: "Slight delay."
Fordele: "Best airline I have ever flown"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "Professional polite crew."
Ulemper: "Seats too SMALL Food not eatable"
Fordele: "Good crew and clean plane"
Fordele: "Same as above!"
Fordele: "All was good except the snack - it was ok"
Ulemper: "n/a - quick flight"
Fordele: "Clean and efficient plane, crew and procedures."
Fordele: "the entertainment selection was above an beyond."
Ulemper: "The food was really not great. The meals were tiny and low quality. I understand there are restrictions when on an aircraft, but the meals were the size of snacks and not understanding of allergies at all. (Ie, cheese was on everything.)"
Fordele: "Services"
Fordele: "The ambient being so relaxing felt asleep all the way to Zurich."
Fordele: "Accommodating"
Ulemper: "Flight attendant spilled hot tea on me and he didn't help me out. The other flight atttendant assisted to my burns. I have 2ond degree burns on my arm from this incident."
Fordele: "Courteous staff,"
Fordele: "The Crew was wonderful."
Fordele: "Decent food, for airline food. I was not expecting anythoing for the 3 hour flight,. Included beer/wine/spirits helps a lot."
Ulemper: "It's still a cattle car for coach travel. Boarding was hectic. Called all passengers at once, which resulted in a crowd pushing to get through the two checkpoints all at once."
Fordele: "Very clean"
Fordele: "The food and service was wonderful."
Ulemper: "I was disappointed that there was no plug-ins to charge electronics."
Fordele: "Swiss airlines was amazing"
Ulemper: "They were very nice attentive"
Ulemper: "The seats."
Ulemper: "The handle of the pull-stick that slides into the suitcase was broken off with the pull-stick sticking out of the TUMI suitcase. Used a pen point to release it and get it back into the suitcase. No handle so it was impossible to drag the suitcase. The ground personnel representing Swiss Air at the Boston Baggage carousel was a novice, had never filled out a baggage claim form before. Told me they would phone me. I am a bit skeptical about this claim. Not sure if it was Swiss Air of the local ground personnel who damaged the suitcase."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed that made the connection very tough."
Fordele: "Easy and quick"
Fordele: "Food was great."
Ulemper: "-Puking Child - Puke stayed in the aisle for about 30 minutes and then when the plane landed there was more and it wasn't cleaned up - SO much turbulence for 3 hours and no announcement was made about it. Was slightly concerning. Terrible turbulence"
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Sikkerhedsforanstaltninger for flyselskaber, som flyver til Asien

Flyselskaber, som flyver til Asien, har iværksat yderligere sikkerhedsforanstaltninger og justeret deres regler for bedre at imødekomme de rejsende. Reglerne varierer fra flyselskab til flyselskab.

Øget sanitet

Daglig rengøring, installation af HEPA-filtre i kabinen på fly til Asien

Masker påkrævet

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Bestil billige Asien flybilletter

Seneste returrejse flytilbud

2 stopFlere flyselskaber
36t. 00min.CPH-BKK
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
32t. 45min.BKK-CPH
3.038 kr.
1 stopEmirates
12t. 55min.CPH-ISB
1 stopEmirates
31t. 20min.ISB-CPH
3.044 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
36t. 00min.CPH-BKK
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
32t. 45min.BKK-CPH
3.044 kr.
1 stopEmirates
31t. 10min.CPH-ISB
1 stopEmirates
31t. 20min.ISB-CPH
3.051 kr.
1 stopKLM
14t. 10min.CPH-BOM
1 stopKLM
15t. 00min.BOM-CPH
3.057 kr.
1 stopSingapore Airlines
15t. 15min.CPH-BKK
1 stopSingapore Airlines
17t. 25min.BKK-CPH
3.129 kr.
1 stopTurkish Airlines
23t. 00min.CPH-BKK
1 stopTurkish Airlines
28t. 15min.BKK-CPH
3.143 kr.
1 stopSingapore Airlines
16t. 40min.CPH-BKK
1 stopSingapore Airlines
24t. 15min.BKK-CPH
3.149 kr.
1 stopSWISS
18t. 30min.CPH-BKK
1 stopSWISS
24t. 30min.BKK-CPH
3.162 kr.
1 stopSWISS
18t. 30min.CPH-BKK
1 stopSWISS
14t. 05min.BKK-CPH
3.169 kr.
1 stopAir France
14t. 10min.CPH-BOM
1 stopAir France
15t. 45min.BOM-CPH
3.221 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
13t. 40min.CPH-BKK
1 stopLufthansa
14t. 10min.BKK-CPH
3.261 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
21t. 35min.CPH-BKK
1 stopQatar Airways
16t. 25min.BKK-CPH
3.293 kr.
1 stopAustrian Airlines
13t. 15min.CPH-BKK
1 stopAustrian Airlines
15t. 10min.BKK-CPH
3.346 kr.
1 stopLOT
15t. 05min.CPH-NRT
1 stopLOT
15t. 40min.NRT-CPH
3.536 kr.
2 stopBritish Airways
26t. 05min.CPH-ISB
2 stopBritish Airways
19t. 15min.ISB-CPH
3.799 kr.
1 stopFinnair
12t. 45min.CPH-NRT
1 stopFinnair
12t. 20min.NRT-CPH
3.818 kr.
2 stopOman Air
22t. 25min.CPH-CMB
2 stopOman Air
53t. 45min.CMB-CPH
4.205 kr.
1 stopAeroflot
16t. 50min.CPH-MLE
1 stopAeroflot
21t. 10min.MLE-CPH
4.934 kr.
2 stopEtihad Airways
30t. 25min.CPH-MLE
2 stopEtihad Airways
21t. 40min.MLE-CPH
5.065 kr.

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Seneste enkeltrejse flytilbud

3 stopFlere flyselskaber
30t. 00min.CPH-BOM
1.299 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
27t. 15min.CPH-ISB
1.306 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
52t. 55min.CPH-ISB
1.476 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
46t. 40min.CPH-BKK
1.542 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
45t. 10min.CPH-ISB
1.548 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
47t. 35min.CPH-HKT
1.575 kr.
1 stopPakistan International Airlines
31t. 05min.CPH-ISB
2.198 kr.
direkteTHAI Smile
10t. 30min.CPH-BKK
2.244 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
13t. 50min.CPH-BOM
2.349 kr.
1 stopSingapore Airlines
23t. 00min.CPH-BKK
2.447 kr.
2 stopOman Air
33t. 20min.CPH-CMB
2.486 kr.
1 stopTurkish Airlines
17t. 55min.CPH-HND
2.493 kr.
1 stopSWISS
25t. 35min.CPH-BOM
2.677 kr.
direkteThai Airways
10t. 35min.CPH-BKK
2.821 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
32t. 55min.CPH-HKT
2.860 kr.
1 stopLOT
18t. 35min.CPH-NRT
2.965 kr.
1 stopFinnair
12t. 50min.CPH-BKK
3.208 kr.
1 stopEmirates
19t. 00min.CPH-NRT
3.740 kr.
2 stopEtihad Airways
40t. 55min.CPH-NRT
3.785 kr.
1 stopAir France
15t. 20min.CPH-NRT
4.487 kr.

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