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Great staffs

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Great staffs

First time traveling after COVID- Swiss air exceeded my expectations. What a wonderful experience. Looking forward to flying Swiss air very soon. Gilda Osorio

The food wasn't good. Just don't bother!

Personalet var venlige og hjælpsomme

Personalet var venlige og hjælpsomme.

Better choice of movies. Way to old . And not enough of a selection.

Fordele: "The kindness of all people working on Swiss was very special"
Ulemper: "The food was not very special, but the chocolates were awesome"
Fordele: "Crew, food, boarding, service"
Ulemper: "Very tight seats. Not enough of leg room"
Ulemper: "Guy behind me kept asking for a seat upgrade and when they didn’t oblige spent the whole 11hours kicking the back of my chair in protest. I understand this isn’t the crews’ fault. But maybe the bid upgrade for seats isn’t the best system?"
Fordele: "The crew was polite and helpful. The wine was free and each seat had it's own screen with a good assortment of movies and TV shows."
Ulemper: "The food could be much better. Although coming from Sicily it's tough to compare."
Ulemper: "I am still in Budapest and was not able to fly back on my Hungarian passport."
Ulemper: "I missed my connection and got to Hong Kong a day late."
Fordele: "Tasty lunch with good service in business class. Modern comfortable plane."
Ulemper: "Flight delayed by a few minutes."
Ulemper: "The plane was ancient. offer wifi- at least be able to pay for it. charger outlets."
Fordele: "I like service, plane..."
Ulemper: "I have anot her flight with the same airlines. I haven't took my ticket at the same time but since it's same airlines they should be able to connect my flights. I have to go borders and took my luggage and then I checked in again. This is waste of time"
Ulemper: "My flight was delayed more than 1 hour at least after overlay of 4 hours. I missed my flight from Vienna to Yerevan and the portion of my trip was detoured to Moscow and from there to Yerevan instead of 3 hours took me 8 hours. As a result of rushing and running in Vienna to catch my flight to Yerevan I feel and injured my hip, I would like a compensation , Please contact me at or phone 703-609-8649"
Fordele: "All three of our party got upgraded to business class. What a treat to have a comfy bed instead of a crammed seat on a long haul flight. Swiss spoiled us with Champagne and decent food."
Ulemper: "Without knowing it when I booked the flight, I purchased "economy light" fare. In this class checked luggage costs extra; $60.00 a piece. Star Alliance Gold status doesn't help here."
Fordele: "The crew was great. I was lucky to get a comfortable enough seat. Not the one I actually booked and paid for but still it was ok."
Ulemper: "I was told I was placed on standby for this flight despite the fact that I booked this flight and paid extra for the chosen seat far in advance. The boarding was chaotic. Very poor communication. The flight was very delayed."
Fordele: "I got a surprise upgrade to Business Class where the service, food, and comfort were all excellent."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed for almost an hour while we were on board. (ultimately not the airline's fault), If I hadn't been in Business class, it would have been very uncomfortable."
Fordele: "Loved the warm and very delicious quiche, thank you!"
Fordele: "service, food and chocolate"
Fordele: "The Boeing 777-300ER is ether new and clean."
Ulemper: "Seating was super tight. Once the person in front of me declined their seat the screen of the inflight entertainment system was right in front of my nose (no, my nose is not particularly long). I’ll consider flying Lufthansa or United next time - even if It required a stopover in Frankfurt or Munich."
Ulemper: "Worst travel experience ever and I’ve traveled the world. Red eye flight delayed for 3 hours. Missed connection flight with not a lot of options. Waited for another 3 hours to get rebooked and have to stay at Zurich overnight and only to find our checked luggage is no where to be seen. First and LAST time we fly Swiss Air!!!"
Fordele: "Our flight on Swiss was excellent. On time, courteous crew, and loved the morning Croisant and the chocolate. As my wife and I are both retired flight attendants with TWA and American, we tend to notice customer service at all levels of an airline’s operation. Both our flight out of LHR to GVA and our return were smooth as can be. Nice job, Swiss!"
Fordele: "Food."
Ulemper: "There was not hot tea/coffee offered with a sandwich."
Fordele: "Liked the flight arrangements as convenient. Although left Zurich little bit late, made up time as OK. Thanks for the great experience in using your services."
Ulemper: "Seating room is very tight, especially for someone who is over 6 feet tall. Wished I alerted Swiss Air in desire to have exit row seats."
Fordele: "Food.confort.pillows."
Fordele: "The flight attendants were professional and helpful."
Ulemper: "We were glad to have extra leg room at the bulk head, however, the seats themselves were extremely narrow. My elderly father found it exceptionally difficult to sit and stand from the seat. The seat table creates an ever tighter fit for someone with special needs."
Fordele: "Swiss airlines is just like a flying ikea store - very sad"
Ulemper: "Nothing really , seats are terrible , food is bad Zürich is super nice"
Fordele: "The next best thing to the hard-working and kind crew was the lighting design. Meals were OK, and I was delighted that the vegan meals I ordered for my travel companion were right there as ordered. Not a common occurrence of late, I’m afraid, so I congratulate Swiss one getting this one right."
Ulemper: "Legroom is non-existent. This was by far the most uncomfortable aircraft I have ever flown on, with the possible exception of an Ilyushin 62 operated by Tarom in 1983. I felt bad for the man in front of me, with my knees in his back. That is, until he reclined his seat and put my video screen in my face. Not much to watch anyway, but it was impossible to lean forward at all. Boarding at JFK was rather chaotic."
Fordele: "The crew members were professional and we really appreciate their high quality of service. Love the food and we enjoyed the wide selections of entertainment that was provided."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "lovely flight -left on time arrived 1 hr early. my earphones did not fit plane plug, the one provided did not fit my ears - slept instead,,,Excellent service..."
Fordele: "Flight was on time. Food was good for airline food."
Ulemper: "Swiss air seems to have lost its service edge. The flight attendants just stood around and watched while I struggled with my cane and my bag. They only seemed to snap into action to tell people what to do or not do. I flew the same route two years ago and staff was really kind. Maybe the working conditions have changed; they seemed harried and annoyed (in coach, at least). And I don't think they had to stand in line for an _hour_ to check in (thanks, LAX)."
Fordele: "Service was very good."
Ulemper: "Three and a half hours delay due to technical difficulties. Food was only a small cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. Could have given us a little more food. Seat on flight did not recline. Extreme turbulence for half an hour, very scary, thought we would never make it! All in all, a bad experience."
Ulemper: "The seats are too close together front to back. It's torture if you are six feet tall and the person in front of you put the seat in the back position for 8 hours."
Fordele: "Several rounds of beverage service along with tasty food and a great large-display entertainment, we were very pleased with the blankets and entertainment, and frequent service. It helped we had 3 seats for two people also."
Fordele: "We had never flown Lufthansa, or in a A380. Upstairs in economy with 2 seats on the right side, it was very quiet and felt roomy. Service was on-par with other European carriers, so quite good."
Ulemper: "Minimalist breakfast."
Fordele: "The seats"
Fordele: "Aircraft clean, staff friendly and efficient"
Ulemper: "Lighting in aircraft is too bright Food offers by swiss in economy is terrible. My company di a not support business class travel"
Ulemper: "Both flights were excellent. At Zurich airport is were I was disappointed in some staff at the gate. Two employees were rude towards me but the flight home & the staff made up for it for being very friendly & helpful. Over all would fly Swiss air again"
Fordele: "Crew was amazing. So patient and accommodating, even when passengers were a bit impatient. Cabin was clean, and it was good to have blankets and pillow on a long flight."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a bit chaotic. Food was okay but not substantial. Comfort was terrible in my seat - for some reason I had a seat with a metal box underneath so I could not stretch my legs. And the fellow next to me, in the middle, was over 6 feet and was VERY uncomfortable, even though he had legroom. There were good options for entertainment, but it was unreliable and had to be restarted once. Also, the screen was terrible quality and I could not see no matter how I adjust the screen angle or the light."
Fordele: "Again, crew and food."
Ulemper: "I will only say that I am writing this review as we are sitting on the plane in Newark where we are waiting for our gate for a half an hour already and we do not know when we would get off board. And oh yeah... the flight was originally late for about an hour too! Simply unacceptable!"
Fordele: "The crew was very nice, I felt bad for them as people were constantly complaining."
Ulemper: "The tv's did not work, was extremely disappointing."
Ulemper: "smooth & efficient friendly crew"
Fordele: "I'm very satisfied with Swiss airline excellent service starting from the flight attenders very professional friendly excellent food .if I would recommend this airline absolutely 100%.."
Fordele: "Na"
Ulemper: "Na"
Fordele: "Enjoyed the food. On demand entertainment. Beverage service."
Ulemper: "Despite paying for extra leg room I somehow needed more. Not Swiss Airs fault, but I know better for next time."
Ulemper: "We have bought our seats, but in the airport it was found that our seats were assigned to somebody else and nothing could be done to give them back to us"
Fordele: "Too short to rate but good overall"
Ulemper: "Nothing"

Bags did not come

Everything was great thanks

Austrian airlines food is really good compared to more recent airlines I’ve been on

I had a small back pack and a small suitcase. The boarding staff were extremely rude and wouldn’t let me take both on board. Only one small bag on board even though there was tons of space and I paid for premium seat. Also—they want you to wear their mask—even though I had n95. Will definitely avoid this airline in the future

Ulemper: "Landing"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Flights were late for more than 20 min. in both directions. Almost missed connecting flights in both directions. Had to pay for the luggage at the airport (luggage was not included in my ticket). Flight to my final destination was cancelled (first it was delayed, but I did not know that untill I got to the gate) I was diverted to other country (by other company), had to pay for hotel and taxi, missed almost two days of my vacation. On my flight back home, they have lost my luggage... hope they will find it. Now I am trying to get refund for cancelled flight, hotel, taxi, food... I will never fly with this company by my own choice any more!!!"
Fordele: "The crew was good , funy , atentifly and kind."
Ulemper: "Was ok."
Fordele: "The staff were nice, the flight was on time. The meal was good."
Ulemper: "There was no pillow on board and the flight was overnight."
Fordele: "Good entertainment choices."
Ulemper: "Seat could be more comfortable"
Fordele: "Staff and the service"
Ulemper: "Dinner was so bad"
Fordele: "Short flight"
Ulemper: "I was switched seats against my will on board! Although i reserved the seat ahead of time when i got in i was pretty much forced to sit somewhere else. The staff handled the sitution in a very poor manner!"
Fordele: "Good experience, service was good, and attendants were courteous"
Fordele: "It got me where I wanted to go, non-stop, for a reasonable price."
Ulemper: "The economy seats seem to be narrower than they are on other airlines."
Ulemper: "Flight was late departing Cairo Changing flights from Cairo to Amsterdam was scheduled at 50 minutes. I asked the male flight attendant about changing airplanes, said our new gate was right next to our arriving gate. He said no problem. He failed to mention we had to go through customs and security again, and walk almost a Kilometer in the process. Fortunately they held the Amsterdam plane because many passengers would have missed it. I did not appreciate the lack of information from the flight attendant, however holding the plane was a godsend."
Fordele: "Service was outstanding!"
Fordele: "The seats were very nice, and I found it very pleasing that everything was colour coordinated. (the small details in red and the rest in gray). The flight attendants were so happy and upbeat, it lifted your mood as well! I believe that we left a few minutes early, as boarding was completed early. And thefood? Mind-blowing for airplane food. I really enjoyed this flight."
Ulemper: "There wasn’t much I didn’t like about the flight. Sometimes the announcements were very slightly difficult to hear (accents and whatnot,) but you could still tell what they were saying."
Ulemper: "Booked a ticket with luggage and got email saying I am at economy class. When got to check in told me I have economy light and I had to pay again for luggage. Dissaster. Contacted priceline- did not care."
Ulemper: "Delay...."
Fordele: "nothing."
Ulemper: "more than one hour delay, crew didn't arrange anything for passengers who had to catch a connecting flight in a short time. And according to other passengers, Austrian's flights are always late for at least 30-45 minutes since recent years."
Fordele: "Fast disembark. Used both ends."
Ulemper: "No entertainment. Luckily, it was late or I would have missed it because my previous plane was so late."
Fordele: "Non"
Ulemper: "No food terrible idea to serve orange, oll dos nasty hands Stick to a site"
Ulemper: "While going to the gate G11 at Vienna airprt, i slipped infront of the gate in presence of 3 male austrian airways staff who were checking there. After i got up i requested if i could get some water and they said they cannot. Finally a co passenger gave me her bottle of water. I ended up actually breaking my leg"
Fordele: "Short flight"
Ulemper: "I have to pay for food or drink"
Fordele: "Great experience, friendly crew!"
Fordele: "The crew was super nice"
Ulemper: "Not enough food during the long flight"
Fordele: "Got to destination safe and sound and was thankful for that!"
Ulemper: "Boarding was messy. Food was ick- "chicken" tasted like a grade d boiled chicken nugget, terrible texture. Ladies on flight were kind, although not terribly helpful. Movie selection was pretty small and lots of Rated R movies, hard to find anything in the middle (not kids, but not adult)."
Fordele: "Could not tell that I need gluten free meal. And the early check-in didn't work."
Fordele: "Spacious aircraft. Polite crew. Even good food. On time."
Fordele: "6 hours delay, first deplaning due to mechanical failure, 2nd deplaning due to electrical storm. Missed my connection to Asia requiring total new bookings and expense. Never flying AA again."
Ulemper: "Everything"
Ulemper: "We left from Vienna , two hours late. This kind of problem supposed to be fix it , before.i like to fly with Austrian Airlines, isn't the first time, but now for me , to so long was a big problem"
Fordele: "see above"
Ulemper: "see above"
Ulemper: "The aircraft was very old and smelled badly. The toillets didn't work properly and were dirty."
Ulemper: "Comparing with LOTPolish everything wasmore than better"
Fordele: "Right on schedule!!"
Ulemper: "Oversold the tickets on my flight and put me on standby. Needed to change the flight and all my plans."
Fordele: "The food was very good! And the movies you could choose too."
Fordele: "When you travel with an infant it's already a difficult trip but it's really fraustrating when you find out that they didn't assign you to the seats with the baby bassanet, and when I went to the counter to fix the problem instead they change our window seats to an isle seats without even asking or notifying us with the changes, and they when I asked how come you don't automatically assign infant reservations to infant seats their excuse was what if there were more infants than available infant seats and they already gave out those seats with extended leg space to others who already had paid for it, and surprisingly there were multiple of infants on board none of them in those seats but rather the other passengers who paid for it, so basically they got paid extra and you will only suffer for almost 10 hrs so they can make extra profit. NEVER AGAIN AUSTRIAN AIRLINES!!!"
Ulemper: "Entertainment on board was useful"
Ulemper: "Austrian cancelled my flight from berlin and rebooked me 2 :/6: later without even letting me know, like if I don't have anything else to do than wait in berlin for 2 days!"
Fordele: "The food was excellent and the business class layout was perfect."
Ulemper: "On the arrival at Toronto, there was no one at the gate to roll out the gangway bridge. So we waited on the plane 10 minutes. We were flying on to LAX on Air Canada. It took 1 3/4 hours for our luggage to clear the US Customs pre check. Unsatisfactory."
Fordele: "Best take off, Best Fight, Perfect Landing...!!!"
Ulemper: "Diner was tasty...but, no breakfast... would have been great..!!!"
Fordele: "Nice crew, lots of entertainment options (movies especially). Seats recline very far back, nice..."
Ulemper: "Ground crew was a big bottleneck and Austrian security did not help."
Fordele: "Friendly staff"
Fordele: "We have children and the crew was very helpful in making it an easy boarding process for all of us."
Ulemper: "Initially we were jammed into a gate area with all guests and it was absolutely horrible and not safe, especially with our kids."
Fordele: "The flight was good, the food was good, the crew was excellent"
Ulemper: "The wheel on my luggage was broken (it was fine the whole trip). I had to throw out my bag after I got it home"
Ulemper: "Been traveling with Auystrian for a while now and so far so good, I'm very satisfied"
Ulemper: "They could not issue boarding pass for the all the segments of the travel. The agent had to talk to someone in order to even issue the boarding pass and even though the bags were checked in all the way to Pittsburgh boarding passes were not issued. I cannot blame the agent because Luftansa had issued the ticket for this Austrian Airline flight."
Fordele: "the crew"
Ulemper: "There was no space. Even though I wore compression socks and got up to walk frequently, my legs were bruised as I could not stretch out for any extended time. The seats are cramped and you are in one position. The flight was almost 9 hours and it was too much for me."
Fordele: "Everything went well other than what was served for breakfast."
Ulemper: "The food that was served for dinner was fine. Some fruit/yogurt would have been far better for breakfast than the muffin that was served."
Fordele: "Not much...."
Ulemper: "The ticket indicated the wrog gate 21 instead of 31."

Fjernsynsskærme i kabinen ville have været godt.


At flyet kom

Irritererende forsinkelser og ventetid i lufthavn og flyver

All good👌

No covid safety. Keep distance apparently don’t count when you onboard or in the bus from gate to/from plane. Could hardly move. And late again, again, again. Seems to be the new norm.

Fordele: "Meget søde, venlige, hjælpsomme og smilende stewardesser"
Ulemper: "Under COVID-19 omstændighederne, lader det sig vel ikke gøre, men en kop varm kaffe på en kl 0600 afgang, ville have været prikken over i’et"
Fordele: "Andre det ikke"
Ulemper: "At vi fik ordentligt besked om vi får en voucher da vores arangement på Færøerne var aflyst"
Fordele: "Sæder og besætning ok"
Ulemper: "Forsinkelse aflyste afgange og mere forsinkelse i flere timer. 7-8 timer, hvor man har siddet i lufthavnen 2 timer inden afgang i forvejen. Og bliver bare tilbudt en madkupon på 75kr..."
Fordele: "I liked the service and the food"
Ulemper: "The lack of movie choices"
Fordele: "Smooth flight from Copenhagen to Berlin - uneventful which is good. They even offered free coffee and tea."
Fordele: "The seat was not as cramped as the Greenland Airways flight preceeding this."
Ulemper: "Not having additional fees for baggage. Please disclose that as part of the ticketing."
Fordele: "Economy Plus is great (I’m 6’10”) & had plenty of legroom! Good food, great service, nice entertainment package and got to stay in SAS lounge until boarding!"
Ulemper: "They need to serve drinks with ice! US passengers need ice in their drinks!"
Ulemper: "The food especially the second meal or snack."
Fordele: "Food was the best airline food!"
Ulemper: "We paid for meals that were NOT delivered"
Fordele: "Smooth take off and landing"
Ulemper: "Free food for everyone since it was delayed"
Fordele: "- Good entertainment - Boarding on time"
Ulemper: "- Airplane food - I know it's not going to be mind-blowing, but the breakfast was salad and a fruit cup which, for a vegetarian meal, is particularly unappetizing"
Ulemper: "Udkald til gate, hvorefter vi stod 15-20 min. uden info om forsinkelsen. I fly vidste man ikke at vi havde købt breakfast hjemmefra, men vi fik det da uden problemer alligevel. Men brød kun budt én gang og kaffe 2. gang langt senere. I Malaga ventede vi næsten en 1/2 time ved bagagebånd."
Fordele: "N/A"
Ulemper: "Et halvtomt fly med en aldrende besætning der klart havde været for længe på arbejdsom kun havde fokus på at blive hurtigt færdige med pligterne så de kunne komme til at pludre med hinanden."
Fordele: "The crew was truly kind and accommodating."
Ulemper: "The food wasn’t very good. I purchased the WiFi and it was TERRIBLE. I had work projects I was hoping to complete on the trip and I could barely get anything to load beyond email. Total waste of money and effort."
Fordele: "N/A"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "Good value for money. Just about on time, 8 minutes late only. Boarding was very fast. Coffee serves for free."
Ulemper: "Obviously, no food or water in Economy."
Fordele: "Getting off the plane."
Ulemper: "SAS like other airlines gives you a chance to bid on a nicer seat. If the offer is accepted, your card is charged the amount you bid and you are upgraded. If your offer is not accepted, you keep your seat and are not charged for bidding. I placed a bid for a nicer seat and was informed the day before the flight that my bid was rejected. But when the plane was boarding, I went to the man at the desk and asked if the plane was full. He informed me that it was not, and that I could pay roughly $300 for economy plus, or $1000 for business class. Online, I was ALLOWED to bid $200 for the economy plus seat. If they are going to reject this offer and then have the seat fly empty, they are a bunch of dicks. They had a chance for me to be a happier customer and to make more money. Now they lost both. What was also terrible is that when I family with an infant was moved up a few seats, I suggested to the lady next to me who wanted the newly vacant aisle seat that she ask the flight attendant for it. The flight attendant said it was fine. As the lady sitting next to me went to her her new seat, and old man from a few rows up took it. Another flight attendant had promised it to him. So, now the two of us are crammed, she's pissed that the seat she said she could have she couldn't, and I'm there like "My god, they wouldn't even take my money to let me have a nicer, EMPTY, seat." Poor communication, poorly run. Try another airline."
Fordele: "Stille fly godt sæde."
Ulemper: "Wifi virkede ikke eller kostede Xtra. Man fik ikke en gang et glas vand."
Fordele: "At jeg kunne ligge ned og sove"
Ulemper: "Sov hjem og fravalgte første servering på business. Der var også en større flok amerikanske gæster som dog valgte at feste igennem på turen - da jeg vågnede var personalet godt trætte af alle passagerer og da jeg ville have lidt i pantryet var det pakket ned 2 timer før ankomst - sikkert for at lukke førnævnte fest - men det retfærdiggør vel ikke at de øvrige gæster også har indløst billet til business og den service der betales for."
Fordele: "Da vi først var kommet ombord på flyet gik tingene sin vante gang... ellers var der ikke meget hoved og hale på noget som helst."
Ulemper: "Men hvorfor annoncerer man at flyet skal board 1 time inden det sker, så passagererne kommer til at stå i kø unødig lang tid. Flyveren var 1 time forsinket på Flightradar24 og også i virkeligheden!!! Det var ikke noget groundpersonalet ville ud med, så alle annonceringer gik efter tidsplanen - den originale med altså en times gap! SAS find jer en mere kvalificeret partner i Athen, da det er var helt hen i vejret og dårlig service."
Fordele: "Business class lounge excellent. People who helped with the wheelchair were excellent."
Ulemper: "In a wheelchair. Check in was terrible and rude. The fact that SAS did not allow us to bring my electric chair directly to the gate was absurd (only airline in the world that did that). The fact that it was not at the gate when we arrived in Newark surprised even the SAS Gate agents. Had to go to baggage and collect it in oversize baggage. Will not fly SAS again until that policy has changed."
Fordele: "This airline is punctual and the pilots are good."
Ulemper: "The service is minimal, you pay for any alcohol and the food is nothing to write home about."
Fordele: "The movie and tv selection were fantastic. Crew was kind and helpful. Chairs were pretty comfortable."
Ulemper: "It was so cold on the plane with most people including grown men with blankets wrapped up to their neck! I understand the crew moves a lot so want it cold but maybe there’s a happy medium? The cold snack sandwich with cheese and spread of some sort was awful. The main meal was better but not as good as some others I’ve had."
Fordele: "On time."
Ulemper: "The cabin crew was detached, and curt."
Fordele: "Stewardess assistence"
Ulemper: "Delay without other notification than the expected change of departure and loooong wait before boarding"
Ulemper: "No food or even water"
Ulemper: "We were traveling with two kids, and one of the kids drops some bread on the floor of the flight. One of the crew is angry to us about this, which makes us very uncomfortable."
Fordele: "Samme som på hjemturen - sæderne var bedre ude i siden"
Ulemper: "Ingenting"
Ulemper: "Bad food Bad service Dirty plane Bad choice of movie collection You only get one glas of non alcoholic drink with your main meal. If you want more you have to pay ! Thats not a good service for a long trip fligt: washington-copenhagen and back. All other Airlines i have been with gives you a choice to choose between 2 different meals, buT SAS they decide for you ! And i have never seen any airline serve pork/ ham because of different believes people have, but SAS service you pork on an international 8 hours flight ! This is first time and last time I’m gonna fly with SAS. I always fly with KLM , perfect in everything and anyway. NO MORE SAS FOR ME !"
Fordele: "I slept the whole way through"
Ulemper: "Expensive rates on luggage"
Fordele: "On time, clean aircraft not too full!"
Ulemper: "Boarding was a little rough as the announcements in groups to board was not clear and lots of people got in line that should not have. - causing delays and frustrations. Handled poorly by gate team"
Fordele: "price, water, easy boarding, in time"
Ulemper: "noise, no snacks"
Ulemper: "Wound up having to pay 150$ for checking 2 bags. Almost more than the tickets. Feel ripped off. Don't remember the web getting a chance when i ordered the tickets to purchase at a lower rate. SAS said, since i bought the tickets through a travel agent, there was nothing they could do. Next time I'll buy tickets directly from SAS."
Fordele: "Comfortable flight."
Ulemper: "Only one meal option ( with meat). Alcoholic beverage not included."
Fordele: "nothing."
Ulemper: "I hated flying on easyjet, there was NOTHING easy about it. hidden fees, horrible service, and flight delays. I am never flying with them again"
Fordele: "Because of bad weather at the Faroe Islands, the aircraft made a missed approach (go-around) on the first attempt to land. The weather had improved sufficiently to make it in on the second attempt. The pilot and the cabin crew were excellent in keeping everyone informed, and telling us the status of the weather and the likelihood of getting in. The pilot was outstanding in his communication with the passengers and the cabin crew were great in re-assuring passengers after the missed approach. The flight crew handled the difficult weather conditions very well."
Fordele: "De-planing"
Ulemper: "The screaming children. All. The. Yelling. Kids. Also it was an inferno in there. if it's a packed house and customers are standing in the aisles, do us a favor and crank the AC."
Ulemper: "When trying to board in Copenhagen there were some mishaps, but these were mainly caused by people ignoring signs along the way. They did not offer any complimentary snacks at all. Only one drink"
Fordele: "Personalet var sådan set op og festede meget over at en kollega havde sidste tur inden pension. Desværre holdt de den kommende pensionist på business, så hvem det var der blev klappet af er stadig et myserium. Men hyggeligt at være med kabine personalet på arbejde"
Ulemper: "Gamle reservefly, hvor der mangler både det ene og det andet samt en 10 år forældet komfort. Når der sættes reservefly ind af væsentligt lavere kvalitet end den vare, som man forventet køb, så bude der være en eller anden form for kompensation. Forøvrigt glad for jeg ikke havde indløst business på denne tur da det i grunden havde været at betalte dobbelt for forventelig komfort på en moderne SAS Plus."
Ulemper: "Even though it was clear from my reservation that checked baggage was not included in the initial price, there were no clear links in kayak/vayama or SAS to prepay baggage, and the price is double if you pay at the airport."
Ulemper: "This is our third delay with this airline on this trip and all they will do is send you to their service center which in Copenhagen is located so far from the gates it's a joke. Once again they are doing their best to discourage any interaction with their customers."
Fordele: "The food was very good surprisingly"
Ulemper: "Again the seats are too tight and they should not be allowed to recline"

Just okay

Extremely efficient from bag drop to landing. Friendly professional staff and comfortable flight

First flight on Easyjet. I upgraded to the highest level - early boarding and a seat “up front.” Even that seat was more cramped than a typical airline seat in coach. Short flight, so no food, no beverage.

Flytning af en morgen flyvning til en aften flyvning

Parfait à part le retard

Plane was an hour late.

At man skal have mundbind på hele flyveturen virker fuldstændigt forældet og er ikke comfortabelt. På SAS flyvning behøvede vi ikke mundbind og jeg synes easy jet skal opdatere deres regler. Det må alligevel være eksternt sparsomt hvad mundbind kan gøre når alle deler luften i flyet. Personalet var ikke specielt forstående overfor at vi havde et barn på 2 år med.

Meget stress omkring boarding hvor der blev skyndet på os og vi nåede ikke at købe vand. Til gengæld kunne vi så vente en halv time i flyet før vi kunne flyve. Vi havde et barn på 2 år med og havde sat pris på at blive prioriteret ved boarding.

Delayed for an hour. Slow boarding, simple flight, no entertainment but only a short flight. Quick disembarkment

klart prisen der faar en til at vaelge Easyjet, der er intet andet at komme efter, men det er ogsaa uproblematisk, saa fungerer efter hensigt


Return flight delayed by 45 minutes. Outbound flight was delayed by 1 hour. Initial excuse was the Cabin Crew hasn’t arrived. Get on the plane and the reason was a technical issue and they had to switch planes. If EasyJet is going to constantly be delayed for boarding and flight times, I’m going to rather fly with someone else. Not worth the inconvenience.

Ulemper: "Easyjet does not offer corona rebooking - bad!"
Fordele: "I was expecting EasyJet to run late and the crew to be overworked and rude, but they were like Southwest Airlines in the USA, very nice and on-time."
Ulemper: "This applies to all airlines: crack down on travelers trying to bring to much cabin luggage! Also, travelers should have to first use the bin space above their seat before using some other bin space. Many people in the back of plane cram their cabin luggage into the first bins they see so they don't have to carry it from the back."
Ulemper: "Crew would be better if they smiled a bit. They seemed tired and sleepy."
Ulemper: "Baggage reclaim very slow"
Ulemper: "on easy jet, if you do it check in online 34 hours before the flight you get bumped to standby. This is not made clear in any emails or confirmations. Despite purchasing a ticket in advance I almost missed my flight because I checked in at the airport."
Fordele: "On time, fast and efficient."
Ulemper: "A bit more friendly boarding"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The plane left 7 hours late. They did not provide information or a satisfactory explanation for the delays. On hour 6 of delay we were still unsure of whether the flight would be cancelled."
Ulemper: "Flight was very delayed, there was almost communication. Everyone was literally standing in a hot room for 50 min."
Ulemper: "Easyjet should change their name 'Difficult jet' or 'Delayjet'"
Ulemper: "One hour late. More legroom than expected. Creative fast boarding"
Fordele: "No fuss discount flying with Easyjet"
Fordele: "Labas"
Ulemper: "laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabaz"
Fordele: "Staff was pleasant and helpful, it was a short flight but overall was very good"
Ulemper: "It was just enough, May be a magazine that tell you more about things to do in Cities you are flying to would help. Don’t compromise on information. All was great."
Fordele: "Cheap flight and good service on bord."
Ulemper: "Bording area crawled and takes too long time."
Ulemper: "Stewardeserne skulle tale engelsk. De talte kun Fransk"
Fordele: "Boarding was very fast compared to most other flights. Crew was friendly. Flight was smooth and on time."
Ulemper: "Honestly - a bunch of drunk Scandinavians all around me. Very noisy and smelling so much from the alcohol, I almost got sick. Luckily, a very short flight. The guy behind me was very rude to the crew. Crew member handled him well. Was worried about him throwing up on me. Rest of flight was good."
Ulemper: "The gate agent was extremely rude. She had very bad attitude towards customers. They forced me to pay for my carry-on luggage because they claimed that it did not fit in carry-on size of the company. I purchased an international carry-on size matter fact. The gate agent was also threatening to remove us from boarding the process. I've traveling so many places with many carriers but easyJet by far is the worst in term of customer service particularly from Copenhagen airport. I was departing from Paris and the staffs were very helpful and friendly."
Fordele: "easy baoding and the crew was nice perfect all round"
Fordele: "Crew were polite and efficient. Pilots got us there effectively. We left on time and arrived early. All good."
Ulemper: "Instant coffee!"
Fordele: "Mmmmm"
Ulemper: "Mmmm"
Fordele: "Not much"
Ulemper: "Somebody’s elbow in my ribs again"
Ulemper: "Lady at the counter was absolutely rude and digusting. She had no manners and customer service at all. She was screaming at people to place everything in one bag, instead of saying it calmly. Not the best start of your holidays at 6am."
Ulemper: "Forsibkwy"
Ulemper: "Både ud og hjem"
Fordele: "Flight took off slightly late but landed at PMI roughly on time. I had the worst seat on the aircraft according to seat guru 31D which is the last row by the back door. But being the NEO 320 the seat was extremely comfortable and for someone who doesn't sleep on flights I nearly nodded off a few times. Knee room was ok but overall the seat was very comfortable and I could have easily spent a few more hours in that seat."
Ulemper: "Only problem was that the service trolley started at the front of the plane and it took a fair amount of time before it reached the last row, and being a fairly short flight by the time we finished our drinks the seat belt lights came on for landing."
Fordele: "Efficient bag drop"
Ulemper: "Plane delayed, lack of information. No reason given for the delay when on board. Plane microphone much too loud it was distorting"
Ulemper: "My flight was delayed more than two hours. They informed gate number at the last minute and changed the gate twice. Passengers had to running for catching the flight."
Fordele: "I expected the worst, found out I have had worse experiences with legacy airlines. The onboard staff was attentive, keen to help and please, cheery face, especially the short, dark Middle Eastern looking fella. He knows how to work it! Some flight attendants can be mean, he was very nice. I did not interact with him, but watched how he handled things, like helping people place their baggage in a different overhead compartment, personally moving the baggage so that it would fit. Cheery demeanor, informed the passengers of whatever needed to be said. The pilot was also attentive."
Ulemper: "No frills, not terribly comfortable--luckily it was a very short flight. Little baggage space, automatic drop off clerk was a bit surely."
Ulemper: "I had booked a day trip to London. The night before flight I received phone call from Easyjet offering me Euro250 to take a later flight as only a smaller plane than planned was available. But then you decided obviously not to send the smaller plane but did not bother phoning or emailing us customers as you had done the previous evening. I wasted more than half my day (1.5hr drive to airport plus 3 hours a airport) as I had to reschedule my day trip for a later dater to fit in the few meetings I had. I understand problems arrive, but Easyjet push their planes too hard. They are often late. Unreliable. At least communicate to your customers if you care about hem"
Fordele: "it took an hour to get first bags off ,then 25-35 min more for the rest. 1 of my 2 bags was not on flight in Berlin had to walk outside to a seperate building. . another 1.5 hour waiting to report lost bag. bag is now supposed to be at airport 33 hours later ? maybe i will get it before i leave Berlin?"
Fordele: "Get what you pay for"
Ulemper: "Unfortunately there was a 45 minute delay before take-off"
Fordele: "Very disorganized"
Fordele: "Ingen kø. Afgår til tiden. Ankommer før schedule."
Ulemper: "Flyet forsinket 65 min. Meget forvirrende beskeder fra EasyJet, Kayak og Cph. Airport. Ingen lufthavnsbus efter landing. På det tidspunkt af døgnet ikke godt."
Fordele: "Kind and helpful staffs"
Ulemper: "Long walk away F building and liquid stuffs all I have to put into one bag. This treatment I didnot see any other airports."
Fordele: "It's easyjet so no expectations really"
Ulemper: "Nothing everything was great :)"
Ulemper: "At flyet var 1 time forsinket og der var minimal infomation ved gaten. Pludselig skulle alt vores håndbagage ikke med i kabinen og i Berlin tog det en halv time før bagagebåndet begyndte at rulle. Normalt er jeg ok-tilfreds med EasyJet men hjemturen fra Madrid til Berlin var meget ringe udført."

Delay of 4hrs with very poor information.

Flyet var forsinket 3 kvarter, noget med landningshjulet. Ellers var alt godt.

El vuelo de mallorca a Hamburgo debi pagar 25 € por que no aparecia en Internet para hacer el Chec kin

4 times I have travelled with Vueling and have had my baggage lost exactly THREE of those 4 times. And today we were delayed 1 hour as the pilot said they were looking for missing luggage. Apparently they never found it and just left! Nice start to our holiday.

I missed my flight on Wednesday at 6 and was told I just lost my money and that I would have to purchase new tickets without getting a credit. So, I spent another $800 for the next day to fly out at 6am and when we got there, they split my family up due to overbooking. They did not offer any help with food or anything. When asked if I wanted to just get my money back, I said yes and then was told that it was not an option and would have to wait 10 hours to fly out on next flight. Over all this was the worst flight experience ever.

selve rejsen var fin, men oplevelsen i lufthavnen var rigtig daarlig

Cleanliness, they could adapt the noise level of the speakers to human ears, and same thing for temperature.

Nice fantastic

Efficient boarding and check in Good comfortable plane Only issue was emails asking me to get Spanish QR Covid code. That was simple but whatever I uploaded to Vueling they told me they could not validate. As a result I had to do an airport check in They need clearer communication

By far one of the worst airlines I’ve ever had to deal with. Customer service is very poor. Stay clear of any airline you cannot get a hold of a real person to help with your problem.

Alt for lang indtjek - over 2 timers kø på hjemturen for tjek ind. Fik aldrig min bagage ved udrejsen

Ulemper: "Get what you get with discount airline, but booking, travel, arrival went without a glitch"
Fordele: "There was a good amount of room on the plane with comfortable seating."
Ulemper: "We sat on the plane an extra 15 minutes before the flight, but other than that everything went smoothly."
Fordele: "The inflight crew was very nice"
Ulemper: "The staff that works in the counter was very rude. My carry on bag which has fit in all the trains across Europe and other airlines did not meet the standards of Vueling so I was charged with 50 euros which is ok with me. What was upsetting was the attitude of one of the attendants of the counter. She was a spaniard lady lacking all customer service skills. I will never use this airline again"
Fordele: "nothing"
Ulemper: "2:30 hours delay inside the plane and finally they change our aircraft. The crew is not friendly with us."
Ulemper: "Amazing"
Fordele: "Besætningen var flink og der var ok plads."
Ulemper: "Flyet var forsinket 1t og 5 min. Der kunne ikke købes mad - til trods for at der annonceres med mad. Der kunne kun købes snacks (nødder, chips osv)."
Ulemper: "The flight/boarding was terribly delayed but the attendant on board was good. It took a lot of time to come out too after we landed but the flight was smooth"
Fordele: "Good timing, efficiency"
Ulemper: "Leg room. Better maintenance of plane. Timekeeping."
Ulemper: "Huge delay and very disorganized boarding"
Ulemper: "Didn’t take the flight"
Fordele: "Nice staff on board."
Ulemper: ""I had to call" to add my OneWold frequent flyer number. Cleanliness could be improved. Information in Catalan, as we were flying to Catalonia."
Ulemper: "Se podría mejorar el tiempo de desembarque"
Fordele: "Clean, refurbished aircraft."
Ulemper: "Ground crew opened my checked in bag and stole a $800.00 watch. As a seasoned traveler, I know you should never carry valuables in your checked in luggage. However, this was never the intention, I had planned to take my small bag with me but last minute Vueling offered to check it in for free, since the flight was full. I should have never agreed."
Fordele: "Good but not the delay"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours so I missed my coach from Barcelona to valencia and had to pay €34.50 for another ticket can you please try to refund me this money."
Ulemper: "Could not board at 1 PM to Amsterdam from Lisbon as plane was seriously overbooked. Had to go around the airport to get my own luggage and to get new tickets issues to Barcelone that night and then a flight the next day to my destination in Amsterdam. I lost 20 hours, much of that time to get my flight and luggage rerouted. No Vueling représentative at Lisbon airport! Compensation is not easily obtained through website as advertised. Worse experience in 60 years of flying 10,000 miles a year."
Fordele: "Getting off the plane in Barcelona"
Ulemper: "Extremely poor service by the cabin crew. They were extremely lethargic and slow with service. So much so that numerous rows of seats with young families were never served. No announcement or apology, they just stopped serving as they needed to prepare to land. They knew from the start how long they would have to serve drinks/snacks but didn’t care and definitely did not go out of their way to ensure everyone would be served. The worst service or total lack of that I’ve ever had."
Ulemper: "Paid for priority board but there’s no priority given at the gate."
Ulemper: "Flights notoriously late Staff useless Service inexistant No information provided Avoid Vueling"
Ulemper: "Never made the flight bc the 1st leg of the trip was delayed. What a waste of time and money"
Ulemper: "Made us wait for 30 minutes in line to board. After boarding, waited on the tarmac for an HOUR Got to Mallorca and they had lost my luggage despite delays. I paid 190 for an extra bag!"
Ulemper: "Rude attendant at the gate"
Ulemper: "Late. Long wait for baggage. Not very friendly crew."
Fordele: "Crew and Flight attendants were helpful, responsive and cheerful before, during and after the flight."
Ulemper: "I was not able to check into the flight online as the Kayak link sent me to an unknown page. It was not an Iberia flight but was operated by Veuling airlines, however was still unable to check in by going directly to the Veuling website. If you're not going to be allowed to check in online, that is one, thing, but it isn't great to be given a link that doesn't work and then be nervous that you are not going to get on your flight. The boarding process should be changed as it is a free for all and people are waiting in line on the jetway, when really they are waiting for the buses. I believe the plane was at Terminal 2, so we had to switch terminals via bus. Just seemed as though there should be a better process for boarding than lining up down the middle of the terminal or manage the process differently as we were boarding buses."
Fordele: "Aircraft cabin comfornand cleanliness"
Ulemper: "The whole booking experience and costs incurred in our 4PAX booking. Should cost €350 and went to almost €800 when we changed start of trip by one day even though we booked weeks in advance."
Fordele: "Boarding was ok"
Ulemper: "Flights usually delayed and the cabin crew look like they are sucking on a perpetual lemon"
Fordele: "In general service is good."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed over 90 minutes, which seems to be a reoccurring theme as they have managed to score significant delays in both flights I’ve had with them."
Fordele: "The staff were nice, and we landed which is always a bonus"
Ulemper: "Almost missed the last aerobus because of the long delays. Long waits with boarding."
Ulemper: "Måtte vente 45 min. på bagage i CPH. Missede tog til Fyn"
Fordele: "Difficult to say, probably just returning home"
Ulemper: "1. After 4 hours in line in front of the boarding desk (I was between the first 10 people in line) due to a flight delay, when they began boarding they decide to start from the 15-31 rows. As I was on the 6th row, for which I payed an overprice when buying tickets, I eventuallypassed frome the first 10 people to be boarded to the last one. 2. As a consequence of point 1. As I arrived in front of the airplane door, the crew said the remaining luggages couldn’t be boarded with us because there wasn’t anymore space in the lockers. 3. The crew was very unprofessional. So, in the end, after paying more for first rows tickets and after being one of the first people in line to be boarded, because of poor organizarion I ended as one of the last to be boarded and without the right to bring with me the personal luggage. A nightmare"
Ulemper: "Boarding was messed up. Paying for priority boarding then having the gate open the boarding area to all passengers created some heated words, plus people pushing ahead for boarding."
Fordele: "No"
Ulemper: "The people at the check in desk were not friendly"
Ulemper: "Our luggage did not arrive with the plane, we were not informed of the situation and waited for at least one hour before a passenger was told the luggage was left behind. The luggage did arrive after 90 minutes, still no explanation from the Vueling"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Adjusting the air cabin pressure"
Fordele: "Cheap."
Ulemper: "Very late"
Ulemper: "50 mins delayed with no apology."
Fordele: "Absolutely nothing"
Ulemper: "They overbooked the flight and would not let us on even though we had tickets because we did not check-in that morning online before our arrival to the airport. They re-booked us for another flight that had a connection but it kept getting delayed so they made us re-check our luggage 3 separate times. When we finally made it to the connecting city (Barcelona) that next flight was delayed from 9 pm departure to 11 pm to midnight and then to 2:30 AM with no confirmation that the flight would actually take-off. There was no one that could offer us help or give us answers as to what was going on, all employees were very vague and kept telling us they couldn't tell us anything. We spent 14 hours that day in the airport for a flight that should have taken 1.5 hours. They gave us 6 euros each as compensation and that was it. To put in a complaint to get your money back is very difficult. Their website is often down and they make the form very specific online so that if you type something in lowercase letters it won't go through. I will never fly them again and strongly suggest you don't either."
Ulemper: "seats were awful-- very thin cushioning"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Airport advertised the flight was leaving at 12:10, but our pass said 12:00. We took the advice of the AIRPORT and missed our flight. In addition to missing our flight we had to exit the airport to re-enter and BUY NEW TICKETS for another flight. Would never recommend Vueling or Barcelona Airport to anyone."

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