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Score baseret på KAYAK brugeranmeldelser
EmiratesTotale score baseret på 15452 bedømmelser
Fordele: "Seats were comfortable and crew was great"
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Fordele: "Seats were comfortable and crew was great"
Fordele: "Everything! Emirates is the best airline in all categories in my opinion."
Ulemper: "Nothing!"
Fordele: "Emirates is my airline of choice. They do everything well."
Fordele: "Friendly crew"
Ulemper: "It was okay"
Fordele: "Plane was large and comfortable."
Ulemper: "Boarding was chaotic and confusing."
Fordele: "Good was amazing ; leg room was great per ticket price; and cabin crew were kind"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "— Better Seat assignments , —Boarding pass issuer must know well —how to take care — seat & boarding assignments , —Food with some standards (at least to match with other airlines , at least 3 choices) — On time food serve — Crew must care the requests/needs (at least to respond timely"
Ulemper: "Delayed flight and the procedures took very long."
Ulemper: "It was cold and the blankets got collected 45 minutes before arriving. Well, we had to wait 30 more minutes to get to a gate and I was freezing!"
Fordele: "Crew was very friendly. Food was good. Seat wasn’t bad."
Ulemper: "Price should be a little less, comparable to that of Qatar Airways."
Fordele: "The crew"
Ulemper: "Wifi"
Fordele: "Flight was on time."
Ulemper: "Keep up the good work"
Ulemper: "Not to delay the flight for 2 hours !"
Fordele: "Best economy airline experience I’ve had in years"
Ulemper: "If they could have offered neck rubs (jokingly)"
Fordele: "Crew was very caring and seat was very comfortable"
Ulemper: "I don’t find anything that could have been better that what was there for my travel"
Fordele: "Service and food"
Ulemper: "Boarding for business class took a long time and was very out of order"
Fordele: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "Crew some times get angry and work without passion"
Ulemper: "Emirates is the only company that the service is downgrading I use to have free internet being skywards memeber Now internet ia 8 usd for silver memeber Food was not available like mentioned in the carte"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed for an already tight connection in Dubai. We paid for extra leg room only to be seated by the toilets to watch people throwing up most of the flight. Those same people did not get on the connecting flight and so Emirates managed to take our bags off as well, so we end up in London for a months stay with no luggage. Promises that it will arrive before midnight not kept and currently still waiting for bags to arrive."
Fordele: "Staff is very good. Always smile on face."
Fordele: "Entertainment - excellent"
Ulemper: "Seat (bed) - not very comfy (could be wider and full bed) Food - very poor breakfast (dinner was very OK). It's a shame for such an airline to serve such a breakfast (continental)."
Fordele: "Service and food"
Ulemper: "My husband had his backpack and a carry on when we checked in at JFK. He was not allowed. From Dubai to Manila, we saw a lot of passengers who had two or more carry on’s. The floors at Dubai airport are dirty."
Fordele: "There really wasn't much to like, but I suppose the space in the seating was decent. We also did not have any delays in boarding and the flight itself was nice."
Ulemper: "The crew did not even ask customers if they needed water. The food selections were terrible, and then there was no selection at all by the time I had a chance to order my food. I didn't eat barely anything for the whole 12 hr flight. That is the worst situation I have ever been on when flying anywhere. So, yes, I found it horrible for the most part."
Fordele: "In flight crew were pleasant"
Ulemper: "I was made to pay excess luggage because my carry-on was 1kg overweight. I was very depressed because of this treatment and the ground crew in Lagos were abusive when I complained and they threatened me that I would miss my flight if I didn't comply"
Fordele: "Service was some what better than in the business class."
Ulemper: "I requested special meal when booked my ticket. I was told no vegetarian meal or sea food except for chicken and was given a just a roll and desert. Half an hour later after I finished what was served I was asked if I wanted left over vegitarian dish??????"
Fordele: "Tons of movies!"
Ulemper: "No complaints."
Fordele: "There was good service in the flight"
Fordele: "Leg Room. Timing"
Ulemper: "Crowded! I did not realize we were traveling on a holiday. The plane was full of children, including preverbal kids, who have no choice other than to cry when they are confused or unhappy. But hey, that's what noise-cancelling headphones are for! Staff is very accommodating and did their best."
Fordele: "First time flying Emirates. Friendly and attentive staff. Flew on schedule. Comfortable seats. Nice food and clean restrooms."
Ulemper: "There is very little space between seats from Dubai to Cochin flight. Didn't have space to eat without hitting the next person. Ran out of food of choice"
Fordele: "flight on time.. no delays. Very courteous."
Ulemper: "nothing to unlike"
Fordele: "Staff was great, plane was comfortable."
Fordele: "The experience as a whole was great!"
Ulemper: "My meal option wasn't available."
Fordele: "nothing"
Ulemper: "we were delayed by 3 hours and missed our next flight to seattle, emirates did nothing to help us catch our next flight, even though it sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes while we were denied entry to the gate."
Fordele: "Comfortable seat Hostesses were professional and very service oriented - not forgetting your request. Service with a smile Very sooth flight"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Attentive service, had a special treat for me as it was my birthday."
Fordele: "Everything was just fine just wish they can come up with a better name than economy class"
Ulemper: "Too long layover"
Ulemper: "Food was not upto the mark. So many indians travel, do provide proper yummy indian food.!"
Fordele: "Food, Service"
Ulemper: "Lack of Restrooms"
Fordele: "-Airbus A380 from dubai to SFO and backforth was very pleasant and almost zero noise in cabin. However flight design is little awkward that it squeezed me, wife and our baby in bassinet seat. - We had opted for Asian veg food and was very tasty and was served hot all the time. - Many restrooms - Travel accessories - Great entertainment options."
Ulemper: "- Cabin crew were bit rude and didn't care much even though we had baby when flying from SFO to Dubai. - Restrooms are oddly placed inside flight. - Can improve on food menu and varieties and also wish there were more snacks to munch. - Boarding process need to much more organized."
Fordele: "Boarding procedure kept changing from flight to flight,keeping one guessing....Food(Asian Vegetarian was so so...served at random...."
Ulemper: "Luggage came on time."
Ulemper: "Checkin process takes long"
Fordele: "Service of the cabin crew was great considering how crowded and full the flight was."
Ulemper: "The luggage distribution at Dulles was a nightmare. Took us 30 mins to find out luggage. Was very disappointing"
Fordele: "I loved the hospitality and the attention to detail throughout the flight."
Fordele: "helpful Emirates woman translated portuguese to english with me at emigration in airport."
Ulemper: "nothing"
Ulemper: "Flight from Dubai to Delhi could use better TVs, more modern quality and food as well"
Fordele: "The world's best, but."
Ulemper: "A little more legroom in economy would be nice."
Fordele: "The service I received in coach felt like first class on other airlines. I enjoyed the variety of beverages and food choices provided on the flight."
Fordele: "Price"
Ulemper: "The entire experience. Endless delays, coughing crew, stupid instructions, delays on end with no explanation or apology."
Fordele: "I got on the plane efficiently."
Ulemper: "Crew would not allow rows of two to split and fill empty rows. I am not sure why, but that was really a crappy way to treat over-crowded passengers, also known as customers."
Ulemper: "Flight attendants too fast in aisle. Not around enough"
Fordele: "Amazing crew!"
Ulemper: "Nothing. Everything went smooth."
Fordele: "Comfortable and relaxed cabin"
Ulemper: "Friendlier crew as no smile and pleasantries"
Fordele: "The crew was very kind and helpful."
Ulemper: "My family and I were seated near the back of the plane (5th and 4th rows from back),near bathrooms, and kept smelling gross smells from back. We all smelled like toilets after this flight. This plane definitely needed better ventilation/better sealed bathroom doors."
Fordele: "Everything ran quickly and efficiently. Flight Crew was friendly as well."
Ulemper: "The check in clerk in Reno wasn’t professional at all. He clearly showed impatience and lack of tact with the young family ahead of me as well as myself when it was my turn. Not impressed with his service at all."
Fordele: "Nothing, the flight was late and I missed my connection in LAX"
Ulemper: "The departure time initially was at 9 am , the flight took off 9:40"
Ulemper: "Timeliness"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Smooth, comfortable flight that was a bit ahead of schedule!"
Ulemper: "Alaska Airlines is great to fly with, THE SEATTLE AIRPORT IS A NIGHTMARE TO TRAVEL THROUGH!!!Last week SEATTLE AIRPORT WAS UNPREPARED TO HANDLE the traffic,16 AIRCRAFT IN LINE WAITING FOR A GATE. Countless passengers Missed flights. Last night our pilot was instructed to Slow Down and still no gate!"
Fordele: "Pilots did a great job flying the approach to minimums and landing on a slick runway without missing a beat!"
Ulemper: "The snack. A salty alternative to those so-so cookies would be great. Maybe a high quality dark chocolate dipped pretzel? Vegan, please! Thanks!"
Fordele: "I specifically book with Alaska Airlines bc in all my flights I have never had bad service. Delta, Continental, not so much. The crew was great. We hit quite a bit of turbulence but everyone was calm and the pilot sounded in control so no problem."
Ulemper: "Tons of empty seats but airfare was still on the high side"
Fordele: "Inflight entertainment was great. The boarding process was smooth. Kevin my flight attendant was very attentive as I have hangs out even find my service dog was an able to travel with me because vaccinations. He took really good care of me and the pilot did a great job landing the plane."
Ulemper: "Didn’t have a lot to complain about they were great."
Fordele: "My plane was delayed due to one of the crew members getting sick. Katie was her repacement, I couldn't of asked for a more pleasant flight attendant. She was accomodating, had a wonderful sense of humor and when down the isle shaking everyone's hand and thanking all the passengers for their patience. What a Gem!"
Fordele: "The movies"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "No entertainment i.e TV No food Flight delayed for 2.5 hours with prior notice until just few minutes the boarding time"
Fordele: "Horrible. Airlane changed Gates at least 5 times. Delayed for hours. Waited more than 1 hour to get our bags at Chicago."
Ulemper: "See above"
Fordele: "Flight was on time."
Ulemper: "Unremarkable customer service. Very 'blah.'"
Fordele: "The service, drinks, food and comfort ability were perfect. I couldn’t be happier with my experience."
Ulemper: "No complaints."
Fordele: "Military friendly"
Fordele: "My son missed the flight, because I filled out his name incorrectly, which I was charged a $300 and $250 fee, I feel that Flyus were not helpful on this matter"
Fordele: "Everyone friendly and helpful"
Ulemper: "Landing in Burbank was bumpy and rough"
Fordele: "Plane was a little warm, air didn’t work great, also delayed on the runway for about 45 minutes before takeoff"
Ulemper: "They delay on the runway"
Fordele: "My whole experience was good...the flight went well. Surprised that no snacks were given though."
Ulemper: "No snacks."
Fordele: "Chicken"
Ulemper: "Burger"
Fordele: "New aircraft with plugin for laptop, free movies, and WiFi for a price. Friendly and professional crew. Totally productive flight. Alaska Air is my new favorite."
Ulemper: "I checked in to the flight 24 hours ahead to ensure I got an aisle seat, because I knew I’d probably be going back and forth from the bathroom because I had been feeling ill. When I got to the ticket check to board the flight, my name wasn’t found in the system, and I was turned away to go back to the front desk. So I did, and the person there was seemingly able to get me an aisle seat in the same row, just across from where I originally was. But, when I got to the row, another man was in that spot and showed me his ticket which was the same seat I’d seemingly been re-assigned! The middle seat was empty, and so I sat there for the time being, while we enquired about it. One of the flight attendants said they’d look into it, but just seemed to brush it off and never gave us a response. I was mainly annoyed about being shuffled around, getting reassigned a spot and was clear about wanting an aisle seat, and it never happened even though I chose that seat 24 hours ahead in the first place. I felt there were a few chances to make it right, but it never happened."
Ulemper: "I upgraded seats for $99. Compared to Hawaiian Airlines upgrade for $80 return trip from Honolulu to Oakland, Alaskan was disappointing. One older stewardess with long blk/grey hair and glasses was rude. I asked her a question and she told me to sit down. I was waiting to use the restroom. Must have been a bad day for her. We were fed on Hawaiian which was a treat."
Ulemper: "The fact that I paid for premium seats and they changed planes resulting in no premium seats"
Fordele: "I liked that the captain flew in a loop so we could all see the eclipse. Alaska Airlines is consistently the U.S. airline to rule them all."
Ulemper: "There was a horrendous child seated behind me who refused to sit most of the flight and was constantly bumping/shaking my seat, but that's not the fault of the airline."
Fordele: "Boarding was quick and they were super helpful you those needing to get off quickly for connections"
Fordele: "The bisquit cookies."
Ulemper: "The staff weren't that friendly! Gone are the helpful employees! My daughter's seat wouldn't go back and they did nothing to accommodate her! LAME! Not overly friendly, need to take notes from JetBlue!"
Fordele: "The local brew shared"
Fordele: "Comfort,service , and plane all great !"
Ulemper: "seats not giving good lumbar support"
Fordele: "The staff were pleasant, helful and truly desirous of making sure all had a comfortable flight."
Ulemper: "Miss the real airline food. Don't like having to pay 6 dollars for a box of munchies. Especially when you are flying trough two meal times."
Fordele: "Fine,same as the earlier flight..."
Ulemper: "Again, the size of the plane, interior."
Fordele: "Service"
Ulemper: "Nothing..."
Fordele: "My flight attendants were sooooo friendly. Also really enjoy the complimentary glass of wine!"
Fordele: "The crew was great, plane clean and comfortable and ride smooth"
Ulemper: "We were held up for almost 3 hours due to weather in LAX. Not the airlines fault but it was a 6AM flght and there was nothing at STS airport to eat. No tea. Coffee and cheezits. Crew tried their best"
Fordele: "Delayed for one day 3 hours waiting time on the phone to reschedule the ticket"
Fordele: "The crew was super friendly and absolutely polite! The check in was flawless! The plane was well maintained and clean, bathrooms in board were spotless as well. For a 5 hour flight there was a three time beverage service, which was great! The pilot and crew were informative."
Ulemper: "The chairs on the plane were not able to lean back which was a disappointment for a 5 hour flight. Also i would have expected to have in-seat entertainment for a middle-term distance flight. I know they offered tablets but for a fee, which is unacceptable."
Ulemper: "Entertainment app difficult to set up. Oversized bags late. Waited 1 hour."
Fordele: "On time, easy to get through the check-in lines."
Ulemper: "No in-seat entertainment causes the "poor" above, but I did not expect entertainment."
Fordele: "Friendly and helpful."
Fordele: "Overall the options & attendants were good"
Ulemper: "One of the attendants wasn't so nice. Watching her pour drinks, one would be full 's one half, she would have her favorites sort of speak. Attitude. Of those who had the half full glasses asked for more, the attitude came out, she would give them more with a snip. Of course those others she would gladly with a smile. I checked my suitcase in as we had a 'full flight' & never got my $20 voucher. Yet there was plenty of overhead space that I saw. So that was a waste of time on both counts."
Fordele: "they boarded promptly"
Ulemper: "delayed take off made it for a late arrival"
Fordele: "Same as above"
Ulemper: "Same as above"
Ulemper: "Flight was completely full and certain passengers were belligerent about wearing face masks. The cabin crew did not enforce mask wearing, stating “we are not the police”"
Fordele: "Crew was very courteous and attentive"
Ulemper: "More fruits and green (non-starchy) vegetables"
Fordele: "Free food, relatively spacious"
Ulemper: "more food!!! REEE!!!"
Fordele: "Crew"
Fordele: "Friendly crew, smooth take off and landing and generous on things to eat and drink."
Ulemper: "None. Keep up the good work."
Fordele: "Excellent"
Fordele: "None"
Ulemper: "Seats"
Ulemper: "My parents needed special assistance for boarding and changing flights in Zürich and SWISS was just phenomenal. Thank you very muc"
Fordele: "crew"
Ulemper: "comfort, leg room, very crowded, overhead space jammed"
Fordele: "A nice crew n my seat next to me was empty so I can sleep well..."
Ulemper: "Maybe give every passenger a bottle of water..."
Fordele: "Flight was very smooth and on schedule."
Ulemper: "Seating in economy was very cramped (pitch felt like 77”) and food and entertainment nothing special. Somehow I had higher expectations for comfort and service, even in economy."
Fordele: "Flight share with another airline so we couldn’t book our seats in advance."
Ulemper: "Space is cramped. Very professional and courteous crew."
Fordele: "nice flight"
Fordele: "The service"
Ulemper: "No entertainment"
Ulemper: "plan was late for any reasons...."
Fordele: "i liked the food and the crew. they were nice."
Ulemper: "the flight was good. nothing to not like."
Ulemper: "No leg room very uncomfortable"
Ulemper: "Kayak sold me a “lite” ticket on Swiss, but never mentioned that it didn’t include baggage. Even though Swiss is Star Alliance they didng count my Star Alliance Gold status for free bags and didn’t offer an upgrade. Zurich was incredibly hot and the airport didn’t have air conditoning anywhere. The boarding was worse than Ryan Air. The plane was okd and super uncomfortable. staff was rude and not at all helpful. Swiss is definitely a budget air line!!!!"
Fordele: "Punctuality, onboard service and the food served were all very good. Their app is very practical, no need to go to the counter except for dispatch of luggage."
Fordele: "All went fine and the crew friendly. 12 hours from Switzerland to Sao Paulo is extremely long time to sit in an airplane, but temperature and air were fine and the flight was without delay."
Fordele: "On time and standard service."
Ulemper: "no light over my seat and I reported it before the plane took off. the plane was old, the entertainment system not as expected - really poor"
Ulemper: "The headset outlet is still the old one, so you can't use your own ."
Fordele: "Very little legroom, food was excellent"
Ulemper: "Slight delay."
Fordele: "Food was tasty and of decent proportions, entertainment, while somewhat limited in selection, contained a number of compelling movies bar I enjoyed. I had a bulkhead seat, which was exceedingly comfortable"
Ulemper: "USB port was broken in the seat, but enjoyed the entertainment offered that I didn't need it."
Fordele: "Food"
Ulemper: "Lack of screen for watching movies."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "It was put on standby because of overbooking. My luggage did not arrive with me. Next day, getting luggage was a hassle, not convenient."
Fordele: "entertainment was fine"
Fordele: "Services"
Fordele: "Great flight, great crew. Seats were very comfortable. much space for legs and comfortable for sleep."
Fordele: "Just a comment that the flight is short and I understand that the company does not provide any food except for chicolate"
Fordele: "The ambient being so relaxing felt asleep all the way to Zurich."
Fordele: "Courteous staff,"
Ulemper: "Better seats"
Fordele: "General good service, food was good"
Ulemper: "Airplane wasn't clean, we had hair on the headrest cover and asked one of the crew members for new headrest cover but was ignored."
Ulemper: "Should be clear whether meals contain nuts."
Fordele: "Food, service,"
Fordele: "Upgraded to business class. Very professional and attentive crew."
Fordele: "Friendly crew. Good food"
Ulemper: "None"
Fordele: "Enjoyed the food. On demand entertainment. Beverage service."
Ulemper: "Despite paying for extra leg room I somehow needed more. Not Swiss Airs fault, but I know better for next time."
Fordele: "La mejor compañia con la que he efectuado este trayecto en económica! Muy recomendable."
Fordele: "The food was excellent and the staff were attentive. The flight was smooth and the captain kept the passengers well informed"
Fordele: "Very friendly staff, a wide variety of entertainment options."
Ulemper: "I'm a pretty small person (5'4 and 110 pounds) and it was very hard for me to get comfortable. Not that you'd expect much out of an economy class seat."
Ulemper: "The handle of the pull-stick that slides into the suitcase was broken off with the pull-stick sticking out of the TUMI suitcase. Used a pen point to release it and get it back into the suitcase. No handle so it was impossible to drag the suitcase. The ground personnel representing Swiss Air at the Boston Baggage carousel was a novice, had never filled out a baggage claim form before. Told me they would phone me. I am a bit skeptical about this claim. Not sure if it was Swiss Air of the local ground personnel who damaged the suitcase."
Fordele: "Zurich airport"
Ulemper: "Not enough food. We had over 2 hours delay in the plane while in JFK and I got served only basic crackers and water. You should start whatever the customer wants when such a long delay in the plane. Lastly, the weight limit for ist connection flights was small plane and the lady who checked my hand baggage approached me not nicely."
Fordele: "Crew was great, polite and pleasant. This is the only good thing about the flight."
Ulemper: "The agent at the check-in had no clue what he was doing. He had to ask his neighboring agents a dozen questions to check us in (4 passengers, 3 bags and 2 car seats). On top of that, his whole demeanor was condescending, treating us as if we had never flown an airplane before. We are big are traveling light, so we had 2 small suitcases, small enough that we never have to check them in for the US domestic flights. I asked the check-in agent if the small ones were needed to be checked in or if they could be taken as carry-ons. He made a big deal that they were too big and had to be checked in. But when we boarded the plane, we saw that about a quarter of the carry-on bags in the plane were as big as our small suitcases! We were in row 30+. The leg room was the narrowest I have had in all international flights I flew in. Having longer than average legs, it was pure torture for the duration of the overnight flight. The best part of the dinner they served was the croissant - that should give you an idea. I don't think I would voluntarily choose Swiss Air again."
Fordele: "This flight left on time and landed safely."
Ulemper: "Not worse than other international flights. Entertainment system better than Lufthansa or United. This plane used the 2 jack connection for headphones, which prevents one from using own/normal stereo jack headphones. The provided phones are terrible had to be cranked really loud because of the plane noise, it was almost impossible to understand dialogues in movies."
Fordele: "Entertainment was great. Staff and food was good as well"
Ulemper: "No room for legs"
Fordele: "The kindness and care of the attendants (ex. offering crayons for the kids in front of me) was incredible. The kids were not loud, it was just a kindness - thank you! The attendants were also very professional: I loved it when the plane was arriving, already on the ground, and a lady stood up - the attendants promptly asked them to sit. The cutlery was still metal! Despite not having a plurality of food choices (in fact, just one), the meal was good - The breakfast was great! The complementary chocolates and cheese too. The old school movies: seeing all the James Bond movies lined up, or Dr. No, was funny and suggested a personal touch. It reminded me of my first experiences flying, and it was very refreshing! PS. I'm 35 years old. :)"
Ulemper: "As with any airline, the seats were a bit cramped. The screens could not turn off entirely (there was a glow left)."

Crazy cold

Fordele: "Easy"
Ulemper: "Wifi"
Ulemper: "This was a great short flight."
Fordele: "Good entertainment options"
Ulemper: "Overall okay crew, but some very rude members"
Fordele: "Was boarded promptly"
Fordele: "The seat was ok, but the crew was very good and helpful"
Ulemper: "Good company, have the very good attendants"
Ulemper: "Roomier"
Fordele: "Nice short flight, crew was nice."
Fordele: "Good flight as always with Delta. Sat in economy comfort, so of course the seats was comfortable. Flight Attendants were great."
Fordele: "Despite boarding late, and sitting on the tarmac for half an hour since we missed our take off time, and having to move passengers around to balance the weight on the plane, we made it home alive."
Ulemper: "We landed over half an hour late. Flight attendants needed to move passengers to balance the weight on the small plane, and asked for "volunteers." When there were none, the FA stood in the aisle and said we just weren't going to take off if nobody volunteered. They should have just MOVED people."
Ulemper: "Both Copenhagen and New York need to go a better job on the flow of passengers through Passport control."
Fordele: "Seat was comfortable"
Ulemper: "The temperature, it was kind of hot."
Fordele: "The crew was totally understanding with the huge delay."
Ulemper: "The communication from Delta on the delay."
Fordele: "Flight was on time. Entertainment worked."
Ulemper: "One of the stewardesses was a miserable crank."
Fordele: "The flight left on time and arrived on time, crew was pleasant and helpful."
Ulemper: "I am over 6 foot so comfort for me isn’t possible. It was an older aircraft so the seat monitor was of the older version but it did work and helped to pass the time while I was in my no leg room seat! I am NOT over weight! With turbulence there was only one opportunity for inflight beverage service."
Fordele: "I liked the cookies and juice. The interactive screen to watch something. The cleanliness. The price. On time. The service. Thank you. The excitement of flying."
Fordele: "Crew was amazing! Entertainment options were great"
Ulemper: "Need more than 1 option for breakfast"
Ulemper: "Boarding is as usual chaotic"
Fordele: "Crew was kind and responsive."
Ulemper: "Older plane so seats were very crammed. My screen was not calibrated correctly so I couldn’t rewind or pause movies. No charging option for phone. WiFi was spotty."
Fordele: "Great crew"
Ulemper: "AC was not working properly and it was very hot and miserable trip"
Fordele: "The crew was very professional, hejpful and had good attitude towards the passengers. This made the flight easy and enjoyable."
Ulemper: "Flight was late to arrive and late to depart. Not many passengers but no service."
Fordele: "Food was good and so was the movie selection"
Ulemper: "Boarding was slow and the interviewers were disrespectful. Also I was upgraded last minute and I could never understand the system by which upgrades to first class are granted. Just because I used my points to buy the flight I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade to the one seat left in first class even though the flight is full and I am the first one on comfort+ upgrade list and there was no one on delta one upgrade list."
Fordele: "Everyone who has a kid knows how challenging certain things can be in a flight and for me the combination of a night flight interrupting my baby’sschedule + a full flight it equalized disaster. My daughter could not get comfortable for the love of life and I just felt horrible and frustrated and what sucked most was the 9 year old and her obese father siting in our row that kept giving us weird looks."
Ulemper: "There’s NO room in planes between seats. It’s 2018 and new planes must be done ASAP to accommodate people better. I’m 5’1” and 110 lbs but adding my 25lb daughter siting in my lap before she turns 2 is absurd to expect that it will be comfortable whatsoever for us or the people breathing next to us. Please DELTA, lead by example and make sure your planes are designed with more room in between and around the seats. In my opinion, every seat should be first class."
Fordele: "I like that I was able to request a window seat and was obliged to get another one."
Ulemper: "My flight was cancelled and I had anxiety about being at my destinations on time because I had to travel another hour away without knowing if my ride would be able to wait for me. However, I was booked on another plane that wasn't damaged which got me there on time,but once I arrived my luggage was no where to be found. I was promised my luggage on the same day,but I didn't get it until 11:30pm that night from a 2:40pm flight. I had to go out and spend money on toiletries,night wear and my medicine because of not having my luggage. Just totally disgusted by the overall experience and wouldn't wish it on anyone."
Fordele: "The exit row seats reclined."
Ulemper: "USB charging didn't appear to work. No meal service. Very brief lay over. This is bad because a 6A flight from RNO to SLC with a <50m layover and then a SLC to PHL flight means that you do not get any food until 11P when landing in PHL."
Fordele: "Great service"
Fordele: "Everything was great from boarding to landing."
Ulemper: "Mechanical repair on nose wheel"
Fordele: "i fell asleep until we arrive to STL."
Fordele: "Crew was nice, the snack was pretty good. Good air conditioning."
Ulemper: "Didn’t turn off overhead light. It’s usually off most of the flight."
Fordele: "On Time"
Ulemper: "No opportunity to purchase additional food"
Fordele: "Well, the seats and the lavatories are smaller than ever. And I am quite petite."
Fordele: "Arrived."
Ulemper: "Late, slow, de-icing in Detroit took nearly an hour!"
Fordele: "Arriving to the destination"
Fordele: "The crew was nice and friendly and the plane was half empty."
Ulemper: "When are the Airlines going to start serving a decent coffee on board? It does not matter Delta is now serving Starbucks. Something they do that messes up the whole thing, probably overheat for too long."
Fordele: "Entertainment is very good"
Ulemper: "Send my carry on bag, outside."
Ulemper: "I have the worst opinion of the Delta company, when I was flying to Atlanta on October 20 they changed my flight at the last minute I had to leave until my job to take another flight. Just today when returning my suitcase did not arrive they sent it to another destination. I think the company gives very bad service."
Fordele: "The entertainment is good; several new movies"
Ulemper: "The dirty seats, the awful food and wine"
Fordele: "Staff were awesome. Give them a raise."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Updated plane, movies are old but a verity"
Ulemper: "Lost two pieces of luggage"
Fordele: "Clean & modern aircraft Comfortable seat Proactive customer service"
Ulemper: "Delayed departure (due to Air Traffic Control) Finding my bag damaged on arrival More refreshments would have been nice"
Fordele: "Boarding in St Thomas is always a mess, no matter what airline you fly. I usually fly Delta because the planes are clean and the people are nice. Well this time the staff went well above and beyond. My friend and I were sitting in the front row of seats in the lounge at the airport, facing the Delta gates. There was a mob of people milling about between us and the gate, so we could not see very well, but we thought we had a clear view of the door. Also it was very loud in the terminal. The flight had a delay, so we were relaxing and chatting, when I got a text from my mom asking if I was on the plane. So I went to the counter to inquire if they had started boarding our flight. The lady looked at me with surprise and said, "We have been paging you!!". Well we were both surprised! We had not heard anything over the general din in the airport. It turns out they had completed boarding and already rolled the stairs away from the plane! The ground staff talked to the captain and then they rolled up a set of stairs, opened the door to the plane, and let us on! The flight attendants said that they had never seen that happen before. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the crew at Delta for going the extra mile to make sure we made it on our flight."
Ulemper: "There is nothing I didn't like about this flight!!"
Fordele: "Pilot kept us updated on the weather siuation."
Ulemper: "I wish the Wi-Fi was free. It's very expensive. Beverage service on those carts is slow. It's time to update both those items."
Fordele: "Gate and plane crew helpful, smiling, courteous. On time and baggage provided quickly."
Ulemper: "Seats uncomfortable, no power, service predictable and boring snacks."
Fordele: "The plan had Wi-Fi and free movies. Plugs for the phones"
Ulemper: "Crowded"
Ulemper: "Vi skulle fra Aalborg til Austin TX. Først blev vores fly fra Amsterdam til Atlanta cancelled. Vi blev ombooket via Detroit. Men så var flyet til Detroit forsinket, og køen i immigration var så lang at det ikke kunne lade sig gøre at nå flyet til Austin. Nu sidder vi så og venter på det næste fly til Austin, og er meget trætte. 2 ombookninger på samme rejse - det har jeg dog alligevel aldrig oplevet før!!!"
Ulemper: "Vi skulle fra Aalborg til Austin TX. Først blev vores fly fra Amsterdam til Atlanta cancelled. Vi blev ombooket via Detroit. Men så var flyet til Detroit forsinket, og køen i immigration var så lang at det ikke kunne lade sig gøre at nå flyet til Austin. Nu sidder vi så og venter på det næste fly til Austin, og er meget trætte. 2 ombookninger på samme rejse - det har jeg dog alligevel aldrig oplevet før!!!"
Fordele: "Given an upgrade to comfort seats for taking a bump was a nice plus. Pilot kept us informed o flight arrival and times."
Ulemper: "Gate attendee wasn't very cheerful, felt like I was being a bother when asking questions. Stewards on the flight were not very social either."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed for 13 hours, the airline (delta) made no effort whatsoever to remedy the adverse effects of this delay. They were even charging for snacks on the flight. A horrific experience throughout."
Fordele: "Friendly crew, great access to a variety refreshments, robust entertainment library."
Ulemper: "No suggestions."
Ulemper: "I had paid for an upgrade to sit in the front of the cabin with extra legroom (row 14A). When I boarded a man sat it my seat. He had not paid for the upgrade, but the crew let him stay in my seat. I had asked him to social distance but he continued to sit right behind me bo matter which seat I moved to. He argued with the crew until they gave up and let him stay. They did not check his boarding pass or ask him to move to his assigned seat I found a different seat away from him but I don’t see the point in paying for extra legroom when the crew let’s people who haven’t paid for it sit it those seats. I felt harassed by the man and was very uncomfortable the whole flight. I am considering my next step, I think I should at least receive a refund for the upgrade I paid for."
Ulemper: "No internet available (2020). For the my previous flight, a month ago, was the same problem."
Ulemper: "Boarding at Florence is always chaotic but this isn't within the control of KLM or their crew."
Fordele: "The crew was very kind"
Ulemper: "Everything was OK"
Fordele: "Crew helpful. Food good."
Ulemper: "Better range of movies please"
Ulemper: "Not being 1 hour late"
Ulemper: "Staff rude and short"
Fordele: "Entertainment was amazing"
Ulemper: "Seats a bit hard"
Ulemper: "The air conditioners fan was bad and they had to fix it in London which took over 40 minutes off travel time...we arrived much later than expected in Lagos"
Ulemper: "Flight cancelled"
Fordele: "Seat space a bit tight . I should have upgraded to more leg room . Next time!"
Fordele: "Crew were great, food, entertainment, seat and everything else was great as well."
Ulemper: "The check in desk was late opening & the carry on luggage size was smaller than advertised on their website, so it had to be put in the hold. Open on time to prevent less stress to travelers & give more accurate information about cabin luggage."
Fordele: "Friendly staff"
Ulemper: "Security check at gate; No priority"
Fordele: "God komfort og fin service"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "Perfekt"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "very attentive crew"
Ulemper: "Only ham sandwiches on offer! I'm not demanding and would have been happy with cheese."
Fordele: "All good"
Fordele: "Very personable staff. Food acceptable for airline fare. Ticket price was outstanding."
Ulemper: "Paid for extra legroom, but very narrow seats not comfortable. Very difficult to sleep. Old plane--could not hear movies and unclear screen. Music sounded OK and choice was good."
Ulemper: "I ordered Wheel chair for my parents but one of them didn't get it at all. When my parents were checking in for flight they asked the representative about meal selection and she didn't answer their questions properly and because of that my mom didn't get proper Hindu Vegetarian food on flight instead she got Egg omelet which she couldn't eat. She has to eat just fruits. My mother is a diabetic patient and she needs a food every after some time. I never had such a bad experience before with any other airlines."
Fordele: "Nice crew pilot food and beverage"
Ulemper: "No wifi"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Fordele: "Crew was excellent -kind nice and very attentive"
Ulemper: "Entertainment went out mid flight. Had to be reset off 30 mins but cam back up"
Fordele: "The flight was perfect! Great food,movies and I even got to sleep !"
Ulemper: "All was well!"
Ulemper: "Services was pretty weird .. Perse or crew Leader was ok But the assistent Young one was Really bad.. aptitud and not friendly at all."
Fordele: "Food and staff behaviour"
Ulemper: "Entertainment"
Ulemper: "The movie selection did not seem extremely varied."
Ulemper: "Customer service"
Fordele: "Great"
Ulemper: "Great"
Ulemper: "The cabin crew was racist. She told me to move back from an empty seat just because she wanted one of the guys ( from her country ) to set on it! Very rude and racist."
Fordele: "Entertainment"
Ulemper: "Food and one bathroom out of service makes an awful flight"
Fordele: "Overall everything was ok."
Ulemper: "Not that I cared at the time but having been asked for a rating on “entertainment” - there was none. Cheap and cheerful really. No extras over the likes of RyanAir."
Fordele: "Friendly staff"
Ulemper: "Entertainment was dated and poor in function. Our bags were 99 dollars each and we’re both lost and didn’t arrive. I just filed a claim and got rude service saying I should have filed the claim at the airport baggage area but there was not anybody there to do the claim then he agent upstairs said they just spoke to them and they are there and I should have done it there. This was so rude and there is no way to get back into customs area. If we paid 200 for bags I expect them to arrive on time. I’m asking for a refund of the baggage fees."
Fordele: "The staff were professional and friendly The food was very good and plentiful The inflight entertainment has lots of choices The bathrooms remained clean All in stark contrast with BA with who I did the same flight 2 weeks ago and all the above points were very poor"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Very friendly staff"
Fordele: "Comfortable seats. Warm plane with happy staff."
Ulemper: "Maybe a second sandwich option for food, not everyone likes cheese."
Fordele: "Just great crew."
Ulemper: "Not comfortable at all and will not book KLM again."
Ulemper: "una valija se perdió. Eso desató el descontrol que tiene KLM para seguir el equipaje. No hay como hacer tracking. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. Direccionan a usar canales de twitter y facebook que no responden. Primer experiencia en KLM y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea. Llevar el equipaje o resolver un problema sobre valijas es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no lo hacen."
Fordele: "Entertainment was good, and crew was very nice and accommodating. Flight was very comfortable and smooth."
Ulemper: "The food was okay, not that great."
Fordele: "The staff at the front desk for the check-in were extremely helpful. I had a complicated issue with my luggage and they helped me to sort it out in the best possible way. Amazing service! Furthermore, the entertainment on board is great! Nice movies, nice food, friendly flight attendants, etc. They even offered me a second sandwich =)! I truly loved my experience with KLM."
Fordele: "That we didn’t crash"
Ulemper: "Everything! The crew was rude, no entertainment whatsoever, late boarding, late departure and bad experience with the check in process both in app and on website."
Fordele: "Of the multiple international airlines I recently flew with, I would have to say KLM was by far the best. Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordele: "The crew were just amazing, such lovely male stewards! They were helpful and friendly and generally wonderful."
Ulemper: "The entertainment was quite dated and didn't have new movies etc"
Ulemper: "Flight delayed, had to take two more flights and was a four hour trip turned into a 12 hour, 4 countries trip"
Fordele: "Quick (relatively) flight."
Ulemper: "Skinniest seat ever. Couldn't even lean back. I now have hunchback."
Fordele: "Short, comfortable flight. Nothing special. Got us where we needed to be without incident."
Ulemper: "Nothing. This is filler text to meet the min. characters."
Fordele: "Atmosphere, crew were very professional and friendly"
Ulemper: "Seats were a little too narrow, and quite uncomfortable when a broad shouldered person is sitting next to you"

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1 stopAir France
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2 stopFlere flyselskaber
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2 stopKLM
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6.573 kr.
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19t. 00min.CPH-FOR
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13t. 10min.FOR-CPH
6.968 kr.
13t. 15min.CPH-FOR
13t. 10min.FOR-CPH
6.996 kr.
32t. 25min.CPH-FOR
13t. 10min.FOR-CPH
7.009 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
17t. 55min.CPH-GIG
1 stopLufthansa
21t. 25min.GIG-CPH
7.058 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
15t. 20min.CPH-GRU
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
21t. 35min.GRU-CPH
7.065 kr.
2 stopKLM
32t. 00min.CPH-GRU
2 stopKLM
43t. 20min.GRU-CPH
7.217 kr.
1 stopKLM
18t. 50min.CPH-GRU
1 stopKLM
29t. 55min.GRU-CPH
7.460 kr.
1 stopDelta
25t. 00min.CPH-GRU
1 stopDelta
31t. 35min.GRU-CPH
7.605 kr.
2 stopAir France
24t. 05min.CPH-FOR
1 stopAir France
34t. 30min.FOR-CPH
7.730 kr.
16t. 55min.CPH-GRU
34t. 25min.GRU-CPH
7.758 kr.
2 stopITA Airways
37t. 25min.CPH-GRU
1 stopITA Airways
31t. 35min.GRU-CPH
8.159 kr.
1 stopSWISS
14t. 25min.CPH-GRU
1 stopSWISS
19t. 25min.GRU-CPH
8.713 kr.
1 stopBritish Airways
18t. 05min.CPH-GIG
1 stopBritish Airways
20t. 15min.GIG-CPH
8.852 kr.
2 stopAlaska Airlines
50t. 15min.CPH-FOR
2 stopAlaska Airlines
52t. 00min.FOR-CPH
9.683 kr.
2 stopIberia
20t. 15min.CPH-FOR
2 stopIberia
35t. 15min.FOR-CPH
11.283 kr.
1 stopEmirates
28t. 50min.CPH-GIG
1 stopEmirates
29t. 20min.GIG-CPH
12.779 kr.

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2 stopFlere flyselskaber
30t. 45min.CPH-SDU
2.632 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
29t. 40min.CPH-GIG
2.632 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
40t. 05min.CPH-GIG
3.055 kr.
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50t. 35min.CPH-SDU
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49t. 40min.CPH-SDU
3.276 kr.
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20t. 35min.CPH-GIG
3.339 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
37t. 10min.CPH-GIG
3.387 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
26t. 20min.CPH-GRU
3.470 kr.
29t. 00min.CPH-GIG
3.699 kr.
1 stopSWISS
15t. 05min.CPH-GRU
3.713 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
34t. 15min.CPH-SDU
3.796 kr.
1 stopKLM
15t. 25min.CPH-GRU
3.837 kr.
30t. 30min.CPH-GRU
3.962 kr.
16t. 45min.CPH-GIG
4.274 kr.
16t. 05min.CPH-VCP
4.516 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
31t. 05min.CPH-GRU
4.523 kr.
18t. 25min.CPH-VCP
4.911 kr.
34t. 40min.CPH-GRU
5.555 kr.
29t. 50min.CPH-GRU
5.707 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
26t. 55min.CPH-GIG
16.055 kr.

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