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Japan AirlinesTotale score baseret på 4845 bedømmelser
Fordele: "The experience was really good. I’ll be using JAL again."
Ulemper: "Keep doing a good job."
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Fordele: "The experience was really good. I’ll be using JAL again."
Ulemper: "Keep doing a good job."
Fordele: "Seat super comfy"
Ulemper: "All okay"
Fordele: "JAL operates with incredible efficiency."
Fordele: "friendliness"
Ulemper: "food"
Fordele: "Everything."
Ulemper: "The chairs were just a little uncomfortable, too firm, but everything else made up for it."
Fordele: "Lots of Leg room"
Fordele: "The crew members polite and nice."
Ulemper: "To time the food service more evenly. Left side passengers were served a meal and finished before the right side was served food."
Fordele: "JAL services on the plane is great. Food is much better than other companies. Ice Cream after dinner is great. Flight attendants are polite and nicer than other companies. Interior of the airplane was newer and comfortable."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "The crew were very friendly."
Ulemper: "The entertainment selection is really small."
Ulemper: "Check in and apps stuck in 80'"
Fordele: "Good efficiency for boarding an good in air entertainment"
Ulemper: "Delayed for an hour while already boarded"
Fordele: "Spacious leg room."
Ulemper: "The food is average. Could be much better. Eg, serve eggs like omelette for Breakfast. Only one choice . The other choice could be Jap menu vi differing it’s s Japanese airline. Flew JAL 2 yrs ago too. Food was not good. Also , toilets could be cleaner. There’s always a pungent smell."
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Food was great"
Ulemper: "It’s 14h flight. I wanted more water. I had to keep asking but the size was too small... I didn’t want orange or apple juice...."
Fordele: "Sitting in my seat I felt that I had wiggle room for my feet and my arms/elbows. Usually on American flights, I feel like a sardine packed in a can. Even though I was in economy I had plenty of space and was very comfortable during 9 hour flight from BKK to Tokyo."
Fordele: "Check in early and easy.... Bags straight through to Sydney... JAL... What other airlines should aspire to."
Fordele: "Friendly and attentive staff with excellent amenities ie: check in, seat space, food quality, movies to watch, music, ...etc."
Ulemper: "Nothing to complain about here. Both trips to Tokyo, Japan--to and from Japan have been enjoyable and drama free."
Ulemper: "The crew kept accidentally bumping my chair and never apologized"
Fordele: "Crew members on board were very attentive and offered the best service in the most polite manner. Food was great. Great options and portion for lunch. Well respected brand for ice cream was served as dessert. A wide variety of overnight snack was provided for passenger's own selection. Breakfast was great with variety of food on the tray. Personal screen was modern and provided a great variety to keep me entertain during the very long flight. Seats are unexpectedly big and very comfortable together with functional well designed pockets beside the screen, where I could put my personal items. New and clean cabin."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordele: "Lots of room, generous checked luggage policy, great airline."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Excellent service, excellent seats and comfort . Good food"
Fordele: "Flight was comfortable enough"
Ulemper: "4 stars for food and entertainment as it was only an hour flight."
Fordele: "I liked everything with JAL. Seats are comfortable, good food, excellent service."
Fordele: "Very clean and modern aircraft. Staff were friendly and attentive. They provided directions and a guide for travelers transitioning from domestic to international flights. Strongly recommend Japan Airlines."
Ulemper: "Nothing, well done."
Fordele: "Amazing service and amazing food! For such a long flight I was extremely comfortable! Loved that the crew members kept me informed since I was spotty with Japanese they were very good!"
Ulemper: "Can't really say anything bad! It was great!"
Fordele: "The flight attendance we're awesome"
Ulemper: "Nothing. This was a great flight."
Fordele: "JAL is a great airline. Love flying on them. great crew. roomy and comfortable."
Fordele: "Boarding and crew"
Ulemper: "Lost luggage"
Fordele: "Good quality food. Between-meal snacks. Great selection of media entertainment. Convenient power available at each seat including USB right in front of you. Many handy pockets in front of you for storing various items."
Ulemper: "Little surprised that the attendants were a little difficult to understand in English. I imagined their English would be pretty good."
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "more movie options!"
Ulemper: "This is a kayak feedback - I thought I bought a cathay/jal flight. Well I was out of luck when I tried to fix situation. Broker in between introduce by website made it impossible to rebook flight in practice. Those website are very practical to look for flights but unless they give you the company direct you are better off switching to company site and book it there. Broker not equipped to be of any help."
Fordele: "Nice and quick flight, had a free space next to me on plane"
Fordele: "I liked the overall service and professionalism."
Ulemper: "The entertainment selection was limited, it was an older system I assume as the screen was not touchscreen."
Fordele: "The majority of the crew had facials that made me feel like I shouldn't talk to them. The food wasn't the best but that was expected. There was movies and shows that kept me entertained for a while. Seats are normal couldn't walk or get up often because of turbulence."
Fordele: "Check-in was swift and painless. Crews were pleasant. They gave my daughter a small toy before take off which made her happy. The seat was noticeably wider than any other airline I had taken before."
Ulemper: "Food was so so...although my daughter liked her kids meal (tater tots, chicken nuggests, veges, jam sandwitch, fruits, ice cream.)"
Fordele: "The seats were very comfortable, the staff were friendly"
Ulemper: "we requested for halal food when we booked the flight, but they brought us the normal food which we couldn't eat"
Fordele: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "Although, i booked businesss class l. I had to pay 1000 yen for each flight for seat selection. (They were giving me seats 50C) And no lounge facility either. All i got was 2000 yen and upgrade to J class. I had already paid extra for business class. This is highway robbery. No thanks JAL"
Fordele: "The airplane and all crevices"
Ulemper: "None"
Fordele: "The food and plum wine. The entertainment packet was nice too!"
Ulemper: "The folks coughing on the plane."
Fordele: "JAL has excellent service. The flight attendants are very responsive and always there to help. The boarding and everything was smooth."
Ulemper: "Nothing!"
Fordele: "Comfort seat, decent food, polite service"
Fordele: "JAL is the best airline I've ever flown."
Ulemper: "Food isn't to my liking but was good."
Ulemper: "too little legroom seating is designed shorter legged Japanese"
Fordele: "Good flight! Confirtable seats, polite crew."
Fordele: "excellent seat space and excellent in-flight service."
Fordele: "Great entertainment options. Didn't try the food but I never do. Friendly and helpful staff."
Ulemper: "None"
Ulemper: "Only 30 people were not priority boarding (including me). Not being Japanese makes you a second class citizen on Japan Airlines."
Fordele: "Food was good, entertainment was plentiful. One of the best flights I've ever been on."
Ulemper: "Not a big deal, but I needed to borrow a pen and the flight staff hardly had any."
Fordele: "Very polite and fast service, international Languages"
Ulemper: "Food was a bit boring and bland, but since it was only from Seoul to Tokyo, it was okay. But I was hoping for Japanese food instead of that Egg dish, the entertainment system needs to be updated since the touch screens had a delay of about 10-15 seconds or didn't even function at all."
Fordele: "Courteous and pleasant flight attendants...exceptional service."
Ulemper: "Couldn't book preferred aisle seat...assigned a center seat. Not adequate leg room."
Fordele: "The crew was really nice, as you can expect from a Japanese company. Super helpful and smiling. The food was also very good."
Ulemper: "The space is really tiny. The screen also tiny."
Ulemper: "There was an uncontrolled child kicking my travel companions seat and screaming for much of the flight. I’m not sure what United could do but relocating us or the passengers with the screaming child would have made the flight more comfortable."
Fordele: "The crew is awesome. They’re so polite and helpful."
Ulemper: "I think more options that don’t involve seafood would be good, but I’ll also consider selecting a specific meal in the future."
Ulemper: "Selecting seats online"
Fordele: "Great service!"
Ulemper: "More comfortable seats and headphone jacks on the end of the arm rest (I kept knocking mine out when I moved in my seat)."
Fordele: "Excellent service from the cabin crew."
Ulemper: "The Japanese (Washoku) breakfast was not as good as I expected."
Fordele: "Almost everything"
Ulemper: "Slightly delayed"
Ulemper: "Excellent"
Fordele: "Everything!!!"
Ulemper: "My experience overall is fantastic"
Fordele: "Crew was very friendly and the service was reasonably good."
Ulemper: "Seats were not very comfortable."
Fordele: "The crew was very good. The service was fine."
Ulemper: "The food could have been better."
Ulemper: "Old Aircraft Interior, could be more comfortable"
Fordele: "Crew was good. The food was good quality."
Ulemper: "Boarding took along time and then the plane was delayed, not their fault but it made the trip less enjoyable. Manila is a poor hub."
Fordele: "Food and entertainment has to be better."
Ulemper: "In Chicago, the flight was delayed for almost 4 hours which in turn made us miss our connecting flight to Jakarta. Then next flight available flight to Jakarta was 24 hours later."
Fordele: "Service was excellent, landed on time, courteous staff and good food. Good selection of movies and programs."
Ulemper: "If the seat reclined a bit more, would be nice."
Fordele: "Real stewardess', well dressed and polite. Show pride in their job. Great food and drink service. Clean new planes."
Fordele: "Great service and crew. Boarding was quick and efficient."
Ulemper: "No personal inflight entertainment, but it wasn’t an issue with such a short flight from Sapporo to Tokyo."
Fordele: "I had a headache and I asked for getting aspirin to one flight attendant. Later on, I found out that many attendants were aware of my situation and kindly checked-in regularly if I was OK. Excellent hospitality no matter what kind of class your seat was!"
Fordele: "Excellent"
Ulemper: "N/a"
Fordele: "Staff are super kind."
Ulemper: "---"
Fordele: "Service"
Fordele: "Courteous crew, delicious food and comfortable seats for economy. I was looking forward to the return flight!"
Fordele: "Food and service was excellent."
Ulemper: "Seats in economy were narrower than other airlines."
Fordele: "Good communication, food and services"
Ulemper: "None"
Fordele: "free movies"
Ulemper: "somehow new seat of this aircraft is very uncomfortable with my hip. It was kind of painful to sit tight for long period. I think my body likes older seat which actually reclining toward behind other guests. or I guess maybe I just get older. I asked 2 beer cans but completely ignored. maybe I was too shy."
Fordele: "Very comfortable plane and excellent service."
Fordele: "Food was served with metal utensils."
Fordele: "The friendliness of the staff and that the plane arrived on time with no delays. Leg room was ok. My luggage did not get lost. Entertainment selection was good. Overall it was good experience. The landing was smoothly done."
Ulemper: "Food was ok. Seats were not comfortable. Started feeling sick to my stomach because of the lack of sleep."
Fordele: "Friendly and helpful airline staff and flight attendants. Efficient boarding. Departed on time. Great in flight service."
Fordele: "Almost everything was good"
Ulemper: "Check in was complicated."
Fordele: "Great service. Crew are kind and friendly!"
Fordele: "Very awesome and polite crew. Exact reason why I chose ANA"
Fordele: "Efficient, courteous crews,"
Ulemper: "Luggage check-in referred to United Airline was refused.JetBlue checked luggage to final destination efficiently."
Fordele: "Food legroom service friendliness"
Ulemper: "Could not view flight info on map"
Fordele: "Very clean plane. Nice and comfortable. Staff was very friendly. I would love to fly again with ANA. Terrific entertainment system and movies."
Ulemper: "Minor thing is the headset, which doesn't provide the best sound, but it will do. Food options can improve."
Ulemper: "We didn't hear the announcement that the gate for our flight had changed. I just happened to look at the flight info and noticed our flight was not listed. I went to the desk then I was informed of the change. Poor service."
Fordele: "This was my first time flying with ANA airlines and it was great. First the staff where we checked in we're amazingly helpful! They spoke great English and ensured me and my husband sat together during our 15 hr flight to Vietnam.! They had so many options on new movies and music that helped pass the time. The food was very tasty as well as there snacks and drinks! The entire staff were helpful and appeared to enjoy their jobs. I will always fly with ANA when returning to ASIA."
Ulemper: "The seats seem small and are ok in comfort."
Fordele: "Clean cabin. Courteous and friendly attendants. Inflight amenities were excellent."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "Everything but the food menu. But it's okay. I usually order Hindu meal."
Ulemper: "Nothing except food menu. The standard menu does not change very much. It's always very similar."
Fordele: "Delightful service, comfortable seats, delicious food... what a treat! It was a pleasure to fly ANA and I look forward to doing so again."
Fordele: "everything was so smooth!!"
Ulemper: "entertainment : wish there were more japanese comedies!!"
Fordele: "It was clean and nice"
Ulemper: "Not enough English movies/tv shows"
Ulemper: "There was turbulence at the beginning of the flight so we couldn't get the snack that we ordered. When the turbulence died down, the flight attendants did not bother to complete the food service for snacks or drinks ordered. I had to get up and ask twice. They were not present much at all in BUSINESS CLASS. So that's why I rated the experience as poor. The international food choices are poor. They do not taste good. I think I have to stop flying ANA. Kisha"
Ulemper: "The seats were uncomfortable to sleep in."
Fordele: "The plane they used was B-787"
Ulemper: "There was no entertainment flight system. The seats were also skimpy as it was a domestic flight"
Fordele: "The boarding procedure is clever. After premium boarding the seats near windows board first."
Ulemper: "The on line check-in failed and no explanations."
Fordele: "Everything :)"
Fordele: "I liked that they feed us good food, and we were feed several times. We were also offered several drinks, and all the flight attendants were extremely nice. We would fly Ana airways all the time if given the chance. Seats were very comfortable and spacious."
Ulemper: "I liked everything, everything was excellent"
Fordele: "The service was great, complimentary movie selection was fantastic."
Ulemper: "I requested strict vegetarian meals in advance, was given items that violated this request. Further, the items which were in accordance with my dietary restrictions were generally not satisfying."

Breakfast should be more real not frozen & heated stuff Lunch & dinner were also terrible. Seats were very cramped to say the least. Doesn't deserve the rating it gets

Good experience

Flyrejse være hurtig

Smart and friendly staff


Clean, well maintained and on time performance.

Ulemper: "Food options were very similar. And the pre-made meals are hit or miss"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Keeping flights and terminals accurate and on time. Not loosing thousands of dollars of my belongings they lost my luggage"
Fordele: "Qatar Airways are still flying, in the midst of Coronavirus, unlike their competitors. This is fantastic! Onboard, there was a full service and excellent crew, all through the night, unlike their competitors during the early days of Coronavirus, when I last flew. Thank you. Qatar Airways"
Ulemper: "The movie selection, although vast, was not great. I resorted to downloaded Netflix on my tablet."
Ulemper: "The flight was 3 hours delayed - and the captain never told us exactly what was wrong. The boarding lane was a chaos as well - and the tv screens never really worked. Terrible!"
Fordele: "Staff were accommodating and considerate, great flight!"
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "The crew was unparalleled. Really. Attentive. Friendly."
Ulemper: "Nothing could have been better beyond the signs at the gate."
Fordele: "Yes overall probably the best flight to Chennai from DC"
Fordele: "Amenities like, Tooth Paste, Brush and Headphones."
Ulemper: "Liquor and Wines needs Varieties."
Ulemper: "Just had a hard time finding flight attendants. Every time I went to the back of the plane, half a dozen of them were sitting around and chatting it up. Felt guilty for asking for water. Not the service that I expected from Qatar Airways. All 4 flights were a struggle to get proper service."
Fordele: "Amazing crew, new planes"
Ulemper: "Food can be adjusted to the cuisine of the destination."
Ulemper: "Te long transit time in Qatar."
Fordele: "I think that my review and comments about the first portion of the flight apply equally to the second portion of the flight. Despite my criticism of the food, the flight attendant service was above expectations."
Ulemper: "The food. Hire a chef that knows how to make the food palatable."
Fordele: "Out flight was not crowded so after take off we could take up all three seats. That was cool for a little nap. Crew was good. Everything was good."
Ulemper: "Everything was good."
Fordele: "Nice airplane, great crew."
Ulemper: "Beef stroganoff was terrible"
Ulemper: "For 1.5 kilo overwait I’ve been charged $65"
Fordele: "Fabulous service from start to finish Excellent cabin, spacious & impeccably clean Super choice of food and drinks We travelled in the business cabin which I have to say, rivals many so-called 'First Class' products. The crew were courteous, addressing us by name and nothing was too much trouble."
Ulemper: "Boarding at Bali Airport is chaotic. This can hardly be attributed to Qatar Airways but this needs to be sorted out. When boarding began, it started with "Group 1" rather than business and other priority customers. It ended up rather chaotic with boarding halted at the end of the escalator causing a very uncomfortable situation as people struggled to get off the escalator."
Fordele: "Smooth flying regardless of the air wake turbulence, excellent treatment from flight attendants. I felt safe during the flight."
Ulemper: "Give more time for checking in the luggage, Cancelation my flight with 0% reimbursed on my funds, on boarding time 10 minutes delay was truly unfair."
Fordele: "Business class was good Cabin crew service was impeccable Vegetarian meals were good Need more choices"
Ulemper: "Old aircraft Toilets were non functional but the crew kept them clean Entertainment systems were not functioning with remote Need complete overhaul of these Not enjoyable on a long flight"
Fordele: "Faultless as per usual QA flights"
Fordele: "New Dreamliner"
Ulemper: "No European movies in English at all, very disappointing for someone who is not into latest Hollywood ( silly) movies and doesn’t want to watch Bollywood or Chinese ones(( The “ dinner” food was barely edible, both from Singapore to Doha and from Copenhagen to Doha."
Fordele: "I appreciated the friendly and always service minded staff. The plane was clean and I enjoyed good leg room. I was happy with the menus and the film selection was entertaining and current. All over a great experience and I would not hesitate to choose Qatar again."
Fordele: "The leg space the reclining chair the personal tv the head rest The food"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Service, attentiveness, food."
Ulemper: "lack of ability to pay to upgrade even though there was plenty of empty business class. (Almost all seats were available)"
Ulemper: "Boarding at JFK very disorganized. Poor system. No vetting of wheel chair users many fakers."
Fordele: "excellent service always a pleasure to fly with QATAR Airways"
Ulemper: "Extremely small leg pitch"
Fordele: "Flight attendant are very attending. Overall, excellent performance. love them and would fly again from Qatar Airways. Food was great and just the way we would like to eat."
Ulemper: "Some Cabin Crew are RUDE fromEven though Cabin Crew manage to gave us what we preferred to eat. They are the best. Doha -Kathmandu. They treated some senior citizens passengers who wouldn’t understand english with some disrespect. In addition, we had some problem with meal that was pre-ordered. It was probably system glitch but our meal selection wasn’t registered and Crew didn’t have idea about our meal."
Fordele: "Office staff was cooperative Overall flight was good"
Ulemper: "Ground crew was rude in behavior - not all but briefing counter staff"
Fordele: "Good legroom, friendly crew."
Fordele: "Qatar airways is the best in middle East"
Fordele: "The staff is friendly and attentive. Food has been flavorful and consistent in quality. Blankets and pillows have been clean. The energizer juice was an excellent option."
Ulemper: "The cleaning crew was in a hurry and there was a used cotton ear swab in the remote armrest. The tray did not close snugly back when closed up. The remote buttons were not quick to respond and needed to be pressed firmly and slowly. The food menu needs more lighter options. The toilet could use mouthwash addition."
Fordele: "The airline stewardesses were Fabulous! Especially one from Doha to Cape Town. Food was good and more than enough to eat. I was impressed by the scheduled meals and drink offers , very important for a dietetic"
Ulemper: "No leg room, can't stretch your legs properly so my bad knee was in pain"
Fordele: "The movie selection was good."
Ulemper: "-my seat did not recline, which I understand that I was close to the emergency exit but the person in front of me could still put their seat back way farther than they should be able to and I was unable to do simple things like put my glass of water on my tray -I had a vegetarian meal which was literally just rice and ground up brown mush-I have no idea what that much was -I asked twice for new headphones because my was broken but they forgot -When the flight attendant was coming around with water and she looked me to see if I wanted any and I said yes, she just skipped over me. I didn't pay a few hundred dollars extra for this."
Ulemper: "I did not like the fact that on now 3 flights I have lost miles, as on every flight I have tried to sign on as a member or frequent flyer and on all flights, there were no entry forms. This is also after my attempt to complete one on line, which I have had no response to."
Fordele: "Doha airport is easy to move through; They put me in an exit row behind a bulkhead has plenty of legroom."
Ulemper: "Reading light wasn't aimed properly, and there was nowhere to put anything because of it being an exit row behind a bulkhead. That meant, that I had to hold anything I wanted during take-off, and landing, and the entertainment system had to be stowed during those times as well, so I couldn't even listen to music as the only controls were the touchscreen."
Fordele: "Great selection of movies and tv shows"
Ulemper: "I had to ask for everything. Crew members kept passing me by for food service and drink service even though I was awake. I had to tap/call them each time they passed by. It turned into a joke among me and the people sitting next to me. Entertainment screen is too dim even on highest brightness setting"
Ulemper: "Security. They sealed my iPad for special screening but didn't mention they needed kindle as well so I had to repeat security screening in Doha twice."
Fordele: "Very attentive flight attendants-very courteous and responsive to all of the folks sitting in the "cheap seats"."
Ulemper: "Nothing to complain about in the entire process from ticketing through flight and disembarkment"
Ulemper: "Food is not fresh, very uncomfortable seats and very little leg room."
Fordele: "Helpful and frieendly"
Ulemper: "Counters should have opened earlier so we could have done aome ahopping at dfs"
Fordele: "Very nice"
Ulemper: "Crews walking between the lines. They don't care pushing to others. They never said sorry for that."
Fordele: "Over all the flight was great."
Ulemper: "However I feel the need to share that the lid of one of the lights fell off and hit my girlfriend on her nose while she was asleep hurting her instantly. I understand that it was an accident, but nobody takes responsibility for it."
Fordele: "The flight service was great. We had a slight delay on the way back to Doha from Heathrow but they made up for it by getting us through security faster so I didn't miss my flight to Tokyo. Overall the timing was excellent and I got home without having to fork out any extra money."
Ulemper: "Song selections"

It was nice

Liked food. Service could have been better. More water trips would have been good.

I don't like the food . The trip from Amman to Dubai the service are very slow

Ulemper: "Food"
Fordele: "Friendly and professional crew"
Ulemper: "All aspects of the travel to be recommended from check in staff, crew member and comfort on board"
Fordele: "All ok"
Ulemper: "Half an hour delay"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Crew was a little curt in giving instructions - open that window ma’am"
Ulemper: "I requested the meal a little later cause I was asleep... but she said not possible. I would e been ok with a cold meal a little later cause I wasn’t feeling well. Would’ve appreciated a little understanding."
Fordele: "Everything else"
Ulemper: "The crew didn’t have me the right food"
Fordele: "Latam could not issue a boarding pass at Santiago. This led to long waiting at Brazilian immigration checkpoint. Not having a Visa kept me.from entering the immigration and security wont let me in without a boarding pass. security supervisor had to contact Emirates ground staff who escorted me."
Ulemper: "Not to delay the flight for 2 hours !"
Ulemper: "I made a FaceTime call to my daughter over the Atlantic - nothing better!!! The staff is beautiful, and the ride was smooth."
Fordele: "Good leg room, comfortable"
Ulemper: "Food not that good, mostly cold, games for children didn't work, service used to be better"
Fordele: "All the teem all the services"
Ulemper: "Non"
Ulemper: "Food, quality of the food"
Fordele: "For a 15 hour flight the crew made it comfortable"
Ulemper: "The restrooms were non functional by the end of the flight"
Ulemper: "They changed my pre reserved seat without telling me and I was by the bathroom. Super uncomfortable the entire flight."
Fordele: "Entertainment - excellent"
Ulemper: "Seat (bed) - not very comfy (could be wider and full bed) Food - very poor breakfast (dinner was very OK). It's a shame for such an airline to serve such a breakfast (continental)."
Fordele: "Verry efficient and helpful even with oversize canvas painting,, didn't expect luggage to be transferred so quickly but the made it!"
Ulemper: "Delay and worry I would miss connection"
Fordele: "Check-in , immigration and security experience at Dubai was very efficient via the business class terminal."
Ulemper: "Old business class arrangement for this route seems very outdated conpared compared to the newer fleet; was not worth the extra upgrade fee."
Fordele: "Internet check in, saves time and paper!"
Fordele: "The plane was spacious and we had really good seats , next to the toilet and wall in front of us. Super, as we were traveling with a toddler and he was able to sit on the floor in front of us and play with his toys. Food came out promptly and was tasty. Loved the goodies for the kids, little blanket and scotch pad."
Ulemper: "The delay in boarding! It’s hard work when traveling with a toddler."
Ulemper: "I could not pick my seat in advance. It wasn’t clear while booking that this was the case with emirates. They had fees to book a seat in advance. I could only pick my seat when online check in was allowed. It was important for me to have a good seating option on 14hr flight."
Ulemper: "I specifically booked my flight with emirates as I prefer their service,food,staff,seating and entertainment and was instead told once I arrived at Auckland airport that we were instead flying with qantas . Not impressed that we received no email or contact to inform us of this beforehand . The service itself from qantas was not bad but again some sort of notice would have been nice ."
Fordele: "Best food on a plane I have had yet"
Fordele: "There was good service in the flight"
Fordele: "Leg Room"
Fordele: "Leg Room. Timing"
Fordele: "all entertrainment onboard is excellent ."
Ulemper: "the flight is good,,but unfortunately the staff is not accomodating that much,,need some basic training on what kind of food you are serving to passenger.."
Fordele: "First time on an Airbus and it was a much more comfortable plane. Seats were roomy with more leg room, entertainment was better."
Ulemper: "Pizzas were pretty bad. Biggest problem was the arrival airport. Dulles is a poor airport. The people movers at arrival for more than 400 passengers are really inconvenient. How 'bout using BWI instead?"
Fordele: "I like the flight route"
Ulemper: "This is my fourth time booking Emirates for my route through kayak. The route is longer but I choose it for on-board Internet for work emails. Generally, they have on-board WiFi Internet, however for my return route of 21 hours both flights had no wifi which was disappointing. This is unprofessional because if you are planning on having WiFi to respond to work emails and it is not available once you are already in the air there is nothing you could do but get stuck. Never does this happen with Lufthansa, Turkish, Etihad. Disappointing."
Fordele: "First time flying Emirates. Friendly and attentive staff. Flew on schedule. Comfortable seats. Nice food and clean restrooms."
Fordele: "Timeliness, behavior of crew. Entertainment options were great."
Ulemper: "Food quality, seat sizes, comfort of the seats is not good. There were belligerent passengers that kept on drinking alcohol on the flight and even lit up a cigarette in the restroom. The persons involved should have been arrested for causing a disturbance on the flight."
Fordele: "The cabin attendant was friendly and kindly moved me to an empty 3-seat first row. I was able to stretch my legs and sleep better during an overnight flight."
Fordele: "Flight attendants friendly, well mannered"
Ulemper: "Took flight attendants some time to clean up, not responsive to call light, seemed overwhelmed somehow."
Fordele: "Good Flight."
Ulemper: "They changed the seats without asking."
Ulemper: "IAD-->DXB--?AMM; Airlines took my stroller from me before boarding the first flight to Dubai(at gate), and they gave it to me in Amman. WHen landed in DXB, There was a long walk form the plane to the gate where you can find a stroller in the airport( which is only a single stroller) and having 3 kids which does not help. Why not give strollers at gate just like all other airlines! I was prepared and had the double stroller with me! Never again on Emirates with kids!"
Fordele: "Overall onboard hospitality"
Ulemper: "The avoidable rush at washrooms etc"
Fordele: "For starters, the seats were decently comfortable. They were wide, and offered generous legroom. The food was good: an unbelievable improvement from the previous flight (I recommend the chicken). The ICE system was impeccable. It had a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and games as well as access to the news. However, the flight's greatest perk my have been the compassionate crew. They were very helpful and friendly. They offered many accommodations, like a pizza and photo, all for free. Overall, the flight went very well."
Ulemper: "Although I enjoyed the flight, the only bad part was the boarding process. To start off, the departure in Milan was delayed for about 45 minutes. Also, when boarding finally began, the line was extremely long and moved very slowly. That was the only event that marred the flight to JFK."
Fordele: "Loved the in-flight entertainment options. The food was excellent. They managed my gluten free options with ease and everything was delicious. The attendants were extremely pleasant and helpful."
Ulemper: "I paid for the higher wifi bandwidth, but the service was spotty and some websites/social media wouldn't load. Even some texts wouldn't send. I wish there was more legroom between the seats for such a long flight. But the value for the overseas flight was still quite good."
Fordele: "The crew was very helpfully and nice"
Ulemper: "Other passengers and there dramas"
Fordele: "Reservation and boarding process are good. The condition of the aircraft is excellent. Onboard service is also good."
Ulemper: "The taste of food served was far below standard. I had hard time eating their food. Emirates used to serve better food in the past but in recent time the quality has worsen."
Fordele: "The response and service of Airhostesses are outstanding. I have to mention specially the assistance their supervisor provided to me when I have felt a little breathlessness and her constant attention on me to ensure I am normal and comfortable. Unfortunately I do not remember her name. Thanks to her and her team I felt at home."
Ulemper: "Vegetarian food would be good if it was less spicy."
Fordele: "The most important thing about Emirates for me was that they had truly vegan meals and snacks for me that were actually quite good."
Fordele: "Dubai was fun."
Ulemper: "The food wasn't very good. Not very heathy. More fruit and veg please. I don't like that the flight attendants close the curtain for first class disembarking. Seemed pretty childish and snobby."
Fordele: "The in flight entertainment and food was enjoyable. Overall service of the crew was excellent."
Ulemper: "I flew from Singapore to New York with a 1 hour 15 minute layover in Dubai. Passengers with layovers were instructed to be at the next gate 45 minutes in advance of boarding. This was seemingly impossible and cause myself and many other passengers severe anxiety running through the airport. The first flight landed 10 minutes late in Gate C, took another 10-15 minutes to off board, at which point we were held by a flight attendant who later guided us to get on a bus to take us between terminal A and C. The entire trip between gates was approximately 30 minutes and we inexplicably had to pass through security 3 times during the layover. It seemed poorly organized and myself and other passengers just made the second flight before the doors closed."
Fordele: "Entertainment selection and legroom were good Entertainment selection included recent movies in various languages and premium TV shows."
Ulemper: "Legroom in economy was good; however, seat width wasn't. You rub elbows with your neighbors while eating. Asian vegetarian meals were nauseatingly spicy - not the "hot" spicy type, but the cinnamon/cardamom overuse type. Most crew members gave a cold shoulder to passengers."
Ulemper: "The flight was canceled and the staff had no idea how to rebook."
Fordele: "Check-in counter associate was very rude and the wait was too long"
Ulemper: "The wait and the treatment without any greetings or respect"
Fordele: "1. Check-in counter staff is nice 2. Entertainment systems are nice."
Ulemper: "1. Issue with crew, one of crew member forgot to serve food and after reminding they did not have vegetarian option hence have to stay without food, disappointed with kind of service even after booking ticket with competitive price and providing meal choice in advance. Somehow they managed a vegetarian meal but didn't provide any cutlery to eat which is highly unacceptable. Apologies don't serve any purpose if the passenger remains hungry just because of ignorant staff. 2. About entertainment option, less new bollywood movie choices"

First time traveling after COVID- Swiss air exceeded my expectations. What a wonderful experience. Looking forward to flying Swiss air very soon. Gilda Osorio

Flight from Zurich to Florence was fine

mask obligation would helpful. flight felt particularly unsafe.

Flight from Copenhagen was late, we didn’t make our connection in Zurich . airline new 3 hours ahead about our late arrival and did nothing. We stood in the line for 6 hours in Zurich to rebook a flight, until we were told that no more hotels available and no flights could be rebooked until morning. We stayed in the airport by the transferring desk and still are waiting for our rebooking it’s 5:00 am now.

Delays throughout, lost baggage for all six people in our party. We were told the next day that our baggage was not the responsibility of Swissair and that they could not track it and that only Florence Airport could help us. Florence has no one available to speak with for most of the day. Stranded in paradise without clothes isn’t a great feeling.

Personalet var venlige og hjælpsomme

Personalet var venlige og hjælpsomme.

Fordele: "Free food, relatively spacious"
Ulemper: "more food!!! REEE!!!"
Fordele: "Crew"
Ulemper: "Better choice of movies and classical music"
Fordele: "Crew was top"
Ulemper: "45 min delay , shame ..... always the same problem with Frankfurt airport..."
Fordele: "Crew was really nice can’t complain"
Ulemper: "Other airlines offer free beer or even hard liquor here u have to pay"
Fordele: "The crew was amazing"
Ulemper: "Flight was a bit delayed"
Fordele: "Outstanding service by the crew."
Ulemper: "Seats in economy area little cramped"
Fordele: "Service was fine, on the ground and in the air."
Ulemper: "* Online checkin failed * Sit selection was not honoured * Sit was uncomfortable * Was last to receive luggage after landing, even though they had a "business - priority" sticker on them"
Fordele: "Reliable, modern cabin, nice crew"
Ulemper: "Some more music choices would be nice"
Fordele: "Crew was polite"
Ulemper: "Outdated aircraft. Too little seat space. Mediocre food. Mediocre entertainment. No device chargers.terrible policy of requiring passangers to buy seat reservations--beyond annoying."
Ulemper: "No leg room very uncomfortable"
Fordele: "Swiss is the best"
Fordele: "Good product"
Ulemper: "Seat had some problems, but the crew fixed it for me"
Fordele: "Since the flight from Palermo was 1hr. late. Swiss air took us privately to check our passports and directly into the plane. That was Excellent Or we would have missed our flight. We made it into the plane, too bad our luggage din`t."
Ulemper: "Not enough room between seats for international flight."
Fordele: "On Board Service"
Ulemper: "Delays...Delays..."
Fordele: "Comfortable flight."
Fordele: "Dry. I’ve food and really felt pampered"
Ulemper: "I paid extra for economy plus with extra legroom and a seat that reclined more - waste of money - the seats were extremely uncomfortable!"
Fordele: "On time and standard service."
Fordele: "Crew was nice."
Ulemper: "Cabin is old and needs updating. For the cost of the ticket, I expected better entertainment, more room, and better food."
Fordele: "good service, patient with passengers"
Ulemper: "For 9 hr flight the space between the seats in economy class was way too small. Im 1.75cm (medium) and I felt squeesed and very unconfitable not like in Lufthansa airplane flying from Newark to Dussldorf. (Flight only 6:15min) In addition, when front passenger moved his seat back on me I had a lot of difficulties with getting in and out of my seaat."
Fordele: "Staff"
Ulemper: "Seats and handling of luggage"
Fordele: "Left on time Crew friendly and helpful"
Ulemper: "Uncomfortable seats, half of the toilets not working for portion ao flight. Entertainment system not working properly on many seats"
Fordele: "Flight crew were courteous and efficient."
Fordele: "Crew was professional and attentive. 55 minute flight so food was ice cream, beverages, and a piece of Swiss chocolate. Plane's entertainment system in my section did not work. I had to check my carry-on!"
Ulemper: "All of the above with the exception of crew & food comment."
Fordele: "Loved my experience with Swiss airlines. Comfortable and pleasant flight."
Fordele: "Not very much. At least the staff was friendly."
Ulemper: "It seems like they always sit me next to the bathrooms. If I'm paying that much for a flight, I don't really appreciate having hordes of people lined up for the bathroom, bumping me constantly. I also don't very much like the door constantly opening and closing, due to noise and the obvious smell. Furthermore, I sat next to a family with 2 screaming babies. Overall, 8 hours of agony. Not a good experience at all."
Ulemper: "Slight delay."
Fordele: "The quiches are so yummy, and very compact and easy."
Fordele: "Services"
Fordele: "The ambient being so relaxing felt asleep all the way to Zurich."
Fordele: "Loved the cute attendant we had on flight :)"
Ulemper: "Old TV screen and remote"
Fordele: "Courteous staff,"
Fordele: "We liked the crew, and the service and the food. We liked the screens and the choice of movies and entertainment."
Ulemper: "The seats were a bit close, but not terrible. The seats themselves were comfortable."
Fordele: "The whole trip was handled extremely well. First time we've done 12 hrs straight in the air. They made the experience seem like it was much less. Will fly that airline again."
Ulemper: "They lost my luggage, had a problem with my connecting flight to Ottawa. I arrived 4 hours later at the end."
Fordele: "Went great, no complains"
Ulemper: "HOT turkey sandwich"
Fordele: "I appreciated the big meal, dinner, about 2 hours into the flight. Nice to have real metal utensils, not plasticware, to eat with. The 'breakfast' for the overnight flight was more of a throwaway: muffin, granola bar, fresh fruit cup. Nice to get wine, or maybe beer(?), with dinner at no extra charge, served from regular wine bottles, not individual-serving containers."
Ulemper: "$35 per flight leg (Lufthansa policy) to choose seats was distinctly annoying. I didn't know when I booked the flights, so the surprise $70 add-in (for round trip definitely would have figured into the price/schedule choice in the first place."
Fordele: "Best entertainment package of Movies/TV/Food available on commercial airlines."
Fordele: "Easy and comfortable. Service was good and with a smile. The planes were clean and arrived on time for my connection."
Ulemper: "The WC was so small I could barely even stand in it."
Fordele: "The service , the hospitality and kindness"
Fordele: "Too short to rate but good overall"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "On every flight I have ever been on, if I request it I can get a whole water bottle vs. the small cups offered...however on this flight they refused saying 'it is against the rules"?? As a result I had to bother the flight crew over 10 times to refill my small glass...a huge inconvenience for both of us. The other inconvenience (one I have not experienced in over 5-6 years) was the the headphone jacks were the old fashioned kind...meaning you could not use your own, and the buds given by the airline were very uncomfortable."

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1 stopQatar Airways
20t. 45min.CPH-NRT
1 stopQatar Airways
22t. 05min.NRT-CPH
4.520 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
18t. 20min.CPH-NRT
1 stopQatar Airways
22t. 40min.NRT-CPH
4.574 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
18t. 20min.CPH-NRT
1 stopQatar Airways
22t. 40min.NRT-CPH
4.628 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
20t. 45min.CPH-NRT
1 stopQatar Airways
22t. 05min.NRT-CPH
4.829 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
22t. 45min.CPH-NRT
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
22t. 05min.NRT-CPH
5.432 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
22t. 45min.CPH-NRT
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
41t. 55min.NRT-CPH
5.548 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
29t. 40min.BLL-HND
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
24t. 25min.HND-BLL
5.602 kr.
1 stopAir France
20t. 50min.BLL-HND
1 stopAir France
23t. 10min.HND-BLL
5.741 kr.
2 stopAir France
30t. 10min.BLL-HND
1 stopAir France
23t. 10min.HND-BLL
5.780 kr.
1 stopSWISS
30t. 05min.CPH-NRT
1 stopSWISS
28t. 35min.NRT-CPH
5.795 kr.
1 stopAir France
29t. 40min.BLL-HND
1 stopAir France
23t. 10min.HND-BLL
5.810 kr.
1 stopSWISS
35t. 15min.CPH-NRT
1 stopSWISS
32t. 00min.NRT-CPH
5.826 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
20t. 00min.CPH-HND
1 stopLufthansa
19t. 00min.HND-CPH
5.872 kr.
1 stopLOT
28t. 25min.CPH-NRT
1 stopLOT
19t. 05min.NRT-CPH
5.872 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
19t. 30min.BLL-HND
1 stopLufthansa
18t. 35min.HND-BLL
5.895 kr.
1 stopLOT
25t. 00min.CPH-NRT
1 stopLOT
31t. 45min.NRT-CPH
6.019 kr.
1 stopANA
19t. 40min.BLL-HND
1 stopANA
30t. 10min.HND-BLL
6.390 kr.
1 stopKLM
31t. 05min.BLL-NRT
1 stopKLM
33t. 50min.NRT-BLL
6.514 kr.
2 stopEtihad Airways
42t. 30min.BLL-NRT
2 stopEtihad Airways
38t. 50min.NRT-BLL
7.039 kr.
1 stopBritish Airways
29t. 30min.BLL-HND
1 stopBritish Airways
26t. 45min.HND-BLL
9.257 kr.

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2 stopFlere flyselskaber
27t. 05min.CPH-NRT
2.990 kr.
1 stopLOT
15t. 35min.CPH-NRT
3.021 kr.
1 stopLOT
15t. 35min.CPH-NRT
3.091 kr.
1 stopLOT
25t. 00min.CPH-NRT
3.114 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
37t. 30min.CPH-NRT
3.817 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
23t. 35min.CPH-NRT
3.948 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
25t. 25min.CPH-NRT
4.103 kr.
1 stopTurkish Airlines
17t. 40min.CPH-HND
4.234 kr.
1 stopTurkish Airlines
24t. 15min.CPH-HND
4.389 kr.
1 stopLOT
37t. 05min.CPH-NRT
4.420 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
25t. 00min.CPH-NRT
4.443 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
18t. 20min.CPH-NRT
4.458 kr.
1 stopQatar Airways
18t. 20min.CPH-NRT
4.466 kr.
2 stopEtihad Airways
35t. 15min.CPH-NRT
4.783 kr.
2 stopEtihad Airways
46t. 40min.CPH-NRT
4.798 kr.
1 stopTurkish Airlines
24t. 15min.CPH-HND
5.038 kr.
1 stopEmirates
19t. 00min.CPH-NRT
5.633 kr.
1 stopJapan Airlines
17t. 20min.CPH-HND
6.150 kr.
3 stopEthiopian Air
44t. 55min.CPH-NRT
7.812 kr.
1 stopBritish Airways
25t. 50min.BLL-HND
8.754 kr.

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