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Korean AirTotale score baseret på 5102 bedømmelser

felt they really care of their passenger. Awesome flying with KAL !

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felt they really care of their passenger. Awesome flying with KAL !

See earlier review.


Covid protocol

Delay departure n miss connection flight

Korean air has the best in-flight food and entertainment out of all the airlines I’ve been on.

Ulemper: "Awesome"
Fordele: "Lovely crew."
Ulemper: "Loved it"
Ulemper: "Loved it"
Ulemper: "Movie selection was a tad bit small"
Fordele: "Creew, food , prompt service"
Fordele: "Boarding is quite fast."
Ulemper: "Food could have been better, customer service could be improve, a simple smile upon serving and speaking could go much better. Perhaps I came from experience from Singapore airlines and emirates airlines."
Fordele: "Great service"
Ulemper: "Hope I can change seat when I check in even though I choose to enter other skyteam number than sky pass."
Fordele: "A comfortable flight, with fine service."
Ulemper: "The connectioning flight was slightly late, but just enough to make it a mad dash through customs and to the furthest possible gate on the opposite end of the terminal. Not within the airlines control, but unnecessarily hectic"
Fordele: "Got me there and back on time!"
Ulemper: "Could've had a larger movie selection"
Fordele: "Lots of room,good food,friendly staff"
Ulemper: "No complaints at all"
Fordele: "comfortable seats"
Fordele: "I will definitely be a return customer."
Ulemper: "1. Planes outdated - We were on an old airplane from Seoul which had compact seating, touch screen on tv controls were not functional. We had to help our kids with the program selections. Wished that the 7 hour flights are upgraded to newer ones with touch screen control, just like the 12 hour flights. 2. Food options not available - My son & daughter ended up skipping both meals during the second leg. They did not want to eat hamburger in kids menu, Korean air did not have alternate meal option like pasta or pizza in flight, which was not what I had expected. Cold sandwiches were offere prior to landing in breakfast menu, all of us had to skip it. 3. Turbulence - my son ended up vomiting twice in second leg. Fortunately we carried 2 spare sets of clothes. 4. Checked baggage in Mumbai airport took 1.5 hours to arrive on the baggage claim belt which was just a waste of time. Korean Air staff just blamed airport authorities on the baggage delay and did not inform anxious passengers awaiting for their baggage after the long flight. Korean air was inefficient in every way."
Ulemper: "flew from seattle on delta. i paid for korean air but delta put me on delta going from boston to seoul. very disappointed with the experience going to seoul."
Fordele: "very attentive staff clean, comfortable plane with leg room"
Fordele: "We liked the food."
Ulemper: "Delayed flight. Limited choices of movies onboard."
Fordele: "quick flight....seats were comfy for economy....nice crew....good overall experience....entertainment was okay for its selection on movies and music."
Ulemper: "Food got me sick the next day. Wifi would have been great if available."
Fordele: "Clean, new plane, with great entertainment systems and choices."
Ulemper: "How in the hell this day in age do you not have Vegan food options on a plane serving Asian countries?! How dose none of the flight crew not understand the words "No Meat"?"
Fordele: "Friendly staff, good food, comfortable length seats. Deplanijng and boarding was fast."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Same exception experience with the flight attendants, boarding was smooth, food is good and along with entertainment selection."
Ulemper: "The plane aisle is a bit tight and cramp and it is hard to move around. The chair in economy is not very comfortable very sturdy lack of cushion and back support. Leg room is ok, not as roomy as the flight from SFO to South Korea. When we boarded there was a strong smell burning fumes from the A.C. (air condition) that trigger my asthma and landed in Cebu very ill with asthma and allergy."
Fordele: "Everything was great, i had a connection flight and i did not have to check in like other times."
Fordele: "Korean Air staff was very nice and helped me as a disabled passenger."
Ulemper: "Was on a 777 both legs and they have very little padding in the seats which makes for a sore butt."
Fordele: "very friendly"
Fordele: "Korea Air is a great airline. Jin Air (for the return part) was OK. The flight attendants of BOTH airlines are GREAT, but the seats in Jin Air are cramped."
Ulemper: "Korea Air is a great airline. Jin Air (for the return part) was OK. The flight attendants of BOTH airlines are GREAT, but the seats in Jin Air are cramped."
Ulemper: "Seats too small for a seven hour flight"
Fordele: "I liked the fewer seats. Ready to get out of."
Ulemper: "Constant turbulence made going to the bathroom troublesome"
Fordele: "Service, food, entertainment"
Ulemper: "Can't choose my own seats"
Fordele: "Excellent Service !!! All you can Drink (Beer/Wine). Two Delicious Meals Served. A Third One if you were still hungry. All these Included With The Price I Paid! Less than$650 R/T during the Off Season. Plus, Good Selection of On Board Movies and Programs. Prompt and Courteous Service from the Korean Airlines Ladies. Took Off On Time, and Arrived On Time. Actually, on the way back, we got in early by 35 Mnts. Will Definitely Book Again With Korean Airlines. No Regrets !"
Fordele: "Food was pretty good too. Great service for the price!!!"
Fordele: "Great plane, great service. Favorite airline when flying to Asia. The BEST crew in the air."
Ulemper: "Other passengers, but KA can't control that."
Fordele: "- Great Service by inflight crew. - Very good Indian veg meal options i.e. Hindu Veg Meal and Asian Veg Meal. I would suggest the non veg folks to try these next time."
Fordele: "Everyone was very polite and helpful"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Outstanding flight assistants."
Ulemper: "Chairs are quite hard and the movies selection limited."
Fordele: "The stewardesses are very good and attentive."
Ulemper: "Not applicable"
Fordele: "Just as our first flight with Korean Air, everything was superb. We boarded just in time, due to delays in the airport since we floundered a bit, trying to make our way through the right terminals and security, but we were processed quickly, and the staff were so polite and welcoming."
Ulemper: "We had absolutely no complaints. Many thanks."
Fordele: "Customer service was fantastic! They had even found my wife's Ray-Bans from the previous flight and saved them for us 2 weeks later when we flew back. Top notch airline!"
Fordele: "Delta crew was awesome"
Ulemper: "Running to flight"
Fordele: "Window seats in business class have direct isle access without having to disturb your neighbor."
Fordele: "Everything was great except for the lack of internet"
Ulemper: "No wifi"
Fordele: "Staff, food, flight.. everything was great."
Fordele: "The movie selection"
Ulemper: "Let's start with the overrated leg space and seating comfort. It was cramped as with any other regular airline. Seats in the economy section are not comfortable and have no back support. These seats should have better cushions and back support. Our flight attendant had a bad attitude after we asked for wine and didn't offered us any beverages for at least two occasions. No warm towel either. She just skipped us like we were not there. The meals are just ok. Nothing remarkable. Then we stand in line for almost two hours after a 14.5 hours flight to get through immigration. The overall experience was not good at all and for that price the comfort and service should be much better."
Fordele: "comfort, service, easiness"
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordele: "Lots of entertainment options and nice crew."
Ulemper: "Food made my partner nauseous."

Wonderful airline to travel with. The accommodations are always great.



Tight space, No onboard entertainment, food served not so appetizing. There are other $food$ choices but you have to pay extra.

clean plane

Fordele: "Super good crew."
Fordele: "Everything is perfect, the crew services are very warm and professional, I strongly believe that Singapore airlines is the best in world as I tried many airlines but I don’t see like their them, I will strongly recommend and I will be their customer for any flight to Far East inshaallah."
Ulemper: "I recommend if they can provide paid massage service ( not complementary)at the suits class for long trip because there’s enough space to do it , I’m very glad to congratulate them for the level of service they reached ."
Fordele: "Cabin crew was amazing!"
Ulemper: "Food was mediocre and we've had better on Singapore Airlines before."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "The crew were excellent"
Ulemper: "Seats and leg room not as comfortable as older plane. The entertainment system was confusing to use ( again older model) hence not as user friendly."
Fordele: "Crew amazing. Seat super comfortable"
Ulemper: "Nothing!"
Fordele: "This was the most comfortable business class mid haul flight I've ever taken."
Ulemper: "Absolutely nothing went wrong."
Ulemper: "Transit time is good for way too tight"
Fordele: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "Everything. Singapore Airlines had a great reputation. Imagine my disappointment. It was a horrible flight. The crew was nice enough, but inattentive. The food, if such a term may be applied here, was inedible. Just vile. In flight entertainment was a complete joke. Boarding was awful, but it always is. Seats were extremely uncomfortable. This racket is the ultimate way to rip somebody off of $1000. Horrible."
Fordele: "The inflight entertainment was great, lots of movie selections"
Ulemper: "The leg room was horrible. Honestly the worst space I've ever had in a flight. I was shocked considering Singapore air is considered one of the best airlines"
Fordele: "Food was pretty good. Loved the Weiss ice cream bars"
Ulemper: "Most uncomfortable seat ever. Wouldn't recline. TVs small and poor quality. Sound patchy. Not a pleasant flight. Must have been an old plane."
Fordele: "Everything on time and smooth. Great service. Great pillows and. Plenti snacks anytime I want it. Very comfortable seats. Entertainment System fabulous."
Ulemper: "All good"
Fordele: "They treated you like you were important and really took care of my every need"
Ulemper: "Getting on a cattle car to go to another terminal and then get in line again to go on the plane"
Fordele: "Flight time"
Fordele: "Boarding was great. Staff was cordial. Excellent flight."
Fordele: "comfort, food, flatbed, movie choice. a quality aircraft, that is why i choose Singapore. i fly to Europe every year, and have flown with many different carriers, so i speak from experience when I say I prefer to fly Singapore as they are number one."
Ulemper: "they walked past me twice with introductory drinks without stopping and offering me one, I then had to ask for one.. not good. the younger staff need to develop the wonderful standard of the older staff."
Fordele: "We loved the service, quality of food, entertainment, and cleanliness of Singapore Airlines flight!"
Ulemper: "Economy is still tightly packed with limited leg room considering the distance traveled."
Fordele: "all of SQ"
Ulemper: "nothing"
Ulemper: "Cabin little bit cold"
Fordele: "Friendly staff."
Ulemper: "The food for Premium Economy was very poor. The choices were substandard and the food at some meals was inedible. Very disappointing for the price of the tickets. The cabins and equipment seemed old and jaded."
Fordele: "The attentiveness of the flight attendants and the new plane."
Ulemper: "First experience with Singapore where the crew made a negative impression. As soon as the plane pulled away from the terminal, crew members seemed rushed and frantic, literally running back and forth from Economy Premium to the galley gathering items. Approximately every 7-10 minutes, crew members would be running back and forth next to my seat with heavy foot steps, which would wake me up. I also noticed that certain crew members were shouting at passengers to get their attention instead of lowering themselves to be heard. One flight attendant almost spilled orange juice on me because she turned around too fast trying to serve drinks. I'm not sure if they were short-staffed, or if it was the influence of a certain crew boss, but something was definitely wrong."
Fordele: "everything good"
Ulemper: "need new toilet"
Ulemper: "Boarding didn’t give priority to passengers with children"
Fordele: "Alt gik professionelt og efter planen. Venlig og imødekommende besætning."
Ulemper: "Intet"
Fordele: "Alt"
Ulemper: "Lidt vel hurtig med indsamling af brugte madbakker."
Fordele: "Efficient, comfortable."
Fordele: "Entertainment system"
Ulemper: "Uncomfortable seats with no space, arrival at last gate"
Ulemper: "Cabin temperature was really hot."
Fordele: "The aircrafts, on-board service on Sin Dxb route"
Ulemper: "The thing that Inhad to fly Silk Air with one of four flights."
Fordele: "The cabin crew was great."
Ulemper: "1. Flight seats are too congested on flight.. 2. Not too many indian movie choices 3. Some reason, while booking the flight, the KAYAK site had not asked for food choice. And the airline does not carry any extra vegetarian food. This had caused some inconvenience."
Fordele: "Good crew service"
Ulemper: "poor boarding arrangement. passenger did not follow the boarding group arrangement boarding the plane."
Fordele: "fast crew service friendly staffs. clean toilet"
Ulemper: "everything was good"
Fordele: "The business class bed was the best I have yet encountered. The food and service were great. And the stews? Gorgeous and so agreeable. One young lady even helped me with my back injury; turns out she was studying physical therapy. You can't find a better ride than that,"
Fordele: "Overall experience"
Ulemper: "Could have had a better selection of movies"
Ulemper: "too long a flight 17 hours from SFO to Singapore"
Fordele: "Service is very good."
Ulemper: "Too warm/hot inside the cabin throughout the flight."
Fordele: "evening meal was delicious"
Ulemper: "breakfast was terrible, and not properly heated, risky food handling not acceptable."
Ulemper: "I reserved a window seat on this site but was given a middle row instead when I checked in."
Fordele: "The hot towels. The meals were good. The entertainment screen was great, and a great selection of movies and TV."
Ulemper: "Don't change anything!"
Fordele: "Service was best in class"
Ulemper: "Planes are old. They never seem to use newer planes on the Brisbane leg."
Ulemper: "Old plane. Old in flight entertainment."
Fordele: "Food, entertainment, cleanliness of the restrooms"
Ulemper: "There was a passenger on the return flight who had the window shutter up during sleep time right across my row, and the cabin was so bright to sleep for me. I notified the crew but they were not keen on bothering the passenger"
Fordele: "The crew Were so attentive. And Also not untrusive. If i was asleep they left me and offered me food and drink when i woke. Excellent airline."
Fordele: "Attention to customer service and needs"
Ulemper: "Couldn't use my own headphones to watch movies"

Staff very kind and helpful

Flyrejse være hurtig

Boarding and In flight customer service

Crew and service was excellent. Qatar Airways uses Air France business lounge in SFO. Lounge was congested with very little available seating when we entered the lounge. SFO airport seating was far better than what was available in the lounge.

Good service

Everything fine

Cabin services as expected from a reputed airline. Not impressed with the food though. Excellent ground service in Doha.

Fordele: "Crew was great, seating was cramped."
Ulemper: "Seating."
Fordele: "Awful"
Ulemper: "Flight was cancelled and rebooking dealt with poorly"
Fordele: "The crew provide good service but personally i did not like the food that could be lot better."
Fordele: "Always on time"
Ulemper: "Food bad. Much better taste at the lounge in Doha"
Fordele: "The crew was unparalleled. Really. Attentive. Friendly."
Ulemper: "Nothing could have been better beyond the signs at the gate."
Fordele: "Service was okay."
Ulemper: "Could have been more customer focused!"
Ulemper: "Great service."
Fordele: "Great crew!!!"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Entertainment and food is always great with Qatar!"
Ulemper: "After I got in my seat an Islamic lady came and said that I was in her seat. I looked at her ticket and while it was the right seat number, she was on the wrong flight. I got a stewardess to help her. She had gone through 3 boarding pass checks and was still on the wrong flight. They let her fly!"
Fordele: "Nothing as such"
Ulemper: "Was in 9D both USB power and touch screen not working ."
Fordele: "Crew and food."
Fordele: "Crew was nice and attentive"
Ulemper: "More leg room"
Fordele: "Short 4 hour flight, full - not one open seat Yet, the crew was super nice and efficient."
Fordele: "Staff"
Ulemper: "Nothing for kids. First time i have seen that no toys for kids. No tv and entertaiment for adults"
Fordele: "Entertainment"
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordele: "Great crew, aircraft etc"
Ulemper: "General - King Hamad airport is brand new and yet there still aren't enough gates to comfortably service all QA aircraft."
Ulemper: "The airline demaged both of my completely new suitcases. They both had TSA approved locks. One of the suitcses has a missing wheel, another one ripped zipper and missing lock and it was wraped in plastic. A few items were missing from that bag."
Fordele: "Great service onboard!!"
Ulemper: "Checkin at Zurich!!!Waited two hours in line to weigh in... Staff was friendly but not enough staff"
Ulemper: "Qatar counter check asked how long I will be staying in Ho Chi Minh, even though my visa expired in 2022! Surprise and they are aware of my ticket with a return in Thi September. Then I was asked for how long I will stay is not of Qatar concern. Too much of concern!"
Fordele: "Staff was great"
Fordele: "New Dreamliner"
Ulemper: "No European movies in English at all, very disappointing for someone who is not into latest Hollywood ( silly) movies and doesn’t want to watch Bollywood or Chinese ones(( The “ dinner” food was barely edible, both from Singapore to Doha and from Copenhagen to Doha."
Fordele: "Qatae Airways is second to non as always"
Fordele: "another whole row to myself which meant i slept for most of the flight. food was ok, not as good as on the first flight."
Ulemper: "headrest is no rest at all, very uncomfortable as it does not adjust other then up or down."
Fordele: "I appreciated the friendly and always service minded staff. The plane was clean and I enjoyed good leg room. I was happy with the menus and the film selection was entertaining and current. All over a great experience and I would not hesitate to choose Qatar again."
Fordele: "Plane was excellent"
Ulemper: "Original schedule was changed from Sunday departure to Saturday without notifying us resulting in a 12 hour stay at Philadelphia and a one day loss of our scheduled trip. So far no explanation from webjet."
Fordele: "Any time dining, excellent food offering, excellent drink offering, and excellent service. Unbeatable!"
Ulemper: "Lack of crowd control at the gate during boarding. It was hard to squeeze through for business class boarding."
Fordele: "The flight attendants were professional and polite, I requested low-fat meals and they were good, the entertainment was very good, the air temperature was comfortable, most flights I had were on time."
Ulemper: "The legroom was a problem. Seats are kind of narrow, and then, with the lack of legroom it’s somewhat challenging to shift your legs, especially when the seat in front of you goes back! I felt like the person was almost in my lap. My cup even got crunched. I think my biggest issue, though, lay in how I was treated after paying $127.00 to obtain a day pass for the lounge each way. For my inbound flight my purse was branded with an “economy” class luggage type tag, and I was made to feel as though I was trying to sneak in. I had to show my boarding pass a number of times to employees after asking for the location of the lounge in order to be directed there, and then my credentials were examined as though I was trying to get into Fort Knox. Upon arrival at the desk, I was somewhat tersely informed that I had 6 hours. I went out of my way a bit in order to fly Qatar, which is supposed to be so wonderful, and I was underwhelmed. I’ve had better experiences on Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines."
Fordele: "Best service ever from the crew. Flight on time."
Fordele: "Check-in was a breeze; considering this being an internationaly travel, baggage check-in process was fast and easy. Was in and out in about 5 minutes. Goodie bag was a good idea; the goodie bag contains an eye mask, mini tooth brush, paste, hand cream, etc. These all were great idea and definitely helpful. However this is ruined by the tooth paste. It was a tiny tooth paste, fair enough but the opening is sealed tight w/o a way to easily pry open. This was a total bad idea of packaging. Flight tips were also good idea and informational."
Ulemper: "Atlanta to Doha was about 14 hours flight. The seats were cramped and narrow (no side support) Seat cushion has been stripped down to bare minimum, so effectively you may not feel much of a cushion. Cramped legroom Seats felt like junk and I had started having leg cramps after few hours. This so disappointing for a premier airline like Qatar. Overall a very uncomfortable ride."
Fordele: "Good, attentive service by the crew."
Fordele: "We enjoyed the comfort, food , staff and entertainment."
Ulemper: "The queuing for check-in, luggage control and plane boarding was much too long, 1 1/2 hrs +. The online check-in couldn't be used."
Fordele: "Service outstanding"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "it was nice on the plane the guests were professional"
Ulemper: "before boarding the officials lacked professionalism"
Fordele: "Being able to ear what you want and when you want it made my flight so much more enjoyable. You can ask for anything on the menu and the flight attendants are so attentive."
Ulemper: "Boarding in Qatar was a bit disorganised."
Fordele: "Helpful and frieendly"
Ulemper: "Counters should have opened earlier so we could have done aome ahopping at dfs"
Fordele: "Everything was excellent as I have come to expect. The business class seat was not one of those new diagonal ones, but made a full width flat bed, so I could sleep for a few hours. Food and service excellent."
Fordele: "It was something unexpected"
Ulemper: "food"
Fordele: "Punctuality"
Ulemper: "Food quality - lot's of sugar in child meal. Entertainment system slow. We were forced to move the seats into upright position half an hour before landling on a night flight."
Fordele: "Food quality needs to improve, some chairs can't recline."
Fordele: "Good spacing. comfy seats."
Ulemper: "Staff were just not aware of clients needs. walked passed without even glancing to see raised hands, etc"
Fordele: "Crew Boarding"
Ulemper: "Food Not so comfy"
Ulemper: "Too late."

Good and clean with great service

All is good 👍

Emirates canceled the booking on me without any explanation. There was no reason given and no option to rebook. Ended up rebooking on a different airline for double the original price that was locked with Emirates. Even though the refund was processed reasonably expeditiously, this experience is unacceptable.

Fordele: "On-time, Service, flight & Behavior, conduct."
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordele: "The seats are very uncomfortable. impossible to be comfortable."
Fordele: "Crew and flight comfort were fine until the flight got canceled after sitting on the plane for over an hour"
Ulemper: "Wasn’t happy with the accommodation after the flight cancellation, was told no other flights for 3 days so I ended up paying $250 more to get on a different airline that day to make the wedding I was going for."
Ulemper: "Flew airbus 380 all the way and it was super comfortable!"
Fordele: "I like the crew."
Ulemper: "All good."
Ulemper: "Not to delay the flight for 2 hours !"
Ulemper: "Food is ok but can be improved."
Fordele: "Great and helpful see ice. Food is good as well. One of the few airlines where flying 24 hours (over 2 legs) is bearable."
Ulemper: "Takes a long time to board and de board the plane, which almost made me miss my connection at Dubai."
Ulemper: "Intertainment"
Ulemper: "On our departure flight the entertainment system stopped working completely at my daughter's seat mid-flight (the whole screen went black, remote control and all). The flight attendant tried and was unable to fix it, so they moved a passenger in the row my husband and I were in and put my daughter there. None of the entertainment systems worked well, the touch screens were barely responsive - they definitely need updating. On our return flight the power in the whole row that my three pre-teen kids were in stopped working. Again the flight attendant tried unsuccessfully to fix. My husband and I switched rows with them so they could continue to watch movies. Each time we called the flight attendant she came, said she would try to reset the systems and that we should wait a few minutes. We waited and ultimately had to go find her again to be told the same thing again. After this happened three times she sent the manager over who said she could not fix it since that would mean that the whole area would have to be reset and they didn't want to disturb anyone else. The only solution they offered was to give my husband and I open seats (not together and not near our kids) around the cabin. We did not want to split up, so my husband and I spent the rest of the hours of the flight in the dark (lights didn't work either as they are connected to the system) reading with the light from our cell phones. None of the people who came to assist us really seemed to care at all about our comfort or situation."
Ulemper: "Read the above. Completely incompetent and dishonest company"
Ulemper: "The seats on the 777-300ER were tiny compared to the seats on the A380 from JFK to dubai. My wife and I are both small people and we were cramped. This is very unfair to us and even so to larger people on such a long leg The entertainment screens were also very poor. Small, low res"
Ulemper: "Took a long time to get the crew together after the plane was ready"
Fordele: "The food was amazing. The entertainment was amazing The boarding process was very seamless Everything was done on time"
Ulemper: "Honestly, nothing. I was beyond impressed."
Fordele: "Liked The service and the spacious airplanes"
Ulemper: "No choice left for dinner and would have loved a snack"
Fordele: "Next time will try first class"
Ulemper: "Not a thing"
Fordele: "Staff was wonderful, food goood !"
Ulemper: "More you to stretch out"
Fordele: "Decent leg room in economy; good entertainment system & food/drink"
Ulemper: "I was expecting to pay for only 10 kg excess baggage according to my own scale but was charged for 15 kg and the check-in staff was rude and unwilling to listen; in-flight staff were not polite, pushing past passengers without any word; such a disappointment as I expected much higher standard of service and courtesy. Nothing beats Singapore Airlines."
Fordele: "Lovely flight crew and great film selection"
Ulemper: "Would have liked more healthy food options d"
Fordele: "In every way this was an excellent flight."
Fordele: "There was good service in the flight"
Fordele: "Leg Room. Timing"
Fordele: "The Airbus was quiet and comfortable."
Ulemper: "Layovers in Dubai can often be pretty hefty. Why print a menu? It's a waste of money and paper."
Fordele: "The service, the comfort,"
Fordele: "First time flying Emirates. Friendly and attentive staff. Flew on schedule. Comfortable seats. Nice food and clean restrooms."
Fordele: "Friendly, accommodating, and professional service!"
Fordele: "Enerttainment"
Ulemper: "Got moved to right near the galley and crew talked loudly complaining about people, during sleeping time and the light was too bright to sleep. Limited vegan food available. Everything seemed too much trouble for a lot of staff, they were rude and impolite. Delay boarding in singapore."
Fordele: "Food is good"
Ulemper: "Need Indian tea"
Fordele: "The plane were newer. Larger monitor."
Fordele: "The entertainment unit worked all good. The food was great."
Ulemper: "Flight got delayed. I can't say crews weren't kind but I was on another airline with much much kinder crews."
Fordele: "I appreciated the attention to detail along with the entertainment. The Salmon was great along with the refreshments."
Ulemper: "Bumpy landing"
Fordele: "Great Ambience. Excellent Crew. Tasty Food."
Fordele: "I flew business class and they do an exceptional job of making you comfortable. Great seats that allow you to completely lie down and an attentive staff."
Ulemper: "The entertainment was surprisingly uninteresting during this trip. Previously it's been better. The food options were also not as good, but the food was a notch above most other airlines so can't complain too much."
Fordele: "Everything"
Fordele: "Normal checking process completed and waiting at gate early."
Ulemper: "Flight initially was said to be 1 hour late and then it was cancelled altogether. There was no information about why and what are the next steps. People were just following blindly as the group moved, finally everyone was led out of the airport after immigration cancellation, then to baggage claim where we had to collect all checked in big bags and board a bus to take us to hotel . The hotel was good but getting there with the big bags for just a few hours and then the flight was scheduled for night (12 hrs later than original schedule) They could have just held the checked in baggage with them, or arranged an alternate aircraft to arrive sooner."
Fordele: "Food, entertainment and the flight crew are good."
Ulemper: "The emirates crew at Hyderabad airport. The crew doesn't have the knowledge about their work and really got pissed by them."
Ulemper: "The Business Class seats on the 777 are very narrow. Boarding the plane was tedious as it was far from the terminal and we had a long wait on the bus."
Fordele: "Fantastic service all around"
Ulemper: "Seat could have a more comfortable bottom and IFE was a bit dated"
Ulemper: "There was a delay in landing that resulted in missing my next flight to Dallas. I had to book another ,really expensive air ticket immediately for the next available flight myself. No assistance was provided. Incurred huge loss and inconvenience due to the delay. The staff was very inconsiderate."
Fordele: "It was a nice flight"
Fordele: "The flight was empty and the luxury to choose your open row of seats"
Fordele: "the best all"
Ulemper: "the best in all"
Ulemper: "There was a delay"
Fordele: "Average food on return flight. Fantastic entertainment options"
Ulemper: "(a) The steward was not willing to change my food selection."
Ulemper: "Was not able to get preferred choice of meal due to insufficient availability."

Not happy , charged me for my baggage which is not fair fo

The touch screen entertainment systems were not working properly for most of the travelers around me. It took multiple attempts to select the proper entry.

Rude staff through the experience. Extremely warm cabin temperature during the flights with no seemingly capable of addressing this.

Significant delays occur

Broke my luggage a little

وقف الإعلانات خلال الرحلة الإعلانات كثيرة جدآ

5 stars

We LOVE flying with Turkish airlines. So many little perks

Fordele: "Intet"
Ulemper: "Alt kunne have været bedre."
Fordele: "The Turkish crew is very attentive and nice."
Ulemper: "Turkish airlines is perennially late. I’ve either missed my connection or had to run to my gate every single time I’ve flown internationally with them. This seems to be pretty well known among the travelers that use them often."
Fordele: "Everything was great one of the best airlines I've flown on"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed by 4 hours but Turkish airlines inisisted that I had to be at the airport and checked in at the scheduled time and then wait at the airport for that whole time."
Fordele: "They were more or less running on time and the crew were polite and helpful."
Ulemper: "Change up the menu every year."
Ulemper: "The crew isn’t very friendly, they do not know English very much."
Fordele: "Food and service in business class were splendid."
Ulemper: "Absolutely nothing"
Fordele: "I like that the FAs gave us all the things needed for a comfortable flight...thanks."
Ulemper: "Flight from Copanhagen to Istanbul was delayed for an hour...computer malfunction was the reason. I was a little bit stressed because I had a connecting flight to Manila, was afraid i wouldn't make it. And also, no gate assignment yet for Istanbul to Manila. Since it was my first time to travel via Turkish Airline, not familiar with Istanbul airport."
Fordele: "I liked the vast variety of entertainment"
Fordele: "Food"
Ulemper: "Movies are not very new, i was asked to clear security again at istanbul gate after going to bathroom but i guess that makes me feel safe even though was inconvenient"
Fordele: "Lounge in istanbul is probably the best I have ever experienced worldwide"
Ulemper: "Chaotic boarding with no priority system and allow too many cabin luggage that it was difficult to put my own little computer bag. Movies selection can be improved"
Fordele: "Long time n not in time Food is not enough quality n quantity for health"
Ulemper: "Must change catering n in time , Staff working in the airport is not pro enough"
Ulemper: "This was the worst I have ever experienced. My flight arrived into Istanbul and 45 minutes until the departure I was told it had already left. I later found out something very similar had happened to a man from London, a couple from Boston, three people from Ghana, and many more that were taken advantage of in an attempt to sell tickets for them to go home. Never in my life have I seen such corruption first hand in a business that claims to be professional. I travel with them roughly twice a year so I'm not really a huge spender when it comes to their service, however I have suggested many to use their airlines. Never again will I make this mistake, and never again will I fly with them. I think I would rather spend the few extra hundred dollars than to have to experience that again. Turkish airlines you have lost my service and my respect."
Ulemper: "They cancelled my returning flight WITHOUT me knowing and expecting me to pay for the penalty fee for misisng the first flight even tho I DID not cancel the returning flight which obviously I was gonna take. The staff was RUDE and INSENSITIVE. Qatar was better in overall customer service. Worst customer service from Turkish airline."
Fordele: "Turkish Airlines er normalt, som samlet pakke min favorit, men når indtjekning vælger at sætte 2 voksne mænd på sæder ved nødudgangen der kun er ca. 75% i størrelse af normle (små) sæder, så er 3½ time til Istanbul en lang sammenklemt oplevelse."
Ulemper: "Reducerede nødudgangssæder!"
Fordele: "The food was good and the staff were nice"
Ulemper: "The seats are very small and extremely discomfort for overseas flight"
Fordele: "This flight was not available"
Fordele: "Flight time Prices Service"
Ulemper: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."
Fordele: "Food's always good and the staff friendly"
Ulemper: "The sound on the entertainment system is not good...it used to be good but not anymore"
Fordele: "The food is always good"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Service, timing"
Ulemper: "Didnt love the food ..."
Fordele: "The food and the crew were excellent"
Ulemper: "The flight was almost full. I was assigned an aile seat at row 37. My seat did not recline- because there is a wall behind it - howevera the window seat had a small recline. The seat in front of me when reclined left an unusually small space in front of my face. I was very uncomfortable. I'm a small person weighs 145 lb. this was my fourth flight with Turkish Airlines and was the worst. My wife next to me in the middle seat was fortunate that the passenger in front of her did not recline her seat."
Fordele: "The food! So much food that at one point they were bringing more things and i just looked at them like are u crazy? It was tasty and warm."
Ulemper: "I liked everything."
Fordele: "We arrived safely and on time"
Ulemper: "The seat spacing on that flight was some of the tightest I have ever seen - worse than even most of the short-haul (Embraer) flights i have been on - barely manageable for 3.5 hours. Flight attendants were borderline rude and bossy, but they had to be, because the passengers were loud and unruly."
Fordele: "Service-crew, food, entertainment variety; good value and connection options"
Ulemper: "1. Seat did not seem to maintsin incline. NOT an issue out bound. 2. Consider it takes 11 + 2-3 ours to transit from European locations. 3. Flight delayed 50 min"
Fordele: "In-flight service (food and entertainment) and crew are excellent."
Ulemper: "I think boarding process in Houston was a hectic and slightly disorganized."
Fordele: "pleasant flight attendants"
Ulemper: "I didn't really like anything."
Ulemper: "Old plane with questionable food, only few movies. Not impressed and considering not using TA again"
Fordele: "Plane was more comfortable this time. I was able to put seat back a bit to sleep."
Ulemper: "Food choices were poor. For a long flight, it would be ideal to offer things for people with allergies. As a celiac, I was unable to eat most of what they offered me and there were not a lot of options. This is difficult on such a long flight."
Fordele: "The crew was very helpful,seats comfortable."
Fordele: "Some of the movies, part of the food"
Ulemper: "Part of the food"
Fordele: "Price, Price, Price"
Ulemper: "Keep going KAyak"
Fordele: "Crew"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "The crew members were all very helpful and went out of their way to make sure that everyone on board was attended to. The food was great too!"
Ulemper: "Our flight left an hour behind schedule after a bit stressful of a boarding process."
Fordele: "Everything was great , food, crew , fly, time..... thank you for a great experience ...."
Fordele: "Great Food, adequate seating, helpful staff, efficient boarding"
Ulemper: "The airplane was a really warm temperature when we boarded."
Fordele: "the service"
Ulemper: "the entertainment"
Fordele: "The seats was comfortable"
Ulemper: "The price was good"
Fordele: "The crew was friendly and the flight wasnt delayed, nor were my bags lost."
Ulemper: "The seat next to me had two kids sitting in it. The seats are only supposed to have one person per seat. So they we also halfway in my seat also."

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