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Fly fra Billund til New York John F Kennedy
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Crazy cold

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Crazy cold

Ulemper: "Seat wasn't comfortable"
Fordele: "The crew is nice"
Ulemper: "Boarding was horrible."
Fordele: "Very nice, pleasant crew."
Ulemper: "Extended turbulence was very uncomfortable. One toilet out of service. Otherwise good flight."
Fordele: "The plane was nice, entertainment options were great, pilot was super kind."
Fordele: "I loved being upgraded to first class and the crew was so attentive."
Ulemper: "Nothing, glad this was a better experience than the trip to Miami."
Fordele: "Comfy"
Ulemper: "Seats a lil tight"
Ulemper: "uncomfortable seats, thin seat cushions"
Ulemper: "When we booked this trip via Kayak, we thought that we were booking on Westjet. Westjet knew nothing about the flight when we tried to check in."
Fordele: "The plane was nice and the entertainment on the flight was great! Flight crew very friendly."
Ulemper: "Our plane was delayed multiple times and we were not provided an explanation as to why. For as expensive as this fare was the fact that Delta was at fault for the delay and did not offer any compensation for that delay is frustrating. A few extra free snacks doesn’t cut it."
Fordele: "Crew was good seat comfortable"
Ulemper: "Better snacks"
Ulemper: "It was lovely. It was my flight from nyc to dc that was terrible."
Ulemper: "the flight was delayed and so I missed my train home"
Fordele: "Amazing service from crew"
Ulemper: "Friendly crew and lots of good free snacks!"
Ulemper: "Bigger personal space"
Ulemper: "Food was ok...cramped space"
Fordele: "the worst thing that I've traveled in my life I do not travel again by delta 3 hours without food and without taking or water we were not given that service is the worst its employees are a disaster"
Ulemper: "the worst thing that I've traveled in my life I do not travel again by delta 3 hours without food and without taking or water we were not given that service is the worst its employees are a disaster"
Fordele: "Food was good and plentiful. I definitely left the flight feeling full."
Fordele: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "I missed check in (not flight) by 5 minutes. Delta did nothing. I called Aeromexico. After 30 minutes on hold they told me there was nothing they could do. Called Kayak, you guys said you couldn’t do anything. Finally I got some 3rd party phone number I was given by Kayak. I called the number and it was not in service. In all my years using this app this was the biggest disappointment ever!!!!"
Fordele: "The people were all really nice and helpful and fun. Food was great. Watched a fun movie."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a bit unpleasant when we had to stand in a crowd before the shuttle came."
Fordele: "Food and entertainment was good"
Ulemper: "The bathroom I used was disgusting."
Fordele: "Hot towel was a plus"
Ulemper: "The seats weren't that comfortable"
Ulemper: "N!A"
Fordele: "The flight attendant, Winsom, was fantastic."
Ulemper: "Did not like being assigned a seat next to the bathroom and having an aisle full of people waiting to get in."
Ulemper: "No wifi, no leg room"
Fordele: "Great movies...."
Ulemper: "It takes time and worries to find the air train and Aeroflot registration."
Fordele: "Great and friendly crew"
Ulemper: "baggage rules, check in with baggage, change fee for flight when it was not customers issue that caused the 5 min delay! Unable to reach reservation desk on line or via phone (neither was the gate agent)"
Fordele: "The staff. They were very helpful and polite!"
Ulemper: "We didn’t leave on time"
Ulemper: "There was a change in our flight. According to Delta you didn't confirm every leg of our flight and the plane was over booked."
Ulemper: "Basic economy has way too many restrictions"
Fordele: "Loved the customer service & movie options"
Ulemper: "The flight only had snacks for free; wish sandwiches would be given for lunch"
Fordele: "Good flight crew"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed with no explanation."
Fordele: "Nice people. Very helpful."
Ulemper: "LOST MY BAG IN BOSTON BEFORE EVEN TAKING OFF!!!! Did not make it, and then won't deliver it when it makes it to Kathmandu! This is most distressing."
Fordele: "The airline did not disappoint and the customer service were very professional"
Ulemper: "Make sure the new signs are posted in all airports for boarding. That will help control people at the entrance"
Fordele: "Great gate agent at JFK on the layover."
Ulemper: "No assigned seats on second flight til we got to JFK."
Fordele: "Entertainment, food having only two seats on our side of aisle."
Ulemper: "Leg room"
Fordele: "We did eventually get there"
Ulemper: "What should have been a 90 minute flight took over 4 hours! Between mechanical failure, overbooking and waiting for gates and sky bridges we missed our connection. Then when they rebooked our connection on a British Airways flight, BA couldn't pull up the tickets and we wasted yet another hour while Virgin Atlantic and Delta both passed the buck as to who was responsible for correcting it so we could get on our rebooked flight, which we BARELY did with only 2 minutes to spare!"
Fordele: "The organization and speediness shown during boarding the aircraft and the perfect timing on departure"
Ulemper: "The tv screen corresponding to my seat 9A was not working so could not see any movies nor information during the whole flight SDQ to JFK. The condition was reported twice to the flight attendance but was not able to correct it even after resetting the TV settings twice"
Fordele: "Service, seats, food and pilot were all good."
Ulemper: "There ought to be a better way to go from an international flight to a connecting domestic flight. Security and Customs should be combined to expedite the process for passengers and crew members. I'm not suggesting not going through security, buy why couldn't we do it at the same place as customs? Too often Delta flights are delayed and I don't understand why Delta wouldn't do everything it could to expedite every part of the process for its crew and passengers. I went through TSA pre-check with Delta crew members. My connecting flight was delayed. We were waiting on the pilot..."
Ulemper: "I wouldn't rate this flight on a five-star grid--I give it 0.0 stars. Delta's economy seats are so tiny that even a small person like myself finds it agonizing to ride in them for a moderate-length flight. We need aggressive regulation of our airlines to prevent the unconscionable and humiliating way they treat economy passengers. It's not safe, healthy or humane to ask human beings to sit for hours in tiny spaces with very little air (on top of everything else, the plane was mercilessly hot the whole time). Next time I will choose a European carrier--even the discount Euro carriers are better than any US airline."
Fordele: "They had good entertainment for free. There were movies, tv shows, and games."
Ulemper: "The plane was delayed for 5 hours and the ride was longer than expected."
Fordele: "We upgraded our seats to Delta Comfort, at a cost of round $90 per flight. It was well worth it!"
Ulemper: "Vi skulle fra Aalborg til Austin TX. Først blev vores fly fra Amsterdam til Atlanta cancelled. Vi blev ombooket via Detroit. Men så var flyet til Detroit forsinket, og køen i immigration var så lang at det ikke kunne lade sig gøre at nå flyet til Austin. Nu sidder vi så og venter på det næste fly til Austin, og er meget trætte. 2 ombookninger på samme rejse - det har jeg dog alligevel aldrig oplevet før!!!"
Ulemper: "Vi skulle fra Aalborg til Austin TX. Først blev vores fly fra Amsterdam til Atlanta cancelled. Vi blev ombooket via Detroit. Men så var flyet til Detroit forsinket, og køen i immigration var så lang at det ikke kunne lade sig gøre at nå flyet til Austin. Nu sidder vi så og venter på det næste fly til Austin, og er meget trætte. 2 ombookninger på samme rejse - det har jeg dog alligevel aldrig oplevet før!!!"
Fordele: "Comfortable, courtesy, good service."
Ulemper: "Please, there is never a vegetarian option. Many people do not want to eat meat. Very easy to offer a sandwich with vegetables or a little bowl of rice and beans..."
Fordele: "Quick, clean"
Ulemper: "I was in the back seat"
Fordele: "Painless"
Ulemper: "Price of food"
Ulemper: "KLM lost my suitcase and did not deliver it until three days later... They refused to compensate me for having delivered the bag with broken articles inside (A pair of Rayban Wayfarers!)"
Fordele: "Due to business I travel allot so I deal with allot of airlines. This is by far the best airlines I have used. Excellent crew and airport staff. I don’t think words can express how satisfied I am with this airlines and airport. The nicest people and great service. Clean and modern aircraft. Going to try flying only with KLM from now on."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Very nice crew and great food"
Fordele: "Crew is excellent, polite and personal!"
Ulemper: "Plane is super old and outdated. Comfort seat is not, comfortable, very tight. TV screen is not good quality, with the old controls on a handset. No touch, no 1/8 inch audio jack (it has the old 3 holes one). Wifi for streaming freezes every other second. Just make a face lift to the plane, everything else is good."
Fordele: "Great atmosphere, crew was excellent!"
Ulemper: "I’m 6’5”, so legroom can always be a complaint, but this wasn’t too bad. The plane appeared to be fairly old and didn’t have WiFi. Entertainment also was on an older screen which was navigated by using an old in-seat phone."
Fordele: "KLM are our airline of choice. A great full-service carrier with impecable standards."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "The socks offered in business were comfortable and nice looking. The red wine was good."
Ulemper: "The food was just average and the seat not too comfortable"
Fordele: "Good amount of space on the plane, lots of movies to watch, good food and drink."
Ulemper: "Crew members in Amsterdam were very rude and disrespectful"
Fordele: "Yes"
Ulemper: "Everything was good"
Ulemper: "I was seated next to the restroom, which is not a pleasant experience for an international flight."
Fordele: "Crew was nice and pleasant"
Ulemper: "Flight very late"
Ulemper: "Travelled business class and was ace experience"
Fordele: "Slow service."
Ulemper: "Better communication!"
Fordele: "the trip was excellent and comfortable. LOved the windows that shaded out rather than the having to pull down the plastic blind. entertainment on board top notch screen huge One hostess , Helen was absolutely fantastic and the best I ve had on my many trips. I will recommend KLM whenever I can"
Ulemper: "the headrest is hard. Apart from that- all was fine"
Fordele: "Crew was ok."
Ulemper: "Screens need a serious upgrade, my seat didn’t recline all the way nor could it be restored to an upright position. Not very comfortable and I paid for a seat upgrade."
Ulemper: "Dozens of high school students screaming and climbing onto seats, crew did not intervene."
Fordele: "It was all fine"
Ulemper: "Really was unsure of why I had to purchase a ticket as I was able to pick my own on the way to Billund"
Fordele: "Overall KLM experience is good"
Ulemper: "Food quality was mediocre for a business class flight."
Fordele: "The crew was amazing and the food was great."
Ulemper: "Something did not go right with our booking so it took some work for the airline to get it figured out for us. Thankfully we had left plenty of time. But that was an unexpected stress."
Fordele: "Everything was good except for the entertainment consul for one of our seats."
Ulemper: "One of our entertainment consuls had to be rebooted 4 times and still didn’t work. We gave up asking."
Fordele: "God komfort og fin service"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "Perfekt"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "They considered my reguest of vegiterian food."
Ulemper: "I have no complaints."
Ulemper: "old screens and entertainment system leg room to small"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Fordele: "Crew was great, very nice"
Ulemper: "Not enough legroom"
Fordele: "Easy to board and easy flight."
Fordele: "Great on board service from a very professional crew."
Ulemper: "Can't think of a thing."
Fordele: "The entertainment options were good."
Fordele: "The crew was fantastic! Our needs were constantly being met and just about the time you thought you might want a snack or a meal, the attendants were already heading down the aisle. Because of an allergic reaction, I asked for ice a number of times and the attendants were more than happy to meet my needs."
Ulemper: "The seats were very close together. The trip from New York to Amsterdam seemed a lot more comfortable than the return flight. The food from NYC JFK was better than the food from Amsterdam. The movie selection on both flights was a little disappointing."
Fordele: "She was cheerful and genuine. I have dietary restrictions but was unable to preorder a meal. She went out of her way to find an available meal for me. I also saw her bring other passengers extra snacks and drinks."
Ulemper: "Cramped seating."
Fordele: "Fairly nice flight. 7 hours AMS to JFK. They had ice cream cones for us mid flight and an after dinner cognac if you wished."
Ulemper: "Not a big fan of paying for a few extra inches of leg room in a better seat after paying for a ticket."
Ulemper: "Boarding was very confusing. There was an area where they were checking people's bags or something near the gate and you didn't know if you needed to stop at it or continue. They didn't collect garbage before landing. Not only did we have to take our bags off the plane, we had to carry our garbage (drink cups/food served) to the front of the plane to throw out."
Fordele: "On both of my flights to New York City, I was amazed at how friendly and helpful the flight attendants were to the passengers. On my short flight from Basel to Amsterdam, a young French speaking girl was concerned about how to manage getting to her next gate. The flight attendants talked to her and arranged for someone to take her there. On my longer flight from Amsterdam to New York City, there was a customer who was in distress about missing a previous flight and not making it to her connecting flight in New York. One of the flight attendants reassured her until she stopped crying and calmed down. That same flight attendant was always so positive and cheerful in all she did. The rest of the crew was top notch. This was my best experience flying in such a long time. Well done, KLM crews of flights 1984 and 0645 on July 10!"
Fordele: "Absolutely nothing!"
Ulemper: "the connection flights was the worse! The gate was changed in Amsterdam 3 times! From D82 to C6 and then to C11. The distance between B82 and C was 20-30 minutes walk. No rushing was needed though, the flight was delayed for 1:30h and after we all boarded a further delay was announced. I will never fly with KLM."
Fordele: "Due to lightening bolt strike our pre-Y2K era plane got switched out with a newer plane with modern media delivery at the seats."
Ulemper: "This caused a two hour delay in boarding and another 30 minutes on the JFK T4 tarmac. Same crappy headphones so it wasn’t the"
Fordele: "The staff was extremely pleasant. Food was good!"
Ulemper: "Have no complaints"
Fordele: "Seats were comfortable"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed by 2 hours. Could have gone to Amsterdam and come back in that time"
Ulemper: "They stole my money"
Fordele: "Crew was courteous and polite! Entertainment system had some great movies at no additional cost."
Ulemper: "Poor communication between delta, KLM and Air France meant that I couldn’t check in online and get a digital boarding pass. Furthermore I couldn’t use the check-in kiosks because my name was listed as Reidmr instead of Reid, which meant that my boarding pass did not match my passport. Overall this caused unnecessary delays that were compounded by the fact that I couldn’t use my TSA precheck. My main problem on the plane was that I had to struggle to get water served to me. It’s always so dry on planes and I would have liked to be able to get more than one tiny glass of water at a time. Also, would have loved a window at my window seat. Plus no WIFI!?"
Ulemper: "OLD plane without comfort or entertainment"
Fordele: "Of the multiple international airlines I recently flew with, I would have to say KLM was by far the best. Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordele: "great choice of entertainment content, friendly crew"
Fordele: "They were awesome."
Fordele: "Everytime she passed she was hitting me or I had to hold my drink so that she wouldn't knock it off"
Fordele: "Everything was good. The crew was very friendly and attentive. The plane was comfortable, with great entertainment on the personal screens. The food was delicious. Flight was on time and actually arrived early, but then we had to wait for a gate (not the airline's fault)."
Ulemper: "No complaints at all."
Fordele: "Crew was friendly, and the food was better than the usual KLM fare."
Ulemper: "The "new" seats were hard and uncomfortable. Avoid any kinds of seats near the bathroom in a configuration with 3 abreast next to the windows. The "aisle" seat is essentially a "waiting area" for the rest room."
Fordele: "Fortunately, the plane was not full, so people could spread out a bit to create extra room. The food was really good! (surprisingly)."
Ulemper: "KLM's new configuration for this type of plane made the seats even narrower than before. While leg room was reasonable, the 3 abreast seating meant a lot of discomfort, especially in the row right in front of the restroom."

Der var desværre ikke WiFi

Flyet var forsinket - både i LAX og i Frankfurt - dårlig information

Forsinkelse fra Beirut. Tasken nåede ikke med

Ulemper: "Lufthansa burde presse lufthavnen i Frankfurt til at ge bemanding imsilkerhedskonteollen. Kl 6.10 i morges tog det 35 min i business køen og mindst 50 mini economy køen"
Fordele: "flyturen i sig selv var fin men var forsinket."
Ulemper: "Flyet var forsinket så jeg missede forbindelsen til CPH i Frankfurt. Det kan ske. Blev omboket til tidligt fly næste morgen. Sådan måtte det jo så være. Men at skulle stå i kø som business pasager i 55 min for at få hotelvoucher og nyt boardingpass var for meget. Economy havde endnu længere kø. Skikkerhedstjek næste morgen i Frankfurt tog 35 min for business og op mod 1t for economy!"
Fordele: "Comfortable seats"
Ulemper: "Meals and some entertainment"
Ulemper: "Maden er kedelig og der var ingen valgmuligheder."
Fordele: "Though departure was delayed 45 minutes, service on board was superb. wine flowing, food great, Baileys for dessert, and great movie selection"
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Bought the premium economy on Lufthansa, but ended up on Eurowings. Food same as Economy, 1/2 the entertainment choices. Definitely not worth the money."
Fordele: "Comfy flight and early arrival."
Ulemper: "Had to run to catch the connecting flight"
Fordele: "Flight arrived early."
Ulemper: "Last two transatlantic flights have been hot. What happened to a nice cool flight and using the blanket if you are cold?"
Fordele: "Superb seats. Wide, enough length to strech the legs. Good entertainment - overall - loved it!"
Ulemper: "Food could be a bit tastier ..."
Fordele: "Attentive and friendly staff, great food and plenty of drinks!!!"
Fordele: "Lufthansa is always high quality"
Ulemper: "I dislike how one must stow the entertainment system so early before landing"
Fordele: "Relaxed trip. We were well cared for. Again very good staff"
Ulemper: "The food is not very good"
Fordele: "Everything in order and on time."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "The service."
Ulemper: "We landed an hour later than planned with no warning, I missed my connecting flight."
Fordele: "friendly staff"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread. Lost my suitcase when arriving in Billund - got it late next day"
Fordele: "friendly service"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread"
Fordele: "Excellent service and comfortable flight for a great price! The US carriers cannot compete with Lufthansa or any European airlines as a matter of fact."
Ulemper: "Touchscreen of the entertainment system was not very sensitive and had false readings. Annoying but not critical."
Fordele: "Complementary Drinks. Beautiful Flight Attendants."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Tv didn't work most of time. Food was terrible."
Fordele: "Good overall experience"
Fordele: "Lufthansa når det er bedst - turen var en bevidst fravalg af Airfrance der også flyver fra København til Alger - og dette fravalg kan anbefales, hvis man ikke har svært ved at komme tidligt af sted..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "SAS når det er bedst - for det var faktisk SAS der lagde fly og personale til..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Ulemper: "crew was not friendly"
Ulemper: "There were no options for food, I was just told that there was only pasta left while the passenger next to me ate chicken. This was totally unacceptable. I only hope that this was my last trip with Lufthansa."
Fordele: "The chicken, potatos and spinach dish was the best. I like that they have you a pillow, cover, and headphones."
Ulemper: "At first the movies worked then they did a reset and my audio stopped working and they did another reset when I let an attendant know about it and it still didn't work. They never came back for me to let them know about the problem."
Fordele: "Service and comfort"
Ulemper: "staying 11h with no assistant"
Fordele: "The food"
Ulemper: "The seats"
Fordele: "The service was great and it was fast. Nothing super special about the airline"
Fordele: "The whole experience was GREAT!"
Fordele: "The seat was very comfortable"
Ulemper: "They change the gate for transfer last minute"
Ulemper: "Boarding was a little chaotic. Everyone kind of ran up."
Fordele: "everything"
Ulemper: "none"
Fordele: "NOTHING"
Ulemper: "The plane left without us and we were still in the air. They shut down the airport in Frankfurt so we couldn't take off at our destination and when they allowed us to fly into Frankfurt, Lufthansa didn't wait and hundreds of people were stranded from different areas because of the closed airport to all flights. We waited 5 hours to rebook a destination back to the USA and traveling lasted 24hours. Right now I'm not sure if I'll be refunded my tickets for thedomestic airline flight. WE will NEVER want to fly out of Frankfurt and especially with Lufthansa. I have to say the people at the service counters were very nice and helpful but it took 5 hours to get serviced and were missed 2 possible connecting flights. Lufthansa was a good airline but that was 20 years ago. The airport is too big now has too many delays so I'll avoid it at all cost."
Ulemper: "The service provided by the crew was okay but their attitudes were horrible. It seems as though they did not want to work."
Fordele: "Great seats, with legroom and ample food."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "The flight staff was excellent!"
Fordele: "I loved everything."
Fordele: "Great airplane seats in Prem. Economy."
Ulemper: "Information access to cancelled flights was horrible. Impossible to get assistance."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "They cancelled my flight and I spent 7-8 hours on phone trying to resolve."
Fordele: "Overall a pretty good flight."
Ulemper: "The in-flight wasn't working, so no movies on a nine hour flight."
Fordele: "Not many qualms during the flight back from Frankfurt - the flight was comfortable and the entertainment system functionded."
Ulemper: "I enjoyed the food on the flight back, however want to note that by the time the crew got to serving economy there were only beef dishes left and passengers were left with no options besides beef. The boarding process was also a bit overwhelming."
Ulemper: "Child car seat lost although checked with luggage."
Fordele: "The premium economy- it was the most uncomfortable - tight seats. The back of the seats are not reclining It’s not worth the money you pay for premium services"
Ulemper: "The premium economy should be eliminated and should be labeled for what it is: couch class with some perks"
Ulemper: "There was no amenities pack given in Premium economy. The food was ok. It would have been nice to have been offered another bread roll. Seat comfort was fine, but I kept getting hit by the separating curtain as the flight attendants went back and forth from economy."
Ulemper: "I not get to go my flight, I couldn't get reimbursement"
Fordele: "Na"
Ulemper: "They have a terrible communication problem, they never communicated why the flight was late, they never communicated what they were doing or what was happening. Bad customer service. Bad communication with the client. They told us when I asked several times that we would not lose our connection and that everything was fine and that was not the case. We lost the connection. No one told us anything. Another problem was that the girl in the boarding process removed the suitcases tickets from the boarding pass and did not want to return them, and held it without any cause. The flight staff went looking for us. Pretty sad and disappointed by their service. I understand that they were causes outside the airline but must communicate to the client. They cannot remain silent and say nothing."
Ulemper: "Our request for vegetarian meals got lost after a glight was cancelled."
Fordele: "Everything! The service was exceptional!"
Ulemper: "More options for gluten free food. Always get the same dish"
Fordele: "The comfort of the flight snd kindness of the crew."
Ulemper: "My connecting flight to san francisco was through Delta, which it was on a different terminal, I had to carry my luggage out of the airport in order to get to delta’s terminal - the buildings are not connected."
Ulemper: "boarding groups were not adhered to and those in a lower boarding group often boarded well after those in later boarding groups."
Ulemper: "See above."
Fordele: "Multiple crew members paid constant helpful attention to my mother (88yrs of age) during boarding, deboarding and throughout the entire flight. Thank you!"
Ulemper: "Excelente aerolínea"
Fordele: "Friendly attendants, entertainment variety"
Ulemper: "Comfort, food could have been better."
Fordele: "Very little"
Ulemper: "Flight was very crowded. Flight crew kept bumping into my seat and never apologized"
Ulemper: "I have never been in a situation were a flight has been delayed due to the co-pilot suffering a knee injury prior to take off. A request for a doctor on board after an hour or so and then having to leave the plane and then re-board after about 40 minutes was quite bizarre."
Fordele: "The staff were very helpful and professional."
Ulemper: "The food was awful and the option I wanted had run out. The entertainment was faulty and had to be reset several times. The comfort was below standard and needs to be improved."
Ulemper: "Missed the flight due to late landing from earlier connection"
Fordele: "Good selection of movies"
Fordele: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind. We are playing was OK but it could’ve been cleaned a little better before we got on board."
Ulemper: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind."
Ulemper: "I was treated like I am not supposed to ask for food and they had one choice of meal for me while they had 2 for the rest."
Fordele: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Ulemper: "Didn’t have the meal I ordered Got in 30 min early but no gate for us. We waited over 80min on tarmac to deplane I paid extra for an exit seat but there was no indication when I did that there would be walls for armrests and that made it very uncomfortable for me"
Fordele: "Haven't flow with Air France for some time now and definitely noticed a lowering of standards"
Ulemper: "The gate changed 3 times and the terminal was very crowded. The staff seemed disinterested and distracted. The quality of the food has dropped dramatically."
Ulemper: "Airplane really old. Cabin configuration economy was in front of economy plus. Just 1 bathroom for economy and economy plus. Economy plus seats old and uncunfuttable ( more than it should be )"
Fordele: "The plane arrived in New York smoothly"
Ulemper: "They lost my luggage and have no information as to where it is. It has been 3 days and no Information. There was only one meal for the flight and alcoholic beverages were not included."
Fordele: "Courteous crew"
Fordele: "great seat, good food and drink, pleasant staff, efficient boarding and exit."
Ulemper: "no complaints"
Fordele: "Very poor sound quality on the earphones. Made it very difficult to watch a movie and almost impossible to listen to music."
Ulemper: "The room between seats is unbearable."
Fordele: "Food was excellent and crew was very nice."
Ulemper: "Could not check in online before my flight and no zones to board just line up and go apparently."
Fordele: "it was cancelled so they got me on the next flight on Turkish"
Fordele: "Very old plane with very poor screens where images was horrible"
Fordele: "1) USB charger and electric outlet 2) Availability of 2-across economy seats (for a price) 3) Vegetarian dinner option available and not too bad 4) Flight arrived on-time"
Ulemper: "1) Front seat pocket bulging with 2 extra-thick in-flight magazines 2) No on-board wifi 3) Not much seating room - very thin"
Fordele: "Personal treatment I have received as I was with a 7 months baby. An agent helps me to carry my hand luggages up to the plane entrance and to pass in priority"
Ulemper: "2 hours delayed..."
Fordele: "full Meal service in coach , customer service , free wine , personal entertainment, power outlets , everything !"
Ulemper: "Bottom seat cushions could be a little more comfortable ."
Fordele: "I liked the way a fligh attandant treated me and another two passengers. At the end of the flight he gave us a cup of strawberries for all. The food was delicious specially that pasta, it was yummy."
Ulemper: "TV was too slow."
Ulemper: "Each time the space in this planes is smaller. Surprising, it was very hot all the time."
Fordele: "Nothing..worst experience ever. Simply apologising for delayed doesn't help"
Ulemper: "Flight into and out of indiapolis was delayed by 2 hours. Missed my connection flight to LHR because of the delay. never had such a flying experience. Flight was operated by Delta. I won't be flying them again."
Fordele: "The flight crew was excellent. My husband and I flew economy and I saw the crew keep passengers well fed (several meals and snacks) and were attentive to everyone's needs and all done with a smile. I thought the hot towels for cleansing our hands before meals was a very nice touch!"
Fordele: "Amazing service, seat and FOOD"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Lovely crew, clean toilets"
Ulemper: "It's an a380, stains everywhere, aisles between seats narrow even for business, caos at CDG, no clear queues, ground staff shout at passengers, food selection good but huge gap between describtion and reality, in JFK we waited for 30 minutes cause the docking spot was too narrow for the captain, sky priority? The economy got their bags before 1st and business."
Fordele: "Flight arrived safely."
Ulemper: "Air France offered no help rebooking missed connection at JFK due to delay of more than 2 hours in arrival."
Fordele: "Food, drinks, and general service on board were all very nice"
Ulemper: "Airport experience at cdg was atrocious. Took more than an hour to check in and it was a complete zoo."
Fordele: "Seats were comfortable, but the sliding action, instead of recline, took getting used to. Food was very good. Snacks available on demand, along with drinks. Complimentary wine with meal was also quite good. Entertainment system was first rate with plenty of options for TV. movies, music, games, etc..."
Ulemper: "Sitting in the middle two seats in the center of the 777 left me stuck for most of the flight. Got up only once. Wife's feet and ankles were swollen by the end of the flight. Not enough legroom to move much during the flight and not enough aisle space to get around with the plane so full. Have made flights twice as long on the 747 and were able to get up and walk."
Fordele: "tool me safe from one airport to another"
Ulemper: "wait time, food"
Fordele: "Loved the movie selection and the food was good too."
Ulemper: "Too many interruptions. Every time there's an announcement, it interrupts the movies and some of the announcements were completely unnecessary and there were so many of them, it was like constant interruptions, really annoying."
Ulemper: "Late...delayed from algiers"
Fordele: "Fly til tiden"
Ulemper: "Mindre end 15 cm til sædet foran. (og ja, jeg målte) HELT uacceptabelt. Ikke engang plads til at mase min håndbaggage (en helt almindelig computertaske) ned i hullet."
Ulemper: "Small leg space"
Fordele: "I didn't feel cramped in a Window Seat. Two meals were served during the flight. It was nice to get back to being fed something other than skippy snacks on an airline flight."
Ulemper: "I was ignored over and over again as ice cream, drinks and snacks were offer by the crew. It would have been nice if some would ask me before falling asleep if I wanted to be roused for snacks and desserts. After being on back to back flights of more than 10 hours each it would be considerate for the crew to be aware of my length of travel and to make sure they don't assume my resting my eyes is the same as me being asleep. Even when I was awake it appeared I was being overlooked, ignored and left out of complimentary services I saw other bad for not asking to be noticed."
Fordele: "The airplane was new, good food and service."
Fordele: "Flight was delayed for an hour but considering the day before when all flights were cancelled and that whole morning flights were delayed at Reykjavík due to a major storm off the Irish coast the airport check in, security, and boarding went extremely well. Staff on board couldn’t have been more helpful and efficient to get the plane pushed back from the gate and get our flight going."
Ulemper: "The plane’s temperature was a little warm on both flights from New York and Iceland with no means to adjust fans or temperature at your seat like most airlines. The entertainment screen was down for about half of our flight back for both of us to New York but worked fine after."
Fordele: "Nice crew"
Ulemper: "Food, movies, and comfort were all just ok"
Fordele: "I liked my seat with more legroom. And there was very little turbulence."
Ulemper: "I wish there was access to blankets, it was very cold by the window. A better screen design maybe."
Fordele: "The connexion flight: only 15 minutes to reach the plane. I didn't think I could get it. But all the crew at the airport and on the lane were very professional."
Fordele: "Seats are reasonably roomy, and they lean back quite a lot without making the person behind it feel cramped. Entertainment was a great option - thank you for offering it for free - and yes to USB charger on the dock."
Ulemper: "Really enjoyed my flight, actually. Will definitely choose IA next time."
Fordele: "The airplane waited for us because our first flight had a delay. The airplane was clean and in good condition. The flight was very smooth."
Ulemper: "Boarding was very slow, crew told us there was nothing they could do to speed it up, it plane was late, unfortunately when we arrived in JFk we had to wait about 1 houre to get to the gate."
Fordele: "leg room! excellent entertainment options"
Ulemper: "long lines. delays waiting in hot jetbridge"
Ulemper: "Blankets should be provided on the seats prior to boarding"
Fordele: "crew was friendly. flight was on time."
Ulemper: "they randomly selected my 17 year old daughter for extra security clearance, a routine process that has little to do with true security and more to do with security theater. They also lost one of our suitcases and when we called to file the loss the person on the phone was not that friendly."
Fordele: "Crew was good."
Ulemper: "Didn’t get the seats we paid for. We should have been in row 3 but ended up in row 30."
Fordele: "Flight was late"
Fordele: "Crew provided enough water and soft drinks."
Ulemper: "They make you check your carryon bag and charge $64 For it.That’s a rip-off. Seats were not comfortable."
Fordele: "Great staff from check-in all the way through to exiting the airport."
Ulemper: "No snack provided with the free tea/coffee/juice. Rather limited in flight entertainment selection and no free headphones provided. Small kvetch: Lights turned on too harshly after being dimmed for sleep. I know, first world problems!!! Lol"
Ulemper: "The IcelandAir staff were very friendly and the seats were comfortable. I will definitely be traveling with IcelandAir again."
Fordele: "The flight took off and landed on time. There were also a lot of good food options on the flight that were not only edible, but also healthy"
Fordele: "Like the infotainment unit on headrests. Decent movie selection."
Ulemper: "Seats are cramped when person in front leans seat back."
Fordele: "It takes all the space to explain the unusual problems encountered. All in all, this was the worst travel experience I’ve had in 50 years of travel all over the world. Icelandair June 11 flight 273 and June 12 flight 271 A summary of the Icelandair problems that I had to deal with alone: - 1. Icelandair was apparently unaware of the age and hardship situations of passengers being rebooked. (I am 73 and I was travelling alone with a small suitcase and a backpack but for example, I had to take luggage up and down stairs at the hotel and to wake up at 3:30 a.m. and to have an almost 11 hour stopover between flights.) - 2. No way to contact Icelandair in an emergency - 3. Not enough information given by Icelandair at the time of rebooking. Not told that the original flight had been cancelled. - 4. Sent to the wrong hotel the first time by airport personnel. - 5. Given the wrong boarding passes for the new flights the first time. What happened: - I was originally booked on Icelandair Flight 273 to leave Billund at 2:10 on Monday June 11 to go to Boston. At around 12:40 a.m. on the morning of June 11 I saw a message on my phone saying that my booking was changed to Tuesday June 12 at 6:15 a.m. flight 271 - There was no explanation but other than to call the Icelandair number if there were questions. I called several times. One time I was number 83 in the queue. Another time I was number 62 in the queue. - This did not seem reasonable since I was 73 years old and travelling alone and would have to spend the night in Billund and wake up at 3:30 a.m. - I decided to go to Billund for my original flight and even to go an hour early to change the booking."
Ulemper: "- When I got to Billund, I was told at the ticket counter that the flight had not been cancelled but that I had been “excluded”. At the Billund airport no one was able to contact Icelandair for me since Icelandair does not have its own counter in Billund. I was told I had to call the same Icelandair number. I was number 43 in the queue this time and again I waited a few minutes and again saw that it was not a realistic way of reaching Icelandair. - I had no options at all other than to pay for a new flight or take the one I was booked on. The office at Billund offered to pay for a hotel and meals for me so that I could take the flight I’d been rebooked on – the 6:15 a.m. flight on June 12. - I was given boarding passes for flight 271 to Billund and also then for a connecting flight to Boston that involved a 10 hour and 45 minute stopover in Reykjavik. - About three hours after I arrived at the Billund airport I was given a voucher for the Legoland Hotel and vouchers for taxis back and forth to the airport. - When I got to the Legoland Hotel, the clerk told me she did not know why they had sent me there because they did not have any rooms available. - I was told I had to go back to the airport to get a voucher for a different hotel. - At the airport I was then given more taxi vouchers and a hotel voucher for Hotel Refborg, a hotel half as expensive as the Hotel Legoland where I had originally been sent. The main courses at the Refborg were all pre-prepared and rubbery and the desserts were all pre-prepared sugary sweets, though good quality sugary sweets. No fresh fruits or vegetables since meals were heated up all day long. - Getting from the Billund airport to the Refborg hotel had taken four hours because of all the delays and snafus. - To catch my early flight, I had to use the alarm on my phone so I couldn’t turn my phone off. (The Refborg Hotel didn’t do wake-up calls.) That meant that at 2 a.m. I started getting calls from the U.S. from people who thought I was home already and were asking how my trip had gone. I’d been advised to set my alarm for 3:30 a.m. - When I got to the gate in Billund, I was told that the boarding passes and seat assignments I had been given the previous day at the counter in Billund for the two flights were invalid. I was given new boarding passes. - Once the flights started on June 12 everything was fine: I had an aisle seat in an empty row for both flights. And in Reykjavik I was able to arrange to get on a slightly earlier flight to Boston. - All of the airport personnel were courteous and professional, even though in Billund the fact that the airport personnel in Billund could not contact Icelandic to help me is a problem that needs to be fixed. I was told that in my situation I should be able to get on an earlier flight. However, I was supposed to do that myself and there was no way to do that since there was no way to contact Icelandair from the Billund Airport."
Ulemper: "Boarding at KEF needs to be more organized."
Fordele: "Loved the personalized tv in front of me and plenty of space above me in the middle seats!"
Ulemper: "There were no snacks"
Fordele: "The seats were comfortable and the food we ordered was good. The staff was friendly and professional. The landing was smooth."
Ulemper: "We had a light that kept flickering above us and you couldn’t adjust it and no way to control the air flow."
Fordele: "It didn't happen. My boarding pass had a faulty print and wouldn't scan and we missed our flight. Sleeping at JFK and missing family connections. Bad news."
Ulemper: "NO help at airport security when boarding pass wouldn't scan. LONG LINES and little help."
Fordele: "the flight was great! it was comfortable! good entertainment!"
Ulemper: "The check in process. Once you check in at the gate, you have to board a bus to go to the plane. I sat on a bus breathing in exhaust fumes for 20 minutes in the cold, rainy, windy weather. I also think they should offer a small complimentary snack! all the food must be purchased!"
Ulemper: "Again, there was no jet bridge to board the plane in Reykjavik. When we arrived in New York, it took 1.5 hours for our bags to arrive on the baggage carousel. That is an absurd amount of time to wait for your bags, especially when the crew's bags were unloaded from the plane within 30 minutes of landing."
Fordele: "The inflight entertainment was really nice and enjoyed the Iceland layover information. Crew were professional and attentive."
Ulemper: "Felt like a budget airline, so don't expect any free snacks or the ability to carry on large backpacks that you normally could on other airlines."
Fordele: "Every crew member was very courteous. Gave free Iceland water as you enter plane. Movie selection was pretty good too."
Ulemper: "Woman at luggage check-in told us our flight was overbooked and we needed to get a new flight. We stood in another line for an hour only to be told that our original flight was waiting for us. Ran to the gate with around 30 other people to make the flight. Obvious miscommunication somewhere between their departments."
Fordele: "The crew was very helpful and friendly. No food served but coffee is excellent and they give plenty of water."
Fordele: "Everything that was under Icelandair's control went great! Got an unexpected upgrade on both legs of my flight, the cabin was comfortable, and it had a good selection in-flight entertainment for a budget airline."
Ulemper: "No food is served--be sure to pack a snack. If you're planning to eat in Reykjavik, bear in mind that airport food is especially expensive in Iceland."
Fordele: "Free movies and interesting Iceland travel videos, glacier water, peaceful music."
Ulemper: "I didn't like one mass line for all economy tickets when it came to boarding- I prefer airlines that call people to board by group. Less hectic."
Fordele: "The kid amenities are superb. Free meal for them, free headphones, activity book, colored pencils, and seat back kids movies. Happy kids = happy parents!"
Fordele: "The flight was staffed by friendly, attentive staff. There was more leg room than on some airlines. Beverages were free, but you had to pay for food on this trans Atlantic flight. Most of us knew this in advance and brought food onboard."
Ulemper: "It's in my opinion obscene not to provide any type of food on a 6-hour flight that you don't have to pay for"
Ulemper: "The boarding area was too crowded, as it was full of passengers waiting for another flight that left from the same gate a few minutes before the flight to NYC. This was the first time I experienced a transatlantic flight where no food was included with the ticket. Annoying that they kept interrupting the films to make announcements, first in Icelandic, then in English, of things I didn't care to know."
Fordele: "The service was superior. They made sure my younger daughter were occupied and gave a small gift and snack. The movies were great way to pass the time, overall experience were great! We would be a return customer for sure!"
Ulemper: "Nothing really, we are very pleased!"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Waiting time are so long Take a bus to the plane Take a long time to drop baggages Only 5 seats to sit at the gate"
Fordele: "Comfortable plane, and free water was appreciated. Liked the selection of entertainment."
Ulemper: "My partner and I were not able To check in online so was assigned a seat at check in at the airport, leaving us to be placed at the very last row. Would have been fine except for the lack of windows (feels claustrophobic taking off and landing). Boarding was not smooth: no direction on when they started checking in, then waited in separate boarding room for 5-10 minutes with no direction on why we were waiting and for how long. Also wish a meal or snacks were included on a 6 hour flight."
Fordele: "Poor check inn , bad lounge , seats are worst ,food even dig can not eat , plane in bad shape airport in Iceland worst in works"
Ulemper: "Everything I do not like"
Fordele: "I loved the informative videos about Iceland! I had planned to watch them all, but my video screen stopped working for awhile. I thought about switching seats, but I ended up sharing headphones with my boyfriend and watching some movies instead."
Ulemper: "I paid a lit of money for the flight from JFK and there was no food on the plane."
Fordele: "No food or even head phones...will check WOW from now on"
Fordele: "Personnel at counter and on flight were outstanding. Very nice, great service attitude, smart, well-trained."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a bit chaotic."
Fordele: "Seat was comfortable"
Ulemper: "In addition to the above when i finally got to JFK my luggage was still lost"
Ulemper: "Delay on boarding"
Fordele: "Flight over was satisfactory."
Ulemper: "The terminal in Reykjavik was dangerously crowded at the "D" gate coming back. They charged me for food and a glass of wine on the return trip but not on the trip over. ???? The flight back was 1 1/2 hours late."
Ulemper: "No food served on an international flight. Boarding was unorganized."
Ulemper: "Transfer between flight was very chaotic and terminal appears to be makeshift --- but i guess it's an improvement on NAS Keflavik."
Ulemper: "Yet another delayed flight. All four legs of my NY - London trip via Reykjavik were delayed over an hour."
Fordele: "flight attendant were extremely helpful. TV's."
Ulemper: "Not enough space for a 6 hr flight. Also flight was delayed and still had to pay 6 bucks for cheap headphones."
Fordele: "Baggage was lost."
Fordele: "USB plug to charge electronics was very helpful quick and prompt boarding seats were comfortable plenty of leg room great tv options"

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Fly fra Billund til New York John F Kennedy


Billund (BLL)Danmark


New York John F Kennedy (JFK)USA

Tilbud på hjemrejsefly:

New York John F Kennedy - Billund

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2.526 kr.

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