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KLMTotale score baseret på 3688 bedømmelser
Ulemper: "The touch screen did not work properly"
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Ulemper: "The touch screen did not work properly"
Fordele: "Due to business I travel allot so I deal with allot of airlines. This is by far the best airlines I have used. Excellent crew and airport staff. I don’t think words can express how satisfied I am with this airlines and airport. The nicest people and great service. Clean and modern aircraft. Going to try flying only with KLM from now on."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Terrific hot breakfast in bus. class"
Ulemper: "Window did not darken like the others."
Fordele: "Great atmosphere, crew was excellent!"
Ulemper: "I’m 6’5”, so legroom can always be a complaint, but this wasn’t too bad. The plane appeared to be fairly old and didn’t have WiFi. Entertainment also was on an older screen which was navigated by using an old in-seat phone."
Fordele: "15 years ago I told myself not to fly Delta anymore. But these 2 flights Detroit to Amsterdam and back changed my mind. I enjoyed the flight very much and I'm looking forward to the next one."
Fordele: "Usual faultless KLM experience"
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "Time"
Ulemper: "Delay due to strike"
Fordele: "The crew was informative"
Ulemper: "Inflight sandwiches"
Fordele: "Boarding was quick and flight was calm"
Ulemper: "The coffe and breakfast."
Ulemper: "I congratulate the KLM crew!"
Fordele: "Crew great, boarding at Nice very organised, boarding in Amsterdam not so organised!"
Ulemper: "A queuing system would be better-it was a bit disorganised at Amsterdam!"
Fordele: "Crew were great"
Ulemper: "Refreshments"
Fordele: "The crew is really welcoming"
Ulemper: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
Fordele: "General flight journey"
Fordele: "Everything was smooth and effortless."
Ulemper: "Can’t think of anything."
Fordele: "The space at my feet with the chair in front was a bit akward."
Ulemper: "Not being seated next to small kids. Perhaps they should have a separate section? ;-)"
Fordele: "Crew was pleasant but not attentive to detail. Bypassed is completely for snack and drink towards end of 9 hour flight!"
Ulemper: "Pay attention to passengers."
Fordele: "One crew member was very good but all were not very available or checking on people. I had a seat that I purchased and it was very hard to recline I only found out that it did if fact recline it the last hour to hour and a half of the trip! It was a difficult push back to get it to recline"
Ulemper: "If I knew how to recline my seat earlier. I did try several times"
Ulemper: "We were changed from KLM to Airiltalia without any information sent so only because I tried to check in did I find out the flight on KLM was cancelled and we were changed to Airitalia. The Airitalia flight was very mediocre."
Fordele: "Everything was good except for the entertainment consul for one of our seats."
Ulemper: "One of our entertainment consuls had to be rebooted 4 times and still didn’t work. We gave up asking."
Fordele: "Amazing crew"
Fordele: "God komfort og fin service"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "Perfekt"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "The crew was very nice"
Ulemper: "Uncomfortable seat but it’s only a 1 hour flight so not a big deal."
Fordele: "Good comfortable seat with extra leg room. Pleasant crew."
Fordele: "And i got it 2 days later. I had to buy a lot of items which were in my suitcase The returning of the suitcase was awfull. In tge end after many phone calls I received it On the 18/12 evening, 2 days after my landing"
Fordele: "Gaps between seats are very narrow."
Ulemper: "when serving drinks, cabin crew limited to serve liquor only once and it was poor service."
Fordele: "Last year I flew Lufthansa which was my worst experience flying ever. I thought the new standard was so low I would never fly to Europe again. I had heard KLM was good but I felt this was as good as could be expected actually much better. The food was even good."
Ulemper: "I would have to dream something up."
Fordele: "Light snack and complementary wine"
Ulemper: "old screens and entertainment system leg room to small"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Fordele: "The boarding was easy and you didn't have to wait inline for that long"
Ulemper: "KLM needs to upgrade the entertainment. It was very hard to see the images on the screen. The planes that KLM uses are old and they sure need to be upgraded."
Fordele: "Food was excellent, frequent and filling"
Ulemper: "The seat was not comfortable compared to my prior leg of the journey. Unfortunately the bathrooms were not clean, I understand that it's not the sole responsibility of the crew and passengers need to be mindful too."
Fordele: "Fairly nice flight. 7 hours AMS to JFK. They had ice cream cones for us mid flight and an after dinner cognac if you wished."
Ulemper: "Not a big fan of paying for a few extra inches of leg room in a better seat after paying for a ticket."
Ulemper: "Boarding was very confusing. There was an area where they were checking people's bags or something near the gate and you didn't know if you needed to stop at it or continue. They didn't collect garbage before landing. Not only did we have to take our bags off the plane, we had to carry our garbage (drink cups/food served) to the front of the plane to throw out."
Ulemper: "The cabin crew was racist! She asked me to move from a seat because she wanted another guy ( obviously from her country ) to take it! Rude and racist."
Fordele: "We are guessing they either overbooked or they didn't have sufficient passengers on a Tuesday afternoon who's final stop was Glasgow. They rebooked him for 1200 the next day. DFW to MN, St Paul to Schipole, Amsterdam to final destination, Glasgow. So he ends up having to pay for another Lyft back to our apartment in Dallas, then another additional one for the 12 noon flight the next morning. If he didn't have family living in Dallas, he would've incurred a hotel fee too."
Ulemper: "He was bumped to the next day due to his flight being cancelled. Then re-booked the next day, with an additional layover. Then due to a 32 minute layover that left 3 minutes sooner..."
Ulemper: "The streaming service didn’t work"
Fordele: "Very friendly service!"
Fordele: "The food service was good and the flight attendants were friendly."
Ulemper: "The plane was very uncomfortable. The seats were small, you felt on top of the person next to you, and there was no leg room. I am a pretty small person- I can't image how uncomfortable all of the taller passengers must have been."
Fordele: "My bagage broke"
Ulemper: "I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it"
Fordele: "Nice seats, comfortable."
Ulemper: "Again, no aisle seat for SkyTeam Gold member. Also, my baggage was lost. First bag arrived a day late, second after I had left Billund and it was six days before the bag with my clothes reached me. I was told I will have 100 euro credit for clothing, but in the winter and for 6 days, this was not even close to the amount I needed for clothing and necessities, to have my time here."
Ulemper: "OLD OLD plane with hard seats and tiny screens"
Fordele: "I was upgraded to Buisness so, no complaints"
Ulemper: "No Marlboro light cigarettes on the duty free shopping cart"
Fordele: "Efficiency and speed of boarding was acceptable. I have no complaints about that aspect. The Comfort+ seats were worth the upgrade, pretty comfortable and reasonable legroom unless you have a big carry on stowed under the seat in front of you."
Ulemper: "The first announcement they made to all of us in the economy section was thay they did not have any headphones for anyone but business class. I was told when I booked the seat that the headphones would be complementary. So I did not bother to bring any assuming they were going to keep their word; I figure I'd make it work and watch a movie without sound. If that isn't bad enough midway through my nine hour flight my monitor went out and would not turn back on."
Fordele: "It was a short flight so it was O.K."
Ulemper: "Boarding was odd. Go to airport early and counters were not open, did on line check in so was able to avoid the self check in at airport. Also self check in luggage seems confusing with no ground crew to help. It didn't affect me but lots of confused passenger."
Ulemper: "Først leg gik som planlagt, men herefter gik alt galt...."
Ulemper: "Lovely"
Ulemper: "there was a problem with special assistance on the connection flight. Nobody was waiting at the end..."
Fordele: "The crew was very nice and helpful, the plane left on time and landed on time"
Ulemper: "The food maybe"
Ulemper: "We had a delayed flight from Mykonos to Athens and the airflight company did nothing to help us."
Ulemper: "Check in was chaotic and unfair with people cutting in line and inefficient lengthy waits. The baggage policy was confusing and a pain to pay the extra cost because you had to go to another counter and wait in line yet again."
Ulemper: "I have taken 5 flight with Aegean airlines in the last 3 weeks & not 1 of them left within an hour of the scheduled departure time. The delays in travel were unacceptable. We were 2 hours late to take off, when we landed it took 45 minutes to get off & another 30 minutes for bags to start showing up"
Ulemper: "We missed our connection because our first flight was late they wouldn’t do anything for us"
Ulemper: "15 min late and at Athens airport took me 40min to get my luggage."
Fordele: "Nice and efficient crew, clean plane and sits, sat in Exit row so quite comfortable"
Ulemper: "There are no Aegean air representatives at baggage claims or when you arrive at your gate to ask questions. I looked in vain to find out something about my luggage and no one was in athens to help"
Ulemper: "Air pressure in cabin was terrible"
Fordele: "Everything went well."
Ulemper: "The food."
Ulemper: "the connecting flight was missed because of a delay in the first flight. i got a different flight with a different airline (sas), they were not informed that i paid extra weight and window seat. i am very unhappy! not to mention that the whole purpuise of my trip is gone, because i a will arrive to copenhagen five hours late for the meeting i was supposed to hold with my fans! i will never fly with egean again!"
Fordele: "Boarding was quick, the food was nice, all the attendants hadn’t big smiles on their faces, the pilot was experienced."
Ulemper: "The check in staff at the front desk were extremely rude and forced me to check and pay for a bag that was a carryon."
Ulemper: "Had to double pay for baggage. Total scam"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed for more than 2 hours without having any announcement nor a reps to tell you what was going on or when is the new departure time. The aircraft is very small, old, narrow seats, delay in boarding and unboarding."
Fordele: "I appreciated that they didn't charge me to check in my carry on bag."
Ulemper: "It is sad that they could not add this flight on to my Star Alliance without my card."
Fordele: "It was great to check in and save the boarding pass in my wallet. Made it easy to check in while traveling and having no access to a printer. The flight was conformable and we got food."
Fordele: "I like the people and the crew and the plane."
Ulemper: "That my bags had to be checked for an outrageous price of 50 euros per bag."
Ulemper: "The website only mentions about having to pay for extra luggage and they made me pay 55 dollars at the airport for a 20 kg suitcase. This is dishonest and unacceptable."
Ulemper: "We paid 70 Euro in the airport for a small suitcase. we felt robbed because we had no informations about charges of suitcases. If we knew about this we would not carry with us any suitcase. The seats were very tight and no comfortable. No entertainment at all."
Fordele: "The flight left Budapest on time and arrived on time."
Ulemper: "Unbeknownst to me, I needed a boarding pass prior to checking my luggage and there was a 35 Euro fee for one piece of luggage. I did not appreciate either one of these unexpected occurrences and extra fee."
Fordele: "Same as above"
Fordele: "We were given a meal"
Ulemper: "The meal wasn't very good"
Fordele: "-professional staff - on time"
Ulemper: "- lack of entertainment"
Fordele: "Everything was fine."
Ulemper: "I liked everything"
Fordele: "Friendly people, quick service."
Ulemper: "They charged 35 euro for one luggage. That's too high and nowhere during my reservation did it say that, KAYAK!!!"
Fordele: "Good flight overall. It was nice to receive drinks."
Ulemper: "We were 30 minutes late to board so I missed the bus from the airport and had to wait an hour at the airport."
Fordele: "Served food to all on the flight. Awesome!"
Ulemper: "The baggage limits are very strict; if you haven't limited your packing & weighed your bags, be prepared for high fees. 3 of us traveling together with carry-ons that we took free on other airlines (thank you Iberia!) cost us $250!!! Lights were NOT turned off for this overnight flight & VERY noisy"
Fordele: "The cabin crew was extremely helpful and patient with those passengers who were struggling to place possessions in overhead bins. While leaving the aircraft, I was able to call out to the captain that it was an excellent flight and he responded with a big grin."
Fordele: "Everyone was so friendly & the food was delish!"
Ulemper: "They should board the back rows first so that people are not jamming the isle, like they do in Brazil. The boarding ran 15 minutes late."
Fordele: "Great service nice food comfortable flight"
Ulemper: "Nothing :))"
Ulemper: "Chaotic loading typical of Greek airports."
Fordele: "The line at the airport was moved quickly and efficiently by the staff."
Ulemper: "The boarding gets extremely hectic. When we were getting on our flight they kept us in a hot bus for 15 minutes before letting us out to board the plane. It's also very difficult to get someone from customer services to help - they seem to pass the buck to someone else always and you're left running in circles."
Fordele: "Everything is perfect"
Ulemper: "The lost and found office is not open 24 hours in Athens. And that is strange how can you claim something u lost if your flight doesn't fall within the 9 to 5 hours."
Fordele: "Crew were very helpful and courteous"
Fordele: "Nice and clean aircraft nice service"
Fordele: "the view was nice, yogurt with honey at the meal was good. other food, not so great"
Ulemper: "i flew into athens in business class but back in econ, there was a huge comparison between how the crews treat passengers. i don't see why crews should be smiling to business class passengers but not to economy class, we're all customers after all."
Fordele: "It was inexpensive therefor I didn't expect much although I got more than I paid for!"
Fordele: "Staff, staff, staff, staff......food"
Ulemper: "Entertainment consoles were spotty with their sound."
Ulemper: "My brother in law and I both had carry on luggages that look big but fit in the box. After being asked to do the size check, the agent asked him to check his bag instead of carrying it on but not mine, even though his is within size limit and mine clearly looked bigger. We have no doubt that there was some profiling going on; he's Latino. That sat with us the whole ride and now will probably never ride with Aegean Airlines again."
Fordele: "Crew is very friendly Seats are not cramped"
Fordele: "Aegean Airlines is nice. 2 hour flight they showed a new release movie and served a full lunch complete with the best chocolate mousse. Airlines in American could learn something from there hospitality."

The crew that checked at the gate was completely unprofessional, i had a child, stroller and a carry on luggage and the crew did not bother providing any help getting down 3 flight if stairs. I asked for hel and they ignored me

All good. Boarding was on time and everything was well organized. The flight was on time so overall I had a good experience.

Was my first time fighting with Lufthansa, but first of many. I'm very happy with my choice!!

Flyet var forsinket - både i LAX og i Frankfurt - dårlig information

Forsinkelse fra Beirut. Tasken nåede ikke med

Fordele: "Nice crew"
Ulemper: "More comfortable seats"
Ulemper: "Lufthansa burde presse lufthavnen i Frankfurt til at ge bemanding imsilkerhedskonteollen. Kl 6.10 i morges tog det 35 min i business køen og mindst 50 mini economy køen"
Fordele: "flyturen i sig selv var fin men var forsinket."
Ulemper: "Flyet var forsinket så jeg missede forbindelsen til CPH i Frankfurt. Det kan ske. Blev omboket til tidligt fly næste morgen. Sådan måtte det jo så være. Men at skulle stå i kø som business pasager i 55 min for at få hotelvoucher og nyt boardingpass var for meget. Economy havde endnu længere kø. Skikkerhedstjek næste morgen i Frankfurt tog 35 min for business og op mod 1t for economy!"
Fordele: "Everything was really good. Crew was helpful and provided excellent customer service. Food provided was good."
Ulemper: "The only thing that would have been better was cooler air in the cabin. I got very hot on both my flights to and from Frankfurt."
Ulemper: "Canceled flight"
Ulemper: "The in-flight snack - choice of two disappointing sandwiches."
Fordele: "Nice smooth and organized flight"
Ulemper: "Never revived my checking email The cabin was very cold. I had to wear a jacket for the whole flight. With two blankets"
Ulemper: "Maden er kedelig og der var ingen valgmuligheder."
Ulemper: "Entertainment didn’t work"
Ulemper: "Flight was canceled from Newark to Monachium then coming back plane from Krakow was late and I had to spend night in Monacoum . I arrived to Newark on Tuesday instead of Monday horrible trip all together ☹️"
Fordele: "It was very smooth, the connection was great, boarding went easy, service was nice."
Ulemper: "Couldn't check in online and because I booked pretty late, didn't get the seat choice I wanted. I purchased the flight via the Lufthansa site, but then on check-in, I found out that the first segment was SAS, so neither the Lufthansa site nor the SAS site let me check in online."
Fordele: "Flight crew and food was wonderful."
Ulemper: "We were put on standby. We expected our names to be called for seat assignments but we didn’t expect we could just swipe our boarding pass and our seat assignment would show. It’s a nice feature but I didn’t like that it wasn’t clearly explained to us."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Everything, lost luggage and missed flights because of flights not making their time."
Fordele: "Bad"
Ulemper: "Because the one came in from London Got Delay And I miss my flight"
Ulemper: "Departure was delayed causing me to miss my connection from Frankfurt to San Francisco."
Fordele: "Randomly gave me better seats!"
Ulemper: "Waited an hour after boarding in the plane."
Fordele: "All was good."
Ulemper: "All was good."
Fordele: "friendly staff"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread. Lost my suitcase when arriving in Billund - got it late next day"
Fordele: "friendly service"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread"
Fordele: "Flight itself was fine. Some turbulence but that could not be helped"
Ulemper: "My 6am flight was cancelled while we were waiting in line. No one explained anything. Just went up to desk and I was put on a flight an hour later. But then my bag did not make it I was there in plenty of time to check in. Easy explanation would have helped"
Fordele: "Great service and food."
Ulemper: "after the fact, improperly disclosed baggage charge excessive and no opportunity to pay on line and avoid the charge at the airport."
Fordele: "Pleasant efficient crew and although we had a late departure the pilot made up the time and we did not miss our connection"
Ulemper: "Check in very confusing, switched gates on me but I didn’t get the text until later, after take off. No announcement over the PA system in the airport. If my son, who was picking me up, hadn’t been tracking my flight, I would have missed it."
Fordele: "The crew was very friendly and helpful"
Ulemper: "I am lactose intolerant and there were few non-dairy options"
Fordele: "Lufthansa når det er bedst - turen var en bevidst fravalg af Airfrance der også flyver fra København til Alger - og dette fravalg kan anbefales, hvis man ikke har svært ved at komme tidligt af sted..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "SAS når det er bedst - for det var faktisk SAS der lagde fly og personale til..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "The staff was helpful and courteous"
Fordele: "the crew was courteous, attentive, accommodating."
Ulemper: "Boarding mix up, which was completely Lufthansa's responsibility, delayed my flight to Istanbul for one hour which caused my missing my connection with another airline. This in turn cost me the original flight and a new ticket purchase of at an exorbent price."
Fordele: "Boarding was fast Crew was polite"
Ulemper: "There was no entertainment on board!!!!!!"
Fordele: "Comfort able seats and good entertainment"
Ulemper: "My wife is 8th month pregnant I felt that the airline should had made accommodations for my wife and unborned child."
Fordele: "Flight Attendants were Excellent. Friendly, attentive, and caring! Thank You Very Much."
Ulemper: "Lufthansa changed our seats, splitting up my wife and I, after confirming they were together. Thank you to the Flight Attendant who reseated us together but "you know what" to the person that screwed up the seats in the first place. Also the on-line check in process was extremely poor, maybe "bad" is a better word."
Fordele: "Brand new plane, pleasant attentive staff. Delayed leaving but most of time made up. Since plane was new everything was clean and worked well *including audio, good movie selection too."
Ulemper: "Not so friendly crew"
Fordele: "Flight was cancelled due to pilot strike."
Fordele: "Overall a pretty good flight."
Ulemper: "The in-flight wasn't working, so no movies on a nine hour flight."
Ulemper: "Entertainment was VERY poor - The overhead TVs were glitchy and hard to watch. I purchased Wifi but it never worked. didnt have anything to do.."
Fordele: "Everything was efficient and the somewhat long flight was easy because of food and entertainment. (Saw a really good Japanese film with subtitles)"
Ulemper: "Incorrect gate given for this flight, connecting flight was a little late. Everything was fairly quickly corrected."
Fordele: "Efficiency...I sat three rows behind the crying babies...but with ear phones...had a pleasant flight"
Ulemper: "Once again - the connecting flights through Frankfurt are difficult because of the size of the airport and the location of the gates. Make certain there is enough time between flights to get to new gate. Use extra time to purchase some of the excellent food items"
Ulemper: "Small plain and food was very bad"
Fordele: "Food, very well organized crew"
Ulemper: "No leg room, long flight"
Ulemper: "coach seating sold as biz class"
Fordele: "Airbus 380'eren er et fantastisk fly. Var så heldig at flyve på business og imponerende med den mængde business sæder, som flyveren har og den kvalitet den enkelte plads byder på lige fra super hovedtelefoner til en reel soveplads og fantastiske sæder der kan indstilles næsten efter behag."
Ulemper: "Personalet virkede super stressede i forhold til at kunne give den service, som de vel selv gerne ville overfor businessclass passagerer. Serveringen virkede hektisk og der var ingen ro da flyveturen var kort grundet et hurtig fly og for mange passagerer."
Fordele: "Nothing, pretty much"
Ulemper: "I was told my hand luggage needed to go to the cargo, despite it being small enough to be with me. The food was a water bottle and chips. There was more than an hour late to boarding time. The crew were not informative about what was going on. The plane made worrying noises when taking off."
Fordele: "WeII, I didn't die."
Ulemper: "Everything. They gave us a 10mx10m prison ceII with no windows and no AC to wait in. EVERYONE had to smushed into this room, as each gate area has its own security. Boarding the pIane was pathetic, with us standing in a bus for 20 mins and no expIanation. The back of the seats were faIIing apart."
Ulemper: "This flight is apparently consistently late"
Fordele: "The plane was an airbus, nothing to rave about nothing also to complain about. It got us there safely and relatively speaking on time after a later inbound arrival."
Ulemper: "The process of check in was terrible could not do so on line at least in Berlin. It is possible elsewhere in the system. Long and slow line for check in and then long and slow line for passport control and security, but we survived it. Advice is arrive early, you will need the time."
Fordele: "Crew was very polite and helpful, seat pitch was acceptable for my height (1.92 cm)"
Ulemper: "I know this was a short flight but one tiny bag of pretzels is just not acceptable!"
Fordele: "Crew"
Ulemper: "Seats"
Ulemper: "Snacks on the plane, comfort"
Fordele: "Crew is fantastik,Dana is the best"
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordele: "Comfy and clean"
Ulemper: "Not enough time between the connecting flights. The terminals were too far apart, and the local airport transportation took too long to get me to a connection flight terminal."
Fordele: "Pleasant staff, wonderful food, very pleasant flight"
Ulemper: "Nothing, everything was very good"
Ulemper: "No entertainment equipment, video or audio."
Fordele: "My isle seat"
Ulemper: "Studardess were very unpleasant,2 times they passed my row,had to take out garbage by myself. Same movies were played on both flights (I had round trip)"
Fordele: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew. Seats comfortable enough for an hour, but no longer."
Ulemper: "I have never been on a flight where there were so many screaming infants, and so loudly. Air Serbia, like the other airlines, apparently can find nobody smart and creative enough to solve that problem."
Fordele: "Air Serbia did the best they could to keep passengers comfortable and send all of us to hotel during the day w food and comfortable accommodation"
Ulemper: "Arms rest are pretty small"
Fordele: "We received a voucher for food during our 4+ Hour delay before boarding on air serbia to Belgrade. Once we arrived in Belgrade, we stayed in the business suite before our flight and was provided with food and couches to relax on before our next flight. Also, on our connecting flight to athens, Aegean airlines was very professional and really wish I would have used their service instead of air serbia."
Ulemper: "Air serbia did not tell us why there was a 4+ hour delay to belgrade. Once we arrived in Belgrade, we had to wait 9+ hours for our connecting flight to athens when we were only supposed to have 2 hrs layover. Once we boarded the plane to athens, the workers at the airport had no clue were our luggage was and a lot of things were miscommunicated between them. They were very unprofessional and some of them were very rude. They had plenty of time to move our luggage to the next airplane, but too careless to do that. So now we have to wait a couple of days to get the rest of our luggages. We also missed our train ride in greece because of air serbia and had to pay for another train ticket and did not receive a refund"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Unable to check in online. Didn't accept credit cards forced to wait in serval lines to pay for luggage. Long waiting lines. Don't offer water on plane. No information given about luggage and being forced to pay for a seat fee. No information on connecting flights. Most uncomfortable plane and horrible experience."
Fordele: "Seating was excellent good leg room for a tall person like myself. Service on flight wad great. Boarding and checkin were a bit of a mess but were quickly resolved"
Ulemper: "They were very unpolite. They completely ignored multiple requests. I was ignored and not even asked get a drink (I just needed some water). They said they offer the food and drinks to others because they paid. Money wasn’t an issues. Besides I wasn’t even offered a drink neither asked for money. I found it really rude."
Fordele: "Half way through the journey they wanted to charge me 40 Euros to check in my carry on because it was too big. They said they shouldn't have allowed it on the first flight."
Ulemper: "Half way through the journey they wanted to charge me 40 Euros to check in my carry on because it was too big. They said they shouldn't have allowed it on the first flight. Also security check was at the gate so no water was allowed or available to buy after it, so you were forced to buy on the plane if you wanted water"
Fordele: "Timeliness, cleanliness and comfort."
Ulemper: "Inflight duty free closed too early."
Fordele: "I requested a special meal. It wasn't delivered. I had called Air Serbia days before my travel to confirm that, and the lady said it was. Unfortunatley, there is no way for me to lookbthat information online. Even the gate agent wasn't able to look that informationmout, and told me it will be there. I simply had to go with 'belief' that my special meal would be there. They did not have any other options . The food they served was so unpalatable that I threw up. I threw up in a plastic bag, as opposed to a barf bag. I didnt have time to get it out from the seat pocket. When I called the flight attendant for assistsnce, she was so rude in pointing that I should have used the barf bag and not a plastic bag. Very unempathetic. They did not check on me after that. The flight was so hot, and too crammed. Old plane. The entertainment was unentertaining. I would never fly this airline again."
Ulemper: "Everything"
Fordele: "Food is okay, entertainment is finally available (at least for mobile phones and tablets), crew is good"
Ulemper: "New sits are just uncomfortable, especially in the middle."
Ulemper: "Afrer a day I am still in Pittsburgh!!!"
Fordele: "I got to board first because I am wearing a cast on my leg."
Ulemper: "The plane was extremely hot the entire 5 hour flight and even though many people asked to make the air cooler, the flight crew did nothing. It was a 5 hour flight and only 1 water was served. It was hot and only 1 water was served. When asked for two waters because I was extremely thirsty, the flight crew looked annoyed and brought only 1 to me. I hope to never fly Air Serbia again."
Fordele: "You guys cancelled my trip 2 hrs before take off. I received an email at 12:20 saying that my card didn't go through after telling me earlier it was paid for very disappointed . I had to rush to the airport couldn't by my ticket because they don't sell at counter and then was on phone with air Serbia for 45 mins before I could buy my flight on a long distance call which will probably cost me $50."
Fordele: "Quick flight"
Ulemper: "Time it took to board and leave"
Fordele: "Gave us food when they weren't required."
Ulemper: "They saying it's internet connection during the flight,when you pay for the internet the only option what you can choose is to watch how's your MB goes away and you are not able to open anything.Very good job Air Serbia,never again with you!!!"
Ulemper: "I tried to cancel my flight about a week before it took place. Wasn't given a chance to do so, since you didn't bother to advertise a clear email or available contact info to which I could speak. Now you're asking me for online check in and a review? Well, your customer service is terrible, that's for sure..."
Ulemper: "The fact that I tried for nearly a week to CANCEL the flight. Yet was given no help, after sending email after email, making sure that I covered whatever was possible on my side. And of course, no response. Ended up forced to simply not attend the flight. Thanks a lot for a GREAT customer support, AirSerbia... (being cynical here, just making sure I do what I can so you get this)"
Fordele: "Air Serbia is way better than old JAT Airways (or at least better than JAT Airways after 1992). They are improving and it seems that they will be a solid regional company, as well as a good Etihad partner."
Ulemper: "I don`t know why they still didn`t decomission old ATR-72 turboprops. They might use them on some flights, but I believe that they should buy or lease some mid-range jets even for short-haul flights. Austrian Airways uses jets for BEG-VIE service."
Fordele: "crew was great , very friendly"
Ulemper: "tv sound didn't work"
Ulemper: "It took 1:40min to go through the boarding process (drop luggage, get boarding pass). The actual flight is 1:20min. Total incompetence and lack of speed. This is how they worked it...They try to board multiple flights off the same counters. You stand in line for 1 hour and no movement happens- literally!?Then, since the next flight is about to be delayed - they announce for you to stampede forward, to make your flight. Then the process actually begins and 20min later and some bureaucracy on extra luggage you get your pass. Then you run through passport control and security, exhausted and frustrated (as was everyone else). Etihad should instruct Serbian Airlines in which they invested, how a plane (s) are to be boarded. After all it's over 100 years since the first commercial flight took place, its not that much of a mystery any more:)"
Ulemper: "I had a kid sitting on the seat behind me and kept kicking my seat. :("
Fordele: "Short flight so the lack of enterntainmet was not a problem. Clean airplane, tidy and very friendly staff. Food and drinks very fine compared to duration of the flight. Deparure on time, same with arrival."
Ulemper: "As I said this flight was on time, but the previous, CDG - BEG was delayed one hour."
Fordele: "Flight crew are nice, reasonable service during flight"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed at Rome, so the stop at Belgrade was short. Luggage did not arrive with the flight, only after two days they arrived to the destination. After two days the luggage arrived dirty and a bag of "Sephora" cosmetic company missing from one of the suitcase."
Fordele: "Service"
Ulemper: "Long Layovers"
Ulemper: "The cabin temperature was too warm and we had to keep asking for water to stay hydrated. Not enough drinks were offered. It was a long, uncomfortable flight."
Fordele: "traveler's assistance check in on time smooth flying. nice snacks"
Ulemper: "online check in is not available if starting out of Stuttgart !!!?"
Fordele: "Flight Crew and Ground service behavior during the problem with the plane damage."
Ulemper: "Poor capacity building of the lower service people at the ground level at Abu Dhabi airport. They should have proper information for all passenger's issues."
Fordele: "Nearly all, but inadequate organisation a fuel leaking problem at AbuDabi airport on 10/02/2016."
Ulemper: "Passengers were kept 3 hours in the plane during the impairment."
Fordele: "All good."
Ulemper: "They woke me up for a meal. My bad to forget earplugs or ask for some."
Fordele: "Food is very good"
Ulemper: "Flat bed is not comfortabl, no mattras.."
Fordele: "Luggage allowance"
Ulemper: "Too few movie selections"
Fordele: "Friendly staff both at the airport and on the plane. Clean airplanes, professionalism and excellent service. Not to mention, arrived 1 hour early on both legs. Excellent experience and I will be flying with Air Serbia again."
Ulemper: "Nothing bad to say about it."
Fordele: "Awesome crew and service."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Ulemper: "They are so unfriendly, had to buy new ticket and paid extra $1,270.00,they said " you are late ""
Ulemper: "Serbia leg - including a 5 hour flight - had no entertainment options and food was not great. Additionally, one of our bags was misplaced and we are hoping it will be delivered later this week."
Fordele: "Smooth flight. Perfect service."
Fordele: "yes. It was perfect."
Fordele: "Helpful"
Ulemper: "Better reading material"
Fordele: "Everything except the delay"
Ulemper: "No delays, took bag crew forever to load the plane, they were extremely late....waited over 35minutes"
Fordele: "The crew, plane and procedure was all great."
Ulemper: "Part of out luggage was disassembled during transit and part was missing afterwards... part of the luggage was missing."
Ulemper: "Nothing in time"
Ulemper: "At least a complimentary glass of water or juice in Economy."
Fordele: "Arrival in time"
Ulemper: "Compartment for hand luggage was full, no space"
Fordele: "Very nice plane and we left on time and the flight was very smooth."
Fordele: "The airplane was brand new. The crew was very friendly"
Fordele: "Food offered on flight even though short trip"
Ulemper: "Was delayed so being on time"
Ulemper: "Der var elendig aircondition, så der var enormt varmt ombord på flyet."
Fordele: "flight crew was amazing."
Ulemper: "Boarding was poorly handled by airport staff"
Ulemper: "Baggage was broken and two items inside also broken. Was overcharged for baggage."
Fordele: "Very nice and comfortable place by Air Baltic. Nice and polite crew."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed"
Fordele: "Small compliment from Air France was lovely and unexpected"
Fordele: "Helpful crew"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Simple no frills airline"
Fordele: "Efficient boarding and disembarking."
Ulemper: "Shocked that I need to produce my own printed boarding cards (I don't travel with a printer), or I must produce it on a smartphone. Neither available - I showed my confirmation of check-in on my email and the agent printed my boarding cards. Your idea of asking 32 Euro for a boarding card is &^%(*"
Ulemper: "Short flight and unmemorable (that's a good thing)"
Ulemper: "would not check my bag to final destination"
Ulemper: "When I got to the check-in desk, I was told to get out of line and check in online. It wasn't a big deal, but it would have been good to know that it was necessary to do this so I didn't wait in line for a long time."
Ulemper: "There was a sceen right before my eyes telling me how much time of the flight was left. Even if I wanted to be unaware of the information I could not because as I mensioned it was right before my eyes. I was aware of almost every minute of this flight....found it hard to let go and just let time pass"
Fordele: "Short, convenient, direct, value for money."
Ulemper: "Not comfortable, small plane."
Ulemper: "flight was delayed, missed connecting flight. new flight they gave me was also delayed, almost missed connecting flight again"
Ulemper: "The passage through Riga airport was terrifying. We arrived from St. Petersburg 6.35 and we left 7.20 to Paris (passengers in transit). We explained at the checkpoint that we had a few minutes, but they controlled us several times until we had to throw several liquid items. In St. Petersburg they had already controlled us, without problems. In short: a sad experience in Riga, which does not speak well of this country: Latvia."
Fordele: "Nice new propeller plane on time"
Ulemper: "No free water or coffee. Luggage fee not told about when I booked. No entertainment."
Fordele: "Easy for my friend and I"
Fordele: "On time boarding and departure. Clean plane and friendly staff."
Ulemper: "Nothing, all was good."
Ulemper: "This is an airline that has perfected the art of nickle-and-diming customers. One example: I asked for a glass of water. The smug flight attendant told me, “We only sell bottled water,” with a look that dared me to complain."
Fordele: "Everything was in time. Baggage I handked in the Riga airport and received it in Larnaca, no problems"
Ulemper: "I needed to cancel the flight a month before, and I got no refund"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The flight was cancelled, so I did not make to the my connection flight with different carrier. I had to reschedule the flight and stay in the hotel overnight. AirBaltic refused to compensate for my looses due to thair fault, castomer service is very poor, they took refusal position right away. Air Baltic planes are very old and no air conditioning, avoid air Baltic."
Fordele: "Professional appearance"
Ulemper: "Extra $ for the seat (quite absurd) and 40 Euros for a check in luggage."
Ulemper: "I was flying transit, but I had to go through the check-in in Paris. At the check-in they started to make problems about my carry-on luggage. I had just two flights from the United States behind me and no problems at all and suddenly I can't fly with my carry-on luggage? I didn't like the AirBaltic check-in service."
Fordele: "Enough said"
Fordele: "Boarding went well and crew was nice."
Ulemper: "The air conditioning was not working properly on the 3 hour flight which made it a bit sweaty and unfortable. The purchase of a cold beer was a must."
Ulemper: "Expensive tickets but no complimentary beverages and snacks for a 2 hour flight, overpriced snacks in the flight cafe. 3H delay!!!! with no understandable explanation in English and no explanation in Latvian from the captain - airBaltic is a Latvian airline! Other airlines use two languages - national and English"
Fordele: "Great airline with good airplanes and friendly staff. I was able to board the plane using my iPhone (e-ticket) from Copenhagen to Riga to Moscow."
Ulemper: "paying for water!"
Ulemper: "Who charges for coffee, jeez"
Ulemper: "Check in staff at Riga airport were rude. Check in Maine issued the same boarding pass twice, so one of us had no boarding pass. Security line was insanely long--30+ minutes! On board you pay for everything, even a glass of water. Tiny seats and the person behind me kept pushing on the back of my seat. Very uncomfortable! Will never fly airbaltic again."
Fordele: "Boarding was efficient."
Ulemper: "No free food or drink of any kind. That would have been okay since prices were reasonable. However, they completely skipped my row on my side of the plane, and I had to use the call button to get service."
Fordele: "Moved up to First class section."
Ulemper: "No refreshments"
Fordele: "New Planes, crew"
Ulemper: "Entertainment cost !!!"
Fordele: "Modern aircraft. Quick flight. Quick delivery of baggage at terminal. Relieved that baggage from BKK-KBP-RIX was not lost nor delayed."
Ulemper: "It was cold and I was not dressed for the bus to the aircraft, but instead for the tropics where I had been. The toilet was not centered for stand - up use for men. Thus had to kneel in order to use. This booked by UIA, but the carrier was Air Baltic, which led to some confusion as to which airline to go to for boarding."
Fordele: "Fine, left on time, short flight."
Ulemper: "No complaints"
Fordele: "Clean and modern airport in Riga Baggage well handled on connection"
Ulemper: "Riga to vilnius delayed 2 hours"
Fordele: "Boarding, comfort"
Ulemper: "SAS didn't let me check in my flight to final distinction, so I had a problem."

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1 stopairBaltic
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1 stopairBaltic
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1.434 kr.
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6t. 10min.CPH-IST
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1.454 kr.
1 stopKLM
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1 stopKLM
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1.481 kr.
1 stopKLM
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1 stopKLM
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1 stopAir Serbia
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Fly fra København til Istanbul


København (CPH)Danmark


Istanbul (IST)Tyrkiet

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Istanbul - København

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