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وقف الإعلانات خلال الرحلة الإعلانات كثيرة جدآ

Fordele: "Intet"
Ulemper: "Alt kunne have været bedre."
Fordele: "i like the food and movie choices."
Ulemper: "Crew was little bit rude. They didn’t help me to find the spot for my carry on luggage."
Fordele: "Crew was excellent, seats were comfy."
Ulemper: "Connecting flight From plane to the gates"
Fordele: "The service, generosity of the crew, the food and the comfort in the cabin ,actually everything in this flight was 5 stars."
Fordele: "Service, flight and landing, exceptional!!!"
Ulemper: "No cons..."
Fordele: "Service food timely departure"
Ulemper: "Nothing to dislike"
Ulemper: "customer service needs upgrading"
Fordele: "Turkish Airlines er normalt, som samlet pakke min favorit, men når indtjekning vælger at sætte 2 voksne mænd på sæder ved nødudgangen der kun er ca. 75% i størrelse af normle (små) sæder, så er 3½ time til Istanbul en lang sammenklemt oplevelse."
Ulemper: "Reducerede nødudgangssæder!"
Ulemper: "The seat are not comfortable for a long flight, I felt I was on a city bus it's very cramped and tight and I'm a medium size person, totally not recommended for heavy people"
Ulemper: "Flight got delayed by 8 hours. The food was horrible."
Fordele: "everything"
Ulemper: "nothing"
Fordele: "The food and entertainment was good. The crew was very nice."
Fordele: "Airplane crew was amazingly friendly and helpful"
Ulemper: "The customer service in Istanbul airport (for Turkish Airlines) did not speak or understand English at all. She could not give us any helpful information of our flight"
Fordele: "Cabin crew was perfect! Food and everything is best!"
Ulemper: "small plane, noisy! did not like business class. BUt overall ok"
Fordele: "The food is always good"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Service, timing"
Ulemper: "Didnt love the food ..."
Ulemper: "Missed Flight: The flight from Istanbul to Athens was posted as delayed. We were a party of eight and arrived for boarding very close to deadline (minus posted delays) At the boarding gate we were met by six other passengers. The gate was vacant and closed. The real problem happened at the Turkish Airlines desk where we were treated with arrogance, disdain and absolutely no compassion. AS a matter of fact some of the Turkish Airlines staff smiled as they imposed an outrageous fine to purchase tickets to the next flight and continuation of our previous booking. We intend to protest the charges and contact thru many forms of media inform as many fellow travellers of the incident and subsequent treatment by Turkish Airlines. Social media is a powerful tool and although the cards were held in their favor the night of 9-21-17 our protest will not end here. We are fourteen wounded travellers that have agreed to use as many forms of social media as possible to get our message out."
Fordele: "Liked the movies and entertainment selections."
Ulemper: "They didn't have a vegan menu. I had requested vegan and called over the phone a month before my flight and they said they understood. Then on the flight I was told they only do vegetarian which was not good enough. After food was passed out to guests the flight crew dissapeared and never came to collect food trays till about 2 hours after and guests were starting to make a mess leaving food trays on the ground and isles. I had already selected my seat prior to boarding which I paid hundreds of dollars for. Then after boarding the flight crew asked me and the gentleman sitting next to me to move our seats to accomodate for another man that wanted to sit next to his wife. Then I was stuck in a middle seat and I paid for an isle seat. I thought this was rediculous. No one offered me a discount or anything! And the man that wanted to sit next to his wife wouldn't let the plane leave till he was sitting next to his wife. What was I supposed to do? Hold up the plane even longer? This was so crazy!! Outrageous!"
Fordele: "Purchase value"
Ulemper: "Economy seats are a bit tight"
Ulemper: "My flight was cancelled twice within 24 hours before takeoff. All I got was an email saying it was cancelled and a number where no one could help me. I spent over $40 international calls just to reschedule my flight, only to have to take a $80 cab to the airport to have a human help me. Worst customer service and worst experience. I was trying to get home after a natural disaster struck my hometown and Turkish Airlines actually made that experience even worse. At no point did anyone even apologize for cancelling two of my flights without another option until a full week later. I had to pay to fly myself home from Boston because they were so unhelpful. Would never recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone I know whn traveling internationally."
Fordele: "The food"
Ulemper: "The seats are very tie"
Fordele: "Constant service, food, entertainment."
Ulemper: "Seat area is too small. No room for legs/feet. Garbage was not picked up."
Fordele: "Good selection of entertainment, comfortable seats."
Fordele: "Entertainment and food was good."
Ulemper: "Flying to Tel Aviv (I missed my chance to review), my tray table was broken and the USB wouldn't charge on any of the televisions."
Ulemper: "I didn't really like anything."
Ulemper: "Old plane with questionable food, only few movies. Not impressed and considering not using TA again"
Fordele: "הכל"
Ulemper: "שום דבר"
Ulemper: "Crew was slow to pick up trays."
Fordele: "Good"
Fordele: "Service was exceelent and all crew staff were professional and friendly and courteous."
Fordele: "Great airline"
Ulemper: "More leg room is needed"
Fordele: "friendly crew and superior service"
Fordele: "Cancelled"
Fordele: "Patience is a virtue"
Ulemper: "Less variety of food and entertainment options compared with other airlines I traced to USaa but service was exceptional."
Ulemper: "to hot, very hot!!! ו suffered too much"
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Good overall service"
Ulemper: "The staff could've been more patient"
Fordele: "Food, boarding"
Ulemper: "Leg room was limited"
Ulemper: "Antisematic"
Fordele: "great company."
Fordele: "I liked the entertainment options during the flight."
Ulemper: "1) Since we had a long layover at Istanbul, the airline provides the option to take you to a free hotel to spend the night. I knew this information based on online reviews, but the airline itself never did anything to offer this, I had to walk around on the airport, for like 2 hours I could not find decent help and some instructions in broken English. I had to pay 25 Euros to get mi visa stamped and walk out of the airport. The Turkish Airlines attendant that set up the free hotel for us, walked us to a shuttle that would drive us to the hotel, but the shuttle driver got lost? or something happened that caused for him to drive around town for more than an hour, speaking on the phone loudly in Turkish and completely ignoring us when we asked questions, This got a little scary since we had no idea what was going on, at some point we were in the middle of a dark residential area, and listening to the driver yell on the phone (god knows what). Luckily a driver came over and guided us to the hotel, but seriously, they should be careful about who they hire for these kind of tasks. (I posted a video on instagram with footage of the guy driving us around in case my family needed to find me)."
Fordele: "Most of the staff were friendly and helpful, and the quality of the food was rather impressive for a plane flight. I liked the number of selections that were available per the movies and media based entertainment on the flights."
Ulemper: "A few of the stewards and stewardesses had a bad attitude; as if they had brought on board some format of negativity. I understand the flights can be long, but there's no need for bad behavior towards customers."
Fordele: "On time and the crew very friendly"
Ulemper: "Boarding was not very well managed. They did not stick to the proper sequence."
Fordele: "Food was excellent. Service was awesome."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordele: "Upgraded to business class no problem. Flight attendants were wonderful and very attentive. Delicious food. Chair laid out comfortably into a bed. Best long flight I've ever taken"
Ulemper: "Nothing bad to say"
Fordele: "Crew was great, on time flight, clean plane."
Ulemper: "Entertainments options were shockingly few. Honestly have not been on a plane recently with so few and limited options of TV series and movies. I was extremely surprised. Wish I had know and I would’ve had more options for my family."
Ulemper: "I had paid for an upgrade to sit in the front of the cabin with extra legroom (row 14A). When I boarded a man sat it my seat. He had not paid for the upgrade, but the crew let him stay in my seat. I had asked him to social distance but he continued to sit right behind me bo matter which seat I moved to. He argued with the crew until they gave up and let him stay. They did not check his boarding pass or ask him to move to his assigned seat I found a different seat away from him but I don’t see the point in paying for extra legroom when the crew let’s people who haven’t paid for it sit it those seats. I felt harassed by the man and was very uncomfortable the whole flight. I am considering my next step, I think I should at least receive a refund for the upgrade I paid for."
Fordele: "Comfort"
Ulemper: "Internet"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Transavia does not serve anything complementary, not even water. A flight between two countries that is five hours long must be better than this. I was not aware of Transavia doing that before I booked. I will never fly with them again"
Fordele: "Klm's consistantly high standards in everything they do."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "The crew."
Ulemper: "The time between flights."
Fordele: "The socks offered in business were comfortable and nice looking. The red wine was good."
Ulemper: "The food was just average and the seat not too comfortable"
Ulemper: "I paid for the preferred seat .and i found that people beside me didnt pay anything when i asked them ,"
Fordele: "Seats were super comfortable, bigger than most planes with extra leg room. Food was excellent and fresh, amazing Dutch cheese sampler was divine. No nonsense staff who had all connecting flight info on hand when we arrived in Abu Dhabi. KLM staff were friendly and efficient. Fabulous airline."
Fordele: "Very friendly crew and on time with no problems."
Fordele: "No delay and nice staff"
Fordele: "Crew was amazing. They adjusted the seating arrangements so there was an empty seat in every row to give passengers more space. Very thoughtful and much appreciated. They served delicious meals, snacks, and water. They provided headphones, blankets and pillows. They took very good care of us."
Ulemper: "Boarding was very slow."
Ulemper: "Entertainment"
Fordele: "Crew was amazing, seats were comfortable with enough leg space even without choosing extra space seats. It was my childhood dream come true to fly with KLM. It was really an exciting trip for me, just that it was short."
Ulemper: "Well, for me everything was on point. Those who have never travelled with KLM, I would encourage them to do so and I’m sure they will not regret."
Ulemper: "Need more leg room!!! Larger meals needed."
Fordele: "God komfort og fin service"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "Perfekt"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "Good"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Crew was in a festive mood, the meal was unexpectedly delicious"
Ulemper: "Seats ok, but could be more comfy"
Fordele: "Nice people and good service"
Ulemper: "Not much"
Fordele: "Light snack and complementary wine"
Fordele: "Friendly hostesses"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed 3 hours"
Fordele: "Very pleasant, professional crew"
Ulemper: "Very slow check in. Mainly because other passengers obviously don't read instructions re: weight/contents of cabin bags etc. Would be helpful if there was additional staff to deal with them away from check in desk. This would mean that others did not have to queue for 25 minutes because the check in girls also had to deal with them"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Ulemper: "Services was pretty weird .. Perse or crew Leader was ok But the assistent Young one was Really bad.. aptitud and not friendly at all."
Fordele: "The flight to Gdansk took off and arrived on-time and the staff were professional."
Ulemper: "The flight to Amsterdam from Gdansk was late and I had to RUN to the connecting gate. 50 minutes is NOT ENOUGH time to go through passport control."
Fordele: "Easy to board and easy flight."
Fordele: "The entertainment options were good."
Ulemper: "The cabin crew was racist! She asked me to move from a seat because she wanted another guy ( obviously from her country ) to take it! Rude and racist."
Fordele: "Cabin crew were very professional."
Ulemper: "Aircraft returned to gate due to fault and was delayed for 45 min."
Fordele: "Good Experience"
Ulemper: "Nothing much"
Fordele: "Excellent very good"
Ulemper: "Everting so good ex"
Fordele: "Friendly staff"
Ulemper: "Entertainment was dated and poor in function. Our bags were 99 dollars each and we’re both lost and didn’t arrive. I just filed a claim and got rude service saying I should have filed the claim at the airport baggage area but there was not anybody there to do the claim then he agent upstairs said they just spoke to them and they are there and I should have done it there. This was so rude and there is no way to get back into customs area. If we paid 200 for bags I expect them to arrive on time. I’m asking for a refund of the baggage fees."
Fordele: "Absolutely nothing!"
Ulemper: "the connection flights was the worse! The gate was changed in Amsterdam 3 times! From D82 to C6 and then to C11. The distance between B82 and C was 20-30 minutes walk. No rushing was needed though, the flight was delayed for 1:30h and after we all boarded a further delay was announced. I will never fly with KLM."
Fordele: "Due to lightening bolt strike our pre-Y2K era plane got switched out with a newer plane with modern media delivery at the seats."
Ulemper: "This caused a two hour delay in boarding and another 30 minutes on the JFK T4 tarmac. Same crappy headphones so it wasn’t the"
Ulemper: "Tiny old cramped plane."
Ulemper: "Dutch sub titels would be nice."
Fordele: "The cabin crew were pretty good. That's about all that was good."
Ulemper: "I paid almost $400 for upgraded seats. When I got to the airport-- no seats-- both ways!! i didn't even have regular seat assignments. I had to choose from the last few seats available. The ticket agent, the gate agent and the cabin crew all did nothing to make up for the fact that their system screwed up and stuck me in a cramped coach seat in the back of the plane for 11 hours-- TWICE! Beyond that, KLM must have one of the oldest fleets in the sky. Both ways LAX->AMS->LAX, I was on a 30-35 year old 747 with no wifi, no power and a ten-year-old entertainment system. Never again."
Ulemper: "Without any explanation the plane I was due to go to Istanbul on at 11.30 was not available. I had to wait for a small plane coming from Edinburgh then wait for it to be emptied of passengers and cleaned. This meant we were over 2 hours late into Istanbul. No explanation or apology. I then missed my next flight in Istanbul and had to purchase another ticket. I cannot believe that air passengers are treated in this way!!! I will follow this up with KLM when I go home from my holiday."
Ulemper: "Service from airline host Poorly maintained plane Bad food Old entertainment"
Fordele: "Thankful for coffee being served without charge. Not all airlines do that."
Fordele: "Good multi media access and content"
Fordele: "Everything - Checkin, crew, food, entertainment"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Free wee cake."
Ulemper: "Nothing in particular."
Fordele: "Boarding was very efficient."
Ulemper: "Limited movie selection. Crew seemed stressed. Gave me wrong meal and then swaped for the right one. I asked for Diet Coke and was given white wine. Food quality was not good."
Fordele: "It was a short flight so it was O.K."
Ulemper: "Boarding was odd. Go to airport early and counters were not open, did on line check in so was able to avoid the self check in at airport. Also self check in luggage seems confusing with no ground crew to help. It didn't affect me but lots of confused passenger."
Fordele: "I have no complaints about the air crew. They where pleasant and attentive. Plenty of free entertainment. The food was good."
Ulemper: "my only complaint is the USB ports didn't work on any of the chairs that me and my family where assigned to."
Fordele: "delayed"

Snacks could come back to normal now that COVID rules have relaxed, given this is not a low fare company

Fordele: "New plane, comfortable seats, cheerful and polite staff"
Ulemper: "There were no overhead screens with the video clips about Greece and its food..."
Fordele: "Crew is really friendly. We ran into one of them afterwards when our metro from the airport broke down and she helped us understand what was going on (we didn't speak the local language)."
Ulemper: "Boarding was slow, but it's a cultural thing at the departure airport."
Ulemper: "Really nice meal with Aegean airlines."
Fordele: "The best landing of a commercial aircraft I have ever experienced in my 74 years and in half a century of flying across the globe, took place in arriving at the Madrid airport with this Aegean Airlines flight. I had to ask the airline hostesses the names of the pilot, and they were two pilots flying"
Fordele: "Everything was perfect"
Ulemper: "More drinks less food at night flight for short destination"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Flight from Romania was delayed and when we got to Athens we had to go threw customs and security and we lost the connecting flight to crete. We were put on a different flight which that was delayed as well. When we finally arrived in crete all of our luggage’s have been lost."
Fordele: "The flight was delayed from Geneva to Athens. The airport was chaotic in Athens and I therefore missed my connection to Riyadh. Neither Aegean nor the airport staff were helpful or tried to accommodate or reimburse me"
Ulemper: "More time for connecting flight. A better staffed airport, and more sympathetic staff."
Ulemper: "No delays!!"
Ulemper: "It was all great, apart from the bus we needed to board both sides air sides which delayed and complicated the process. Boarding at the terminal itself is much better."
Fordele: "Efficient. It was a very short flight."
Ulemper: "Offer of Wi-Fi."
Fordele: "Roomy seats and good food"
Ulemper: "Terrible customer service. Rude and unhelpful. They refused to do a spelling change on my name and forced me to purchase a second ticket. The flight was 25+ minutes late taking off due to lack of organization at passenger check-in. It really is a shame that Agean is pretty much the only option to Istanbul (IST) from Athens."
Fordele: "Flight attendants very friendly. Got breakfast too."
Ulemper: "Chaos in lines to get bus to plane. No organization at all. Just push & shove!!"
Fordele: "Wider than average seats and a nice meal."
Ulemper: "Plane was not near the gate & we had to ride a bus to the plane."
Fordele: "Check-in counter mentioned that our ticket did not include checked baggage, but she only charged for one bag (will be checking on my ticket and discussing with Aegean's corporate if I bought the correct ticket with checked bags). Boarding was easy and the crew was very nice and helpful throughout the flight. I was glad that they served a small meal - food was good...we're not talking about a restaurant meal. Seats were good and just wish there was some in-flight entertainment."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed for more than 2 hours without having any announcement nor a reps to tell you what was going on or when is the new departure time. The aircraft is very small, old, narrow seats, delay in boarding and unboarding."
Fordele: "Crew very helpful and happy to assist Good communication"
Ulemper: "Late boarding Late gate change Too many people with large carry on bags that wouldn’t fit into storage bins"
Ulemper: "Gate agents were overwhelmed and incredibly rude. We of course didn't make connection. Lost our luggage. And now waitingbto board at 4:30 am. Just avoid. I fly a lot and they have topped my list of airlines to avoid."
Fordele: "Cheerful crew, nice snack with beer or wine, clean bathroom"
Ulemper: "No inflight entertainment, but for 90 minute flight, I didn’t need it."
Fordele: "Clean plane, good snacks and coffee, etc., smooth flight."
Ulemper: "Check in at Budapest was chaotic and disorganized; when we arrived at the check in desk after waiting twenty minutes we were told we couldn't check in there, but had to check in at a kiosk and return."
Fordele: "The employees were very helpful and friendly. Food was not worse than what one can expect of an airline (about as “good” as a US airline’s, which is not a high standard to beat). The plane seemed recent and clean."
Ulemper: "The major problem was the lack of detail on their luggage policy. I am sure they can show the text clearly warning me about the fees for bringing a piece of luggage per person, but I missed it. Therefore, they charged me $35 per person for their registered bag. That’s probably how they “beat” their competitors’ prices. If you include the fees in your calculation, this might still be a good option, but make sure that you read the fine print, or be prepared to pay as “extra” what many airlines offer as basic."
Fordele: "Everything was fine, even above expected for low cost airline. Nice crew, free drinks."
Ulemper: "Food could be a bit better."
Ulemper: "The system cancelled my seat selection for the flight together with the check in itself. I had a very hard time boarding"
Fordele: "Friendly crew, great yogurt and snack in a 2 hr flight."
Ulemper: "Aegean desks very crowded at El Venizelos (Athens) airport. Airport authority should provide more desks for high demand airlines."
Fordele: "Excellent AEGEAN staff, polite and helpful."
Fordele: "Boarding was quick and easy, painless and the flight was on time"
Ulemper: "They kept the lights on the entire time on a 11PM 4 hour flight. The cabin temperature was very warm and not much room in each row."
Fordele: "The food"
Ulemper: "Itching negative"
Fordele: "Efficient"
Fordele: "The boarding experience at the horrible Santorini airport ruined it or us. I wish Aegean had provided us with more instructions about what to expect and when to arrive so that we didn't there so early and stand outside in the heat of so long."
Fordele: "The food was good. The flight attendants weren't overly friendly but I didn't mind. No problem checking in or claiming my suitcase."
Ulemper: "The flight boarded about 45 minutes late, and none of the employees at the desk at the gate bothered to tell anyone why, or when an estimated real boarding time would be. Flight was pretty warm as well, and seats were tight even for the 120 pound person I am. No entertainment, but they did show a map of where we were which was nice."
Fordele: "Wasn't expecting so much food for such a short journey, but it was delicious, and views from the plane were gorgeous."
Fordele: "Lots of leg room"
Ulemper: "Slight delay, no tv"
Fordele: "Thanks for giving us drinks and food!!!"
Fordele: "Good service"
Ulemper: "Luggage was not included in the price of the ticket- had to pay $ 40.00 for each suitcase/bag."
Fordele: "The flight was completely full so they offered to check in the larger pieces of carry-on luggage for free. On board the plane, the breakfast was really excellent (plane food-wise) and the attendants were very friendly. In terms of comfort, I was lucky to sit in row 3 (yes, that was Economy class), so I actually had some leg room. On my way to Athens, I'd been seated in row 22 and there was no chance to move my legs at all."
Ulemper: "Tehran station staff need more trainig and need to be overseen"
Fordele: "Cabin crew was friendly and helpful. The plane was clean and for the most part departed and arrived on time."
Ulemper: "The boarding was a zoo. All customers are in line boarding at the same time and the gate agent did nothing to prevent it. The cost for a checked bag was 45 Euro which seems awfully high to me. Perhaps it's cheaper if you book it beforehand as opposed to at the airport."
Ulemper: "The horrible food"
Fordele: "Good plane and crew."
Ulemper: "Bathroom facilities at the airport totally filthy and out of order."
Ulemper: "excessive cisa checks for my wife who is not an EU citizen"
Ulemper: "40 minute delay due to traffic at destination airport. Not Aegean's fault. Pilot kept us informed. Very nice job."
Fordele: "The staff at the counter and on the flight were very helpful."
Ulemper: "They could use better line control at the Budapest airport. It was unclear which was the appropriate line and the lines were more like a crowd merging than a line."
Fordele: "Good food and beverage service on a short duration flight."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a little cumbersome, having some reading materials would help."
Fordele: "Crew were very helpful and courteous"
Ulemper: "No drink at the flight"
Fordele: "Prompt , on time flight sched"
Ulemper: "Havas customer service reps are not warm. Just doing their job, no.extta mile...can be rude at times"
Fordele: "A staff member took us to our connection flight and she made us run for 30 minute. It was terrible. I am 55 and i could not breath and my body hurt and i am at bed con not move. My trip is destroyed. I am very very angry. It is impossible what she did. She didn't care at all that there were people that stop running and lost their flight. She didn't walk fast, she run hard. It was crazy, there people who cried. People who fall down. Absolute the worst thing that I have to go through"
Ulemper: "Transfer to and from plane. No AC in the bus."
Fordele: "Friendly crew, in time flight"

Buena comunicación a travez de textos.

The crew that checked at the gate was completely unprofessional, i had a child, stroller and a carry on luggage and the crew did not bother providing any help getting down 3 flight if stairs. I asked for hel and they ignored me

All good. Boarding was on time and everything was well organized. The flight was on time so overall I had a good experience.

Dont do so much delay

Flyet var forsinket - både i LAX og i Frankfurt - dårlig information

Too cold, food could be better

Forsinkelse fra Beirut. Tasken nåede ikke med

Fordele: "Nice crew"
Ulemper: "More comfortable seats"
Fordele: "I missed my flight."
Ulemper: "Helped me get a different flight. I got zero help getting another flight. Or any credit."
Fordele: "Small plane, decent space, short flight."
Ulemper: "Legroom."
Ulemper: "Lufthansa burde presse lufthavnen i Frankfurt til at ge bemanding imsilkerhedskonteollen. Kl 6.10 i morges tog det 35 min i business køen og mindst 50 mini economy køen"
Fordele: "flyturen i sig selv var fin men var forsinket."
Ulemper: "Flyet var forsinket så jeg missede forbindelsen til CPH i Frankfurt. Det kan ske. Blev omboket til tidligt fly næste morgen. Sådan måtte det jo så være. Men at skulle stå i kø som business pasager i 55 min for at få hotelvoucher og nyt boardingpass var for meget. Economy havde endnu længere kø. Skikkerhedstjek næste morgen i Frankfurt tog 35 min for business og op mod 1t for economy!"
Fordele: "got exit seat"
Fordele: "The crew was great,we had the last seat."
Ulemper: "Better seats,better food."
Fordele: "Everything was really good. Crew was helpful and provided excellent customer service. Food provided was good."
Ulemper: "The only thing that would have been better was cooler air in the cabin. I got very hot on both my flights to and from Frankfurt."
Ulemper: "The in-flight snack - choice of two disappointing sandwiches."
Fordele: "Nice smooth and organized flight"
Ulemper: "Never revived my checking email The cabin was very cold. I had to wear a jacket for the whole flight. With two blankets"
Ulemper: "Maden er kedelig og der var ingen valgmuligheder."
Fordele: "Flight left and arrived on-time. Flight attendents were pleasant and helpful. Food portions and choices were good, and Lufthansa is always generous with drinks. Good value for money on Lufthansa."
Ulemper: "Boarding was chaotic, as clear instructions were not given about which group was boarding when and where to line up. Also Lufthansa did not do a good job managing carry-on bags, so that it took way too long to load people and many bags were left over once overhead bins were full. Seating area is cramped in economy."
Fordele: "It was very smooth, the connection was great, boarding went easy, service was nice."
Ulemper: "Couldn't check in online and because I booked pretty late, didn't get the seat choice I wanted. I purchased the flight via the Lufthansa site, but then on check-in, I found out that the first segment was SAS, so neither the Lufthansa site nor the SAS site let me check in online."
Fordele: "Flight crew and food was wonderful."
Fordele: "Good entertainment system. Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Nothing specially. They run out of lunch choices very early"
Fordele: "The Lufthansa app provides updates on plane status and gate number, etc."
Ulemper: "N/a"
Ulemper: "We were put on standby. We expected our names to be called for seat assignments but we didn’t expect we could just swipe our boarding pass and our seat assignment would show. It’s a nice feature but I didn’t like that it wasn’t clearly explained to us."
Ulemper: "A little older aircraft and seat was very warned"
Fordele: "Everything."
Ulemper: "The rolls that came with the food. Too hard - not fresh enough. No big deal, just saying...."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Everything, lost luggage and missed flights because of flights not making their time."
Fordele: "Fantastic staff excellent aircraft"
Ulemper: "5 hour lay over in Frankfurt. Sandwiches are all the same 2 choices on all aircraft"
Ulemper: "Seat!!!!!!!!"
Fordele: "Crew amazing"
Ulemper: "No entertainment."
Fordele: "the service from boston to frankfurt was flawless, great crew, great entertainment."
Ulemper: "i was promised the business lounge when i got to Riga because of the lengthy connecting time, i was refused entry and 2 out of the 3 staff were very rude and dismissive. my upgrade included the use of the lounge at both ends of the business class, i understand that it maybe should not of been promised but thats not what happened. i was very tired and ended having to walk round concourse A for 4 hrs with nowhere to go."
Fordele: "Bad"
Ulemper: "Because the one came in from London Got Delay And I miss my flight"
Ulemper: "Departure was delayed causing me to miss my connection from Frankfurt to San Francisco."
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "It was great experience with them"
Ulemper: "Waited an hour after boarding in the plane."
Fordele: "Clean aircraft, very friendly crew, good food, overall great trip."
Fordele: "I was pleasantly surprised to be offered an after dinner brandy, or a Bailey's. O"
Ulemper: "On both flights. The ear phone did not work correctly. Minor issue."
Fordele: "All was good."
Ulemper: "All was good."
Ulemper: "No room for my knees."
Fordele: "friendly staff"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread. Lost my suitcase when arriving in Billund - got it late next day"
Fordele: "friendly service"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread"
Fordele: "Very polite and patient staff. They are getting professional. The food is great for airline food. Very comfortable. But the movie touch screens need improvement."
Ulemper: "Touch screens need improvement."
Fordele: "Evrything"
Ulemper: "Nothing that i can think of."
Fordele: "Staff and flight were great. We were surrounded by kind of rude flyers. They complained when my husband moved the seat back. And they were just standing in the aisle most of the time. Person in front of me stretched her arms over the seat so her hands were dangling in front of me and fingers in my screen. I know we were in coach, but maybe another inch of separation would be nice for such long flights."
Ulemper: "See above."
Fordele: "No delay and the landing is smooth"
Fordele: "Great service and food."
Ulemper: "after the fact, improperly disclosed baggage charge excessive and no opportunity to pay on line and avoid the charge at the airport."
Fordele: "Pleasant efficient crew and although we had a late departure the pilot made up the time and we did not miss our connection"
Ulemper: "Boarding seamed inefficient. Loaded handicap onto separate vehicle in middle of us boarding, so it stopped our process. My seat didn't recline even though it had a button. No in flight entertainment?! At all... Got a crappy breakfast omelet that i didn't want to put in my stomach."
Ulemper: "Check in very confusing, switched gates on me but I didn’t get the text until later, after take off. No announcement over the PA system in the airport. If my son, who was picking me up, hadn’t been tracking my flight, I would have missed it."
Fordele: "Lufthansa når det er bedst - turen var en bevidst fravalg af Airfrance der også flyver fra København til Alger - og dette fravalg kan anbefales, hvis man ikke har svært ved at komme tidligt af sted..."
Ulemper: "N/A"

Worst room in a 737 for a very long time. You should adjust the pitch. Old aircraft.

Good room Slow entry to WAW

Fordele: "Crew. seat. Quality of flight"
Ulemper: "Just keep as is"
Ulemper: "Plane was delayed"
Fordele: "Legroom"
Ulemper: "Duty free choice onboard"
Ulemper: "Delayed by one hour"
Fordele: "Fast, one stop, better than three weeks on a boat"
Ulemper: "Broken entertainment center, no vegan meal although selected at booking, very cold."
Fordele: "I loved food and entertainment: they had a lot of alternative film offers (not just same old hollywood, but Korean or Russian films, etc.). We arrived 30 min ahead of schedule too!"
Ulemper: "The seats were very uncomfortable, but maybe anything would be uncomfortable during a 9 hour flight. Also, I wish the crew were offering water in between meals as well."
Fordele: "Crew was great, the airplane was big with a leg room!!!"
Ulemper: "Checked in luggage did not arrive. Arrived on Thursday was told to wait till delivery on Monday. Is it normal for LOT customers to wait for they luggage for 4 days? Disappointed"
Fordele: "No frills flight. Crew not very sympathetic about flight departing late jeopardizing everyone’s connecting flights. Seemed like it must be a common occurrence."
Ulemper: "Flight departed an hour late."
Fordele: "How quickly they boarded the flight"
Ulemper: "Not having flight delays"
Fordele: "Sitting by myself."
Ulemper: "Not being late by 4+ hours at my final destination and having to do one extra flight."
Fordele: "Seat on aisle"
Ulemper: "Not being late for my second flight"
Fordele: "The service, food and seating were beyond my expectations."
Fordele: "The crew remained polite and we were given a bottle of water each during at 2.5 hour delay."
Ulemper: "We had a two and half hour delay on an evening flight on a Sunday from WAW to Paris. This was during the UNFCCC COP24 when there was extra heavy international traffic through Warsaw. It was not clear why the plane was delayed for so long. It meant in the end that we got to Paris after midnight when the RER train had stopped running and the airport was functionally closed. This meant instead of a train ticket, rather a 55 euro taxi to get home. This was an expensive delay."
Fordele: "Cabin crew were very nice, boarding was quick and efficient."
Ulemper: "Plane was extremely cold, the heating only worked after the engines were started."
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Boarding"
Ulemper: "They kept changing departure time from Warsaw to Lviv , and totally we were stocked at airport for 4 hours. Lot didn't provide any drink or food, and also they didn't give us any information about our flight, they just ignored us. We were very frustrated, our kids were hungry and thirsty but nobody from LOT company didn't care about it. They even didn't say "sorry " . I will not recommend this airline to my friends or to somebody else, just be careful with this airline."
Fordele: "Flight attendants very courteous and flight was on time."
Ulemper: "All good"
Ulemper: "It was horrible. They canceled my flight so I couldn’t go. They have stolen my $$$ :("
Ulemper: "The plane was having a 25 minutes delay before leaving. It will be nice to offer some chips also as a curtesy"
Fordele: "Quiet flight, no issues"
Ulemper: "Not a Lot plane. A Neos charter plane leased by Lot. Italian crew."
Fordele: "Normal in-flight service but nothing special."
Ulemper: "Small plane."
Ulemper: "Super"
Fordele: "Flight crew are attentive and helpful. More space on these shorter flights than on the long haul ones. Bombardier is a good plane. Also crew at the gate were helpful and supportive as I was delayed. What was even more surprising when I arrived in Budapest was that my luggage also made it - so thank you LOT a lot (!) for being so efficient."
Ulemper: "The fact that the delay on the previous flight meant that I almost missed this flight and just made boarding even more stressful. However LOT were extremely efficient and attentive, and they called for a bus/van to get me and one other passenger to the plane. Smiles and assistance make a huge difference."
Fordele: "LOT staff was accommodating and very friendly and booked flight for the following day on KLM and a hotel room for the night with a meal voucher."
Ulemper: "The flight wash cancelled."
Fordele: "Everything was OK except food."
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordele: "Quick and good service"
Fordele: "The crew was hospitable and warm. All the in-flight service was attentive and high-quality. We had a wonderful experience with LOT and would reccent them."
Ulemper: "The only potential difficulty was the short layovers. We made our connection boarding with only 20 minutes to spare."
Ulemper: "They lost my baggage"
Ulemper: "the crew wasn't so nice and helpful"
Fordele: "Getting off at the end"
Ulemper: "Food, seats, no entertainment the worse business class in the industry. Boarding was also a mess. Absolutely no redeeming features."
Fordele: "Crew was great, quick flight!"
Ulemper: "Plane was super small, no air circulation (very hot!), no food or entertainment (but it was a short flight)."
Fordele: "Newer plane. More efficient boarding process."
Ulemper: "No entertainment system at all."
Ulemper: "I have to pay for baggage in the airport becase it wasn't included. And while i was ordering tickets through kayak i cant choose option it wasn't offered"
Fordele: "everything was great!"
Fordele: "Plain"
Fordele: "Airplane was super old, no tv, food was horrible"
Fordele: "I have been flying with them for the past 16 years(economy seats), and I have to say that their service,and comfort of overnight flights have improved tremendously! Partially due to the fact that they have 787 Dreamliners now, in which the seats are wider and are reclining more than before, the leg room is bigger, the air quality better. The crew members are very professional,not overly sweet,yet caring and understanding,especially when you are flying with small children.As to those complaining about overcharged luggage- read the rules people! If you go over the maximum limit of 50lb for a check in, let's say 2lb,they won't charge you,but don't expect them to close their eyes when your luggage weighs almost double that!"
Ulemper: "The food is ok, nicely packed, but even if you don't like it they have extra options to purchase for a small price."
Fordele: "Seats were comfortable and the food wasn't terrible"
Ulemper: "4 hours late with no explanation and terrible updates left us sitting at the gate the whole yimr"
Fordele: "Movie selection was decent as well as the service - the crew was more or less nice and professional with me."
Ulemper: "The fact that we took off 1 hour late and no apologies have been given. No drink service ha been provided while everyone was just sitting there and waiting for takeoff. Normally the plane would catch up the 1 hr delay but not this time. We arrived 1 hour late."
Fordele: "I love the service"
Ulemper: "Food, service, and everyrhing. That was great experiance with LOT. Love it"
Fordele: "Customer service was good and flight arrived on time."
Fordele: "Pleasant personal, great service!"
Fordele: "Nice new plane (Dreamliner) with a lot of overhead space for hand luggage."
Ulemper: "There is less leg room than on other international carriers. I am tall and found it quite uncomfortable. I was also surprised by how bad the food was - worst airline food I have ever had on both trips. Sadly, also the most unfriendly air crew as well. Also, unlike international flights with Air Canada, you have to pay for alcohol (though the prices are pretty good)."
Ulemper: "The initial flight from Warsaw to JFK was delayed...therefore, the JFK to Warsaw was the point that the Warsaw to Katowice flight had departed. Good news(!)...there's on more 2230. I opted out for the train instead. LOT graciously gave me a voucher to take a taxi to the train station in Warsaw. It all worked out. It took about an hour to gather my luggage at Warsaw due to the bag being re-booked on the later flight automatically."
Fordele: "Wide, comfy seats, nice crew, good food"
Ulemper: "Poor selection of movies"
Fordele: "New airplains"
Ulemper: "Strict rules about hand baggage"
Ulemper: "Saw some sort of a bug crawling around...perhaps try and have a deep clean of airplane sometimes :)"

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direktePegasus Airlines
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3t. 15min.SAW-CPH
734 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
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direktePegasus Airlines
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direktePegasus Airlines
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direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
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direktePegasus Airlines
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direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 20min.SAW-CPH
802 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 20min.SAW-CPH
823 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
6t. 50min.CPH-IST
1 stopLufthansa
6t. 25min.IST-CPH
864 kr.
3t. 10min.CPH-SAW
3t. 15min.SAW-CPH
905 kr.
direkteFlere flyselskaber
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
13t. 45min.SAW-CPH
932 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
24t. 45min.CPH-SAW
direkteFlere flyselskaber
3t. 20min.SAW-CPH
953 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
25t. 45min.CPH-SAW
direkteFlere flyselskaber
3t. 20min.SAW-CPH
960 kr.
1 stopAir Serbia
16t. 45min.CPH-IST
1 stopAir Serbia
4t. 50min.IST-CPH
1.207 kr.
1 stopAir Serbia
9t. 50min.CPH-IST
1 stopAir Serbia
12t. 00min.IST-CPH
1.220 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
5t. 40min.CPH-IST
1 stopLufthansa
16t. 45min.IST-CPH
1.241 kr.
1 stopairBaltic
17t. 45min.CPH-IST
1 stopairBaltic
17t. 05min.IST-CPH
1.351 kr.
1 stopKLM
20t. 00min.CPH-IST
1 stopKLM
21t. 55min.IST-CPH
1.364 kr.
1 stopLOT
26t. 35min.BLL-IST
1 stopLOT
27t. 50min.IST-BLL
1.995 kr.
direkteTurkish Airlines
3t. 25min.BLL-IST
direkteTurkish Airlines
3t. 25min.IST-BLL
2.084 kr.

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direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
370 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
377 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
459 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
466 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
13t. 20min.CPH-IST
480 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
487 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
3t. 05min.CPH-SAW
500 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
13t. 20min.CPH-IST
507 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 05min.BLL-SAW
514 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 55min.CPH-SAW
521 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 55min.CPH-SAW
528 kr.
1 stopairBaltic
5t. 25min.CPH-IST
706 kr.
1 stopairBaltic
17t. 45min.CPH-IST
727 kr.
1 stopairBaltic
17t. 45min.CPH-IST
734 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
13t. 35min.CPH-IST
788 kr.
3t. 00min.CPH-SAW
809 kr.
1 stopKLM
8t. 55min.CPH-IST
843 kr.
1 stopAir Serbia
17t. 05min.CPH-IST
884 kr.
1 stopAegean Airlines
27t. 00min.CPH-IST
946 kr.
1 stopLOT
12t. 10min.BLL-IST
1.070 kr.

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direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 05min.ESB-SAW
direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 05min.SAW-ESB
274 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 05min.ESB-SAW
direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 05min.SAW-ESB
281 kr.
1t. 00min.ESB-SAW
1t. 00min.SAW-ESB
295 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 00min.ESB-SAW
direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 00min.SAW-ESB
315 kr.
direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 10min.ADB-SAW
direktePegasus Airlines
1t. 10min.SAW-ADB
322 kr.

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