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  • Leder du efter billige flybilletter til Tampa? 25% af vores brugere fandt billetter til Tampa til følgende priser eller mindre: Fra Aarhus 3.522 kr. retur, fra Billund 4.613 kr. enkelt – 4.597 kr. retur, fra Sønderborg 9.648 kr. retur
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  • High season is considered to be juni, juli and august. The cheapest month to fly from Danmark is januar.
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Virgin AtlanticTotale score baseret på 1656 bedømmelser

Terrible service of rescheduling, which never happened! Well I will not recommend you for other because the service does not work!! Thank you

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Terrible service of rescheduling, which never happened! Well I will not recommend you for other because the service does not work!! Thank you

Check in is poorly marked Heathrow lounge was excellent, service very good New Virgin upper class suites technically qualify as business class but they are very cramped and there is no storage space at all. No sleep suits available in my size, on any of the flights. Rather leave it if you can't deliver. Toiletry bag is cheap and tacky. Compare with the price paid for a business class ticket.

The Delta plane was super uncomfortable and the food was terrible.

There were many cancelled flights from Heathrow due to crew shortages. I was glad our flight had just enough attendants to fly, but they worked very hard & remained polite & helpful. Very impressive

The in flight crew were not friendly. One flight attendant in particular kept passing by and hit me really hard with her body as she passed by and never once apologized or said excuse me. I’m his startled me every time. I got a drink only 2 times in 9 hours and when I asked for a drink of water I did not get. Also when I put the call button on, no one came. This made me sad as I’ve been very polite as always and I don’t fly with any other airlines.

Unfortunately the return flight was very busy and I assume due to COVID precautions and ventilation the aircraft was very cold. Economy is not that bad but when a full row feels very congested and almost like you’re sitting on top of each other. The flight was delayed at short notice and we were also additionally delayed upon landing when they could open the doors. The flight out there by virgin was great however the return flight not so much.

Fordele: "This is the way to fly long haul."
Ulemper: "Frustration is it is impossible to sleep during the breakfast service, but this is a problem for all airlines and Virgin is better than most."
Fordele: "The crew was so kind and amazing. They definitely made our flight great!"
Ulemper: "The entertainment wasn’t working for most of the flight. We only got about an hour and a half of entertainment"
Fordele: "Water station!"
Fordele: "The crew"
Ulemper: "The screen"
Fordele: "Very friendly crew. The meals are good, nice variety. Hot food is hot."
Ulemper: "Seats are not the most comfortable and sometimes the screen on the entertainment tv doesn't work that easily."
Fordele: "Great crew. Very kind and efficient."
Ulemper: "American carriers seem to enjoy poor seat ergonomics."
Fordele: "Comfy, nice crew, attentive."
Ulemper: "Nowt"
Fordele: "crew / cabin staff always seem very friendly and genuine and a willingness to help"
Ulemper: "My bag was damaged in transit"
Fordele: "Smooth overall. Food mediocre but edible. (More than I could say for other airlnes.) Price also good."
Ulemper: "Lots of flight schedules changes. Missed connecting flight as a result. No time left to deal with customs and baggage."
Fordele: "Food was delicious, consistent timely service and excellent entertainment options onboard. The flight was an hour early!"
Ulemper: "Seats were tight."
Fordele: "Service, pilot updates, and seating were all great!"
Fordele: "We paid for ecomony x which gave us priority check in and boarding plus first meal. Very impressed, we had an exit row seat and the flight attendant who sat opposite us was extremely friendly."
Ulemper: "I wish the economy x seats weren’t located next to the toilets... it’s pretty bothersome with the noise, smells and light emitted"
Fordele: "Staff. Very couteous.polite. friendly."
Ulemper: "Good.entertainment choices."
Fordele: "The crew was professional, responsive and friendly."
Ulemper: "The following experience goes down in history as the worst ever because: we had a 3.5 year old child, and mom and dad seated directly in front of our row. The couple ignored the instructions to move seats forward during meals making it impossible to eat. They placed their luggage in the overhead compartment belonging to both rows, which wasn't a problem if they hadn't proceeded to open and close the compartment every 20 minutes. The 300 pd dad repeatedly stepped on my broken toe while reaching for his luggage, while rattling around and disturbing sleeping passengers. And, sadly the child repeatedly threw temper tantrums without any care or effort of intervention from the parents. In short, they terrorized the surrounding travellers. In contrast, my outbound flight, also had a family seated in the row directly in front. This family was the antithesis, considerate and respectful of their fellow passengers. Susan Laws"
Ulemper: "The flight change the gate number immediately so I missed my flight"
Fordele: "The service, the drinks, the crew were friendly and professional. Entertainment choices were excellent.0"
Ulemper: "The space was a bit cramped and the poxket in front of the chair to jeep things was broken."
Fordele: "Cabin crew were accommodating and nice throughout the flight. Meals were good and the service was quick. Large range of entertainment selection for the trip helped pass the time."
Ulemper: "The check in process and boarding process were very slow. It made going through security a bit stressful and I didn't have much time after going through the security to use the bathrooms or get a quick bite to eat before the plane boarded."
Fordele: "Smilende og friske besætning under hele turen - go mad"
Ulemper: "Havde forventet lidt bedre sæder end i Ryanair - og meget lidt plads på de 4 midtersæder"
Ulemper: "You charged me for a checked bag. This wasn't made clear when I booked the flight."
Fordele: "Great crew, easy boarding, comfortable enough flight"
Ulemper: "Could have used a charger for electronics, especially because we were expected to use our own device for entertainment. Didn't order food, but didn't look digestible"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "I had to run for almost 2 miles every time I had to change the flight. On the way to India they lost my one bag, and on the way back to US they lost my both begs."
Ulemper: "These seats are small"
Ulemper: "The crew was rude."
Fordele: "Very polite and helpful staff."
Fordele: "Service"
Ulemper: "The seats are a bit uncomfortable for such long flights. Crue was excellent"
Ulemper: "Food was terrible"
Fordele: "NA"
Fordele: "courteous attendants"
Ulemper: "Aircraft amenities. Small 737 for a long international flight. Waiting for busses in both Bali and Sydney."
Fordele: "Food"
Ulemper: "Seat reclining happens even during meal time and landing! I had to ask crew to get passenger in front to put seat back upright during meal time!!! Crew should've noticed themselves and ask the passenger without my prompting!! So annoyed!! I complained to VA too"
Fordele: "Still a more pleasant experience than BA but others have overtaken. Crew make a difference though."
Ulemper: "Limo service wasn't great in China - asked for address of hotel - a major international chain and confusion on booking details"
Fordele: "Smiling and helpful staff Great FREE food and drinks good movies Free goodie bag of travel goods, blanket, pillow etc Free candy for landing descent"
Ulemper: "Leg room is a little tight"
Fordele: "Audrey agent at the counter at Heathrow was amazing assisted me in getting my bags located and transfer from air malta to vigin"
Fordele: "The whole flight was great quick boarding, lots of leg room, good entertainment, a USB charge port, good lighting, and the crew was very nice and helpful. I enjoyed the flight and would like to fly Virgin Atlantic more. Finally, you are the 3rd best flight, I have ever take, and the 2nd best airline I've been on. Flew Business Class on Swiss Air once to Geneva (#1) and all the flights I have had with Porter Air are comparable to your airline, but the free cookies and beverages at Porter's terminal in Toronto wonderful."
Ulemper: "A couple things went wrong on this trip, my checked luggage got misplaced for a day, and a nice women in baggage claim told me what was happening and a nice man handled my claim and my bag has now been returned to me. The bigger thing is my flight bas delayed taking off by 3 hours. Let me start that I would rather have a part replaced on the runway then not, safety is paramount. The fact is my flight took off 3 hours late from London (VS11), and got to my destination (BOS) 2.5 hours late. Kudos to the flight crew for getting me to my destination faster by gaining a little time. Plus, since BOSTON was my final destination it was all fine this time. But if I had had to get home to the elder person I take care of or my teenager it would been a problem. Again, I'm annoyed, but I do understand the reasons and they are valid and preferred. I have heard that airlines to keep their flight rating high, wait for planes to leave the gate on time and then do repairs on the tarmac. If this is still a SOP for airlines you should change the way the statistics are collected and figure out a way of not perpetuating this type of disincentive. This is just hypothesis on my part, and my whole trip had little negatives."
Fordele: "Dont whish to comment unless a human being can contact me and help me get the $200 travel voucher I was promised. It was so stressful its the least that can be done"
Ulemper: "the seats are not as comfortable as those on new planes"
Fordele: "Virgin gave everyone meal vouchers to use at the airport during the 5 hr. delay. Also, they still offered a meal on the plane."
Ulemper: "I couldn't get the inflight entertainment to work. I wish they would offer devices to borrow on the plane."
Fordele: "Professionalism value of service"
Ulemper: "let me think...."
Fordele: "The in flight entertainment was above average and the seats were decent"
Ulemper: "The attitude of the cabin crew was generally poor; at one point when I returned the post meal rubbish one member of crew commented to another on the lack of wrappers in my rubbish the other crew member replied "maybe he ate it" as this conversation took place directly behind me I assume they thought my headphones were plugged in."
Fordele: "The cabin crew were very obliging and attentive. The seating was very reasonable for coach."
Ulemper: "Hand luggage was excessive and the overheads were full and the flight was not full."
Fordele: "Major issue: No information in advance of problems associated with transfer at Heathrow that required going from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3-- requireing a lot of walking, stress, time and security checks."
Fordele: "The meals were very small and not very tasty. Economy appears to have lost staff as it takes the entire flight to get a drink and dinner, the feeling you get is that you should just get on board and then sit quietly for 7 hours and not ask for anything. The entertainment does not have a very large selection and if you fly regularly does not seem to update very often."
Fordele: "Having partied until 6am for New Years I was grateful for a bed on the flight home! Fantastic crew, planes and overall service!"
Ulemper: "Wish the arrivals lounge was open for flights arriving in the afternoon."

Crazy cold

I liked the friendliness of the crew. How they greeted you boarding and leaving the plane. The friendliness of the crew passing out snacks.

Flight was on time. Boarding was relatively fast and the crew very pleasant. The plane was new and clean. Snack was O. K. , fine for a 2hr. Flight. 👍👍

Ulemper: "Great crew and flight! Cheers!"
Fordele: "Flight was smooth and short"
Ulemper: "The entertainment system kept resetting over and over throughout the flight. And drinks were served late in a not so comfortable temperature cabin. But everything else was ok"
Fordele: "Was boarded promptly"
Ulemper: "B.S. all the Delta Boarding groups. Geez, have you lost all common sense! C'mon... I understand the ill/med conditions passengers. How about 1 kid, then 2 kids then 3 kids, w/ cataracts, bladder probelems, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Paper, Plus 1, Plus 2, Main Cabin 1, 2 and 3."
Fordele: "Delta app is awesome."
Ulemper: "Really nothing. They did a great job."
Fordele: "Better than spirit"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "On my opinion Delta is one of the best airlines. Staff are friendly and they made me feel service. They are really nice and they.take care of been on time and anything you ask them they are there to answer. Great airline"
Ulemper: "Very late and boarded too long before leaving the gate."
Ulemper: "Delayed"
Fordele: "Quick boarding, extra space to put things in front of you"
Fordele: "Great leg room"
Ulemper: "I was next to an obese person who literally took half of my seat. That was extremely uncomfortable."
Fordele: "All things connected to the flight were just right"
Ulemper: "Nothing was an issue."
Ulemper: "They ran out of blankets, earphones on the flight"
Fordele: "Service is excellent. And the comfort too."
Ulemper: "A couple of rude passengers that were complaining for everything and I felt Delta crew had to be a little more strict with that situation specially when other customers want to have a comfortable and pleasant flight ."
Fordele: "We left and arrived early. Smooth flight overall just a great experience"
Ulemper: "We couldn’t have peanuts. Not really a negative but"
Fordele: "On time. Connecting through Atlanta is quick and efficient"
Fordele: "Comfortable seats"
Fordele: "Flight was on time, flight attendants were very nice and professional."
Fordele: "Nothing in particular stands out."
Ulemper: "The boarding process seemed backward, took longer than usual to board the plane."
Fordele: "On time! Easy boarding!"
Ulemper: "They had problems with both the wifi and the entertainment system. Super friendly crew further."
Fordele: "We landed earlier than expected"
Ulemper: "Bathroom was very smelly"
Fordele: "Movies"
Fordele: "On Time"
Ulemper: "No opportunity to purchase additional food"
Ulemper: "Got put on standby despite having purchased my ticket over 1 month in advance"
Fordele: "I am liking the new Delta terminal at LAX. The flight crew was nice pleasant and helpful. The pilots kept us informed."
Ulemper: "The Delta Sky club was small and over crowed. If you go take the first seat spot you can find. It doesn’t get bigger. I have high hopes for the new combined lounge between the terminals. The flight itself felt like an older 737-800 while it had power there were only two and the two others in my row snagged them. I was in Delta Comfort and have to say the extra leg room isn’t a lot."
Fordele: "We made it it was short 1 hour 11 min"
Ulemper: "I had a long lay over it was more then 12 hours"
Fordele: "gate staff were great"
Ulemper: "plane cabin staff looked overworked"
Fordele: "On time"
Ulemper: "With a short layiver, it would be nice to have the option to pirchas a sandwich on board"
Fordele: "Whole thing was easy, plane was nicely updated on the interior"
Fordele: "Crew was as helpful as they could be. Even though they didn't have much info about the delay, they answered questions and stayed calm."
Ulemper: "2 hour delay. Got a free bottle of water."
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Everything was perfect"
Fordele: "Plane was clean. Hotel due to missing connection was nice."
Ulemper: "Flight delays cause cascade of irritable passengers. Flight out of Phoenix delayed due to late departure from previous location. We were told mechanical reasons was the cause of the delay. This caused many passengers to miss their connecting flight in Atlanta. When we arrived after midnight, one gate person was attempting to help 50 people with morning connecting flights and room accommodations. The airline knew 3 hours prior that they would have tired, hungry, frustrated passengers. To then have to wait more than an hour in a line to get a bed and or a meal was too much for most people. There were other smaller examples of how Delta's staff or procedures were not customer centric. I will avoid Delta for travel in the future, and I am getting out of their stock."
Ulemper: "Our flight was originally scheduled for departure at 7:45 PM. We got an alert stating that the flight was going to be delayed but we were already almost to the airport when I received the first message on my smartphone. We received three additional alerts making our total wait time at the airport 5½ hours before we could approach the gate and board the aircraft. Seating in immediate gate area was not comfortable. Boarding was chaotic at best with very little control and guidance provided by Delta staff. The audio over the PA system was difficult to decipher much of the time. The only other available boarding status information was presented on the screens stationed near the gate and indicated PREMIUM the entire time during our boarding process and was never updated. We literally had to scramble through the crowd to get to the gate desk and get our boarding passes validated so we could board our flight with our group of passengers. Our seating on board the aircraft was thankfully good which is why I rated Comfort as Okay. We were saddled with one more delay after the flight left the gate and taxied briefly down the runway and then sat there for almost an hour. My suggestions to improve customer satisfaction based on my experience would include the following 1. Provide extended alerts for passengers travelling especially if the anticipated delay is known to the airline more than 2 hours before scheduled flight time. 2. Improve seating in the waiting areas near all Delta gates. 3. Re-orient all staff in proper boarding process and utilizing all available resources properly to provide clear and intelligible (not speeding) overhead audio messaging and current boarding status prompts on displays. 4. Maintain or replace audio equipment if necessary to help improve quality of audio messaging in all boarding areas."
Ulemper: "My email read check into Aeromexico I could not check in the Aeromexico using my phone I was dropped off at the Aeromexico terminal after standing in line for half an hour I find I was in the wrong terminal I needed to be in a different terminal with Delta because Aeromexico even on my reservation read that does not fly to Tampa. I had to find a shuttle to another terminal the shuttlesare not marked it was very confusing"
Fordele: "Friendly but efficient. Allowed me to keep my bag with me without a fight."
Fordele: "Very friendly flight attendants and for the most part I could understand the pilot when he spoke."
Ulemper: "Wi-fi should be free. Put chocolate into the snack options."
Fordele: "Was a nice flay , thanks"
Ulemper: "Vi skulle fra Aalborg til Austin TX. Først blev vores fly fra Amsterdam til Atlanta cancelled. Vi blev ombooket via Detroit. Men så var flyet til Detroit forsinket, og køen i immigration var så lang at det ikke kunne lade sig gøre at nå flyet til Austin. Nu sidder vi så og venter på det næste fly til Austin, og er meget trætte. 2 ombookninger på samme rejse - det har jeg dog alligevel aldrig oplevet før!!!"
Ulemper: "Vi skulle fra Aalborg til Austin TX. Først blev vores fly fra Amsterdam til Atlanta cancelled. Vi blev ombooket via Detroit. Men så var flyet til Detroit forsinket, og køen i immigration var så lang at det ikke kunne lade sig gøre at nå flyet til Austin. Nu sidder vi så og venter på det næste fly til Austin, og er meget trætte. 2 ombookninger på samme rejse - det har jeg dog alligevel aldrig oplevet før!!!"
Ulemper: "I like the AirFrance seats more than I like the Delta seats. AirFranxe has better entertainment too."
Ulemper: "No seat assignment prior to arriving at the gate"
Fordele: "Everything else good."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Ulemper: "My connecting flight left 20 min early!!! I missed it because my original flight was 25 min late."
Fordele: "Very good."
Ulemper: "Snack food not health.Cold and I lost my glasses in the boarding lounge and found the lost and found difficult to fill in as I didn't know area code. It took me a while to get I have not had a reply"
Fordele: "I was traveling with my young daughter (3 years old) and wife. The crew was really welcoming and accommodative of us. My little girl got the Delta wings pin (including a second one when she lost the first one), and was able to visit the flight deck. Extra kudos for my daughter being able to see a female pilot! :-)"
Ulemper: "Made me check a small bag and let others carry on 2 and3 bags very rude"
Fordele: "The passenger seated next to me with a sense of humor about our situation."
Ulemper: "For some reason when I booked my flight, for this leg of it, I had "get seat assignment at gate". Once I got my seat assignment I thought I had a window seat: however, when I boarded the plane, I realized that I was in the very last seat of the plane in the window position, but no window. I was crammed in next to a wall and claustrophobic the whole way as I couldn't see anything, couldn't recline at all because behind me was the bathroom, and the engine roared at times in my ears to where I couldn't hear the passenger next to me when we tried to have conversation as the engine was right outside my "wall". We joked, when we could hear each other, that we must've pissed someone at Delta off the last time we flew them. I have no idea why I had to get my seat assignment at the gate for this particular flight, or why I was put in the 'flying coffin' seat, but it made for a very unpleasant experience. Why even have that seat in the plane? Everyone pays a lot of money to fly these days and deserves better than that seat when doing so. just take those two seats out and give everyone else a little more leg room = much better passenger experience for suggestion if Delta really cares about the quality of passenger experience."

Fik ikke min kuffert med fra München!! Kæft det er ringe service!

Fik ikke min bagede med fra München!! Det fandme for dårligt..

not allowed to board due to shenigan visa which i was never informed about while booking my ticket

The entertainment system is poor. Connecting to WIFI is a terrible experience watching the entertainment on traveler's device is also a difficult task and not user friendly.

Forsinkelse fra Beirut. Tasken nåede ikke med

Ulemper: "The plane was very old. On my seat, the TV screen did not work. The cabin crew was lazy. Nobody paid any attention to the Attendant light by my seat."
Ulemper: "More food choice and more snacks should avialable during flight time Both serving food is very bad"
Fordele: "The punctuality and the entertainment"
Ulemper: "Perhaps a more organized boarding process"
Fordele: "Overall, I can’t complain. The take off and landing was peaceful"
Ulemper: "The food could’ve been better. The wait time at Abuja needs lots of improvement. It was the worst part of the trip"
Ulemper: "Lufthansa burde presse lufthavnen i Frankfurt til at ge bemanding imsilkerhedskonteollen. Kl 6.10 i morges tog det 35 min i business køen og mindst 50 mini economy køen"
Fordele: "flyturen i sig selv var fin men var forsinket."
Ulemper: "Flyet var forsinket så jeg missede forbindelsen til CPH i Frankfurt. Det kan ske. Blev omboket til tidligt fly næste morgen. Sådan måtte det jo så være. Men at skulle stå i kø som business pasager i 55 min for at få hotelvoucher og nyt boardingpass var for meget. Economy havde endnu længere kø. Skikkerhedstjek næste morgen i Frankfurt tog 35 min for business og op mod 1t for economy!"
Ulemper: "Security check at the Frankfurt airport is illogical and terrible! It took 90 minutes to complete the security and go from one terminal to another!"
Ulemper: "Lufthansa’s needs to get their staffing act together. It took 1 1/4 hrs to check in due to insufficient staff & then once on board the flight it was announced there was no food available due to staffing shortages"
Fordele: "Comfortable seats"
Ulemper: "Meals and some entertainment"
Ulemper: "United Airline s***k. Flight was delayed 3 1/2 hrs and they don’t give a s**t you have a life. Never again UA!"
Ulemper: "Maden er kedelig og der var ingen valgmuligheder."
Fordele: "Everything"
Fordele: "This was our return flight back to the US much better then going to Europe!"
Ulemper: "The only thing i wish all airlines would consider is to give us regular folks more room(space) not just the rich people in business or first class! On a 10+hr flight it is well needed!"
Fordele: "Food and boarding process"
Ulemper: "Lufthansa flight from Florence to Frankfurt was 45 mins late, so a large group of passengers had 30 mins to transfer from plane to bus to terminal to security to gate on other side of airport. They offered no assistance other than to say run, which we did the whole way. When we reached the gate less than 5 minutes after scheduled takeoff they said flight was closed and next flight was 18 hours later. Not one passenger successfully made the transfer. It took over 2 hours to get hotel and food vouchers, and we were forced to stay in airport Holiday Inn with now sweaty clothes and no luggage. Everyone was furious, and the entire incident could have been easily avoided in many ways, including by delaying the flight 5 mins or by providing passenger transportation at any point in the 30 minute transfer from the Lufthansa A arrival gate and the Lufthansa Z departure gate."
Fordele: "The crew was very accommodating."
Ulemper: "I wasn't aware beforehand that I could request a dairy free meal."
Fordele: "Very attentive staff Good info from captain and flight crew Nice individual TV"
Fordele: "Entertainment"
Ulemper: "Flight Hamburg to Frankfurt: our children were sitting separately"
Ulemper: "Flight was late causing me to miss flight to Chicago ORD. Missed flight left me waiting in Frankfurt over-night with-out a hotel, nor anyone from Lufthansa to assist with finding a sleeping cot. No airport/Lufthansa staff would offer to bring me a cot and all attempts by me to locate a cot were unsuccessful leaving me to walk from area to area to locate were the cots were stored. Ten Euro meal compensation was severely inadequate to cover dinner and breakfast. Very dissatisfied."
Fordele: "Very professional!"
Ulemper: "The movie collection could be better."
Fordele: "Flight directly to Tampa"
Ulemper: "I did not like the passenger reclining their seat all the way back. this left me with no room to relax on a 10 hr flight"
Fordele: "friendly staff"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread. Lost my suitcase when arriving in Billund - got it late next day"
Fordele: "friendly service"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread"
Fordele: "Best short/medium-haul economy breakfast I've had in a while. Flight was empty, so there was space to stretch out. Watch out for the seat maps – they seem to reconfigure the J/Y balance on this flight frequently, so your seat assignment may change. Such a lovely crew"
Ulemper: "Moscow passengers were awful as always. Arrival/transit at Frankfurt is a nightmare if you need to be somewhere quick – just walking and riding transit took 30 min. of my two hours."
Fordele: "Comfortable seats; food was adequate"
Ulemper: "Seats seem a bit close to one another, with little knee room"
Fordele: "Indian meal and movie options"
Fordele: "The plane was new, clean and tight. Seats very narrow, no foot room with carry bag under seat on front. On time depart and arrive. Good movies. BUT, where are my bags. Second day in Geneva without clothes or medicines. SwissPort at GVA isn’t helping. They don’t even know where they are: don’t know if they left EWR"
Fordele: "Lufthansa når det er bedst - turen var en bevidst fravalg af Airfrance der også flyver fra København til Alger - og dette fravalg kan anbefales, hvis man ikke har svært ved at komme tidligt af sted..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "SAS når det er bedst - for det var faktisk SAS der lagde fly og personale til..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "I like flying with Lufthansa. It is one of the best airlines to fly with but a bit pricey."
Ulemper: "The food was not good at all. For a flight that cost so much, the food could be better."
Fordele: "I flew economy. Good plane, ok food, frequent meals, good coffee, free beers and wine,"
Ulemper: "economy: The chairs were ok but I've had better ones."
Fordele: "Timeliness. Service aboard the flight was great"
Ulemper: "The seats were too close together. Not enough room to move around"
Fordele: "Lufthansa crew is the best"
Fordele: "The plane was clean, the temperature was fine during flight. They fed us dinner almost right after taking off. The staff was attentive and friendly"
Ulemper: "Almost was late for our flight, because it took us over 1 hour to pass the passport control at the Frankfurt airport. It was terribly organized and understaffed which caused other people to miss their flight. My husband and I ended up running to our gate like mad men and we were the last to board right before they closed the gate. Very stressful and frustrating!!! Other than that the flight was ok. We were surprised that we were served a dinner right after we took off, but the hot entree was bad, so we ended up asking the flight attendant bring us more bread so we filled up on that."
Ulemper: "-flight delays-no information provided-no information on gate changes-"
Fordele: "Food and beverage service was excellent on these Star Allisnce international flights booked by United but operated by Lufthansa."
Ulemper: "Leg room in economy is inadequate for international flights. Seats had no cushion left in seat bottoms. It was like sitting on cement."
Fordele: "I have a servere hearing problem and was concerned (since we were late leaving Zurich for my changeover in Frankfurt), that I would be late because I can't hear any loudspeaker systems (either on planes or in airports). I felt that I could get easily lost between flights and not have time to get to the Frankfurt/Denver flight. I told this to the person at the gate in Zurich, and he immediately arranged for someone to meet me in Frankfurt and take me there. I was met by Maika in Frankfurt and she was just excellent--personable and efficient and really helpful. I'm sorry I couldn't remember the name of the person at the gate in Zurich. He was also great. I wouldn't have done this if I had had more time, but this really made my day (and my flight!) ! Thank you!"
Ulemper: "Boarding in Zurich is tough for infrequent travelers because all the desks say SWISS. And it took me a long time to realize that SWISS handled many airlines. Perhaps the signs could be bigger."
Ulemper: "The return leg has been nothing but a disaster, in every way possible, specifically my time and financially. At no point in the booking process, when I paid over $800 for the trip, was I told that I needed a specific travel visa (Canadian ETA) to fly back into Toronto for my return flight. Subsequently when I checked in for my flight yesterday morning in Manchester, England, I did not have the required travel documents and had to be rerouted onto a flight into the U.S. at a cost to me of $350. The rerouted flight got me to Washington Dulles airport, where I then had to purchase a second flight to get me home to Cleveland, Ohio, at an additional/extra cost of $450. MY CAR IS PARKED AT TORONTO PEARSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!!! I am having to now rent a car and drive there tomorrow (Friday) to collect my car, at another additional cost of $100 plus a 10-hour round trip. Due to the lack of information and communication on your companies behalf, I am down close to a $1,000 and will lose 2-days in work as of the additional days I am having to travel back to Toronto to collect my vehicle. I would appreciate contact from your organization to find the avenue I need to take for compensation of my time and finances. Regards"
Fordele: "Good service except added an extra flight to my trip and"
Ulemper: "Pilot strike rerouted added a flight and 12 HRs"
Ulemper: "Very crowded, the lady behind us was coughing her lungs out the whole flight. Flight was smooth but arrived behind schedule. Actually landed on time but we didn't get to the terminal for almost 15 minutes. The Frankfurt airport is a nightmare, worst designed airport I have been through."
Fordele: "Because we left at 6:50am and I didn't sleep the night before in the airport, I the second I got on the plane I feel asleep and didn't wake up until we landed, so I couldn't tell you much about the experience."
Ulemper: "The boarding process was rather hectic and they didn't have enough seating for people waiting."
Ulemper: "It turned around and we were stuck in Frankfurt for the night."
Fordele: "Staff are very friendly & well mannered. I like it since it's my first to fly with Lufthansa which compare to Swiss Air"
Ulemper: "Space between seats and leg room. Very compact for an international flight."
Fordele: "Organized boarding, service, left on time"
Ulemper: "No gluten-free food when they served the food. They said that they didn't serve gluten-free food on short flights, but this was two and a half hours. Also, I had asked for a gluten-free meal when I booked my flight. Not good in today's world, when quite a few people have to eat gluten-free. (I am a medical doctor.)"

The flight that you gave us, JQ7 from Melbourne did not exist. Therefore we had to stay in Melbourne for another 24 hours and find another new route and flights to return to Heathrow. All a strain and stress. Your service to us for the return journey useless. So far, I have not found that you have corrected any of your failings and therefore it could also happen again to others tomorrow, next week, or next month. The return journey was a total disaster.

same as from LUX … professional, nice.

They canceled our flights but the flight went on anyway.

Ulemper: "I had paid for an upgrade to sit in the front of the cabin with extra legroom (row 14A). When I boarded a man sat it my seat. He had not paid for the upgrade, but the crew let him stay in my seat. I had asked him to social distance but he continued to sit right behind me bo matter which seat I moved to. He argued with the crew until they gave up and let him stay. They did not check his boarding pass or ask him to move to his assigned seat I found a different seat away from him but I don’t see the point in paying for extra legroom when the crew let’s people who haven’t paid for it sit it those seats. I felt harassed by the man and was very uncomfortable the whole flight. I am considering my next step, I think I should at least receive a refund for the upgrade I paid for."
Fordele: "Very nice airplane and pleasant crew"
Fordele: "Yes"
Ulemper: "Nothing. Flight was amazing"
Fordele: "KLM are our airline of choice. A great full-service carrier with impecable standards."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Great crew."
Ulemper: "Ran out of business class meal. Substituted a Econ class."
Fordele: "Service and crew amazing friendly and went out of the way to Make u feel special even the pilots gave updates thru out the flight"
Ulemper: "Not being to help on the ground in Copenhagen with delta issues"
Ulemper: "Boarding was chaotic & therefore delayed take off a little Receiving luggage was slow -@ 35 minutes from landing to luggage claim, so actual arrival was considerably later for those meeting me"
Fordele: "Crew was nice and pleasant"
Ulemper: "Flight very late"
Fordele: "Just as I expected. And I made my last connection easily."
Ulemper: "Not being 1 hour late"
Fordele: "Food and service"
Ulemper: "Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats"
Fordele: "Slow service."
Ulemper: "Better communication!"
Ulemper: "There was no wifi on flight"
Ulemper: "We were allowed to choose our seats from SFO to Amsterdam but not for the return flight. I like to be able to choise my seats when I book the flight. Choosing seats 24 hours before is not convenient when traveling for the return trip."
Fordele: "Good for both."
Ulemper: "Bigger seats."
Fordele: "The crew are amazing! Attentive and friendly."
Ulemper: "The seats could have been bigger."
Fordele: "Crew was fantastic."
Ulemper: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."
Fordele: "KLM staff is great"
Fordele: "God komfort og fin service"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Fordele: "Perfekt"
Ulemper: "Dårlige høretelefoner"
Ulemper: "The overall travel was good, no wifi and the entertainment system had a faulty headphone connection, and no place to charge devices other than through a USB port"
Fordele: "Entertainment options."
Ulemper: "Service was poor, seat did not recline, and the food was terrible."
Fordele: "Smooth flight."
Ulemper: "Seat a little cramped."
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Ulemper: "Min kuffert er gået i stykker undervejs, hvem kan jeg kontakte for at klage over dette?? Den er helt ny... Så det er super ærgerligt!!"
Fordele: "Friendly staff"
Ulemper: "Leg room"
Fordele: "Crew where awesone and the choice of entertainment was fantastic"
Ulemper: "Seats way to close together"
Fordele: "Seat 39A did not recline. The gentleman next to me spread his arms out a bit as he typed on his computer the entire way. So I did not get ANY sleep. Plus he got up at least four times."
Ulemper: "Except for the man next to me - great!"
Fordele: "The staff tried to help me when it was evident we would not arrive on time"
Ulemper: "The connecting flight is too short of a time. We were late out of LAX and I missed my connection and had to sit in airport for 5 hours. Missed my grandson’s third birthday party. Just made me sad as Travelled from far to try to make it."
Fordele: "Premium economy service was good."
Ulemper: "Inexplicably, our preassigned seats were changed at checkin and we were put in bulkhead. This particular Boeing aircraft is pretty poorly designed. Especially the bulkhead in premium economy."
Ulemper: "After more than two hours of delay... Initially the flight takes off was at 8:35... Then 21:20... Then 21:50... Then 22:10. Finally we took off at 22:40... Refund our money klm..."
Fordele: "Absolutely nothing!"
Ulemper: "the connection flights was the worse! The gate was changed in Amsterdam 3 times! From D82 to C6 and then to C11. The distance between B82 and C was 20-30 minutes walk. No rushing was needed though, the flight was delayed for 1:30h and after we all boarded a further delay was announced. I will never fly with KLM."
Ulemper: "Crowded seating, wake-up for breakfast service two hours before arrival"
Fordele: "Flight was lovely, crew were friendly and very helpful and food was delicious!! We travelled with assistance for mum and it was excellent and we were kept updated all through the flight."
Fordele: "Clean airplane, friendly crew, no rush, nice snacks for a short one hour flight. Just generally a positive experience."
Fordele: "Eveything is well arranged"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Not only was there free food but they tried to sell you a bunch of stuff. Not a moments piece."
Ulemper: "Flight delayed by one hour which meant I missed by train at Southampton by 10 minutes and subsequent bus connect home. Next bus would have been 2 hours later so 45 minute walk home from train station. Didn't bother with food offering, put off by that supplied from Hannover to Schiphol."
Ulemper: "One of the senior stewardesses we're very rude. Whether it's her personal opinion or KLM's policy, it's unreasonable to think that a 3 years old child could or should hold her pipi over 20 minutes, while they slowly and inefficiently trying to give out food. Several parents were there with the request to let us through to the toilet with small children and she smiled in our face and said "no, we will finish first and than you can go". She might be not fit for the job anymore, but KLM can't afford this kind of treatment."
Fordele: "The crew were really helpful since I am a short person in putting my luggage away in the overhead compartment and attentive to everyone's needs. I am a fussy eater and don't really like airplane food but the food was actually really nice. We was given plenty of snacks and drinks in between meals as well. There was plenty of programmes to choose from to keep me entertained."
Ulemper: "The seats in economy were a little too small for a 12 hour flight"
Fordele: "Very efficient boarding, fast and professional but warm and friendly. The plane was very clean and quite spacious for a two by two configuration. On time departure and landing and smoothed processing at the other end."
Ulemper: "Nothing to improve"
Fordele: "It was a short flight so it was O.K."
Ulemper: "Boarding was odd. Go to airport early and counters were not open, did on line check in so was able to avoid the self check in at airport. Also self check in luggage seems confusing with no ground crew to help. It didn't affect me but lots of confused passenger."
Fordele: "Very good flight, excellent service and good food."
Fordele: "Great smooth flight staff was pleasant and the overall experience was fantastic."
Ulemper: "Først leg gik som planlagt, men herefter gik alt galt...."
Fordele: "Quick and efficient flight. Crew very organized. Great language skills"
Fordele: "10 hour flight - I was well looked after, regular drinks, the food and snacks were good enough and tasty. The in flight entertainment was good - latest movies and worked a great variety of tv, books and movies. The airplane was modern and comfortable"

Wrong advice was given by AF counter for the boarding by asking me to exit airport and then enter again , otherwise was ok .

Nice,o time,and great foods and services.

Ulemper: "Boarding was a disaster as my companion was selected for random search which held us up as there was no urgency to process us. Then there was no sign for where we should go since upper deck on 747 so we went in "economy" line as indicated on ticket and then was sent to correct line when we got to the front, wasting more time. The seatrs were the most uncomfortable I have ever beeon on for a long flight. I also paid extra to be in the exit row, to have people constantly congregating in front of us."
Fordele: "The crew was astounding"
Ulemper: "Short and sweet"
Ulemper: "Delayed"
Ulemper: "Delayed"
Ulemper: "Seats were too close together."
Fordele: "The cabin crew were amazing and the seats very comfortable, even in economy. I'm not a super comfortable flyer so I loved that the pilot would always warn when we were getting into turbulence. 2 thumbs up. I will fly Air France again"
Ulemper: "I'd appreciate a better selection of food and drinks, even if I have to pay for the drinks."
Fordele: "Personalet er virkelig venligt og service orienteret. Gode film valg"
Ulemper: "Maden var ringere end almindeligvis. Jeg finder det er mærkværdigt at man får servering og så når den nærmest er indtaget, så først kommer brød. Savner engelske tekster på engelske film, det er svært at høre al tale på filmen, både på grund af støj fra flyet og kvaliteten af øre telefonerne"
Fordele: "The crew was excellent and surprisingly the seats were comfortable."
Ulemper: "I think more attention should be paid to cleaning the plane and eeek, there was no liqueur in economy class. Music selection in entertainment should be wider too"
Ulemper: "We didn’t travel to Detroit... we were re-routed 3 times and our luggage is lost, some really helpful ppl along the way (thankfully) and some really crummy ppl too... no in between... still not to our destination"
Fordele: "Check in agent extremely helpful and friendly."
Ulemper: "Not boarding on tarmac via bus. Sandwich - tartar sauce and “chicken” - with two quarter sized pieces of meat was terrible."
Fordele: "Late departure, dirty, staff not friendly."
Ulemper: "Plane is old and entertainment facilities are no longer appropriate"
Fordele: "I really liked my seat, but it was one of the only ones that didn't have a USB port."
Ulemper: "See above. Overall, very nice experience."
Fordele: "The cue lines per zone are a brilliant idea!"
Ulemper: "An explanation to passengers as to why there was a backup between the gate and the plane."
Ulemper: "More water provided during the flight. Also, the second meal was not very good."
Ulemper: "boarding wasn't good."
Fordele: "The gate reps from CDG to MSP were professionals. The cabin crew on the Delta flight were exceptional! This was not my experience in Copenhagen with the Air France staff, they seemed to be self centered and rude."
Ulemper: "Delta please make excellence a priority in all areas of customer service. Set high standards for staff so customers know that you appreciate them and are ready for business. The world is at the customer's fingertips, let their first choice be Delta. When their are bad days, customers will understand"
Ulemper: "I have never been in a situation were a flight has been delayed due to the co-pilot suffering a knee injury prior to take off. A request for a doctor on board after an hour or so and then having to leave the plane and then re-board after about 40 minutes was quite bizarre."
Fordele: "Food was ok."
Ulemper: "Very little room in economy class. For a 6'1" person, it's impossible to get comfortable."
Fordele: "Extremely hot the plane"
Ulemper: "Departure delayed, reschedules and then cancelled without any direct notification to us with 2 first class tickets !! If we didn’t have Kayak we would be sitting in the airport !,,"
Ulemper: "Flying back to US, passsengers get charged for their luggage. Which this is not informed to us, neither On our email nor when we were checking ( for free) in Us"
Ulemper: "I ordered Asian Vegetarian Meal. But they served me only pasta."
Fordele: "Food was good, crew was very professional and courteous. Flight was smooth."
Ulemper: "Coach was cramped and the video system didn’t work very well"
Fordele: "25 min ahead schedule!!!"
Ulemper: "Cabin space, too narrow rows."
Fordele: "Food was good and again, staff were friendly and professional. Flight was on time and efficient dis-embark mentioned."
Ulemper: "Slight issue with headphone connection, was not the only passenger."
Fordele: "If the flight would have leave in time we would receive our luggage in time"
Ulemper: "I am not sure why this happened, but our daughter, travelling away from home for the first time, was targeted at every step of her journey. From the terminal in DCA to Cincinnati, to CDG. Delta/Air France clearly singled her out. i am outraged! I have traveled many, many times and have sent hundreds of students on nearly the same trip -- and none have had as rough a time as she had. They will be hearing from me."
Fordele: "Very good male crew member. Pilot genuinely apologetic for the delay."
Ulemper: "After running due to a 1 hr 10 min change over between flights boarding didn't prioritise anyone but I got on fine. Only to be told at the departure time that there was a problem with the baggage hold and we were delayed. In total 50 minutes late leaving. Breakfast a simple brioche with nothing to add to it."
Fordele: "Faster"
Ulemper: "Waited a while before take off."
Fordele: "I didn’t actually liked the entertainment"
Ulemper: "I just didn’t enjoy the entrainment."
Fordele: "The food, entertainment, and service. Waited for me after almost missing my flight."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordele: "It was Amazing staff helpfull and fresh.. love it"
Ulemper: "Flight of almost 3 hours was not entreteiment at all just magazines."
Fordele: "Nice food Right in time Police and customs formalities easy"
Ulemper: "Poor comfort in business class No entertainment at all"
Ulemper: "There are always delays. Today it was that internet was down."
Fordele: "Good on a short flight"
Ulemper: "Paying for carry on due to weight limit. First time this ever happened!"
Fordele: "Not much."
Ulemper: "It was one problem after another during check in. And it was difficult to find help in English so I couldn't really tell what was going on. In the end I was tucking to get checked in because they were insisting I use a kiosk but I was telling them that the kiosk said to see an attendee. It was not efficient and I felt like a burden asking for help when there was nothing else I could do on my own."
Fordele: "The time of the flight was great as well as the arrival time and subsequent connections to Paris. Enjoyed the rather full line of in flight beverages!"
Ulemper: "Leaving late seemingly without reason from Paris - chaotic boarding line in Paris with difficult to hear PA. Seats were ok'ish but than again, it's a 45 minute flight. The sandwich was gross and I'm somewhat known as a person who eats everything!"
Fordele: "That it was a night flight"
Ulemper: "No airconditioning, no food choice, no space."
Fordele: "Airplane staff were good"
Fordele: "Nice Flight Attendants Good Food"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed by 1.5 hours"
Ulemper: "bad smell around my seat"
Fordele: "It was a short flight."
Ulemper: "Seat to seat space OK for anyone under 4 ft tall. Pressed intoth seat framein front, I couldn't even turn or get my feet under the seat to extend."
Fordele: "Fly til tiden"
Ulemper: "Mindre end 15 cm til sædet foran. (og ja, jeg målte) HELT uacceptabelt. Ikke engang plads til at mase min håndbaggage (en helt almindelig computertaske) ned i hullet."
Ulemper: "Small leg space"
Fordele: "Friendly crew; comfort; punctuation. Fast boarding"
Ulemper: "Simple food - very small amounts. No entertainment."
Fordele: "Boarding was fast and efficient. Flight attendant staff were friendly and very courteous."
Ulemper: "Vegetarian food choices are too limited. Snack and beverage availability on long flights like this are too few and far between."
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16t. 55min.BLL-TPA
1 stopLufthansa
13t. 45min.TPA-BLL
3.378 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
16t. 55min.BLL-TPA
1 stopLufthansa
18t. 30min.TPA-BLL
3.385 kr.
1 stopLufthansa
16t. 55min.BLL-TPA
1 stopLufthansa
18t. 30min.TPA-BLL
3.406 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
26t. 30min.CPH-TPA
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 49min.TPA-CPH
3.463 kr.
2 stopLufthansa
16t. 35min.BLL-TPA
2 stopLufthansa
15t. 19min.TPA-BLL
3.505 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 52min.CPH-TPA
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
14t. 37min.TPA-CPH
3.519 kr.
1 stopVirgin Atlantic
26t. 50min.CPH-TPA
1 stopVirgin Atlantic
13t. 44min.TPA-CPH
3.618 kr.
2 stopBritish Airways
29t. 03min.BLL-TPA
2 stopBritish Airways
25t. 44min.TPA-BLL
3.640 kr.
2 stopBritish Airways
19t. 43min.CPH-TPA
2 stopBritish Airways
17t. 09min.TPA-CPH
3.696 kr.
1 stopVirgin Atlantic
31t. 07min.CPH-TPA
1 stopVirgin Atlantic
13t. 44min.TPA-CPH
3.774 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
21t. 17min.BLL-TPA
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
16t. 46min.TPA-BLL
3.795 kr.
2 stopBritish Airways
26t. 22min.BLL-TPA
2 stopBritish Airways
23t. 02min.TPA-BLL
3.810 kr.
2 stopBritish Airways
26t. 22min.BLL-TPA
2 stopBritish Airways
20t. 33min.TPA-BLL
3.817 kr.
2 stopAmerican Airlines
22t. 58min.CPH-TPA
2 stopAmerican Airlines
27t. 57min.TPA-CPH
4.064 kr.
2 stopKLM
19t. 03min.CPH-TPA
1 stopKLM
22t. 20min.TPA-CPH
4.157 kr.
2 stopAir Canada
26t. 21min.BLL-TPA
2 stopAir Canada
16t. 50min.TPA-BLL
4.291 kr.
2 stopAir Canada
26t. 21min.BLL-TPA
2 stopAir Canada
31t. 35min.TPA-BLL
4.326 kr.
2 stopKLM
15t. 03min.BLL-TPA
3 stopKLM
24t. 14min.TPA-BLL
4.652 kr.
2 stopAir France
22t. 47min.CPH-TPA
1 stopAir France
18t. 05min.TPA-CPH
5.169 kr.
2 stopDelta
21t. 59min.BLL-TPA
2 stopDelta
16t. 50min.TPA-BLL
5.530 kr.

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2 stopFlere flyselskaber
30t. 20min.CPH-TPA
2.301 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
30t. 20min.CPH-TPA
2.500 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
40t. 31min.CPH-TPA
3.257 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
44t. 25min.CPH-TPA
3.342 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
44t. 25min.CPH-TPA
3.385 kr.
1 stopKLM
15t. 41min.CPH-TPA
3.987 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
25t. 47min.CPH-TPA
4.362 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
25t. 47min.CPH-TPA
4.482 kr.
1 stopKLM
15t. 41min.CPH-TPA
4.539 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
40t. 52min.CPH-TPA
5.389 kr.
1 stopKLM
15t. 41min.CPH-TPA
6.118 kr.
2 stopIcelandair
27t. 59min.CPH-TPA
6.621 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
49t. 07min.CPH-TPA
7.520 kr.
1 stopKLM
15t. 01min.CPH-TPA
7.527 kr.
2 stopKLM
17t. 53min.CPH-TPA
7.555 kr.
3 stopUnited Airlines
58t. 26min.CPH-TPA
20.358 kr.

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3t. 09min.JFK-TPA
2t. 43min.TPA-JFK
836 kr.
3t. 12min.LGA-TPA
2t. 40min.TPA-LGA
871 kr.
2t. 57min.JFK-TPA
3t. 01min.TPA-JFK
871 kr.
direkteSpirit Airlines
2t. 34min.DFW-TPA
direkteSpirit Airlines
2t. 45min.TPA-DFW
949 kr.
2t. 57min.JFK-TPA
2t. 43min.TPA-JFK
977 kr.

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Tampa (TPA)USA

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Tampa - Danmark

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