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Forsinkelse fra Beirut. Tasken nåede ikke med

They canceled my flight yesterday only an hour for me to leave so am so disappointed by your airline I payed Covid test for $175 . Is hard to get hold of your customers service representative. Your Airline is a scammer

Fordele: "Nice crew"
Ulemper: "More comfortable seats"
Ulemper: "Food, entertainment program, pillows and blankets would have been nice,"
Fordele: "The flight attendants were stellar--polite, respectful, helpful, attentive. I want to particularly commend the attendant who, after I notified her that someone was very ill in the adjacent bathroom, stood discreetly nearby and offered the person a glass of water when he emerged. Very considerate."
Ulemper: "The transfer was a horrible, stressful experience. We knew it as a short connection but Lufthansa had accepted it. On our outward bound flight three weeks earlier, we were all met and escorted swiftly by a flight attendant from the first leg plane (EWR-MUN) to the second leg plane (MUN-Nice) to ensure that we all made it onboard. Impressive. On our return journey, no such luck! No attendant to meet us, and a huge line at immigration, full of panicked and stressed-out passengers jockeying for position, with no-one from ANY airline there to do a triage for those with the shortest connections. Ridiculous. In addition, the passport-scanning machines were very slow and quirky. My own passport was rejected because there was no evidence I had passed through Munich on my outward bound journey!! RIDICULOUS. I managed to slip through to a human being and begged the immigration officer to let me go through with my husband, who had had no such problem. The officer told me he could not find a stamp from my earlier transit through!!! Eventually I suppose he did because he let me through. The stamp was there, I found it, but it had been sloppily applied and was half off the page...hence the rejection by the scanner. We made the flight by minutes. NOT GOOD! Surely Lufthansa could do better in their own country???"
Ulemper: "Lufthansa burde presse lufthavnen i Frankfurt til at ge bemanding imsilkerhedskonteollen. Kl 6.10 i morges tog det 35 min i business køen og mindst 50 mini economy køen"
Fordele: "flyturen i sig selv var fin men var forsinket."
Ulemper: "Flyet var forsinket så jeg missede forbindelsen til CPH i Frankfurt. Det kan ske. Blev omboket til tidligt fly næste morgen. Sådan måtte det jo så være. Men at skulle stå i kø som business pasager i 55 min for at få hotelvoucher og nyt boardingpass var for meget. Economy havde endnu længere kø. Skikkerhedstjek næste morgen i Frankfurt tog 35 min for business og op mod 1t for economy!"
Fordele: "The crew"
Ulemper: "The seat space and food"
Ulemper: "People in economy who have no common sense and put their seat all the way back into the personal space of the person sitting behind them. They should not be able to recline that far. If they need that much room take first class."
Ulemper: "I don't know"
Ulemper: "Maden er kedelig og der var ingen valgmuligheder."
Fordele: "Prior flight from Zagreb to Munich was delayed 1 hour due to inclement weather - not the airline's fault. However although I made my connecting flight, my suitcase didn't. I'm writing this the next day & waiting for my suitcase to be delivered."
Ulemper: "There was no announcement about the delay & the reason why. We found out by reading the board. The passengers found out from each other what caused the delay. Passengers would experience less anxiety if they were informed what's going on."
Ulemper: "There was no information from Lufthanza. There were no lanes. There was no one at the check in desks. There was no crowd control. There was no triage. I was bloody chaos. I arrived 3 hours and 40 minutes in advance of the flight and traveled only 25 feet toward the check in desk in over 5 hours. When we went to the information desk, we were told that the flight would wait for the passengers to be processed...but we never were and the flight took off only 35 minutes later than scheduled. it was the worst flying experience I have had in over 50 years!"
Fordele: "Fantastic staff excellent aircraft"
Ulemper: "5 hour lay over in Frankfurt. Sandwiches are all the same 2 choices on all aircraft"
Fordele: "Speed of boarding and de-planing. They are very efficient with staying on schedule, which is important. No one likes hanging around in airports or on planes. Also, my server ran and got me a special request of wine after meal when the choice was Bailey's or Sherry. That was kind of her."
Ulemper: "The announcements are frequent, slow and long. The food was alot of carbs. Nothing was bad, I just got a terrible headache and swollen ankles. Not the airline's fault, but it was hard to enjoy the last flight for these reasons. Also, water poured ahead of time on trays on 2 occasions instead of seeing them pour it. I was sitting next to a coughing sick person so I wanted to cover my beverages and food as soon as possible. My sound on video didn't work all the time. It kept cutting off. Tried my husband's headphones, but didn't help."
Fordele: "Comfortable with good food, drink, entertainment and service. Flight left on time."
Ulemper: "NA"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed getting out and when we landed we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour so our connecting flight was missed. The person at the Lufthansa desk left at EWR so there was no one to talk to about vouchers for our cancelled flight. Also I never received an email update about my upgrade request contrary to the email I received saying that I would get an update. I would not fly again on Lufthansa."
Fordele: "The staff was communicative and genuine. The food was decent. Even though the flight arrived late I felt ok about it due to the direct communication of details about the situation. I was stuck in the extremely cramped space of seats just in front of the lavatory making the seat in front me 5 inches from my nose when reclined but the staff was sympathetic offering to ask the passenger in front of me to redress their seat more upright and also allowing me to spread out across two seats to compensate."
Ulemper: "While the staff compensated for the more than standardly cramped seating arrangement, I think the row of seats just in front of the lavatories should be either better designed or designated not usable. I am only 5’3” and 125lbs but still was faced with a mere 5 inches in front of me when the passenger in front of me reclined his seat. I couldn’t even stand in order to exit the row and had to crawl over the seats to my side. This had me thinking how dangerous this row could be in case of an emergency. Please consider designating these seats either not to be used or optional for passengers."
Fordele: "friendly staff"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread. Lost my suitcase when arriving in Billund - got it late next day"
Fordele: "friendly service"
Ulemper: "poor sandwhiches, dry bread"
Fordele: "I love the fact that the flight arrived on time and there were no delays. I can say our time was respected by the airline."
Ulemper: "There can be a better range of entertainment on the flight, and flying Lufthansa their isn't too much food variety"
Ulemper: "We were about 20-30 minutes late taking off, then we sat on the runway for about 20 minutes. This made it physically impossible to clear customs and go through security requirements at point of entry US in order to make connecting flight."
Fordele: "I can’t say enough about the Lufthansa staff- we ran to our gate because our connecting flight was late, and we were greeted by a warm and smiling face who said “It’s alright, don’t run, take your time, we’re waiting for you.” Onboard the crew was phenomenal- Every. Single. One. I have always felt as a burden to crew if I asked for extra water or an extra blanket- not on this flight, not with this crew. They came around multiple times per hour during an 8hr and 20min flight, offering various beverages and checking on everyone. I can’t thank them enough for how caring they were to everyone on board. The captain as well was very professional and had a kind spirit when he spoke. Best experience I’ve ever had- (and I travel multiple times per year!)"
Ulemper: "N/a"
Fordele: "One of the crew members, a male, was very nice."
Ulemper: "•We boarded and consequently landed late, which caused my cousin to miss his connecting flight, coupled with the long customs process upon landing. There was no accommodation given to my cousin so I have to take him back home with me and then drive 2 hours tomorrow morning to bring him back for his new flight. •The charger ports for our seats were not working, which means we were 8 hours + without a phone. •One female flight attendant had a bad attitude and dropped pretzels in my lap after I turned to quickly ask my cousin a question regarding what drink he wanted. •The plane landing was one of the most reckless I’d ever witnessed."
Fordele: "Everyone was very polite, seats were fairly comfortable. Food was about what you'd expect, but with more chocolate, which was nice. Enough movies to keep me busy."
Ulemper: "Spilled a drink and requested someone come by, only to have three people ignore my light and visible waving arms. Had to move my neighbor and find some napkins, by which time my seat was soaked through. While I was cleaning, someone asked if I had turned my light on."
Ulemper: "Delay due to overbooking"
Fordele: "I liked having the option to upgrade to a Premium Economy seat for this long flight. It made a big difference in my comfort during the flight."
Fordele: "There staff were great and the flight was smooth. The flight was on time."
Ulemper: "The distance from one gate to the other is long and wondered why go through security again when you are still in the airport."
Fordele: "Great service and food."
Ulemper: "after the fact, improperly disclosed baggage charge excessive and no opportunity to pay on line and avoid the charge at the airport."
Fordele: "Pleasant efficient crew and although we had a late departure the pilot made up the time and we did not miss our connection"
Fordele: "Departure was a bit late but we were informed. Even with that delay arrived on time. Coach seat was okay for me. Movies offered could be better but there was enough for my taste. It was a night flight anyway, so I was asleep most of the time."
Fordele: "While seat did give more leg room, we were still squashed. the guy next to me was a little on the heavy side and he could barely fit in the seat. We had no place to put our arms."
Ulemper: "we had to go down stairs to gain access to plane; they waited forever to board. supper selections were mediocre at best."
Fordele: "Lufthansa når det er bedst - turen var en bevidst fravalg af Airfrance der også flyver fra København til Alger - og dette fravalg kan anbefales, hvis man ikke har svært ved at komme tidligt af sted..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "SAS når det er bedst - for det var faktisk SAS der lagde fly og personale til..."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordele: "I thought the crew was OUTSTANDING. The food was good and so was the entertainment. I LOVED the toilets being in the separate area downstairs. I also really appreciated the temperature: very comfortable and not freezing cold, but not hot either. Again, GREAT crew!!! Very pleasant flight!"
Ulemper: "The flight was late leaving and arrived late, which made my connecting flight experience a nightmare My connecting flight arrived late, and I nearly missed my next flight. I had to go through border control (and relevant queues), running up and down multiple never-ending multiple escalators, then take a train to change terminal only to find out the gate had been changed to the furthest one in the terminal. I literally RAN all the way from deplaining to boarding. It was a night mare. I would have missed my flight if I had walked instead of running"
Fordele: "The services provided by United were good, although we were delayed due to mechanical issues. However, we were kept informed and made comfortable."
Ulemper: "I did not know when I booked through Lufthansa that it was a United flight, so I could not check in online and I was not able to order my gluten-free meal. Also, since it was Lufthansa, I was not able to download the entertainment system onto my portable device because I did not know I needed to."
Fordele: "crew, food, seat location, service."
Ulemper: "Entertainment selections were limited."
Fordele: "Crew was friendly"
Ulemper: "Flight delayed by over 3 hours, inflight entertainment did not work"
Ulemper: "Crew was not friendly or very helpful, nothing stood out. As this was the first leg of my international flight, it would have been much better I had proper food, rather than a bag of 6 pretzels, especially since I had to be at the airport three hours earlier, and I had a six hour layover in Newark."
Ulemper: "I had requested a gluten free meal weeks before my travel and it was not confirmed for the Naples to Frankfurt flight. I think that if I already requested ahead of time that the flight crew should know about it and be ready to provide me with the correct meal even if I don't call back and confirm."
Fordele: "Was served food and drinks for a 2 hr flight between OTP and MUC. Who else does this? My mom was offered transportation assistance throughout the entire flight. Preboarding on every leg of the flight"
Ulemper: "Since I was sitting among the last seats, they ran out of.chicken and I had to settle for spinach filled ravioli. This is the only minor issue."
Fordele: "Love crew & very clean"
Ulemper: "Need better food options for vegans"
Fordele: "Economy seats are not comfortable. The seat cushions are worn out and do not provide good support for long flights."
Fordele: "Crew was nice"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed which caused us to miss our next flight. This was a huge inconvenience. When we were in line to get our hotel they did not help the people who were first in line. We were in the middle of the line, but got everything organized for us LAST."
Fordele: "see above"
Ulemper: "see above"
Fordele: "everything from the boarding and check-in process to in flight comfort."
Ulemper: "Lufthansa cancelled my flight on November 23rd a few hours prior to departures because their pilots went on a strike. When I called and asked if they would rebook me the lady on the phone said that she could rebook for a trip that had two layovers from 2pm(Prague time) to 8:30pm(NYC time) for the 24th of November (thanksgiving). When I asked her if there was anything else she said that was the soonest flight she could find. When I checked my self I found and booked a flight for the 23rd. When I called back they refused to give me a refund."
Fordele: "Comfortable, clean plane and excellent, attentive service on board. We had little time between connections but airport staff offered to drive us, two seniors, to distant gate on his cart which was a lifesaver."
Ulemper: "My seat (33A) was would not recline. I alerted the stewardess early on, she called a male colleague, both smiled and reassured me that they will deal with it later on. The uncomfortable seat became even more cramped as at the end of the dinner service the passenger ahead reclined his seat. I tried to catch the attention of the cabin crew - in vain. On disembarkation I saw the stewardess and reminded her of her promise of help . She sweetly wished me a "pleasant weekend". The cabin crew did not seem to care much over the discomfort of an elderly traveler in economy class."
Fordele: "- Right before boarding, a fantastic agent helped us move seats, and was extremely kind. - Food is not bad - Crew was very nice."
Ulemper: "- We cannot choose our seats online! You would expect that if you are flying from Germany to the US, they would allow you to do that. - My husband and I booked the flight together, and were assigned two separate seats, with 20 rows of distance! - Our video monitors were frozen mid-flight...."
Fordele: "Fast boarding and on time"
Ulemper: "I wish there would have been a meal included with the flight."
Fordele: "Flights were on time"
Ulemper: "Crews were rude, no free snacks, they even charge you for headphones"
Fordele: "Crew efficient and friendly."
Ulemper: "For tall people there are few comfortable flights"
Ulemper: "No food or snacks :("
Fordele: "Clean plane. Decent movie/TV selections on-board."
Ulemper: "Stewardesses were not very friendly and snapped at passengers a couple of times."
Ulemper: "iceland air was disappointing. i paid for a seat with extra leg room in the front of the plane and as i was boarding i got reassigned to the very last row of the plane. not cool at all. i probably will not fly iceland air again."
Fordele: "everything"
Ulemper: "boarding"
Fordele: "The air was working and it wasn’t hot and the plane wasn’t sold out so there was some room."
Ulemper: "Boarding the plane process."
Fordele: "Wait, what? Which flight did I review? You asked me about my flight to Minneapolis, but now you’re asking about Copenhagen to Reykjavik? Did I complain about the wrong flight?"
Ulemper: "This is a confusing review page. If you ask about my flight to Minneapolis, I think you mean Reykjavik to Minneapolis, but I think that was actually Tallinn to Copenhagen."
Fordele: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Food selections horrible. And you need to pay for it. I got last piece of pizza and it tasted like it had been sitting there for a week. Drink cups were tiny. Movie options severely limited. WiFi never worked."
Fordele: "The movie selection was good"
Ulemper: "Boarding could've been more organized. On a 6+ hour flight, a snack should be offered (gratis), and of course, there needs to be more leg room and more comfortable seats."
Fordele: "Crew member were okay. Seat were not confer table"
Ulemper: "Would have been nice to serve some food since it was 5 hrs flight and good thing it has TV entertainment but the seat were so old and not comfortable. No ear phone or had to buy to use TV, i personally felt that they were just trying to make money in lit lit thing."
Fordele: "Great crew friendly and helpful."
Ulemper: "To begin, the flight could've left on time. We departed late and arrived at ORD 90 minutes late. Overall, a negative experience with Icelandair as the outbound flight also had delay issues. Not a good first experience with this airline."
Fordele: "I got home. Basic ok flight in today's no frills world."
Ulemper: "Rekjavik for a transit point has a pleasing aesthetic but is poorly designed for the number of passengers going through it. The flight was late so we had to hoof it, then wait as the next flight was late. Not sure Icelandair really has it down. But we made it."
Fordele: "The crew was dynamic!"
Ulemper: "The seat was uncomfortable for me. Headrest was too high and tilted my head forward, resulting in a headache."
Fordele: "The seats were great"
Ulemper: "The films were to old"
Fordele: "The flight was smooth and on time. Crew was friendly and efficient."
Ulemper: "A 3-hour flight followed by a five-hour flight isn’t super comfortable but without paying for first class, it was as good as it could be."
Fordele: "This is one of the best airlines I've ever flown. Very nice comfortable planes. Excellent air crew. Everything they do is at a high standard. What really sets them apart is the really great service. I had a problem with WOW air not honoring my ticket due to snow. I had to book at the airport on Iceland air last minute. They didn't have a gate agent who could sell me a ticket - so they sent a manager out from the back office to book us so we would not be stranded due to WOW's incompetence. Booked us just minutes before take off, escorted us through security and onto the plane. Start to finish less than 30 minutes. Amazing service. Their class of service is far above that of major carriers. Iceland Air works harder and makes sure everything is right."
Fordele: "You’re going for no frills. Competitive pricing maybe but consider baggage situation first. We went transatlantic and paid for a bag using economy light fare to make it work. Only needed one checked bag. Kids even in economy light get a free meal - though none are heated. Cabin is ok. Flight attendants were nice. even asked another passenger to move so I could have a seat for my lo infant even though I hadn’t paid for a seat for him. There was space of the flight so I didn’t feel badly about this. WiFi was affordae and generally reliable. I had a turkey pretzel bread wedge that was tasty."
Ulemper: "Witnessed many customers checking in who thought a bag was included. Entertainment is ok but screens have limited kid activities. Each leg of my flight took off 15-20 min late easily. Overall this wasn’t bad as it was made up in-air. Except one layover was only an hour, And cut it a bit close clearing passport control and traveling with two kids. No time to even see Kaflavik or pick up food or drinks. We ran to the final boarding call after clearing passport control. Also not good was that they don’t offer gate check on strollers. On a departure, you can use your stroller all the way up to the gate, but you get it back with any checked baggage at baggage claim, so you won’t have a stroller for layovers in Keflavík or clearing customs on either end. That was a pain. Strollers came up after all baggage. Not good for traveling families. Kids should be first especially after a 6 hour flight which was probably a second leg."
Fordele: "Good movies/tv and awesome sandwich. Loved the extra legroom, too!"
Ulemper: "No organization for how to line up to board. Got through a line, went to another waiting area, and than another line to the plane."
Ulemper: "The booking was too tight. We BARELY made our flight to Minneapolis and the airport in Rehkjavik is way too small for the number of flights coming in at the same time. We were in a winding, snakelike line for security that went on forever and then when we got through, the lines for the gates were mixed up, without proper seating areas and separation. People were in the wrong lines because it was too crowded to see where we should be. This is a POORLY run airport that needs significant expansion and improvement."
Fordele: "Movie selection was good."
Ulemper: "I am an adult, the staff patronized me and tried to give me a box of food multiple times that specifically says it is for people ages 2 to 11 years of age. They did not do this to any other passengers. Also when I ordered and paid for my food certain items were missing (I believe because I told them I was upset that they thought I was under 11 years of age) when I am more than double that age. It also took ages to get on the plane and there were delays when trying to land as well. The staff needs to also learn better english and other languages besides icelandic."
Fordele: "Aircraft clean"
Ulemper: "They land you on tarmac and you have the board a bus to come to the terminal. This is a challenge because the temperature in Reykjavik ranges 40-50F and rains frequently. Challenging for passengers who are not in tip top physical shape,have arthritis , have balance problem ,are older etc. We are talking about people who don't need a wheelchair and can manage well at other airports. No information from crew about what what to expect on landing and about connections. Flight was late and it caused us a lot of stress. Airport not friendly and no information about immigration etc, Only people who are very fit should consider this flight with a transfer at Reykjavik No food served. The steward serving our section was friendly"
Fordele: "Cost was good. We doubt we'll fly Icelandia again because of the poor service and the unprepared state of affairs in Reykjavik."
Ulemper: "The boarding on a connection in Reykjavic was the worst I've ever seen in my thousand flights. Customers were very upset wanted to break through the longest boarding line they'd ever seen. I was somewhat concerned for the potential of the passengers getting out of order. Safety became an issue as passengers began threatening to bust the line. "But, our flight leaves in 10 min." was heard again and again as we slowly meandered toward our plane for which we were over 30 min. late. Planes in Reykjavik were held up, though there was no weather problem, because of an overwhelming number of passengers trying to board their connecrtion. We were told this is common. On an eight hour flight we had little food available for purchase. After delivering the food we waited about an hour before the attendants came through to pick up the paper and boxes remaining from the food."
Fordele: "The price of the flight."
Ulemper: "A 2 hour layover turned into a 6 hr layover. Delays were announced 30 minutes at a time. They are flying so many flights thru Reykjavik that there isn't room for all the people. The weather was perfect, but a number of flights were delayed for various reasons. People were lined up everywhere, there isn't enough gate space, people just fill the hallways. The cafeteria ran out of bread for sandwiches given so many people needed to eat during the delays. In the future, I will look to avoid IcelandicAir flights thru Reykjavik despite the attractive price. They haven't scaled the airport to handle the traffic they are bringing in."
Fordele: "The seats are wide with plenty of leg room. The crew was lovely and helpful."
Ulemper: "The boarding process is hectic as they neither organize the area into rows nor have boarding groups of any kind. the in flight entertainment has many options to choose from but my tv stopped working for about 30 minutes."
Fordele: "The seats are wide with plenty of leg room. The crew is lovely and come around offering water many times throughout the flight (no food is included though)."
Ulemper: "The boarding process was very long In Iceland. They asked us to line up about 15 minutes before they started checking boarding passes Then, they made you wait for an extra ten minutes until they opened the doors to get on the bus, which was parked outside the door the entire time. Once we got on the bus we had to wait another ten minutes until it pulled away from the gate. Took about 35-40 mins from the time we got in line until we sat down in our plane seats. My friend’s tv screen stopped working after 15 minutes so we had to share mine for the rest of the 6 hours."
Fordele: "I'm glad they had options to buy food"
Ulemper: "When you are flying that long and internationally there should be snacks available for free. I was not impressed that nothing was offered without spending money."
Ulemper: "This was the worst flight I have been on. It was delayed by two and a half hours - because of a mechanical problem we had to switch planes. Don't they do a check before they board people? They only offered beverages one time in a 6 hour flight. There was no food which is appalling for an International flight. The worse thing is that when I booked my ticket it said one meal will be provided. But there was none. The choice of food for purchase was poor. I will never use Icelandair again. And I will discourage my colleagues using it too, who, like me, travel to conferences regularly."
Fordele: "There was entertainment and free water (unlike Wow airlines)"
Ulemper: "The last bite of my oatmeal included a rock, it looked like quartz."
Ulemper: "The flight was fine, but it took over an hour to obtain our luggage! Was probably an issue with Newark airport staff, not Icelandair. No idea what the problem was, except that an announcement was made about 45 minutes after debarking that the delay was "weather-related". Huh?? They can't remove luggage from a plane in the rain? I would gladly have gone on the tarmack in my raingear to retrieve my bag rather than wait over an hour. We had a family member waiting for us for 2 hours!"
Fordele: "Ease of ticketing"
Ulemper: "Not allowed to bring a backpack as carry-on, waited a bit to board the plane. The flight was fine, nothing over the top. What I expected."
Fordele: "The staff was very pleasant and helpful."
Ulemper: "Airline should provide a free snack such as a small sandwich, a small salad or a pastry. It is not right that during a long flight no free refreshments are offered."
Fordele: "Efficient"
Ulemper: "Iceland air should offer complimentary meals for overseas flights like our carriers United and Delta"
Fordele: "Staff"
Ulemper: "Airport in Iceland cannot accommodate the number of passengers that fly through there. Long lines, no seats, standing for hours. I won't fly Icelandic air through Rejikyvik again. Also the plane departing from IAD to Iceland was old and uncomfortable. Overall, I feel that I had to run the gauntlet of discomfort and tedium before I could actually enjoy my trip----as if the suffering was part of the package. This airport impacts the flight itself. Now we are supposed to accept an hours delay without apology as if that's ok. Standing in line at the airport for two hours in Iceland just makes me commit to traveling less and becoming more selective in my choice of airlines."
Fordele: "The flight itself was nice. Love the free WiFi and entertainment options. Icelandair is one of the most comfortable flights I have been on."
Ulemper: "I am very upset with how icelandair handled luggage for our layover. Our layover was and overnight, 17.5 hour layover. Not a single staff member told us they would be withholding our bags for the entire layover. Not at check in, not during boarding, not when we landed. We had to figure it out ourselves by asking the baggage info, to which they responded with "if you wait 2 hours maybe it will come on the carousel and you can take it." Mind you it is 1:30 in the morning and we had already waited for an hour, not knowing this was the answer. I am extremely disappointed that we could not access our bags and that not a single staff member told us our bags would not come. I've never had a problem with icelandair until now and I strongly hope this does not happen again to anyone else."
Ulemper: "The airport was absolute chaos. No room to wait at the gate, poor communication, no info at the gate, late flights, people crammed into the bus for the plane. Seems the amount of travrlers has simply overwhelmed the airport staff and space. Hot cramped airplane and you have to pay for the most meager snack. By contrast, Jet Blue was spacious and comfortable. Unlikely to travel Icelandair in the future."
Ulemper: "Unfortunately we were herded into a tiny waiting area, pushed up against one another waiting for a bus to take us to the plane. The wait was unnecessarily long and the room very hot. Then again we were held in a crampt and very warm bus to the aircraft. Passengers inside the bus, pushed open some of the windows to give us a little fresh cool air. Finally we exited into the rain and wind to very slowly board the aircraft in no order, which led to people standing out on a slick staircase getting rather wet prior to entering. One of the worst boarding plans I've experienced."
Ulemper: "Our flight was delayed due to weather. Understandable and glad the airline chose safety first. Unfortunately the terminal was not equiped to handle that many passengers waiting for departures. There was no where to sit and had to sit on the floor for over four hours. May not be a big deal for some but at age 62 I had difficulty getting comfortable for the remaining flight. Denise"
Ulemper: "No complimentary food or snacks on a 6 hour flight? I've never heard of this before. I've had snacks on even a 2 hour flight with other airlines. This is especially unacceptable and inconsiderate considering that due to the airline's carelessness passengers who had a connecting flight (same airline) arrived to the layover later than scheduled with only 30 mins to spare we had no time to pick up food. Only to use the restroom. So my boyfriend and I were forced to spend ~$12 on a soggy ham and cheese "baguette" and pringles on the flight. Service and attentiveness was subpar. Landing was disastrous and would have been traumatizing if it was my first time flying. I along with surrounding passengers nearly jolted out of our seats and had to brace ourselves as the wheels bounced off the ground trying to graze the pavement."
Fordele: "Long flight but my husband and I had three seats to ourselves (both ways) and that really helps."
Ulemper: "Boarding was suppose to start at 4:10 but didn't happen until 4:40. Our flight was suppose to leave at 5. We ended up arriving a half hour late to Newerk. When you're on Icelandic time in the states, and you have to wait in line at customs, a half hour delay makes a difference."
Fordele: "Boarding process in Reykjavik was a nightmare. There were five or six flights leaving within a half hour of each other and hundreds of people were crammed into a very small waiting area with nowhere to sit."
Ulemper: "There were no announcements explaining why our flight was not boarding on time. We waited about 50 minutes at the gate while other flights that had later boarding times were boarding. Besides being squished in a crowd with nowhere to sit for such a long time and no explanation about why we weren't boarding made for very grumpy passengers even before we got on the plane!"
Fordele: "As above"
Ulemper: "Issue at Reykvevik airport delayed flight and missed connection... Very chaotic at airport... lostt bags for 2 days...i think operation side Icelandic air still needs some work but the plane amenities and crew were good"
Fordele: "The airline crew was very nice."
Ulemper: "No food on the flight."
Fordele: "movie selection service on flight was good tight seating"
Ulemper: "Long boarding process, people sitting on floor at airport due to lack of seating. Sat on runway for about an hour comfortable seats"
Fordele: "In flight entertainment"
Ulemper: "Poor communication"
Fordele: "Crew was friendly and helpful."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a free for all.... After premium seating, no order, lots of confusion with people stuck in the aisles."
Fordele: "the price is great, there's movies to watch through the flight"
Ulemper: "the seats are incredibly uncomfortable, the boarding process is a mess (no groups so everyone rushes to board at the same time, no lines), there's no food on a transatlantic flight. They were also extremely affected by the air traffic controller strike. On our way to Europe we missed an entire day having to get re-booked after missing our connection in Iceland. On the way back (this flight) we had a 17hr layover, and our flight back to the US was delayed 2 hours -- but we didn't have a connection to make in the US, so this didn't affect us that much, apart from being home two hours later. I probably will not fly Iceland Air again and would NOT recommend them."


Customer service at TAP is the worst. No one to talk to, help you or give any direction.

Good entertainment

Alting fungerede bare, virkede, var godt.

Det var bar een fornøjelse - alting virkede, fungerede, var godt.

The flight crew was very attentive and nice, but the ground crew sadly wasn’t, the overall experience is I WOULD NOT, again NOT TRAVEL with TAP Portugal… We where supposed to board at 11am and started at 11:40 with minimum to non-coordination…

food was awful and were told if food is left then you will get it else good luck and so we stayed hungry. seats were uncomfortable and actually hurt my back. so much for first class

Fordele: "okok"
Ulemper: "okokok"
Fordele: "Service was great and the airplane was very well maintained."
Ulemper: "More water, I was thirsty most of the time."
Fordele: "Boarding gik hurtigt og det var tilladt at have kabinekuffert med i modsætning til Ryan Air og wizz Air."
Ulemper: "Maden var enormt kedelig og intetsigende. Jeg fik en slags madpandekage uden indhold, som smagte af luft, og en slags kartoffel som var utrolig dårlig. Så dårlig mad. Ellers var resten fint."
Fordele: "Only the on board crew lived up to Tap's normal standard"
Ulemper: "Boarding chaotic in Copenhagen. Food very poor this time"
Fordele: "Crew was caring and attentive to plane cleanliness. Smiling, friendly, yet, fully professional."
Ulemper: "Company plays games with attractive low fares but extra charges for seating and luggage"
Fordele: "The people on the plane were super nice and the flight was nice as well. the price was cheaper than many others."
Ulemper: "I am used to traveling continents with other companies. There has always been 2 check in bags allowed with no extra charge as long as you are under 23kg on each. I get to the airport with my 2 bags ready, TAP tells me on large holidays, they only allow 1 bag to be checked to my specific African destination until January 11. And that one bag will cost me $120. They will not let me have the second one. Who does that? How much sense is this supposed to have. I checked with others and they do not do that. That rule rule is unfair and racist. Now that I am back, I have a bag missing. Wow!"
Ulemper: "I had to pay to check the first piece of luggage 85€ one way. I was not inform of that when I bough the ticket and I could have chosen a different airline If I had considered that expense. The first piece used to be free intercontinental flights but now it varies depending on the company. I find difficult to find this information when buying and it makes a great difference in the final price you pay. I found strange flight attendants having a very loud conversation in a very quiet flight where most of the people were sleeping."
Fordele: "Great lie flat seat. Nice FAs."
Ulemper: "Food was not that great for intl C"
Fordele: "In flight meal was one of the best I have ever had."
Ulemper: "Could not choose when to start a movie. If you wanted to watch one, you had to turn it on from the beginning or you would start in the middle. Plane could have been cooler as well."
Fordele: "Movies"
Ulemper: "Food"
Ulemper: "Though the weather was fine - no excuse - the 7 hours delay! the fact that instead of landing in Newark (my original reservation), we landed in JFK! VERY INCONVENIENT AND AN EXTRA EXPENSE! The fact that in Lisbon airport I had to wait more than one hour to reach the help desk and then plead to receive a voucher for refreshment (left Madeira on an early flight, no breakfast on that flight, the flight to NY delayed till 5 PM!). I chose TAP because it was the most direct way to reach Madeira - but the delays on both flights were more than unfortunate - it was simply poor service."
Fordele: "Flight was great"
Ulemper: "Had to pay extra for my only bag! Didn’t know it wasn’t in the coat of the ticket"
Ulemper: "flight was delayed. ended up missing our flight from newark home."
Fordele: "Usb charger, free of charge meal"
Ulemper: "Hostesses not making an effort."
Ulemper: "was delayed 2 hours"
Ulemper: "1) I tried several times while traveling but was unable to figure out how to choose a vegetarian option for the flight. When I called customer service, after a long hold time, the woman I finally spoke to told me it was too late to order vegetarian and refused to help me. I have never flown another airline (Air India, Turkish Air, United, American, China Southern, etc., etc.) that did not make this easy to choose during booking or check-in and that did not already have a standard ovo-lacto vegetarian option on the regular menu. Vegetarians practice for all sorts of reasons, including religion and health needs. It's unacceptable to make it so difficult to meet your meal needs while trapped on a plane for nine hours. 2) The check-in agent did not know the rule about all remaining seats being opened for passenger choice three hours before booking and insisted we had to pay to get aisle seats despite one of us having a health problem necessitating her standing up and walking every 45 minutes. Then another agent told us we couldn't choose seats for free for our Porto to Newark flight when we check in for our Madrid-Porto flight because it wasn't technically three hours before the Porto-Newark departure. But how were we supposed to choose seats for the Porto-Newark flight three hours in advance if we are in an airplane flying to Porto at that time? This makes no sense. Seats should be opened for every leg of a same-day journey at the same time. The agents were unhelpful and unsympathetic. 3) This was an old plane without options to choose a film or show to watch. Instead, passengers could flip through a few channels and hope to find something of interest that was already playing -- there was no way to begin a film or show from the beginning if you landed on it in the middle of its running time. I cannot recommend TAP Portugal to any of my friends, family, or colleagues after this experience."
Fordele: "Allw"
Ulemper: "I have traveled to and from Portugal in TAP for many years and never ever did I have to pay for a checked bag till this year. It is totally a robbery to be charging people for 1 checked bag of only 50lbs. not only is it ridiculous but robbery. You charge a lot of money for the flights as it is and to go and charge people to check a bag on an international flight is insane. It is to bad I have to fly back with you because I will not be flying with you ever again after this I will take my money elsewhere. Also you need to let people know that they are being charged for luggage when the are booking their flight because when I booked my flight nowhere did it say I had to pay for my luggage. It already was rediculous that we are only aloud 1 50lb bag checked and now you want people to pay for it too? Pretty soon you minus well have people just get on a plane naked!!"
Fordele: "Left on time, arrived early. Food and snacks were good. Very attentive crew."
Ulemper: "Can't think of anything."
Fordele: "Employees are very nice."
Fordele: "since it was an older plane maybe it had more leg room"
Ulemper: "poor quality video and sound for watching movies on long flight attendants were brusque and ignored most passengers(except the ones with special meals) we were on connecting flight with little time in between to grab water or snack - so we sat on this flight for over two hours before we got any refreshments. Some passengers got refills before we got one. Poor execution. we had to check two bags on connecting flight (which we didn't have to do before) and it cost us time and money. Also they lost the two bags - got several days after we got back from trip huge line at immigration - we waited almost two hours will not travel on TAP again"
Fordele: "Flight attendants were reponsive. Plane was comfortable enough. Good entertainment options."
Ulemper: "Plane was a little warm. Would have liked more information in English."
Ulemper: "Wouldn't let people approach the desk to ask questions before boarding. Crew very un pleasant and forceful throughout the trip. Would not look forward to flying with TAP again."
Fordele: "Not much"
Ulemper: "Long flight uncomfortable seats"
Fordele: "Time in the air was fine, efficient once we arrived in Newark and bags arrived fairly quickly. Check-in counter in Lisbon were a little tricky to find (around the corner with no signs posted...) but it was efficient."
Ulemper: "The boarding process was ridiculous. Went through security and then a second security screening at the gate when everything was gone through for a lot more than random folks. Then getting on a bus to board the flight instead of a jetway? I thought TAP was Portugal's national airline and had priority space at Lisbon..apparently not. No soap in the bathrooms on the plane! Ran out of diet soda (and we weren't at the back of the plane). On the way over, the flight attendants gave us conflicting instructions about our toddle sons's ability to sleep on the floor or on our laps. The entertainment system didn't work."
Fordele: "Food, seats, flight attendants & in flight entertainment were all very good."
Fordele: "So accommodating!! Top of the line!"
Fordele: "staff was fine. Food was kind of tasty."
Ulemper: "seats were quite small. no onboard entertainment."
Fordele: "The food in Economy was way better than usual U.S. airline food. Ground staff in Newark were helpful in retrieving a book I left on the plane. Captain had the seat belt sign off early and turned it back on late in descent which allowed people to visit the restrooms. Video entertainment was good."
Ulemper: "Captain should have made more P.A. announcements during the coast in over Cape Cod to point out areas of interest"
Fordele: "Center aisle seat was comfortable and pnethy of room for my carryon overhead and underseat."
Ulemper: "I would like to see all TAP planes come with a standard entertainment option on the headrest in front of you with the advanced menu option of movies, games, radio, etc. and ensure all headphone jacks are operational. (Thisnflight the screen was messed up...not something you want to look at for 8 hours. ) I couldn't eat half the food because the salad wasn't anything but cabbage and a tomato and the corn and meat dish was cold and weird. I don't know what the dessert was but I got it down. I think the sandwich I got before landing was pesto and mayonnaise but I'm not sure. I didn't get much of it down before gagging. I wish when booking a flight you were given the menu or you could choose early in the flight and then be served. I bet it would cut down on wasted food and money."
Fordele: "The crew is always professional and keeps you informed of what changes there are."
Fordele: "The seats were comfortable and already stocked with a pillow and blanket for all. we each had a personal screen stocked with movies, music, games and flight info. at no additional cost and that was great for passing the time during a long flight from Lisbon to NY. The crew was the best part, so pleasant and helpful and professional. We were instructed to close the shades and were allowed to sleep and woken up for the custom form and the great meal which had the option of soda or wine, etc. at no additional cost. The quality of the food was impressive and the salad even came with a packet of real Portuguese olive oil and vinegar. When appropriate we all had to open the shades and drinks were served again and later a small snack of a sandwich and a juice were given all in perfect timing."
Fordele: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "Filthy dirty airport, club and plane. No power in the seats to boot. Clown show. Never again see above."
Ulemper: "I found it very frustrating that we were told at the ticket counter the boarding would begin at 11:15am for a 12:45pm flight time. I arrived at the airport over two hrs in advance and then had to run a significant distance through the airport and sweat and be unnecessarily anxious waiting on the customs line only to arrive at the gate at 11:20am, to have my bags checked for a second time and then be unable to get any food or coffee before a flight that did not begin boarding for another 40 minutes. I did and still do not see the need for that additional luggage/security check and then being held at the gate for almost an extra hour for seemingly no reason at all."
Ulemper: "y extra bag cost more than my ticket. I should have just bought another ticket but was too flustered"
Fordele: "lots of food and drink"
Fordele: "Meal was good."
Ulemper: "Service was poor, the seat was not comfortable."
Fordele: "The movie selection was good."
Ulemper: "Food was pretty bad, the flight attendant was unfriendly, which is unlike any Portuguese we have met in our trip, maybe she was just having a bad day."
Fordele: "Great crew."
Ulemper: "No air from above. Just an all around bad flight with so many problems."
Fordele: "Efficient boarding. Very friendly crew. Coach seating comfortable and roomy."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "this was a very last minute flight to return home. It was cancelled within hours. I am very disappointed."
Ulemper: "Seats were uncomfortable"


Fordele: "Absolutely nothing. Everything was piss poor."
Ulemper: "Everything. First I wish my flight wasn’t canceled a d then received notice on the same day"
Fordele: "Curtious Crew Fastest flight ever, landed one hour early and had a xtra room to lay down for a good sleep"
Ulemper: "The choices of movies"
Ulemper: "Flight keft 35 min kate and boarfing was very slow and disorganized"
Fordele: "The crew was nice. The seats were ok."
Ulemper: "The flight from Copenhagen to Brussels was delayed without explanation for nearly an hour. I managed to make my connection to Frankfurt, but my luggage did not. I’m hoping it will arrive today."
Fordele: "This flight was eventually cancelled and the rating is solely on the ground experience. EuroWings could not have done anything worse. The process took from 10:30am upon arrival in Dusseldorf til 11:00pm when we were told the counter closed at 10pm and nothing could be done till next day."
Ulemper: "Have representatives on the ground and make public announcements about the progress, next steps, help offered and steps that need to be taken. The info was sparse and had to be gotten on an individual basis. Nothing was coordinated or communicated and every step had to be done WITHOUT HELP."
Fordele: "Crew was friendly, seats were ok"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed for almost 2 hours, there was no explanation, just an apology."
Fordele: "The ticket was affordable."
Ulemper: "It was not clear who was or wasn’t supposed to get meals so I only got a breakfast but no dinner. Also the flight was absolutely freezing and no offer of blankets was made."
Fordele: "The flight attendants were wonderful and the movies and space for the kids was great!"
Fordele: "More space that on competitors."
Ulemper: "The crew was not particularly pleasant to deal with. Also, the seat kept reclining itself without me ever pressing the button. Had to constantly adjust it."
Ulemper: "Manglede en servering af kaffe/te"
Ulemper: "Overbooked, no room for carry-on luggage"
Fordele: "The crew was amazing. Brand new airplane and service was excellent. Bathrooms were kept clean."
Fordele: "Very pleased with crew and seats."
Ulemper: "Wasn’t given a blanket"
Ulemper: "You are considered as a robber but it is inscribe nowhere you don’t have luggage"
Fordele: "Helpful services."
Ulemper: "Good"
Fordele: "Good schedules, good prices."
Ulemper: "They think that a five-hour flight is "intra-European" so they assign tiny little planes with bad seats and cramped rows. Unacceptable."
Fordele: "Helpful crew"
Ulemper: "No food except for purchase. Expected at least cup of coffee/crackers"
Fordele: "Afgang og ankomst til tiden."
Ulemper: "Sæderne i BRUXELLES Airlines fly er så dårlige at man selv på en så kort flyvning får ondt i bagdelen."
Ulemper: "Delay, nothing to eat, poor service !"
Ulemper: "I missed this flight due to my connecting flight being delayed for 3+ hours (not sure)."
Fordele: "Great airline"
Ulemper: "Great distance to walk between terminals for transfer"
Ulemper: "Custums on JFK was not utilized to check a full plane with tourists. ESTA finger prints took more than 2 hours."
Ulemper: "Despite the fact that I reserved a window seat, I was assigned a seat in the middle of the center row. They also 'sanitized' the airplane twice after that closed the doors before take off. They walked up and down the aisle with aerosol spray cans. I don't think people should be subject to unknown chemicals in order for the airline to save time on cleaning the cabin before take off."
Ulemper: "3h delay!!!"
Fordele: "The crew was calm, professional and polite."
Ulemper: "There was a delay of almost an hour on my first leg of the trip, which meant that I was really rushing to get to the gate for my connection in Brussels. It would have been nice to have some sort of express option for that, since it was the airline's fault that we were late."
Fordele: "Ease of boarding, reasonably comfortable seats on a short flight."
Ulemper: "No liquids (soda, coffee, water) offered."
Fordele: "Crew members were very friendly, plane was clean, seats were comfortable, and flight was much quicker than what I thought it was going to be. Boarding was a tiny bit unorganized, but overall flight was great."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a bit disorganized. I had brought my carry-on but the lady at the counter said I had to check it with baggage (which ended up getting delayed once we landed for an additional 15 minutes)"
Fordele: "Nice planes"
Ulemper: "My luggage was lost and I still haven't received it"
Fordele: "Lots of empty seats so more room"
Ulemper: "Had to pay for tea/coffee. Was free on way over so don’t understand this"
Fordele: "Gode sæder og vi var tidligere fremme end forventet."
Ulemper: "Det tager lang tid at boarde og stige af når der kun er en dør i brug."
Fordele: "Sjov sikkerhedsvideo i starten. Alt gik som det skulle."
Ulemper: "Sæderne var ufatteligt dårlige at sidde på og derudover blev jeg bedt om at have min håndbagage under sædet foran så jeg havde heller ikke noget plads til mine ben."
Fordele: "They gave us a pillow and blanket so we could sleep. They offered a good selection of movies and other entertainment. The airline staff was friendly and helpful."
Ulemper: "Seating was cramped but all airlines treat their three class clients like cattle."
Ulemper: "crew indifferent; entertainment limited; food not so good"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Called and made a reservation directly with Air Brussels to make sure we got a bassinet seat for our infant and that did not happen. Old airplane and very bad customer service all around. Took over 2 hours to check in at 4am in the morning."
Fordele: "I was happy to see that I had a huge amount of leg room on both of the flight legs! - Very comfortable"
Fordele: "Whatever positive experience we had was overwhelmed by careless handling of our luggage."
Ulemper: "Luggage nor sent from Brussels to Florence. On day 2 they had no clue where our 2 pieces were. Both pieces were bar-coded and there was. File complaint number did not help. we travel regularly and it has been many years sine we had luggage problems."
Fordele: "Clean and somewhat comfortable"
Fordele: "helpful crew"
Ulemper: "flight was delayed"
Ulemper: "Very dirty plane, limited space poor customer service. Took pictures of stained trays, seats. Very gross."
Ulemper: "Complete desinfprmation. No announcements and lack of support stuff. Worst airline experience ever"
Fordele: "The airline insisted I check my bag because it was 2lbs over the weight, but it was an empty flight. We had a transfer in Brussels where some how the tags on the bags were not there and we were without a luggage for 5 days. I feel that the Venice airport claim was horrible as they seem to misplace luggage alot and on our transfer flight they fave us the wrong carousel. The service on the plane was great. But that was it."
Ulemper: "The airline insisted I check my bag because it was 2lbs over the weight, but it was an empty flight. We had a transfer in Brussels where some how the tags on the bags were not there and we were without a luggage for 5 days. I feel that the Venice airport claim was horrible as they seem to misplace luggage alot and on our transfer flight they fave us the wrong carousel. The service on the plane was great. But that was it."
Fordele: "Flight was delayed and we had to spend time Waiting both in the terminal and the plane. But crew was very nice!"
Ulemper: "Would have been nice to have been given a free snack or some water while waiting. We got a tiny chocolate which was nice but didn't make up for the waiting time"
Fordele: "It was on time, almost."
Ulemper: "They needlessly took our carry on luggage and checked it in, even though the dimensions were alright, and there was enough vacant and unused overhead space in the flight. The luggage took forever to arrive on the carousel, much to drones anxiety. Also, the gate information wasn't displayed on the TV screens.. Even though they knew it."
Ulemper: "The overall organization was poor trying to make passengers off the plan to Kigali and boarding the Kigali passengers"
Fordele: "Always great to fly on a 5 across Avro."
Fordele: "all was good"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The fact that they went on strike and left us with no one at the gate when we arrived or no one to explain what is going on. Very difficult / stressful time when in a foreign country."
Fordele: "The crew were very respectful and professional did not like everything from Accra to Brussels ."
Ulemper: "We pay the crew so they need to respect us. One guy among the crew members was very disrespectful and unprofessional ."
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2 stopFlere flyselskaber
29t. 45min.CPH-EWR
1.630 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 00min.CPH-EWR
1.703 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
42t. 40min.CPH-EWR
1.709 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
28t. 50min.CPH-EWR
1.736 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 00min.CPH-EWR
1.768 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 35min.CPH-EWR
1.801 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
29t. 55min.CPH-EWR
1.821 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 00min.CPH-EWR
1.828 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
13t. 30min.CPH-EWR
1.900 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
30t. 35min.CPH-EWR
1.920 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
13t. 30min.CPH-EWR
1.939 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 35min.CPH-EWR
1.946 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
45t. 00min.CPH-EWR
1.972 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
18t. 00min.CPH-EWR
1.979 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 35min.CPH-EWR
1.992 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
30t. 00min.CPH-EWR
1.998 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
34t. 05min.CPH-EWR
2.005 kr.
3 stopFlere flyselskaber
30t. 05min.CPH-EWR
2.012 kr.
1 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 35min.CPH-EWR
2.018 kr.
2 stopFlere flyselskaber
17t. 20min.CPH-EWR
2.025 kr.

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Fly fra København til Newark


København (CPH)Danmark


Newark (EWR)USA

Tilbud på hjemrejsefly:

Newark - København

Gå på opdagelse i afrejselufthavne:

1.867 kr.

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1.867 kr.