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NorwegianTotale score baseret på 4417 bedømmelser

Hvorfor kan jeg dog ikke ændre mit sæde? Tåbelig stewardesse.

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Hvorfor kan jeg dog ikke ændre mit sæde? Tåbelig stewardesse.

Fordele: "I can’t travels"
Fordele: "The best flight i have ever been on"
Fordele: "Great service, love being able to order food and drinks from the in seat computer."
Ulemper: "Nothing really."
Ulemper: "Delays with little explanation of what was going on. Loaded the bus, the unloaded. Should have just had us wait"
Fordele: "Cheap flight"
Ulemper: "Cabin crew announced they will be dimming light for landing but that was not the case at all. They kept on turning the lights to a different color which was uncomfortable for the eyes. Pilot did a really great job on letting us know if there is any turbulence and when to expect during the flight. Flight attendants had no social skills, they acted like robots only there to serve for people who ordered. They should really change the way they perform because they are catering to the whole customers on the flight as opposed to only those who ordered their meals."
Fordele: "Seat was comfortable, crew was attentive, entertainment was sufficient."
Ulemper: "I was not even offered a beverage. On a 10 hour flight, one should at least be given a beverage or snack."
Fordele: "Everything was efficient and punctual. Crew were friendly."
Ulemper: "Like all Norwegian flights, no free water or drinks or snack on the flight. No pillow provided. In short, there is no free service of any kind."
Ulemper: "Making and being offered a solution that wasn’t two days later. When our plan had to emergency land due to engine surge there was no one working at the Norwegian desk. You had to wait in line for an hour and a half for a person to give you a slip of paper to call. They should have just told everyone"
Fordele: "The legroom was good."
Ulemper: "I changed seats with another passenger and I had preordered food. After telling this to 4 crew members, they still kept delivering my food to the wrong seat. I ordered vegetarian, so I got my food before everyone and then they kept forgetting to serve me drinks and coffee and so many other things."
Fordele: "The fact that the plane was newer"
Ulemper: "Perhaps offering water to passengers who didn’t select in flight meal option. Eight hour flight with no water is horrible. There is an option for buy bottled water for 4 Euros but I think basic customer service should include water. Terrible... I’ve never seen this before!!!!"
Fordele: "I liked the look of the new 787 plane."
Ulemper: "I didn't get served or offered a meal for the entire 10 hour flight. I doubt the food had to be purchased as people all around me were eating and I think I was the only one on the plane not served. The flight attendant crew was very rude yelling at me and not serving me a meal. Never Norwegian !"
Fordele: "Seats were comfortable."
Ulemper: "Crew were irritable and unfriendly. Plane was an hour late and our luggage was very slow coming off the plane, causing a missed flight connection."
Fordele: "Good movies and entertsinment"
Fordele: "Reasonable price for premium class seats."
Fordele: "Business class on Norwegian is affordable priced."
Ulemper: "The crew could’ve been nicer and I only had one choice of Lamb for dinner, and this was business class."
Fordele: "everything but the meals not so good"
Ulemper: "the meals not so good"
Ulemper: "Seat space, boarding process, cost of food"
Ulemper: "In Copenhagen the Norwegian transfer desk was closed and everyone was sent to the gate. The gate staff did not even acknowledge that we were all waiting there as they set up. It was very confusing and a few short words of greeting would have helped out us all at ease."
Fordele: "Comfortable rest, good food"
Ulemper: "Security and check in process need much improvement. No loungers even in premium."
Ulemper: "None of the staff could tell me which gate number it the flight was due to an error in number switching, causing me to go through security check 3 TIMES over 3 HOURS which ruined my experience and put me in an aggravated mood! Crew spoke without empathy & redirected their anger of gate errors at me!"
Fordele: "Excellent flight. Smooth."
Fordele: "Great flight crew"
Ulemper: "The unpalatable airline food"
Ulemper: "I've been to 40 countries and flown many airlines. the only ones worse than Norwegian is the budget Russian ones. Never again. They hit us with $200 in bagage fees because we didn't order baggage online 24 hrs before the flight. Unheard of."
Fordele: "No trolleys. Difficult if you have to carry a lot of luggage from an international flight to a car rental"
Fordele: "The flight was on time"
Fordele: "The crew was very nice. And the flight was good."
Ulemper: "Our flight was delayed by six hours. We did not leave until 5 AM from new work. It would’ve been nice if they had given us water, crackers or something in that time since all the shops were closed"
Ulemper: "Only 2 bathrooms were working during most of the flight which is not enough to accommodate everyone’s need"
Fordele: "Dinner meal was great, morning meal of sandwich and stale cinnamon roll not so good,"
Ulemper: "Morning meal of sandwich and stale cinnamon roll was inedible."
Ulemper: "We missed the flight due to last minute cancellation of our originating flight from Rochester NY to Newark with United. The cost of changing our flight through Kayak for the next day was over $750 and the travel insurance I purchased through Kayak may not cover this event. I may never use Kayak again. Here we see the high cost of low price deals."
Fordele: "nothing"
Ulemper: "I have traveled with different airlines such as Delta, France and America airline to near and far places and they have all given something to eat but this one NOTHING, not even water, you had to pay for it. This airline was the worst, first they wanted to charge me for my suitcase that I was bringing in which 50 pounds were free. Another reason was because I asked an airy one if it was possible for me to change to another seat since there were manyyyy empties seats in whixh she said/meant no; but the worst thing is that i still have one more flight with this airline. Im sorry if i am been selfish but this is how i feel."
Fordele: "Nothing memorable about the flight (which is a good thing!)"
Ulemper: "It was late taking off and late landing, but we had nothing that was time critical so that was okay for us."
Fordele: "Left relatively on time, personal entertainment is always nice on a long flight."
Ulemper: "Food/beverage service system is chaotic and confusing, especially if you book your flight weeks or months in advance. We spent 4.5 hours on the tarmac taxiing after arriving at our destination. It was TWO HOURS before the crew even came around offering water. The crew could have do much to make the long wait for a gate less miserable. Minimal intimation was provided, bathrooms remained locked for the majority of the flight and a man ranted the entire time without any crew asking him if there was anything they could do to make it easier. Baggage claim information was not provided ( days three after arrival and I still don't have my luggage)."
Fordele: "Lighting, fresh air"
Fordele: "The movie selection on board was great."
Ulemper: "There was no milk available."
Ulemper: "Checking in at CPH, was a complete zoo, with failing computer systems and little or no information."
Fordele: "Plane was okay and the food was pretty good."
Ulemper: "Flight attendants were not friendly or attentive. Movie choices were not great. Many people commented about that. I flew Delta to London in April and what a world of difference. Pillows, blankets, earphones, eye masks, toothbrush and paste. A couple of meals and a couple of snacks. Free drinks which they must have come by 8 times during the flight. Those flight attendants were working most of the flight and were very friendly. No so with your company."
Fordele: "The plane was pretty new but some of the entertainment perks did not work"
Ulemper: "Being charged for items that were no longer available and waiting for refunds. Slow food service didn't get any food or water till about 4 hours into the flight"
Fordele: "We boarded and then sat due to computer issues for am hpur and a half. I was okay with this as safety is obviously what we all put first. Upon landing at JFK we then sat on the tarmac for 3 hours... 3 hours! JFK should be ashamed."
Fordele: "Entertainment and movies"
Ulemper: "The flight was inattentive and the staff didn't look like they cared. Inattentive staff and the plane looked so worn down that it looked like it may break anytime."
Fordele: "The onboard entertainment had a wonderful variety, and the crew was helpful, and friendly. The plane was clean, and in nice shape."
Ulemper: "It was very cold, and we were not provided with blankets or warm beverages free of charge which makes for a very uncomfortable trip."
Ulemper: "See aforementioned notes on luggage troubles."
Fordele: "Flight attendants in air were pleasant. . . on the ground, not so much."
Ulemper: "I had to pay 3 euros for a can of soda. No freebies on this airline!"
Fordele: "The plane is in great condition. Simple and gets you from point A to point B."
Ulemper: "Honestly I cannot think of anything I didn't like. I do think that food options pre flight should be better communicated. I had booked my food earlier but it seemed few of the other passengers had or knew they had to pre book food or order inflght."
Fordele: "Great price. Non stop service. Top of the line aircraft. Overall amazing value."
Ulemper: "There was nothing that I didn't like."
Fordele: "Liked most everything about the plane!"
Ulemper: "There was a lot of turbulence . When the plane landed we were on the runway for over an hour."
Ulemper: "Ok"
Ulemper: "I was ordered to checkin my carry-on bag although there is still space in the overhead bin. It fits there. I was carrying that bag and a small daypack."
Fordele: "Best value in business class. Go for it."
Fordele: "clean, spacious, friendly staff."
Ulemper: "chaotic boarding process and was not clear on how food was going to be served or made available."
Ulemper: "Easyjet does not offer corona rebooking - bad!"
Fordele: "Steal money!!!! You guys didn’t allow to bring our carryons in to airplane and was a little short, she forced us to pay for them and send to the big luggage. But when we was boarding there so many people with a bigger baggage!!! I can’t accept that !!!"
Fordele: "the flight was ok"
Ulemper: "the crew member at the gate got very RUDE with my sister, my sister she explained to her that since my mom is 77 years old she needs to take a bit more time to board so she asked if she could be one of the first people to board the plane. She told my sister that my mom could born after priority"
Ulemper: "It was hot"
Ulemper: "Easyjet should change their name 'Difficult jet' or 'Delayjet'"
Ulemper: "Bad leg room, loud guests, bad boarding process."
Ulemper: "Staff were welcoming and friendly, very informative; their service could not be faulted. The cabin was clean and tidy."
Fordele: "No fuss discount flying with Easyjet"
Ulemper: "gate closed 1 minute early so intern missed the flight"
Fordele: "Staff was pleasant and helpful, it was a short flight but overall was very good"
Ulemper: "It was just enough, May be a magazine that tell you more about things to do in Cities you are flying to would help. Don’t compromise on information. All was great."
Ulemper: "Stewardeserne skulle tale engelsk. De talte kun Fransk"
Ulemper: "The gate agent was extremely rude. She had very bad attitude towards customers. They forced me to pay for my carry-on luggage because they claimed that it did not fit in carry-on size of the company. I purchased an international carry-on size matter fact. The gate agent was also threatening to remove us from boarding the process. I've traveling so many places with many carriers but easyJet by far is the worst in term of customer service particularly from Copenhagen airport. I was departing from Paris and the staffs were very helpful and friendly."
Fordele: "easy baoding and the crew was nice perfect all round"
Fordele: "Easy jet always have got checking bag well points. Never had a issue at all. Seamless experience at Gatwick. Staff were polite and helpful."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Forsibkwy"
Ulemper: "Både ud og hjem"
Ulemper: "1 hour late both ways"
Fordele: "Hostess Gema was extremely helpful, kind and professional. Outstanding!"
Ulemper: "Delayed departure. Queuing under the rain unnecessarily to board the plane. (letting people boarding in batches would had reduced rain exposure."
Fordele: "I expected the worst, found out I have had worse experiences with legacy airlines. The onboard staff was attentive, keen to help and please, cheery face, especially the short, dark Middle Eastern looking fella. He knows how to work it! Some flight attendants can be mean, he was very nice. I did not interact with him, but watched how he handled things, like helping people place their baggage in a different overhead compartment, personally moving the baggage so that it would fit. Cheery demeanor, informed the passengers of whatever needed to be said. The pilot was also attentive."
Ulemper: "No frills, not terribly comfortable--luckily it was a very short flight. Little baggage space, automatic drop off clerk was a bit surely."
Fordele: "Scheduled to depart at 19.50, left at 01.50 and arrived in Barcelona at 5am."
Ulemper: "Plane took off late because they didn’t have machine to turn plane on and let us inside the plane for an hour at 39C because air conditioning didn’t work"
Fordele: "Get what you pay for"
Ulemper: "Unfortunately there was a 45 minute delay before take-off"
Fordele: "On time and very well organized"
Ulemper: "U have to pay for water"
Fordele: "Very disorganized"
Fordele: "Straight forward, no hassle flight. Staff (cabin crew) were pleasant and helpful."
Ulemper: "Went straight from boarding to gate closed, and when stated gate was closed there was still a queue s mile long. Flight was delayed, but this was presumably due to French air traffic control strike."
Fordele: "We had to pay 60$ for our carry on and it probably costed more than our entire ticket. I am so upset and infuriated at the fact that we weren’t warned in advance. The last easy jet flight we took a week ago we didn’t have to pay for our carry on."
Fordele: "Everything was good"
Fordele: "Ingen kø. Afgår til tiden. Ankommer før schedule."
Ulemper: "Flyet forsinket 65 min. Meget forvirrende beskeder fra EasyJet, Kayak og Cph. Airport. Ingen lufthavnsbus efter landing. På det tidspunkt af døgnet ikke godt."
Fordele: "The crew was very responsive and helpful as my wife and I were traveling with our 14th month old daughter."
Ulemper: "The multiple gate change, boarding the plane as there was no gate available and everything required a fee from the minute you booked the flight."
Fordele: "Short flight"
Ulemper: "Late"
Fordele: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "They just try and steal your money by making you pay for carry on bags at the gate. Seats are very uncomfortable and the cabin crew were very rude. Horrible airline."
Fordele: "Paid for speedy boarding and it got us on the aircraft 2nd"
Ulemper: "No entertainment."
Ulemper: "At flyet var 1 time forsinket og der var minimal infomation ved gaten. Pludselig skulle alt vores håndbagage ikke med i kabinen og i Berlin tog det en halv time før bagagebåndet begyndte at rulle. Normalt er jeg ok-tilfreds med EasyJet men hjemturen fra Madrid til Berlin var meget ringe udført."
Ulemper: "Paid for handsfree but wa t allowed a lap top size bag despite phoning to check and being told it would be okay"
Fordele: "Good flight, was delayed but we still got there on time"
Fordele: "Nice crew, on-time flight"
Fordele: "Empty seat next to me. Arrived a few minutes early. Looked like a new plane: was Austrian registered which is new for EZY (thank you Brexit)"
Ulemper: "Boarding process always feels more irritating than it should."
Ulemper: "Vi kunne ikke få lov til at komme med selvom vi løb alt hvad vu kunne for at nå det trods Ryan airs forsinkelse, det var ingen forståelse for vores situation og vi er derfor strandet i Berlin når vi burde være i Budapest og studere. Det var stadig et kvarter til flyet skulle lette da vi stod ved gaten, men der var ingen service overhovedet."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Hostess who threw me out"
Ulemper: "100/100"
Fordele: "Friendly staff, food ok"
Ulemper: "Shepherded into a small area with very few seats, and anyway, we were held in lanes like sheep! Seating on the plane - narrow and little space between rows. Had to wait quite a while for baggage to arrive."
Fordele: "Excellent. Flight was on Time . Easy to board and no problems! Would fly easy jet again!"
Fordele: "Tiden"
Ulemper: "1h 50 minutes this time"
Fordele: "Well organized and sweet staff"
Ulemper: "I liked this airline. Will book again."
Fordele: "As above - uneventful - ran as it should!"
Ulemper: "Long walk at Kastrup airport!!"
Fordele: "Fligh attended were so friendly."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a hassle for not only for us " family of 4" but also for a lot of customers. So basically one of the boarding workers went through the line and ask how many luggage do we have. My dad said she already checked once while we were waiting by the gate. Anyway we made the line and basically the 2 nd time that she checked our loggage and I said we r 4 ppl and each one carry on and she said that besides carry on we had 2 back pack which we fit laptops . She checked and left and when we start boarding the said oh wait here you have 2 back pack so we need to pay for each carry on €60. She not only pulled us out of the line but also asked too many customers to go out of the line and fit even their small purse inside carry on. I was so mad cuz she already asked 2 times Before boarding and she didn't say anything. And during boarding she made us to leave the line and got the back packes inside the carry on . We travelled 3 countries in Europe w one back pack and one carry on. This was my first time ever experiencing this . I would never ever take any flight w easy jet again."
Fordele: "left and landed on time"
Fordele: "Absolutely nothing!"
Ulemper: "Pathetic website. Charges for everything other airlines provide upfront. Unable to reach their customer service call center or chat room which were always unavailable. I will not fly with their f**ked up service again."

Nice fantastic

Fordele: "The flight experience was pleasant!"
Ulemper: "WIFI announcement which did not exist"
Ulemper: "Smelled badly of fuel"
Ulemper: "Baggage Claim in Barcelona. Waited 45 minutes before baggage arrived, that combined with flight being 30 minutes late made running to catch a connecting flight which was in a different terminal requiring a shuttle bus ride to get there."
Ulemper: "3 hours delayed due to a mechanical problem."
Fordele: "Food and entertainment were ok but crew was rude and lazy and we had multiple delays. I was told to get in line for boarding and then stood there another hour. It was very poorly disorganized and did not come into contact with one nice crew member"
Ulemper: "6h delayed"
Fordele: "The crew was nice."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed."
Fordele: "Besætningen var flink og der var ok plads."
Ulemper: "Flyet var forsinket 1t og 5 min. Der kunne ikke købes mad - til trods for at der annonceres med mad. Der kunne kun købes snacks (nødder, chips osv)."
Ulemper: "Could of been on time. I missed my connection and it cost me 1000’s. Worst airline ever."
Ulemper: "The flight/boarding was terribly delayed but the attendant on board was good. It took a lot of time to come out too after we landed but the flight was smooth"
Ulemper: "There was nothing about the trip to like. I still have not made it to Agadir. The flight in Denver was delayed two hours, causing my family to miss all connections. This I turn required me to fork out $1000 additional to make it to my final destination."
Fordele: "Vueling is a great airline - very hip and cosmopolitan. The crew was young but intelligent, hard-working and helpful"
Fordele: "Quick, cheap, and convenient"
Ulemper: "Like riding a park bench through the sky"
Ulemper: "I was informed upon arriving that I was on "standby" for a flight I'd booked weeks in advance, and told the reason was I had not paid the surcharge to reserve a specific seat, and Vueling oversold the flight by 10%. Not cool, Vueling. Also the flight was almost an hour late taking off."
Fordele: "No comment"
Ulemper: "No coment"
Fordele: "It was a very efficient flight. On time"
Ulemper: "It was raining when we boarded the plane and some people were stuck outside for a little bit."
Fordele: "Good timing, efficiency"
Ulemper: "boarding was slow"
Fordele: "Plane looks new and clean."
Ulemper: "Boarding process, included checked in luggage and limit hand carry to 15 kg."
Fordele: "Good price"
Ulemper: "Baggage took far too long"
Fordele: "The flight actually got me to my destination"
Ulemper: "I asked for priority boarding at the counter since I’m pregnant which they agreed to. They advised me to wait for the priority announcement to board first. That did not happen. They simply let everyone on at once causing a stampede. Flight was delayed. Flight had no AC until almost take off. Smallest amount of legroom I’ve ever had in my life."
Fordele: "the hospitality of the crew"
Fordele: "Comfortable seats"
Ulemper: "It was delayed with no reason and I missed my check in. I specifically purchased this flight vs the one at 10 pm to not miss check in. Ugh! 20 euro late fees. So, I paid more for the flight (because the 7pm was more than the 10 pm) and now I have to pay a late fee to check in. On top of that, I paid an additional service fee by booking though FlightNetwork and they did not book my checked luggage like the price breakdown said. It’s been terrible and a waste of time and money."
Fordele: "Efficient boarding and departure. Clean aircraft."
Ulemper: "Seats are too close together. This is the first time my knees the seat ahead of me."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The flight that was suppose to leave at 3 pm only took off past 11:00 pm"
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The worst flight in my life"
Ulemper: "The second time in one month that the planes takes off with almost an hour of delay without anyone giving any explanation"
Fordele: "Getting off the plane."
Ulemper: "Everything else. This was the worst plane experience ever. The flight was super super delayed (as were several other Vueling flights) and we stood in the bag drop line for over 2 hours because there was no system and everyone was confused. Then when we finally got through they updated the flight status every 10 min confusing everyone cause the time kept changing and no one knew what was going on. Then they finally posted the gate and we had to run to the other side of the airport and then they delayed the flight again so it was over 3 1/2 hours delayed In the end. Then boarding was a mess and the plane itself was pitiful for how expensive that flight was. This is never going to be a company of choice for me. Definitely a last resort."
Fordele: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordele: "Good aircraft and seats."
Ulemper: "Bad check-in by Vueling staff. They kept changing the time to check-in. At first the sign said "All Destinations" with no restriction on check-in. Nest, while we were in the line, they changed the sign to say you could only check-in 2 hours before the flight and then, when we got to the front of the line, they said it was 2 1/2 hours. Very rude in response to our questions."
Ulemper: "Crew"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed 4 hours was unable to catch my connecting flight in London to Barcelona. Had to buy another flight ticket in London, wait another day, pay for a night a hotel to get to my destination in Barcelona. I was supposed to arrive in Barcelona on Saturday April 1st and did not get there until 2 the following day. Will not use this service again."
Fordele: "The check in luggage cost almost the same as the ticket, but the crew was nice to check in my carry on bag for free-good customer service.th"
Ulemper: "The bus was almost full and there are 10 or more so passengers still need to get on and obviously required additional bus. Instead of just signalthe bus to leave, the crew tried to cram more passages on the bus first before the next one, which will be almost empty- poor judgement"
Fordele: "Crew. Extra leg room on first leg."
Fordele: "on time arrival"
Ulemper: "Couldn't add baggage online with airline Kiwi.com/ Kayak couldn't add it either. Ended up paying 40 euro in manual check in -- too expensive compared to their web 19 euro cost.. they didn't allow me to add even 72 hours before. Not happy with cost and no service."
Ulemper: "Måtte vente 45 min. på bagage i CPH. Missede tog til Fyn"
Fordele: "Easy boarding and smooth flight."
Fordele: "Great value"
Fordele: "Comfortable chairs, clean airplane"
Ulemper: "Flight attendant had a bit of an attitude. Bad day, perhaps."
Fordele: "clean aircraft"
Ulemper: "all good"
Ulemper: "Flight was late. Lost my luggage"
Ulemper: "It was late and no one told us anything... until we were close to landing that's when the pilot told us why they were late one hour at the gate! unacceptable!"
Fordele: "Very cramped, slow and luggage lost."
Ulemper: "Very cramped, slow and luggage lost."
Fordele: "Efficient, great value"
Ulemper: "Sits are not comfortable"
Fordele: "Everything , we loved !! The crew was amazing, always eager to serve and help, the food was good and the timing was perfect!!! :)"
Fordele: "nothing"
Ulemper: "The most horrible experience Iv'e ever had with flights and airline! The staff lied to us and wanted to keep us in Granada - they lied and said that our flight to Tel-Aviv from Barcelona was cancelled and that we need to stay another night in Granada and fly the next day. After we insisted on flying to Barcelone anyway (although they said they would not take care of us and all hotels in the city are full because of the weather conditions [which was a lie - it's summer and the weather was fine]). When we got to Barcelone we saw that our flight to Tel-Aviv was not cancelled! We only had 30 min because the previous flight was delayed in 2 hours so we ran and went on the plane. Of course our luggage did not arrive...."
Fordele: "Quick and easy all the way."

Der var ikke på noget tidspunkt styr på at vi havde købt priority selv vi fulgtes med en handicappet. Hverken frem eller tilbage. Heller ikke når vi spurgte ind til det.

Alt for lidt information i forbindelse med boarding. Hvorfor man står og venter, hvor længe man skal vente, og når man er nået igennem boarding, hvorfor man så venter midt i en gang bag en låst dør i yderligere 20 minutter uden at vide hvor længe det skal stå på

Flyet var forsinket fra Birmingham. Hvis det havde været rettidigt havde bedømmelsen været bedre.


Det var en god flyvetur. Flyet var i god tid, og ankom til destinationen før tid.

Det er dejligt, at der er mere benplads. Trykket i kabine var godt, så man ikke fik ondt i ørerne ved landing. Eneste minus - der var meget varmt i flyet.

Besætningen var fantastisk når det kom til at få styr på bagage, men selve firmaet føles som en scam. Vi skulle betale 55 euro pr person fordi vi kom 2 minutter forsent til check in. Og begge vores afgange var en helv time forsinket. Hver gang man kiggede på sit boardingkort eller andet info på deres app bliver man bombet med advarsler om bagage størrelse, forsikringskøb, pladsvalg etc. Det føltes meget tungt og drænende som som rejsende.

Både turen til Barcelona samt turen fra Barcelona var forsinket, og årsagen var ukendt eller ikke forståelig, da purserne taler utydeligt.

Det var godt pris og kort tur

Fløj til tiden. Plads til håndbagagen i kabinen

90 minutes delayed

Til tiden

fly var ok, men afgang fra virkelig snavset, snusket, graensende til ulaekker lufthavn

Fordele: "Perfect!"
Ulemper: "You should fly according to the schedule although you arrived at Barcelona on faster, but I think you should fly base on the time at the ticket. Thank you."
Ulemper: "Direct boarding."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Badly delayed with no explanation. Never flying RyanAir again."
Ulemper: "Missed the flight due to the delay. Had to buy ticket to get to Barcelona."
Ulemper: "Flyet var så forskinket at jeg mistede mit fly til København"
Fordele: "Zero"
Ulemper: "I was charged 60 euro x 2 for boarding passes 120E Should have been made aware I checked in 24hours in advance with no notifications"
Fordele: "None"
Ulemper: "Delay of the flight"
Ulemper: "Very long wait for baggage pick up Overall it was adequate and safe"
Fordele: "Prisen. At vi landede planmæssigt."
Ulemper: "At gaten ligger i Finger F - man skal gå 10-15 min. At kabinetrolleys koster ekstra - med en masse administrativt bøvl til følge ved gaten = ekstra ventetid. At flyene er skrabet - der er intet net til opbevaring. At kabinepersonalet taler utroligt dårligt engelsk, så man ikke forstår, hvad der bliver sagt over højttaleren."
Fordele: "No si Long Time in prepratives"
Ulemper: "Boarding was late."
Ulemper: "Very cramped and hot in The plane."
Fordele: "The time to take off."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "rude staff"
Fordele: "the pilot didn't care about landing, it was the worst landing ever"
Ulemper: "the pilot didn't care about landing, it was the worst landing ever"
Fordele: "Besætningen var søde."
Ulemper: "Flyet var meget forsinket. Vi havde prioritet, men blev gennet ud til at stå ude i den bidende kulde i 30 min og vente på at flyet fik læsset passagerer af. De kunne bare have holdt os inde indtil vi kunne boarde. Det var super nederen. Vi sad foran og kunne ikke få varmen pga alle de folk der skulle ind, som ikke kunne gå ind bagfra - det ville sige alle skulle igennem fronten og det tog også rigtig lang tid. Så alt i alt en dårlig oplevelse!"
Fordele: "Vi kom frem..."
Ulemper: "Flyet var så forsinket at vi ikke nåede flyet til Budapest, vi er derfor strandet i Berlin til næste dag, vi har ikke noget sted at sove eller være og vi måtte bruge over dobbelt så mange penge på nye flybilletter. Derudover går det ud over vores uddannelse, for det er vores studietur I har ødelagt."
Ulemper: "They don't tell you there isn't a bus or transportation to the airport, when I got to where they said to go there was no bus, either go back to Paris and take a bus so I just flew with someone else... not impressed."
Fordele: "Delayed"
Ulemper: "Price"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed by 45 mins without any announcements as to why. Also-you can't recline the seats!!!"
Fordele: "Very friendly staff"
Fordele: "Good leg space."
Ulemper: "Charging processing fee if checking in is not done online before you arrive at the airport."
Ulemper: "It was our first trip with Ryanair and it is really low low cost, compared to Norvegian and other low cost airlines. Never again - first and last time...."
Fordele: "The price of the flight and convenient travel times kept making their flights more attractive. The flight itself was very nice and comparable to any other airline despite comments I had read about steep lift offs and advertisements blaring the whole time. None of that happened."
Ulemper: "Of course the price of the Ryanair flights is what lures you in., but just about EVERYTHING else after that is stressful with this airline. All their rules must be followed precisely or you'll pay through the nose. After painstaking finding the right sized roller bags and under seat sack and making sure I was well within the weight limit, they never measured or weighed either of them. I also saw plenty of carry-on luggage way bigger than mine come on board and go into the overhead bins just fine. Kind of pissed me off. The price to check bags is SO SO high, but with the limited weight you can take in the carry-on, you almost have to check a bag unless you're doing a short 3-5 day trip."
Fordele: "Crew"
Ulemper: "No food to choose from and very expensive"
Fordele: "Ingenting"
Ulemper: "Fly forsinket. Boarder folk med prioritet til at stå og vente i gangen. Flyet var end ikke landet endnu da vi begyndte boarding. Efter ca25 minutter blev vi lukket ud på pladsen til flyet men blev stoppet igen og stod der i godt 20 minutter inden vi kom ombord. Sammenlagt forsinket 1 time."
Fordele: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The workers weren’t flexible even they didn’t help us to check in and we miss the flight ! I’m very upset"
Ulemper: "The flight had over 1 hour delay. After we left the gate, the company kept us in a hall without air condition for over 20-30 minutes in a space where the temperature was over 40 Celsius! Priority boarding is a joke- you pay for the right to be boarded first in the bus that takes all the people to the plane. Guess what? This means that you pat for having the privilege to wait in the owen! Shame on yoy Ryanair!"
Fordele: "It was cheap"
Ulemper: "Flight was 1.5 hrs late. They charged for everything, even a drink."
Fordele: "The Price"
Ulemper: "Since the moment of the Check in at the Counter. The attendant was extremely UNPOLITE. Insisting that I must have brought a printed boardng pass. I had to explain several times, that I tried to do it on line and even bought a few more things for my ticket, but I could not get a Ticket to print because the system kept on telling me that as the passport was not european I had to go to a Counter. The attendant was not happy with my answer and kept askng for it. I then told him that as a customer of Ryanair I can not manage your system. And he even replied by saying. Qoute " I have nothing to do with Ryanair. Then at the moment of boarding. Once we were let through BP control, then The crew kept us waiting in different stages All in All around 45 mins, which of course lead to delay in flight. Then on board, the crew was having difficulties with the service even to the point that they could not take our payment with an International Credit Card"
Ulemper: "Delayed by 2 hours without advanced notice."
Ulemper: "Der var ingen informationer om flyet var forsinket, så alle stod og var forvirret. Vi spurgte personalet omkring gaten men de havde ingen informstioner :-/"
Fordele: "Not much after having to pay 200 extra euros"
Ulemper: "We had to pay the normal check in fee (50 euros per person), this one was on me, since I didn't pay enough attention, I don't get why it has to be 50 per person though. We also got to pay 100 euros for our luggage (two carry on bags that had no issue in other airlines). To our surprise, the bags didn't fit in the metal cage they use to size baggage. We ended up paying since we had to fly but then when we were boarding we saw other passengers with the same bag size as ours, so this was really upsetting."
Fordele: "Fast. Clean. Cheap. Easy."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Misrepresented by Kayak and Ryan Air"
Ulemper: "Lines in Budapest are terribly long"
Fordele: "Very comfortable ride and great inflight service"
Ulemper: "Poor organization during the boarding time."

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Fly fra København til Barcelona


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